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Raftaar Profile
Full name:Kalathil Kuzhiyil Devadasan Dilin Nair
Streamer name:Raftaar
Origin:Trivandrum, Kerala, India
Place of residence:New Delhi, India
Date of birth:November 16, 1988
Followers:3,800,000 (Instagram)
11,330 (Kick)
4,050,000 (YouTube)
3,343,497 (Spotify)
1,500,000 (Twitter/X)
5,000,000 (Facebook)
Favourite casino:Stake Casino
Net worth:~ $3 million (USD)

As Stake casino continues to build its dominance in the casino streaming world - first by attracting all the big names, and then by co-developing the Kick.com platform - it has steadily been reaching into new markets.

The Indian landscape seems to be a major one, as the rap star Kalathil Kuzhiyil Devadasan Dilin Nair, a.k.a. Raftaar has clearly formed a partnership with the world's number one crypto casino.

He, of course, joins another local celeb, cricket legend Ravi Shastri, as essentially a Stake ambassador, which certainly leaves us wondering what other coup will the casino land next?

In the meantime, while many in India already know the name and his many works, even fans may be interested in what else there is to discover about Raftaar, especially in the realm of gaming.

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A Bit of Background on Raftaar

Raftaar was born Kalathil Kuzhiyil Devadasan Dilin Nair, on November 16, 1988, in Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

He has been in the public eye since 2008, predominantly recognized for his rap work. However, he is a true multi-talent also gaining success as a singer, lyricist, actor, dancer, general TV personality, and even producer. For our international audience, we'll just point out, his work is mostly associated with Punjabi, Hindi, and Haryanvi music - i.e. not English. Though we can say, he can be enjoyed regardless of your level of understanding.

While originally a dancer, Raftaar's star began to rise when he joined forces with Ikka and Lil Golu - essentially launching his rap career on various social media sites.

"WOH RAAT" by Raftaar & KR$NA:

His collaborations with Yo Yo Honey Singh, another popular Indian rapper, led to further success, together producing hits as the Maffa Mundeer group. But that eventually led to a well-documented falling out when Yo Yo Honey refused to give Raftaar the credit he felt he deserved for writing and composing three of his hit tracks.

Next, he moved on to form a group called the Titans, together with Sachit Takkar (Sachh) and Badshah, enjoying significant success in both Bollywood and the Punjabi music industry. From there, through works with the band RDB he was signed to the Three Records label. And in 2016, he signed with Zee Media Company, and finally launched his solo career.

tv-64x64.pngOther major achievements of this now hip hop legend include winning the Best Urban Single award at the Brit Asia TV Music Awards for Swag Mera Desi. And his position as judge on a number of popular reality shows including Dance India, MTV Hustle, and Roadies.

How Much Experience Does Raftaar Have as a Streamer?

On November 14, 2023, Raftaar announced through an Instagram post the he would be live streaming on the Kick.com platform at 9:00 IST. This was his way to generate interest, and get followers to tune in to what turned out to be an exciting new stream on Kick.

That post was also essentially an announcement of his partnership with Stake. That is, while he hasn't officially stated he's a brand ambassador, he clearly promotes Stake across numerous channels, including that inaugural live casino stream.


Although this was a new forum for him, note, Raftaar was actually a rather avid gamer before, as seen in his official music video for the song RATATA.

He also collaborated with Sony Music India and Epic Games in the past for a special Fortnite campaign around the Bhangra Boogie Cup, an in-game contest for India's mobile gaming community. The original track he created for that - Click Pow Get Down - was available as an in-game purchase for a limited time as well as a special award for winners to unlock.

Raftaar created a special track for the popular Fortnite game.

Which Online Casino Does the Streamer Raftaar Gamble at?

As the superstar that he is, it is no surprise that Raftaar has chosen to publicly gamble at Stake casino. Or likely more accurately, the two parties have formed a partnership, so that Raftaar uses his star power to help introduce the crypto gambling brand to the Indian market.

While he has yet to casino stream regularly, he does make relatively frequent mentions of Stake on his various social media channels. And just because he's not always live streaming, we'd imagine he may well be gambling there on the side. But who knows, and we certainly don't want to be part of the rumour mill. So all we'll reiterate is that the only online casino that he's known to gamble at is Stake.

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What Are Raftaar 's Favourite Online Casino Games?

Although he has not stated a favourite casino game as far as we're aware of, a good indicator of what Raftaar prefers to play can be gleaned from watching his Stake streams or the clips he's chosen to share.

