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Sandbox Coin Facts
Company: The Sandbox (in conjunction with Animoca Brands and Pixowl)
Founded in:2020
CEO: Arthur Madrid (CEO), Sébastien Borget (COO)
Available in:Most countries in the world
E-Mail:[email protected]
Best Sandbox Coin Casino:Stake

As the world of cryptos expands along with our interest in them, it is fascinating to delve into the seemingly endless options out there.

Many of these digital currencies can seem to be more of the same. And it can be difficult to understand the differences between them, and why none have come so close to capturing the collective imagination to the extent that Bitcoin has.

That being said, there are a few amongst the masses that manage to stand out from the competition. And SAND is undoubtedly one of them. Not for those looking for a crypto for its trading and profit earning potential necessarily, mind you. Rather more so because this Ethereum blockchain based token has immense usability, particularly in the Sandbox Metaverse from which it hailed.

There, you can use it to play games, create games, buy and sell NFT artistry, customize avatars, and participate in this fascinating platform's governance. SAND coin, of course, can also be used to play at an elite handful of online casinos like Stake. But let's first have a deeper look at what it is about.

info iconNote: If you want to play at a SAND casino, you don't have to join the Sandbox online game and its digital universe. There are now various ways to purchase SAND tokens directly, especially on renowned crypto exchanges that also offer users the option of setting up a personal wallet if you don't have one yet.

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Best SAND Coin Casinos 2024

If you have come to this SAND crypto review for our expert advice on where to play with this digital coin, then have a look at the chart below.

The reality is there are still very few online casinos that work with SAND transactions for deposits and withdrawals alike. At least at last check. That being said, Stake, which is probably the best crypto casino around, has added SAND to its impressive list of banking options not so long ago. We imagine we'll be seeing more of this  trend in the coming year. In the meantime, these are the best you will find, with excellent safe gaming, great game options, and plenty of promotional fun too.

eCOGRAGLIiTech LabsMalta Gaming AuthoritySSL Secured
stake-logo96% Excellent$500visit StakeRead Review
BCGame-Logo94% OutstandingVirtually unlimitedvisit BC.Game CasinoRead Review
Betpanda-logo-onlycryptos94% Outstanding1BTCvisit BetpandaRead Review
Rollbit-onlycrypto-logo93% OutstandingChallenges & Bonus Battlesvisit RollbitRead Review

What Is Sandbox?

A cryptocurrency based on a video game - as SAND is - has never existed before, at least among the coins we know about. Which is what makes it all the more interesting. But to understand the SAND coin, it is important to first have a look at Sandbox, from which it was born.

So Sandbox is originally a Metaverse online game that was developed in 2011 by the Pixowl company. Initially, the idea behind it was to build a mobile version of play that was visually reminiscent of the classic game Minecraft.


While the makers of this game have yet to succeed in overtaking their competition in terms of popularity, Sandbox has proved particularly popular in Asia, where over 40 million downloads were quickly recorded. This continuing regional acceptance can be noted in the game's language options, which you are free to set.

Since there was little to no hype in other parts of the world, the developers reached further into their imaginations and came up with the idea of making something completely new out of Sandbox. The result was a 3D metaverse that was released in 2018, based on the blockchain and created in partnership with Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based company for blockchain developments.

partnershipInteresting side note: To build this metaverse to perfection, the investment team led by SoftBank, a Japanese mobile phone provider, and others, poured in around 93 million US dollars.

Since then, a complete world of opportunity has evolved, creating far greater engagement and more universal appeal than before. In this newer incarnation, Sandbox players can create their own metaverse, collect rewards in the form of cryptos as they play through play-to-earn gaming models. Of course they can also buy and sell NFTs to make money or own original artworks, as they please.

As for how you actually play, the basics of the game are quite similar to Minecraft. You can move around in the virtual universe, buy land and equipment, and even have your avatar customized by an artist for a fee. It is an entire virtual world and community. And it's now so popular that it operates in partnership with many huge international brands including Snoop Dogg, Adidas, and even the Smurfs, as you can see on the game's homepage.

sandbox-game-buy-landLand for sale in the Sandbox game.MoreLess

The latest version of the game, Sandbox Alpha Season 3, was released on August 24,2022 with a huge range of playable experiences plus real SAND (cash) Rewards to unlock.

Video: The Sandbox Alpha Season 3

Curious what all the rage is about? Get a glimpse of what the latest version of this awesome game has to offer in this short clip.

Okay - But What Is the SAND Coin Then and What Is Its Connection?

Now that we have a basic understanding of what Sandbox is and where it comes from, let's have a look at the SAND coin itself. That's the subject of this review after all.

