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LosPollosTV Profile
Streamer name:LosPollosTV
Real name: Louis Sammartino
Avatar:LosPollosTV Kick Avatar
Residence:New Jersey, US
Place of Birth:New Jersey, US
Birthday:8 February 1995
Followers:685,000 (Twitch)
76,000 (Kick.com)
229,000 (YouTube)
375,300 (Twitter)
110,000 (Instagram)
48,000 (TikTok)
Favourite Casino: Stake
Specialties:Crappy Fortnite player; NBA2K player; Short and can laugh at himself
Net worth:$1.5 million USD

LosPollosTV is Spanish and translates into English as "the Chickens TV". Despite the Spanish, LosPollos is actually an Italian American streamer and Youtuber, whose real life name is Louis Sammartino.

Streaming wise, he's best known for being a NBA2K as well as Fortnite player. Though the thing is, his gaming skills aren't really that great and he's actually famous for being an awful player. And this is really his entertainment style and why audiences enjoy watching his streams. Los is the kind of guy who knows who to laugh at himself and have a good time.

As you might have guessed, LosPollos, or sometimes just going by "Los", has himself a feature here at Casino.Guide because he's also now a casino streamer, and has even managed to strike a deal with Stake. So we'll be talking about his gambling streams, the games he plays and the bets he makes.

But we also know that when it comes to streaming it's also about the streamer's personality. That's why we'll also give you the full picture of Louis Sammartino. While he's an all round fun guy with a great sense of humor, he hasn't been without controversies. He's been accused of scamming his fans, which we will also take a look at here.

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Who is LosPollosTV?

Let's start with LosPollos' real life bio. Born in New Jersey on February 8, 1995, Louis Sammartino is the son of Italian Americans. We'd take a wild guess, but he's named after his father, Louis, who was a stand up comic in the New York metropolitan area. He has two brothers, Nick and Jake, who are both streamers. Before Los embarked on his career of internet fame, he worked as a dishwasher at a hospital.

In this entire picture is LosPollos' passion for basketball. While his smaller stature may have been a hurdle to his basketball career and was the brunt end of many jokes, Louis Sammartino's love for the game in the form of NBA2K help him gather his own following when he started streaming in 2014, as suggested by his brother Jake. When Los won the NBA2K KOK Championship in 2015, things began to take off.

lospollos-nba-betting©https://kick.com/lospollostv | His passion for the NBA also shows in his streams. He may not play that much NBA2K anymore, but he does a lot of NBA betting at Stake.MoreLess

In 2017 he was part of the 2Hype group for a bit where he made a name for himself as Fortnite player who was so bad that he became a must watch. Like many internet personalities, LosPollos moved to Hollywood, but moved back to Jersey in 2020 to be closer with his family.

Since then, Los Pollos has moved over from gaming to more of a Just Chatting kind of vibe on his streams, and pulling some marathon sessions. And he's also been adding gamba sessions at Stake to his streams as well.

Which Casino does LosPollosTV play at?

LosPollosTV has been playing at Stake Casino since 2021, although it wasn't really official until 2022. And even then, it didn't really take on a central focus in his streams until 2023. No surprise here, since Stake has been attracting many of the most popular streamers for gambling sessions. Huge choice of games, sportsbetting options, all done in the style of near no limit gambling. There's nothing to not like.

stake-logo96%Visit Stake
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  • Founded in: 2017
  • Online since: 2017
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    • PlayNGo
    • NetEnt
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    • Massive Studios

The crypto gambling site has partnered up with Adin Ross and Drake, of whom Los Pollos is a huge fan, so it only makes sense that Los finds himself over at Stake as well.

LosPollosTV Casino Streams - When and Where

Kick LogoIf you go to Twitch, you might ask if LosPollosTV is still streaming. When we checked in November 2023, he hadn't done anything there for 2 months. Has Los quit? The thing is, while Los does have a bit of a reputation for showing up late, he hasn't actually stopped streaming. It's just that he's moved over to kick.com, like many other casino streamers.

With that out of the way, you're probably going to ask when does LosPollosTV stream. Those who're familiar with the streaming scene are aware that Los doesn't have a reputation for regularity, although lately he's been streaming several times a week. He maintains his late night East Coast hours, and with his sessions typically running 5 or 6 hours, that means his streams can easily stretch into the wee hours of the morning.

