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Casino Streaming Facts
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Those of you who are up to date with the latest trends may already know casino streaming is now the new hot thing. That should come as no surprise since casino games are known for their thrill, and it was just a matter of time before people turned it into a whole new realm of entertainment in itself.

But what exactly is casino streaming, what's hot to follow, and for those of you who might be curious – how do you become a casino streamer? We have all the information for you in this article.

What is a Casino Stream?

Let's start with the basics. What on earth is a casino stream? It's basically a live video feed of someone playing a casino game online. To be clear, this is not the same as live casino where a video stream lets you play with a croupier at an online casino.

Casinogrounds on Youtube

Image shows the Casino Grounds channel on Youtube

With a casino stream you can watch people play online slots or table games on their computers, see them make bets, and watch them win or lose. You see the player's face and their game screen exactly the way they see their screen. You feel the adrenaline and celebrate their wins with them.

The player, ie. the streamer, has a webcam set up so you can see their face and all their facial expressions change with the rush of the game. Then there is the function where you can chat with the player and others watching the games. It's all very sociable.

Most of these streams can be found on Twitch, which is the recommended platform, but many also broadcast their gaming on Youtube. If you're looking for a platform dedicated to casino streams exclusively, then Casino Grounds is the place to go.

Key features to Casino Streams

  • Watch people play online casino games live
  • Chat online with other like-minded viewers
  • No deposits or money required
  • Sometimes there are raffles in the streams with prizes to be won
  • However, you are not actually playing the game, so you can't win money from the casino game itself.

Background to Casino Streaming

Twitch LogoCasino streamers started appearing on Twitch in 2015, mostly with poker games. It didn't really start to become a thing until 2019 though. Unlike casino games which are largely about trying to win some cash, casino streams are all about sharing the mood and some of the streamers have quite the personalities!

Of course with 2020 being such an epic year with much more time being spent online, many more people have been tuning in to this new form of entertainment and now it's really taking off.

What Kinds of Games are on Casino Streams?

While the streams initially started with poker, nowadays you will find that there are many more slot streamers than card and table games ones. This is because with online slots you get a lot more variety in games with different themes and bonus games that just add up to more entertainment. Join a streamer in a slot set in a magical forest or on a journey through ancient Egypt unlocking treasure chests in bonus rounds. It's obvious there are more options with slot streams!

That having been said, you can also find blackjack and roulette streams. These are mostly played in live casino games, so there's plenty of interaction there. If you're into live casino but not table games, then another super hot thing are Monopoly Live streams, where streamers take on the whacky game show from Evolution Gaming.

Casino Streamers to Follow

Alright, so let's get to the meat. Which casino streamer should you follow? The truth is the landscape is changing all the time. It's all a relatively new field and new players are always emerging. Obviously, it is also going to depend on what games you are interested in and whether you prefer watching slots or table games. Nonetheless, here are some of the hottest streamers on the scene today:

xQc Twitch Avatar
Adin Ross
adin ross twitch avatar
Yassuo Twitch Avatar
TrainwrecksTV Twitch Avatar
ROSHTEIN Twitch Avatar
Corinna Kopf
Corinna Kopf Twitch Avatar
SteveWillSendIt Twitch Avatar
OrangeMorange Twitch
Xposed Twitch Avatar
Nelkboys Twitch Avatar
Kyle Forgeard
Kyle Forgeard and Nelkboys Twitch
streams with Nelkboys
ClassyBeef Twitch Avatar
Taour Twitch Avatar
Daskelelele aka SpinlifeTV
SpinlifeTV Twitch Avatar
JugiPelaa Twitch Avatar

Women Casino Streamers

Most casino streamers tend to be men; there are however several popular women streamers too if you prefer watching games led by the fairer sex. These ladies add their own special captivating touch and sometimes dress up in cosplay as they stream. Check them out:

Corinna Kopf
Corinna Kopf Twitch Avatar
AngelMelly Twitch Avatar
Duooff Twitch Avatar
Tellia_ Twitch Avatar
Casinogirlz Twitch Avatar
iamlaura aka PressPlayTTV

linneafly-playing-twitch-1024x569LinneaFly, the top female streamer, playing games on TwitchMoreLess

Other Hot Streamers to Watch

Being the casino people that we are, we started with the best casino streamers first because that's what our passion is. But obviously there are many more awesome streamers out there. We've put together a list below of some the most popular streamers today. Some of them have been known to occasionally feature casino related content in their streams even though it's not their main thing. These streamers are all incredible personalities. Their streams are absolute riots and well worth a look.