As briefly mentioned, SAND is the native coin of the Sandbox Metaverse. It is built on the Ethereum platform. Originally released in 2020, its main purpose was to work within the multiplayer Metaverse, expanding the experience there so that players could create, participate in, and monetize blockchain based gaming.

It can be used to buy and sell NFTs as well as other in-game items available in the Market, with smart contracts to secure your content. In other words, it is a highly functional crypto originally designed for the specific purpose of fueling the economy within the Sandbox world.


While it was originally only available in the metaverse, SAND has since expanded its reach and is now available on many of the top crypto exchanges as well. This means that it can also be purchased and traded like any other crypto, sometimes for profit making purposes, though just as often to fund Sandbox adventures and engagement.

These days, in addition to the many purposes on Sandbox, SAND can also serve as a source of funding for your casino account - in establishments where it is accepted, of course.

trendAs for some useful SAND stats, at last check there were about 1.5 billion SAND coins in circulation - which are not destroyed by the Sandbox economy when spent, but rather reinvested in the meta sphere. The price of the coin is very low in comparison to something like Bitcoin. While it does fluctuate quite a bit in terms of percentage points, it's not so much so in bottom line dollars and cents since it has a low purchase price. This can be appealing or not, depending on how you view these things. The average holding time is 22 days, and its most recent popularity ranking was 35.

SAND-to-USD-price-chart-graph-coinmarketcapThis graph highlights the fluctuations of Sandbox in comparison to the US dollar over a two year time period - giving you a nice picture of how its market value works.MoreLess

Buying SAND - How It Works

If you are interested in acquiring SAND, the obvious next question is where to get it.

The reality is that the Sandbox game may not be for everyone. You might not be interested in playing simply to earn from your efforts, or to create NFTs there for profit. Which is okay. This can be fun but if you can also just go about acquiring SAND the old-fashioned way - at least in the sense of digital currencies. And that is by visiting any of the popular crypto exchanges that offer it.

Making a SAND purchase will be the same as any other crypto, so nothing to worry about there. You may want to follow its exchange rate, or at least do some due diligence to see what it has been up to. As you can see in the chart above, it does not typically fluctuate much, at least not in a dollar and cents way. Since it is usually traded at a rate around $2 to $3 dollars, even a 5% to 10% shift should not have much impact on your finances.

As for where to store it, while you need to connect a Bitski, Metamask, or Venly wallet to create an account on the Sandbox, you have far more options if your plan is just to use SAND for casino gambling purposes.

digital-walletEssentially, all exchanges offer a wallet service that is easy to set up. But from our experience it is worth comparing as a lot of money can be saved between the different network transaction fees charged. The minimum and maximum amounts for trading should also be taken into account, as there can be significant differences there as well.

By the way, this does not have to be an either-or decision. You can use a crypto exchange and just as easily have a Sandbox account and happily participate in its metaverse as well.


If you do go the exchange platform route, we will summarize the steps now to ensure it is super easy for you. So, the most important purchase steps in brief are:

  1. Register with a crypto exchange.
  2. Verify your account - they will usually send you an email link to do this.
  3. Deposit money – pay attention to minimum amounts and transaction fees.
  4. Buy SAND and store it in your wallet - on the platform itself, or wherever else you keep your crypto.

arrowPurchasing SAND coins is just as easy as with any ERC-20 type tokens like Ethereum, Tether, USD Coin, and the many others that the market has to offer. If you have already set up a customer account on a reputable exchange platform and have credit there, it should take no more than a few minutes to buy SAND and have it available to spend in the casino.

Can I Mine SAND coin?

There is a long list of cryptocurrencies you can acquire through mining - like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, and more - though many will argue the efficacy of doing this, considering the energy expense required.

SAND for its part cannot be mined, so you do not have to work out if it is worth your while. Instead, you can either purchase it on a crypto platform or earn it either in-play or by creating or selling NFTs in the Sandbox game.

How to Bank at An Online Casino Using SAND as Your Currency of Choice

The point of understanding and acquiring SAND is how we can use it to fund our online betting.

casino iconAnd the answer is, easily. Although at the moment we would not say we are spoiled for choice in this domain. There are few options for SAND funded gambling for now. However, if you go to a casino like Stake or BC.Game, which do accept it, you are good to go. At these sites, you can use SAND to deposit into your casino account, just as you would do with any cryptocurrency, which is not all that different from depositing with a fiat currency like US dollars or Euros.

