Super Mega Monsters Slot Review 2024

christianChristian Webber
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Super Mega Monsters Facts

$500 BonusPlay at Stake
Paylines:5 or more matching symbols that touch
Min. Bet:$0.20
Max. Bet:$100
Max. Win:10,000X your bet
Free Spins: 
Bonus Buy: 
Free Play:  

If there's one thing that Massive Studios is good at, it's giving its slots creative names. Well that and creating slots with excellent bonus features, cash prizes, and general play that is.

Super Mega Monsters of course is no exception to that overall perception. That is, beyond, the cute and clever title, the game itself really is all that. Fun, and whacky, totally awesomely animated, with multi-directional ways to win, a crazy number of features, clusters, multipliers, and that completely unique way in which you fill the googly eyes from winning clusters to trigger 1 of 5 bonuses thing.

Wondering what that latter bit is about? We know. It sounds insane. So keep reading this Super Mega Monsters to find out. Or hop on over to Stake, where you can already begin to discover firsthand as you play for big prizes of up to 10,000X your bet.

Game highlights:

  • High volatility
  • Wild frenzy
  • Cascading symbols following a win
  • Multipliers
  • Five different monster bonuses
  • Normal, super, or mega level bonuses
  • Superior level of animation
  • 10,000X max win
  • One game enhancer mode
  • Two different bonus buy options
  • 96.5% RTP
  • Available exclusively at Stake casino*

Play Super Mega Monsters at Stake

* As with all Massive Studios slots, Super Mega Monsters can only be found at Stake, a.k.a. the internet's top crypto casino, though this limited availability may be subject to change.

Super Mega Monsters Slot Basics and Rules

While online slots are generally attractive thanks to their animation and simple style of play, Super Mega Monsters without a doubt takes it all up a notch with a crazy level of graphics across a highly detailed 7X7 grid structure board.

Not to say that this game is complicated to play. The basics remain the same. But the paylines and bonus effects are a bit out of the ordinary. However, since all you really need to do is bet, spin, and hopefully win, even with all the extras you're going to find it very easy.

That's, by the way, our way of telling you not to be deterred, if the format seems a bit unfamiliar. Slots are slots, with symbols, and bonuses, and reels; plus an automated system that calculates it all, so there's not much for you to keep track of.

Super-Mega-Monsters-Moster-clusterThe Super Mega Monsters slot pays for clusters of 5 or more matching symbols.MoreLess

But since many people like a walkthrough of the basic steps and rules, this is how it goes.

Log in to Stake casino and open Super Mega Monsters on your laptop, PC, or phone. We say Stake, because we're giving instructions on how to gamble on this game, and this is the one and only place to play.

Next, set your bet by clicking on the chip stack in the bottom right corner of the screen. As you'll see, you can wager any amount from $0.20 up to $100, which you're correct in noticing is less than other popular Massive Studios games like Bonsai Banzai and Drac's Stacks which have a $1,000 top limit.

idea iconTip: Since Stake is a crypto casino, you can fund your account in Bitcoin, USDT, Ripple, Ethereum, or near dozens of other digital currencies. So while your bet amount will be set in a fiat, you'll actually be gambling in the digital coin of your choice; i.e. a real advantage for some. Or, if you prefer, you can also use a local currency for deposits and bets.

Once you've selected how much you'd like to wager on the upcoming round, the reels are put in motion by clicking on the spin button, obviously identified by what's essentially a play button on any video game or remote control.

After the reels spin you'll either win or lose at which point you can close up shop, or bet again. Use the same amount for the next spin, change it up, or opt for the auto play feature to launch anywhere from 10 to 1,000 rounds automatically spun at the same rate in a row.

If you're lucky you'll win big, up to 10,000 times your bet. Or even something smaller. Or maybe nothing at all. This is slots after all, and no strategy can help, beyond patience and playing for the entertainment factor, with a tight eye on your budget to keep it fun.