Chatting and Prizes in Casino Streams

Twitch ChatIt's the internet and it's 2023, and streams are more than just watching TV. You can chat with the streamer as well as with other viewers in casino streams.

Just like with any chat room, you create a nick name and then you can join the chatter. There are often moderators and the streamer does have the ability to ban users from the chat if things get out of hand.

Streams frequently have special events with lucky draws and extra prizes for viewers. Giveaways are certainly not uncommon and a portion of cash from the streamer winnings is often up for grabs.

How to be a Casino Streamer

subscribeAt this point you might be wondering what it takes to become a casino streamer. It is actually quite easy to get started – if you like to play and you are comfortable in front of a webcam, then you have the basics covered. Your popularity – and therefore success – will take a bit more time and effort. Most streamers will also add an extra monitor to their setup so they can dedicate one to the game and one to themselves.

Below are the minimum requirements you need to start your new adventure as a casino streamer. You can decide to add more and better equipment as time goes on, but this is what is considered the basic list.

  • A Twitch account. A Youtube Live Channel is probably not a bad idea either. These two platforms are where you will reach the widest audience.
  • You should also check out Casino Grounds, a relatively new platform dedicated solely to casino streaming.
  • A program to actually let you stream. We recommend the Open Broadcast Software. This is free, and although it does require some technical skills it's not overly complicated. It works on both Windows and Macs.
  • A computer of course, and an internet connection. You will need a bit of processing power on your computer so make sure it's reasonably powerful. You will also need an upload speed of at least 5MB/sec to deliver 720p video to your audience, which most people consider as the minimally acceptable.
  • A microphone. Yes, your laptop or headset might have a built-in mic, but the mic is the key mode of communication between you and your audience as you play, so good audio quality goes a long way. If you're even just somewhat serious about this, then it's definitely worth the small investment.
  • A webcam. Technically speaking, you don't have to show your face in order to stream. But if you plan on being an entertainer in 2023, the audience will want to see you. People love watching the range of emotions on streamers' faces as they win or lose.

How do Casino Streamers Make Money?

subscribe to streamThe skeptics among you probably realise that streamers don't just do it to share their joys and pain with the rest of the internet. Sure, they are passionate about the game, but there is of course the lure to make some dough on the side. So how do casino streamers make money?

The short answer is through subscriptions and advertising as an affiliate. When people subscribe to your stream, you can make money through advertising. You do need to broadcast a minimum number of hours and have a minimum number of followers before you can join the affiliate programme at Twitch though. You probably also shouldn't quit your day job just yet as the amount of money you can make can be rather unpredictable, especially in the beginning.

Tips for Casino Streaming

In order to become a successful streamer, you will need to put in a bit of work. Once you get into the flow of things, publish a schedule so viewers can know when you will be live. It's also worth talking with the online casino you play at about a streaming bonus. Casino streams tend to play with bigger bets to up the adrenaline rush for the viewers, and when you are doing this for several hours every few days it does add up to a pretty penny.

You could opt for the big casinos such as Stake and Lucky Days that have the larger coffers, or an alternative strategy is to approach a smaller casino, like Wildz, that is not big on Twitch and is looking for exposure.

gaming-channels-on-twitchGaming channels on TwitchMoreLess

Our Experts' Conclusion

casino streamersWhether it be slots, blackjack, roulette or poker, casino streams are a great way to watch your favourite game in action. You won't actually be playing the game yourself, but you can be a part of the rush of the game, along with other like-minded folks. The chat channel is a great way to connect with others, and of course the in-stream prizes add to the excitement.

If you're looking to share your passion for gaming and think it has what it takes to become a streamer, you don't need a fancy setup to get started. More popular streamers do manage to earn a bit of an additional income, but as always don't count your chickens before they hatch. With the streaming scene still being quite young, nothing is set in stone and an adventure can certainly be had!

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