In a nutshell, the SAND deposit steps will generally look something like this:

  1. Register a casino account or log in to your existing casino account.
  2. Click on the wallet button, usually found in the top right corner of each webpage.
  3. Open the 'Deposit' tab and select SAND from the drop-down menu.
  4. Either copy the deposit address provided and enter it into your own wallet, or scan the QR code with your smartphone.
  5. Enter the desired amount for your transaction.
  6. Confirm your deposit.
  7. And go back to the casino to play!

Like we said, simple and intuitive. And if you have ever gambled at an online casino, it's exactly as you have experienced before. If not, we assure you there is zero learning curve involved and you'll pick it up right away.

Pros and Cons of SAND Gambling

When choosing a digital currency for online gambling purposes, it can help to review the pros and cons of each coin. To help you out, we have put together a short assessment of the pros and cons of SAND gambling. Though at the end of the day, which currencies you already have or want to hold, and your goals in possessing them, are totally up to you.

  1. What advantages does Sandbox offer as a payment method at an online casino?
  2. What are the disadvantages of using Sandbox as a payment method at an online casino?

What advantages does Sandbox offer as a payment method at an online casino?

If uniqueness is a deciding factor, then it is quite clear that Sandbox coins are indeed that. But we doubt this is going to be what sways you one way or another.

More importantly, they also bring various advantages to customers of crypto casinos that accept SAND as a means of payment, particularly in terms of the much-desired attribute of safety.

thumb up iconThanks to the Ethereum blockchain on which the coins are based, every transaction is protected in the best possible way. Plus, SAND has a speed advantage, completing transactions very quickly, and essentially eliminating waiting times. And you don't have to be rich to get in on the SAND game, since their purchase price is well within most budgets.

SAND casino banking benefits at a glance:

  • Based on the renowned ERC-20 platform
  • Proof of stake security
  • Low cost per token
  • Fast and secure transactions
  • Can be purchased and earned

What are the disadvantages of using Sandbox as a payment method at an online casino?

smileyBefore planning a major investment in SAND for gambling purposes, players should be aware that the number of casinos that accept it is as a payment method is still quite small. So if you're not planning to use the tokens to play the Sandbox game or invest in NFTs there, but rather just for online gambling, then you might want to start out with a smaller amount.

Also, there is the issue of price fluctuations which we touched on above. Since the purchase price is low, this won't necessarily cause deep pocket damage. But it is something you should keep in mind.

Sand coin disadvantages at a glance:

  • Currently accepted at only a handful of online casinos
  • Fluctuation in pricing (ie. exchange rate)

The fluctuating exchange rate issue is not necessarily about investment considerations. Rather you want to consider how much your SAND will be worth when you deposit and withdraw. That is, if the value plummets, you could lose all your winnings to a crashed exchange rate.

Unique Aspects of SAND Coins in Comparison to Other Popular Cryptocurrencies

SAND is an important building block of the Sandbox economic system. It is used to buy LANDS, NFTs or ASSETS in the form of unique avatars, clothing, tools, and other game-critical items. At the same time, there is an opportunity to generate SAND coins while playing, instead of buying or mining them. In other words, it is highly original and useful in the metaverse where it predominantly operates in.

After SAND underwent a name change to "Meta" at the end of October 2021, the currency's value rose by more than 20,000%. The price then fell again, but the coin has high potential to assert itself in many areas in the long term, including the gaming industry.

warning iconImportant detail: The name change has no connection with the company of the same name, Meta, which now acts as the parent company for social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

The main features that have Sandbox standing apart from the competition include:

  • A currency fully integrated into the Sandbox game and its own digital economic system
  • It can be used for in-game purchases of LANDs as well as NFTs
  • SAND can also be earned in the Sandbox game by creating 3D objects
  • The entertaining metaverse in which it is the accepted currency is a great entertainment alternative to the casino itself
  • SAND's value is subject to strong price fluctuations, so if you buy a lot, you could possibly make a nice profit
  • High availability with potential for up to 3 billion SAND coins in circulation makes it more accessible than others
  • Low network transaction fees at a high speed make it user friendly

If all this appeals to you, you can join the Sandbox online game at any time. Some experts assume that the price will rise if Sandbox succeeds as a Minecraft alternative. And as it does, it may likely become more commonly used. Which could be great for those using it for crypto gambling. The more players who are active there, and the greater the interaction in the Sandbox metaverse, the more those SAND investors who use the token as casino currency will benefit.

Playing Safely with SAND - The Security Element That Really Matters

The fact that it is pretty darned cool is without a doubt. The fact that it is unique, ditto. But what about the safety factor of gambling with SAND?

checked iconThanks to the Ethereum basis and proof-of-stake protection, SAND is inherently a safe currency. In addition, the developers rely on a high network transaction speed, which almost completely rules out external access. That being said, in order to be able to play safely, the SAND casino you choose must also meet various safety standards.