Play Super Mega Monsters Slots for Free Online

Oddly, like the Buffaloads game, Super Mega Monsters is not available in free play demo mode on the Stake website. We have literally no idea why that is. Because it's not as if a fun play mode isn't available. As you can see embedded below, it absolutely is, which is why we've brought free Super Mega Monsters play right here to this very page. And it can also be found on the Massive Studios website, as well, as a tip, though of course below is easiest, since you're already here!

Super Mega Monsters Demo Mode

Super-Mega-Monsters-start By pressing on "Play", I understand that I will be shown content from Massive Studios. You can find more information in our website's Privacy Policy as well as that of Massive Studios. Massive Studios

Play for real money

Super Mega Monsters Video Slots Paytable

The Super Mega Monsters paytable is where things get slightly complicated, as it's not your standard fare. This, however, we say in a good way, because it's also fun to encounter an unusual spin.

Symbol Minimum profit Maximum profit
Super Mega Monsters Monster RedX1X1,000
Super Mega Monsters Monster YellowX0.5X250
Super Mega Monsters Monster BlueX0.3X100
Super Mega Monsters Monster GreenX0.25X25
Super Mega Monsters Stone RedX0.2X20
Super Mega Monsters Stone YellowX0.15X15
Super Mega Monsters Stone BlueX0.1X10
Super Mega Monsters Stone GreenX0.1X10

As you can see in the paytable above, unlike most online slots that require 3 in a row to form a winning combination, here the minimum is 5. However, since the symbols only need to match and touch, horizontally and/or vertically, it's got way more ways to win.

Plus, once payouts are calculated, the winning symbols are removed from the reels, and new ones cascade in to fill their places, and potentially result in another win.

Another interesting thing to note is how the actual symbol values are all over the map, ranging from as low as 0.1X for 5 touching green glowing stones, up to 1,000X for 20+ googly eyed furry red monsters. Obviously we'd like to win on the upper end, but we also appreciate the opportunity for many small prizes.

Super Mega Monsters Bonus Rounds and Special Features

The bonus rounds and special features is another area in which understanding this game gets a bit tricky, because it's got some extras we haven't quite seen. This, again, we're saying in a good way, because new is interesting, and in the case of Super Mega Monsters, potentially very rewarding.

  1. Cascading symbols
  2. Wilds
  3. Wild Frenzy
  4. Five Eyed Monster Bonuses
  5. Super Mega Monsters feature
  6. Game enhancer
  7. Bonus buy options

Cascading symbols

As we mentioned in the paytable section of this review, Super Mega Monsters has the much beloved cascading symbols setup, also sometimes depending on provider, called the tumble feature.

What it does is remove symbols from winning combinations, and drop new ones into their places, potentially forming additional wins on the same spin. This, in other words, is a great value for money effect!


Super Mega Monsters EyeThe wild symbol in this game is a single blue eye ball. It can substitute for any other symbol to complete a winning combination.

During each round, between 1 and 4 of the lower symbols may be randomly highlighted. If any of them happen to also be part of a winning combination, they'll explode off scene and leave behind 2 wild symbols in any of the spaces left from that win.

Wild Frenzy

On non-winning spins you can also land anywhere from 4 to 8 wilds anywhere on the grid. Remember, with cascading symbols this can create very long successions of wilds and wins.

Five Eyed Monster Bonuses

Super Mega Monsters Five-eyed Bonus DisplayAs you play, winning symbols are moved to the right-hand side of the grid. Collect 25 winning symbols to fill one of the monster's eyes, and you'll receive 1 of 5 monster bonuses.

The bonus you get is randomly awarded, as is the level at which you'll play it: normal, super, or mega. Up to 5 bonuses can be collected at a time, and are played after all wins from the base round are complete.

