Understanding the Non-Sticky Bonus

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boomcasinoMost online casinos, if not all, offer you bonuses. That's a given. The most common such reward is the welcome bonus, which is generally a match deposit bonus. This means the casino will match your deposit at a certain percentage up to a certain dollar amount. For example, 100% up to $100.

There are also other bonuses available at the majority of online casinos, at varying intervals, like reload bonuses and even cashback bonusea.

However, while pretty much all online casinos promote these offers it is unlikely they will do so using the adjectives sticky or non-sticky. Put more simply, while all bonuses are either a sticky bonus or a non-sticky bonus, these are not terms we've come across at any online casino, beyond perhaps, in the fine print of the T&C.

Non-Sticky Bonus at Boom Casino

But whether a bonus is sticky or not is actually a fairly important differentiator. That's why it is important for you to educate yourself, and learn what the difference is - so you can be on the lookout for the types of bonuses you want, and where to find them.

All You Need to Know about the Non-Sticky Bonus

  1. What Is a Non-Sticky Bonus?
  2. Non Sticky vs. Sticky Bonus
  3. Recommended Casinos Where You Can Get a Non-Sticky Bonus
  4. Are There Different Types of Non-Sticky Bonuses?
  5. Casinos with A Non-Sticky Bonus
  6. Benefits of a Non-Sticky Bonus
  7. Which is Better, Sticky or Not Sticky?

What Is a Non-Sticky Bonus?

Let's begin by defining our terms. What is a non-sticky bonus anyhow? A non-sticky bonus, also sometimes referred to as a parachute bonus, basically, is a deposit bonus that does not obligate you to complete the wagering requirement in order to withdraw real money from your casino account.

This is opposed to a sticky bonus, which requires you to meet the wagering conditions for the bonus you received, in full, before you can make a withdrawal.

Vienne Garcia"In other words, sticky is referring to two things. That your bonus money and real cash are stuck together in terms of being able to make a withdrawal. And also that you must stick with the casino itself for longer in order to cash out."
Vienne Garcia, Author and Casino Expert

The sticky bonus is far more widespread, and we'd almost say you should assume a bonus is sticky at first glance - that's how prevalent the format is. However, there is no shortage of non-sticky bonuses out there, with more and more casinos offering them due to their popularity amongst players, as well as regulatory demands in countries like the UK.

wildz-bonus-bannerAt Wildz Casino you can play with a $500 Bonus + 200 Free SpinsMoreLess

In fact, we've done some serious research to help find some of the best casinos where Canadian players can claim non-sticky rewards. But outside of straight recommendations from a reliable source like our Casino.Guide experts, you will need to read the casino's terms and conditions in all likelihood to identify them. So make sure to always pay attention to details when claiming a bonus because it can definitely work to your advantage.

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Non Sticky vs. Sticky Bonus

We can get a better understanding of the difference between a sticky bonus and a non-sticky bonus by taking a standard welcome bonus as an example.
Let's say this welcome bonus is for 100% up to $200 with a wagering requirement of 40X. If you decided to claim it in full, and made a $200 deposit, you would then have $400 available for you to gamble.

info iconWhile all of that money is undoubtedly at your disposal for wagering, different casinos divide your money differently. The rare casino may pool all your money, but most online casinos place your real money and bonus money in separate accounts.

The key to understanding the difference between a sticky and non-sticky bonus is then the order in which you play that money, before you are eligible to make a withdrawal.

leovegas-bonus-canadaAt Leo Vegas Casino players can find a Non-Sticky BonusMoreLess

Essentially, if your bonus money is played first, you pretty much know that you are dealing with a sticky bonus.

Or in other words, a bonus for which you will need to complete the wagering requirements before you can make a withdrawal. So in our case, you would need to playthrough the $200 in bonus money 40X before you can even think of cashing out.

On the other hand, if you can play with your real money first, then you are likely talking about a non-sticky bonus which will allow you to cash out before completing your playthrough requirements, or even gambling your bonus money at all. Similarly, the bonus wagering requirements will only kick in once you start wagering your bonus balance.

info iconOf course, while being able to play your real money portion of a bonus first is a good indicator that this is not a sticky bonus, you absolutely must read the terms and conditions to be 100% sure.

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Recommended Casinos Where You Can Get a Non-Sticky Bonus

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Are There Different Types of Non-Sticky Bonuses?

There are two slightly differing forms that the non-sticky bonus may take.