Reliable Sandbox casinos are officially licensed, for example by the Curacao gaming authority. In addition, cooperation with renowned developers is an indication of a safe and fair gaming environment. Last but not least, transactions should not take much time, and payouts should also be secured by prior verification of personal data.

Are There Any Payment Limits When Using the Sandbox Coin?

There are no limits in the casinos that we know of, so both deposits and payouts with SAND are unlimited. Only the network transaction fees have to be taken into account, as there are usually no other costs on the part of the operator.

What this means is that you can both deposit and withdraw as much as you want any time. The only restriction you may encounter is if you are playing with bonus money, in which case you would need to meet the playthrough requirements first in order to withdraw your money in full.

This limitless SAND banking, like crypto gambling in general, is one of the biggest benefits for online players who don't want to be boxed in.

Casino Games You Can Play at a Sandbox Casino

Once you have made a deposit, you are ready to play. And the world is your oyster with the entire portfolio in the crypto casino then open to you. This means anything from classic slot machine games up to the latest crypto games, which are no longer only available just for BTC depositors, but can be fully enjoyed for real money wins with any digital currency.

Just think of a genre of online gambling that you like, and you should easily be able to bet on it with SAND coins. A few examples offhand include:

fruit slot Slotslive-dealer Live casino gamesroulette icon Roulette
coins icon Crytpo gamesblackjack-cards Blackjackkeno-icon Keno
live-dealer Sports bettinggame show Game showspoker Casino hold'em
pokerchip icon Video pokerscratch card games Instant win scratch gamesjackpot icon Jackpot games

So don't worry about betting limitations. While it is still not that easy to find a SAND casino, when you do, you will have all the top games from the best software providers for the utmost fun. And hopefully, wins.

Tips and Tricks for Gambling Online with SAND token

And now for one of the more popular sections in our crypto reviews series - tips and tricks. We understand that our readers are always on the lookout for insider pointers that can help them make the most of their gambling.

The reality is, however, there are not really any strategies involved in using any given currency, though you do need to be paying attention to a few things.

ewalletFor example, while tokens generated in the Sandbox game can be used as game credit, a crypto wallet such as Binance, Coinbase, or Bitpanda, is required for the casino transaction, which moves your money between those sites.

Moonpay LogoAlso, without a crypto wallet, the deposit with this currency is not possible, even with cutting-edge operators like Stake, which does allow you to directly purchase crypto from your casino wallet, through the third-party provider MoonPay for some of the better-known digital coins like ETH and BTC.

increaseFurthermore, most cryptos, with the exception of the stable coins like Tether and Binance USD, are subject to huge fluctuations in value. As such, once you buy a coin, you should always be keeping an eye on the charts. And if you are making a purchase, you should try and get in on the game on a down turn; that is, when the value drops.

Sandbox casino - useful tips summary:

  • Choose a wallet / exchange platform with low fees
  • Buy coins at a favorable rate
  • Keep an eye on market value if you want to convert back to fiat

And finally, while there are now various shops that accept cryptocurrencies, this does not necessarily apply to this coin. As such, it is often worth waiting for an increase in value and only then exchanging the tokens for real money. After all, playing in a SAND casino should pay off as much as possible, and in this respect, it can be assumed that holding the currency until the price increases is worthwhile, even more so than with BTC some might say, which has broader uses. The exception, of course being if you would be using your SAND coins in the Sandbox metaverse, in which case, the exchange rate matters far less.

Good SAND Alternatives Offered at Leading Casinos

Since Sandbox coins are not yet accepted as a means of payment in most online casinos, it may be wise to consider some of the better alternatives. For example, pretty much all crypto casinos will accept the most popular digital currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. And we are certainly seeing more options like Tether, Binance USD, XRP, Solana, and USD Coin being offered by top crypto casinos that know their audience and want to keep up on trends and the convenience factor.

So some of the cryptos you might want to consider include:

While not every crypto casino will offer the full list above for deposits, withdrawals, and betting purposes, places like Stake have some 20 different alternatives to choose from, so that can be a good starting place. In addition, you can always flip through our crypto casino reviews to find places that appeal to you in terms of the bonus offers, game variety, loyalty rewards program, and things like that.


The community game Sandbox is currently making a name for itself, and as it does, familiarity with its associated currency is on the rise as well. Still, since it is not yet particularly widespread in the iGaming industry, we have put together this short FAQ section to address any questions you may still have about SAND and its use in online casino gambling.