For example, he so far seems to be showing a preference for

  • live blackjack,
  • live roulette,
  • a number of Stake original crypto games like Mines and Wheel,
  • and even online chess!

Surprisingly for a streamer, he seems less interested in slots, though he does occasionally play things like the St. Valentine machine - which we'd say is actually refreshing, since online gambling has so much more to offer.

stake-casino-homePopular Stake Originals and slot games.MoreLess

He also, by the way, has interest in sports betting too, like Formula 1 racing and of course one of India's most popular past times, cricket.

When and Where Does Raftaar Stream?

So far, Raftaar has not been streaming regularly - though we're hoping this will change.

Kick LogoOn the Kick platform, for example, he has only one video session saved, though if you look under clips, there are other bits of live coverage he shares.

But since there is no schedule feature on the Kick website, we don't actually know when he'll be broadcasting his next gambling session. We'd imagine, he'll drop an announcement on Instagram or X when he does. So make sure to follow him on those two platforms as well if you want to be tipped off as to when to catch him live.

Raftaar on Social Media

Social media was the very platform Raftaar used to launch his career. As such, it's unsurprising that he dedicates quite a bit of time to keeping his numerous accounts active, where he continues to build his image and influencer status in kind. We've covered them all below in detail, and will just point out that Raftaar TikTok is the only one noticeably missing, due we'd assume, to local restrictions.

  1. Raftaarmusic on Instagram
  2. Raftaar on Kick.com
  3. Raftaar on YouTube
  4. Raftaar on Spotify
  5. RAFTAAR on X (aka Twitter)
  6. Raftaar on Facebook

Raftaarmusic on Instagram

Raftaar - announcing his Kick debut on Instagram

Raftaar announced his debut on the Kick.com platform in a much-talked about Insta post on 14th November 2023, simply stating the time he'd be there.

Raftaar has a very strong presence on Instagram where he has over 3.8 million followers.

In his very account description you can clearly decipher what he's currently about - with one link clicking to his latest music release and the other pitching his Stake partnership with the @Stake link plus his own RAFTAAR coupon code.

Overall, his posts are a mix up of the types of things you'd expect from a leading hip hop artist, including music clips, some appealing lifestyle content, the aforementioned gambling bits, and a few other sponsorships he's doing like LG TONE fit, and even a cooking event.

Raftaar on Kick.com

Since going live on Kick.com Raftaar has collected 11.32K subscribers there. This is obviously a small following compared to his other channels, but it has been growing steadily, and may be reflective of the niche audience he's drawing there.

That is, this is the place for his casino gambling pursuits, and for explicitly promoting his partnership with Stake.

As he succinctly describes himself in his profile there: "Hey this is Raftaar. A rapper, song writer, music producer and lyricist from the Indian music scene. I make music and in my spare time I love to play video games, watch anime and definitely enjoy streaming online."

raftaar-streaming-with-friends-on-kickLike many casino streamers, Raftaar has made his sessions a communal affair, highlighting the social aspect with fun friends gathered 'round to keep the entertainment factor high.MoreLess

Raftaar on YouTube

As a music sensation, it's no surprise that Raftaar makes good use of the YouTube platform. And the outcome of his efforts is reflected in the numbers, with his official @raftaarmusic YouTube account having 4.05 million subscribers.

The content includes videos, shorts, releases, and playlists, amongst other things. The 100 or so videos he's posted there, mind you, are only a fraction of the number available with his name, as plenty of others mention him in their clips too, or link to his various works.

raftaar-official-youtube-channelRaftaar's YouTube channel mainly focuses on his music, making it a great place to catch all his releases.MoreLess

For us fans of online gambling, you can also search "Raftaar Stake" and you'll find a number of fun clips of him streaming sessions with his friends from his iamraftaar Stake account.

Raftaar on Spotify

Maybe not quite a social media platform - more accurately a digital music service - it's still worth pointing out that Raftaar has an official account there on Spotify as well. And a rather popular one at that, with over 3.3M listeners monthly.

So if it's mainly his music you're after, it is highly recommended that you follow him there.

raftaar-spotifyWith over 3.3 million listeners each month, it's clear just how popular Raftaar's music really is.MoreLess

RAFTAAR on X (aka Twitter)

RAFTAAR or @raftaarmusic is how you'll find him on Twitter, where again he has a strong following. In fact, at last count, he had some 1.5 million followers there.