Normal Super Mega
Monster Smash 2 of the lowest symbols are replaced by high symbols. 3 of the lowest symbols are replaced by high symbols. All of the lowest symbols are replaced with new high symbols.
Monster Warp1 random lower symbol changes to a random higher symbol.2 random lower symbols are changed into the same random higher symbol.3 random lower symbols are changed into the same random higher symbol.
Monster BlockAt least 1 2X2 block of the same symbols is dropped anywhere on the grid.At least 2 2X2 blocks of the same symbols are dropped anywhere on the grid.3 or more 2X2 blocks of the same symbols are dropped anywhere on the grid.
Monster WildsTurns 2-5 symbols into wilds.Turns 3-8 symbols into wilds, and removes adjacent symbols, with new ones cascading in.Turns 5-10 symbols into wilds, and removes adjacent symbols, with new high symbols cascading in.
Monster DropDrops a 3X3, 4X4 or 5X5 block of matching symbols.Drops a 4X4 or 5X5 block of matching symbols.Drops a 5X5 block of matching symbols.

Super Mega Monsters feature

This feature begins with a 2X multiplier and encompasses all 5 bonuses played in the exact order of: Monster Smash, Monster Warp, Monster Block, Monster Wilds, and Monster Drop.

As in regular game play, each symbol from cluster wins is added to the tank. Once the eye is filled (in this case you need 75 symbols), the multiplier is upped to 4X, and the tank reset. You can then refill it as follows:

  • 90 symbols for a 6X multiplier.
  • 110 symbols to move on to an 8X multiplier.
  • 140 symbols to receive a 10X multiplier.


Once you reach the 10X multiplier and play out that round, or you simply don't collect enough winning symbols to reach it, the feature ends and you'll be returned to regular play.

Game enhancer

Unlike most Massive Studios slots, Super Mega Monsters only has one enhancer mode; which frankly is more than most games. So we'll give credit where credit is due.

In this instance, for a cost of 10X your stake per spin you can guarantee that each eye filled in the tank will come with a bonus at the enhanced super or mega levels.

info iconNote: This does not guarantee triggering bonuses, rather if triggered, playing them at a higher reward level.

Bonus buy options

With the exceptional level of activity featured in this game's bonus rounds, we get why you'd want to skip here. If this is something that appeals to you, there are two options to explore.

  • Bonus Buy 1 at a price of 100X your bet = entrance into a bonus round at normal, super, or mega level of play
  • Bonus Buy 2 at a price of 400X your bet = entrance into a bonus round at super or mega level of play


Play Super Mega Monsters on Mobile

mobile devices iconAs expected, Super Mega Monsters slots work seamlessly on all smartphones and tablets. The game's user-friendly interface translates perfectly to the small screen, and although its grid format and bonus features are rather intricate graphically, nothing in the experience is lost when shrunken down.

As a browser-based game, that is available at Stake which you simply access through its URL, Super Mega Monsters requires no download or dedicated casino app. This makes it highly convenient and reliable for mobile play, which is obviously something that we always love to see, and are sure you'll appreciate too.

Super Mega Monsters FAQs

With monstrous intricacies, it's understandable that you may still have some questions. Though we'd say your best bet is simply to get started playing with small wagers, to see how all those bonuses and features so easily pan out. However, to help you out a bit more if you prefer to read, these queries should do the trick.

  1. Which online casinos offer Super Mega Monsters slots?
  2. How does the Super Mega Monsters slot machine's paylines work?
  3. Is Super Mega Monsters better than other Massive Studios slots?
  4. Is Super Mega Monsters popular with slots streamers?
  5. Should I opt for the bonus buy or enhancer mode of play?
  6. Which currencies can I use for gambling on Super Mega Monsters slots?

1.) Which online casinos offer Super Mega Monsters slots?

The biggest question you may have, and we're sorry if we didn't make that clear enough is where Super Mega Monsters is available. Since it's an exclusive, the answer to that is actually simple. And that is that Super Mega Monsters is available only at Stake.