  1. Is Sandbox offered as a payment option in every crypto casino?
  2. How much does it cost to deposit and withdraw using SAND?
  3. Are there special SAND bonus promotions to know about?
  4. How long will a Sandbox deposit or withdrawal take?
  5. Is SAND a stablecoin?
  6. What is the Sandbox forecast?

1.) Is Sandbox offered as a payment option in every crypto casino?

Unfortunately, for those who are a fan of this particular crypto, SAND is not currently offered as a payment method at most online casinos. After extensive research by our editorial team, we were only able to identify a small number of online casinos at this time that accept this particular coin, which you can refer to in the chart at the beginning of this article.

But as SAND's popularity is on the rise, and casino operators are quickly trying to keep up with the market pace by being more flexible and attuned to customer desires - we expect to see more SAND casinos in the future. So, if there is a crypto casino that you like but doesn't offer SAND as a deposit method, we recommend that you check back every now and then to see if it has been added. Or just as easily, you can always reach out to the casino's customer service team, as with enough feedback and requests, it is well possible that you can make an impact to this end.

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2.) How much does it cost to deposit and withdraw using SAND?

In the past, it was a serious concern for casino players what fees they would be subjected to with a deposit and withdrawal. However, things have changed significantly, and it would be extremely rare to be charged for what is essentially an online purchase.

As such, when depositing or withdrawing, you should not expect the casino to charge any transaction fee whatsoever, no matter which currency you are using.

transactionHowever, you will have to pay what is called a blockchain network fee for all crypto transactions, meaning SAND is not an exception here. As for how much that will be, there is no uniform line in this regard. As each crypto exchange sets its own prices, there may be small deviations in network transaction fees. For example, Binance usually charges around 1% of the payment amount as a fee, but sometimes transactions can be made for as little as 0.75%. In other words, it is good to do your research and conduct transactions accordingly, as even minimal differences can add up to a lot of money saved over the long term.

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3.) Are there special SAND bonus promotions to know about?

As far as we can tell, there are no special SAND bonuses out there. This makes sense since it is rare to find a SAND casino in the first place. Also, the concept of currency specific promotions has pretty much gone out of fashion. Most casinos will offer the same bonus for whichever currency you are using.

So if a casino offers a welcome bonus and it accepts SAND as a payment method, it is most likely that this can be claimed on such a deposit. Needless to say, you should double check as terms and conditions will always apply. The specifics of such should be easy to find on the bonus page itself, though you can always turn to the casino's customer support team to help you out as well.

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4.) How long will a Sandbox deposit or withdrawal take?

The general consensus is that crypto transactions, no matter which coin you are talking about, are going to be far quicker than traditional banking transfers. Again, SAND is no exception here. You can expect to see your coins moved in a quick and safe way.

clock iconWhile you will often see an online casino stating that the transactions are instant, note that this is on the casino's part. That is, the casino will not hold up the transaction in any way. Things do depend on the speed of the blockchain however, which is a combination of the number of confirmations required to complete any transaction plus the amount of congestion at the time. Realistically, for a SAND deposit or withdrawal, it should take no more than ten minutes from start to finish, and often, far less.

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5.) Is SAND a stablecoin?

Stablecoins have their obvious appeal - that being a stable value. But many prefer certain cryptocurrencies for just the opposite - that is their volatile nature which can be good for profit making purposes. Whichever camp you are in is a matter of personal choice, appetite for risk, and of course investment considerations. SAND, however, is not a stable coin, so keep this in mind if this is a defining factor.

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6.) What is the Sandbox forecast?

If we have learnt anything over the last few years, it is that life, and world matters are extremely hard to predict. Which means it is absolutely impossible to predict where SAND will go either.

If you look up expert forecasts, for example, you can find numbers all over the place, with some predicting a seven-fold increase over the years, while others will be asking when it will reach a $100 value.

The good news is, none of the forecasts we have seen think it will be eliminated entirely. So it has good future prospects in that regard at least. But other than that, we really can't tell you how much it will be worth next month, let alone next year, or in ten years' time, although it is extremely far fetched to believe it will jump in value to Bitcoin or Ethereum levels. But again, you never know.

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Our Expert Opinion on SAND Casinos

The long and the short of it is that SAND is unique in its concept. While originally designed to work within the diverse Sandbox metaverse and its blockchain game, SAND has since emerged to become more relevant within other areas of daily life, and thus also for playing crypto casino games outside the virtual world.

It is still not nearly as popular as the giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum,  but traders and regular folks are increasingly hearing the name SAND tossed around, and interest is definitely on the rise. So while there are still few online casinos that work with it, we expect to see more in the year to come. After all, it is a worthwhile option based on its very nature alone including its strong blockchain security build, large potential coin availability, and quick transaction times.

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