Los Pollos Top Games

Los may not be the most gifted Fortnite player, but you don't need to be the best in order to have fun. And that's always been the attitude that Los Pollos has had, all the way down to basketball in real life, even though he's rather short. So what about games of luck in the casino realm?

slot machineIf you're just skimming, you'll find Los Pollos on many classics, like live blackjack and roulette. But that won't give you the complete picture of what Los gets up to in his streams. The fact is that Louis is not a classics guy and spends a good part of his time on more innovative slot formats along with crypto arcade games.

In terms of Los Pollos slots, Sweet Bonanza and Wanted Dead or a Wild are regular picks. A high variance slot from Pragmatic Play, Sweet Bonanza delivers an exciting ride with its potential for big wins, and has been one of the most popular slots with casino streamers. Similar things to be said for Wanted Dead or a Wild from Hacksaw Gaming, and the breakaway from the traditional video slot format seems to be more of LosPollosTv's taste too.

And we're really not surprised to see Los Pollos playing Plinko either. Absolutely relatable, because we love the crypto arcade game too.

Min./ Max. bet
Max win
Play for free
Sweet BonanzaPragmatic Play
0.20$ / 1,250.00$
Wanted - Dead or a WildHacksaw Gaming
$0.20 / $100.00
PlinkoDifferent Provider
No Limits
Up to 3,843.3x
97% - 99%
Big Bass BonanzaPragmatic Play
$0.10 / $250.00
Classic Casino GamesDifferent ProvidersDifferent table limitsDepends on the tableDepends on the game

Does Los Pollos have Gambling Strategies

We know where and what he plays, but do we know how Los plays his games? Big bets, small bets, or what? Does Los Pollos have a gambling strategy?

money iconWe analysed his gamba streams a bit. Truth be told, there's no clear strategy that Louis seems to be using in his betting. While at first we noticed he was placing relatively small bets between $15 to $20, we also saw him laying it thick at $200 – $250 a spin sometimes. And recently, we saw him putting down $1,500 bets on Plinko, and pulling in a $1.5 million win.

So while it is tempting to find some rhyme and reason in LosPollos bets, we have to say much of it seems to go according to his gut feeling. And in a way that makes perfect sense too, because fair casino games are games of luck, which means their results are always truly random.

Los Pollos TV Controversies

Most stars and celebrities have been involved in some sort scandal. It sort of comes with the territory of being famous. And Los Pollos is no exception.

Unfortunately, Louis Sammartino built a reputation for himself as somewhat unreliable. He's failed to show up to his scheduled streams on more than one occasion, and sometimes fell asleep or just cut his streams short. Promises to make up for things have more often than not fallen short. And all of this can understandably piss off fans who might have stayed up just to catch Los Pollos live.

thumb down iconAlthough things sort of hit a new low when Los said that his family was moving to Houston and that he was going to have to sleep in his car. Touched by Los' plight and the threat of homelessness, donations started flowing in. But when questioned for more details, there were some rather evident holes in what Los had to say. Probably most of this was to sort of guilt trip his fans into forgiving him for his previous shortcomings, but in effect he started developing a reputation for being a scammer. No good stuff.

Then there was also the time in 2020 when he called 1-800-Gamblers after losing $4,000. $4k is obviously peanuts to a streamer of Los Pollos Tv's stature. And people have rightly observed how by trolling and spamming a hotline, Los might have prevented someone from getting the help they were really looking for.

And before that, in 2017, Los Pollos caught some heat after he raided fellow streamer Avajaijai's channel with his fans spamming the chat. This led to LosPollosTv getting banned from Twitch, although this was later appealed as Los can't possibly control what his fans decide to do.

Los Pollos TV on Social Media

You've read enough about Louis Sammartino aka Los Pollos from us, and now it's time for you to check this streamer out for yourselves. This can best be done through social media, and you'll find below that we've summarised Los Pollos presence and the numerous platforms he's on. Of course, Louis' social stats and style across the platforms also give you of what he's like as a streamer and influencer too.