Yes, search as you will, for now, Stake is the only online casino to carry the Massive Studios brand and its stellar games including Bonsai Banzai, Buffaloads, Rooster's Revenge, and the subject of this review, Super Mega Monsters slots.

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2.) How does the Super Mega Monsters slot machine's paylines work?

This exceptional video slots machine plays out on a 7X7 grid. Unlike most slots, it does not feature standard paylines, nor the Megaways mechanism with the predefined exceptional number of ways to win per round.

Instead, it has a really cool payout format in which 5 or more touching symbols equal a win. This can be horizontally, vertically, or both, which means the same symbol can ultimately be a part of more than one winning combination.

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3.) Is Super Mega Monsters better than other Massive Studios slots?

Massive Studios slots have been garnering quite a bit of attention since bursting onto the iGaming scene in 2023. And rightfully so. They are all quite amazing by our professional standards, each with a unique theme, exciting bonus features, and exceptionally high max wins.

From our perspective, what makes Super Mega Monsters stand out is the 7X7 grid format we just detailed with the accompanying untraditional ways of winning. Plus, the crazy number of bonus features which are in turn each awarded with a different level of play. Plus, we like that eye tank mechanism for triggering it all. And of course, the wild level of action with all those crazy colourful graphics.

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4.) Is Super Mega Monsters popular with slots streamers?

Since this game is about as action packed as can be, and has a huge max win of 10,000 times your bet, we'd expect it to be a top pick for slots streamers, who know how to spot winning entertainment.

And so be it. While we can't guarantee that you'll see it featured in any given session, top talent like Haddzy who streams daily from Kick and has been really boosting his influencer status there, definitely has an affinity for the game. And ClassyBeef not only loves this machine, but he's actually put together a special clip (as he's known to do), showing five outstanding Super Mega Monsters wins he's experienced with his team live, with more we'd imagine to come.

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5.) Should I opt for the bonus buy or enhancer mode of play?

Since all Massive Studios slots like Super Mega Monsters include bonus buy and enhancer modes of play, it can be difficult to decide what to do.

Obviously the bonus buy option is "better" in the sense that it guarantees your entrance into the special feature round. And Bonus Buy 1 is better than 2, as it's played at a higher reward level. However, there is the price factor to account for, which is quite steep here at 100X and 400X respectively. So if you're betting even the minimum of $0.20 per round, that would be $20 and $80, which is a lot per spin.

The enhancer mode, mind you, is much cheaper - it would be $2 per spin when calculating with the same bet - so more within most players' budget range. However, it has no bonus guarantees tied to it.

As such, we cannot tell you which to choose, or if you should even choose one at all. All we can say is that these are interesting options to consider, and if you're either a high roller, really rich, or just made a whole lot of money on wins, maybe to pursue one every now and then, for curiosity's sake as much as the thrills.

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6.) Which currencies can I use for gambling on Super Mega Monsters slots?

This is a popular question for players looking for crypto slots. They want, after all to be sure, that they'll be able to do on Super Mega Monsters slots all that Stake casino is so famous for. And that mostly is facilitating exceptional crypto gambling and complete flexibility in terms of digital currency banking, working with all the biggest (like BTH, ETH, LTC, and USDT) as much as smaller niche coins.

So yes, of course, you can use crypto to bet on Super Mega Monsters, easily. You can also use certain local currencies these days as well. Both options, by the way, are constantly being added to, and your best bet is always to check what's now available in your Stake wallet (free for the looking whenever you log in).

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Our Expert Opinion on Super Mega Monsters Slots

Well designed, highly entertaining, a near graphical masterpiece and packed with exceptional and unusual bonus features, Super Mega Monsters is one stunner of a game.

We honestly love everything about it and could find no complaints. The way the payouts work makes for so many ways to win, the prizes are potentially incredibly high, plus it's mobile compatible and crypto compliant. There really isn't anything more we could possibly want from an online slot machine, so kudos to Massive Studios and Stake on this one.

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