As with his Insta account, he's chosen to use his Twitter sway to publicize his workings with Stake. Though due to the controversy that has arisen around his advertising online gambling, he has chosen to turn off the comments feature there. In fact, he apparently started to promote Stake on Twitter in October 2023, but those tweets seem to have been deleted since.

raftaar-twitter-announcement-indian-premier-league-tournamentIn April 2024, Raftaar promoted on X a link to an Indian premier league tournament race, with a chance to win a brand-new BMW X1, through participation in a special Stake promo.MoreLess

Other than that, much of his X content is similar to what you'd find in his other accounts, including various product promotions, shoutouts, and especially music clips.

Raftaar on Facebook

Raftaar's biggest social media following is actually on Facebook where he has more than 5 million fans. That being said, he doesn't update all that frequently there, with sometimes months passing between posts.

His content there is nothing original; that is basically a repeat of what you'd find on his other accounts. But if you're already on Facebook, and appreciate his talents, it's certainly worth giving him a thumbs up by following.

raftaar-facebook-post-promoting-electronicsRaftaar has been promoting a number of LG products for the Indian market, as can be seen in this Facebook post.MoreLess

Does Raftaar Use Any Special Betting Strategies?

It is really too early to say if Raftaar uses any special betting strategies in his online gambling pursuits.

cryptocurrenciesWe did see him choosing USDT for his betting, and seems to also have Bitcoin, Ethereum, and INR in his Stake wallet, so that maybe could be seen as a lesson in diversifying.

But by most standards, he is a fairly high roller, betting even $1,000 or $5,000 (and more!) per round on simple chance games like Mines. So you may not want to follow his strategy, unless you have the budget to match.

Keep in mind, he's a highly compensated influencer and doing this with a professional edge, so a streamer like Raftaar should be followed more for the entertainment factor than for any insider tips or betting strategies.

Scandals and Controversies

Being a rap star, scandal and controversy almost come with the territory.

For Raftaar, the main one was the dispute he had with Yo Yo Honey Singh over who wrote a few of the tracks in the Bollywood film Fugly. Raftaar claimed to be the talent, while Yo Yo rather shockingly countered that he barely knew Raftaar at all. Quite the diss.

strong iconHe also went to battle with Emiway Bantai in a highly publicised feud, mainly as these things go in the rap world, over a perceived disrespect on Raftaar's part. Actually pretty real, as he basically devalued Emiway's place in the rap industry. Each went on to make their own respective diss tracks, with many claiming Raftaar came out on top with better lyrics and beats.

There have been other similar rumblings around him; mostly some would say because he's too nice, supporting newer artists, who sometimes as a result build disproportionate expectations of him for collabs and the likes.

The other big controversy around Raftaar actually happens to be in regards to his online gaming. Many fans didn't take favourably to his promotion of online gambling, with various Reddit discussions and even Instagram posts showing disappointment in his choice. This "debate", by the way, could well be why he turned off commenting and even deleted some of his related Stake posts. And goes to show, while we love seeing a star like him sharing our love for legal gambling, at the end of the day, someone will always see things differently.

Raftaar Estimated Net Worth

By rap star standards, the reality is that Raftaar isn't all that rich. There's no need to cry for him either, mind you. As with an estimated net worth around $3 million - or other sources quoting a net worth of Rs 80 crore - he's doing just fine. And by local success standards, is considered one of the wealthiest rappers in India. This he's achieved mainly through his musical endeavors, as well as we'd imagine some promotions and entrepreneurship on the side.

Raftaar's Private Life

There's not much more for us to share regarding Raftaar's private life. Unless of course like many, you're asking the question - is he single or taken?

So from 2016 through 2022, he was married to Komal Vohra, though technically broken up since 2020 when they started living separately. Komal herself isn't famous, but her two sisters - Kunal Vohra and Karan Vohra - are Indian TV actors. Beyond that, we're not sure what his status is today. While not married, in all likelihood he's dating someone, though nothing serious has yet to be announced.

raftaar-happy-birthday-dadCongratulating his dad on Instagram - one of his rare private posts.MoreLess

In terms of religion, he once tweeted:

"People think I am a Sikh, I am not, I am a Kshatriya from Kerala but I respect the values of Sikhism from the bottom of my heart."

And as for where he lives, he is now primarily Delhi based.

Bottom Line: Is Raftaar Worth Watching?

If you're wondering after all that whether or not Raftaar is worth watching, then the answer is a resounding yes. This is a guy who knows how to deliver when it comes to entertainment, so it's always going to be fun and interesting.

Mind you, you'll need to have subtitles or some other translation service on if you don't speak Hindi. But just watching him with his friends in his Stake streams can be fun, as you can easily catch the drift, without understanding a word.

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