  1. LosPollosTV on Kick
  2. LosPollosTV on Twitch
  3. LosPollos on Youtube
  4. LosPollosTV on Twitter
  5. LosPollos on Instagram
  6. LosPollos TikTok

LosPollosTV on Kick

Like many casino streamers, LosPollos TV made Kick his new home in Spring 2023, shortly after the platform went live. There are lots of slots and casino clips here, although a lot of this is mixed with babes chat and fun. And even though in typical Louis fashion, it took him a while before he started streaming regularly on Kick, Los Pollos has almost 76,000 followers here. That's respectable enough we'd say.

lospollostv-kick-videos-1https://kick.com/lospollostv MoreLess

LosPollosTV on Twitch

LosPollosTV last twitch streamLos hasn't streamed on Twitch for a couple of months since making Kick his new home. The only video on Los Pollos' Twitch when we checked was a 2h 30min NBA 2K24 broadcast from back in September, and had gathered more than 26,000 views. This just goes to demonstrate how much of a power streamer Louis Sammartino had become from the time he joined Twitch in 2014 until today. Although he's no longer active on Twitch, he still has 685,000 followers here.

LosPollos on Youtube

Youtube is a pretty popular platform for streamers as well, since it's entirely dedicated to videos. LosPollos has three channels here. The first is LosPollosTV, and the steamer seems to have invested relatively energy into YT. Los has only uploaded 77 videos here since he joined in 2014, and has a follower count of 229k, which is pretty modest in the influencer world. Many of the videos on this channel are pranks, like the time he hijacked his roommate's Tinder.

There's also a bunch of basketball videos, IRL and not just NBA2K. But the last time he's uploaded anything here was 5 years ago, so we would say this LosPollosTV on Youtube is not the best place for staying current, but this archive still has plenty of good laughs and is worth a visit on a rainy day.

lospollostv-youtube-1©https://www.youtube.com/@LosPollosTV | Although LosPollosTV has a large following, the channel seems to be abandoned.MoreLess

Then there's the LosPollosTV Live Youtube channel. Although this channel only has 169k subscribers, Los has more than 550 videos here and the activity here is pretty regular. At least by Los Pollos standards. There are videos uploaded roughly on a monthly basis. Sometimes even several videos a month. The content of this channel are mostly highlights from LosPollosTV streams.

As for the third channel, LosPlug, was created in 2019. The content here is a bit mixed, but count on a bunch of hilarious reaction videos on various stories, pranks, and trolling.

LosPollosTV on Twitter

twitter iconLos Pollos is super active on Twitter and has 375.3k followers since he joined in 2014. This is where you really get a feeling for Los just moving and reacting spontaneously. Sure, there are lots of tweets to remind his followers that he's about to go live, but there are also tweets of encouragement in between and tons basketball and gaming rants and raves, of course.

LosPollos on Instagram

Over at Instagram, Louis has dropped the TV part and goes by LosPollosig. Compared to a lot of other streamers and even your average IG user, Los isn't really active here. A couple of months can go by without a single post, but then when he does finally get down to it, you see thousands of people liking his pics and reels.

So what do Los Pollos' 110k followers on IG get to see? Actually, a lot of really nice pics of Los just hanging out with friends, with his mum, and even a couple of pretty funny photoshopped pics where he makes fun of his own height, or lack of. And him with a Honda Civic while sharing with his fans that he's made millionaire status.

lospollos-instagram©https://www.instagram.com/lospollosig | On Instagram LosPollos shows his private life and likes to brag.MoreLess

LosPollos TikTok

The TV in LosPollosTV gets changed to TT over at TikTok, and you'll find Louis as LosPollostt on this platform for short videos. Again, in typical Los Pollos style, Louis has not been super active compared to other streamers and months can go by with nothing new. He has less than 20 TikToks, and it's a mix of messing around with filters to just whatever, but still, Los has 48k followers here and 1.3M likes.

The Long and Short on Los Pollos TV

Under the name of LosPollosTV, Louis Sammartino has built quite a unique brand for himself. An avid basketball fan, Los Pollos is short and has been made fun of because of it. But that didn't stop him from chasing his basketball dreams. Known for his NBA2K exploits and attempts in Fortnite, Los is not famous because he's the sharpest gamer. Rather he shot to fame as a streamer for being somewhat pitiful at Fortnite. Instead of just quitting and disappearing, Los Pollos knew how to laugh at himself and share himself as entertainment.

Today, he's taken his energy and humor over to streaming on Kick from Twitch. He's also become a Stake Casino regular in the meantime, and is known for playing slots and Plinko. And although over the years, he did build up a reputation for not showing up when he said he would, Los Pollos has been streaming much more frequently since the move. Let's hope he keeps it up this time.

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