  1. The first is sometimes referred to as a forfeitable bonus in that while you are allowed to withdraw money before completing wagering requirements, you forfeit the bonus money in so doing. That means the bonus is simply cancelled and removed from your account upon making a withdrawal.
  2. The other type of non-sticky bonus allows you to withdraw real money before completing wagering requirements and also lets you keep any associated bonus money. This needless to say is the preferable kind, as it's a true win-win situation that gives you the best of both worlds.

Vienne Garcia"Think about it like this, say you have $100 in bonus money and $100 in cash. You play your cash and win $100 as you do. You want to collect on this winning streak, because sometimes it's just really nice to have a little extra cash in-hand. So you withdraw that $200 and still have $100 in your bonus account. See what we mean?"

important iconJust keep in mind, most online casinos also set a deadline for fulfilling the bonus provisions. If you let this deadline pass, the bonus amount will be forfeited, even if it is a non-sticky offer.

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Casinos with A Non-Sticky Bonus

To help you better understand the different types of non-sticky bonus offers, let's have a look at a few of our favourites in more detail.

Boom-Casino-LogoAt Boom Casino, Canadian players can get a 100% up to $800 first deposit bonus plus up to 250 free spins. And both parts of the bonus are actually subject to a 40X wagering requirement. The twist is, you play with your real money balance first, which means winnings generated from real money bets can be paid out before the wagering conditions are met. However, if you do so, the bonus amount is forfeited.

Boom Casino Bonus Info

casinoheroes-logoCasino Heroes may not have the best welcome bonus around coming in at just 100% up to €50, and it may not accept CAD, but for those who don't mind playing in euros, this is another classic example of the non-sticky genre. That is, you can definitely request a withdrawal before the turnover is met, but when you do, bonus funds are automatically deleted by the operator from your account.

Casino Heroes Bonus Info

leo vegas casinoThe best type of non-sticky bonus is definitely the ones that let you make a withdrawal before meeting wagering requirements AND let you keep the bonus money. This is what LeoVegas offers, and is yet another reason why we love that casino so much.

Leo Vegas Bonus Info

wildz casino logoWildz Casino also goes the non-sticky route, letting you gamble your real money first. All you need to do is playthrough the real money part of your bonus deposit once before you can process a withdrawal. And again here, like at LeoVegas, the bonus money stays in your account, even after a cash withdrawal, with the same wagering requirements attached to it, making it another great offer.

Wildz Casino Bonus Info

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Benefits of a Non-Sticky Bonus

Everything that we have said until now certainly points to the advantages of a non-sticky bonus.

The main one for many players is that with a non-sticky offer you aren't so intricately tied to the casino. Bonus credit and your own money do not enter into a "connection" and can be accessed independently whenever you want.

So if you were hesitant in the past to claim a bonus because you were worried you would need to stick around for a long time to get your money out (or back), with a non-sticky reward you don't have to.

Here are all the advantages at a glance:

  • Access to your own money is possible at any time.
  • Your real money and bonus money aren't stuck together.
  • Real money winnings can be earned and paid out faster.
  • You aren't tied to the casino until you have completed bonus requirements - you can leave at any time without forfeiting cash or winnings.
  • Some online casinos even let you keep the bonus money for even higher value.
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Which is Better, Sticky or Not Sticky?

info iconAll of what we have written, of course, does not mean a sticky reward is in any way bad or less desirable. And since sticky is the predominant bonus form available, we certainly do not recommend that you look to avoid it.

A traditional bonus after all, does at the end of the day give you much more money in your casino account. And as long as the wagering requirements are fair, it can seriously boost both the amount of time and money you are able to play. That in turn, with a little luck, could also result in more opportunities to win. It simply demands a little more patience and perseverance to ensure a sticky bonus ultimately works for you.

So bottom line, if an online casino offers a sticky welcome reward and you like and trust the casino, then we say go for it.

And if you find an online casino with a non-sticky welcome bonus, even better! It's a great way to start your journey at a new casino on sure footing, knowing wagering doesn't need to be rushed through in order to withdraw winnings you've made along the way. Plus, it ensures you aren't wed to the casino for any longer than you desire, with the ability to cash out at any time.

While at some casinos you'll have to forfeit your bonus if you make an early withdrawal, some are flexible enough to give you an early cash out, while letting you keep the bonus as well. These of course are the absolute best kind, in our opinion, and bonuses you should definitely grab up if you can.

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