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Deal or No Deal Facts

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If you liked the Deal or No Deal TV game show, you're going to love the Deal or No Deal live dealer game by Evolution Gaming. It's exactly like the show you love, except that instead of watching it on TV, it's now your turn to play.

And even if you never got into the TV show, we promise that it's easy to get into this game. The basic thing you need to know is that there are a number of briefcases, and your goal is to predict whether the money in them is more than the Banker's offer. You can choose to accept or decline the Banker's offer, hence the name, "Deal or No Deal."

We will talk more about how to play Deal or No Deal Live on this page, as well as some recommendations for the best online casinos to play it at.

Key Facts:

  • Live streamed from Evolution Gaming's studios in Malta
  • Games available around the clock
  • Rules are the same as the original TV show
  • Stream available in standard or HD video
  • Licensed from Endemol, the producer of the Deal or No Deal TV show

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History of Deal or No Deal

tv-64x64.pngThe Deal or No Deal TV show actually originates from a Dutch show called "Miljoenenjacht", which loosely translates into "Hunt for Millions" and was produced by the French company Endemol Shine in 2000. It was quickly clear that the game had universal appeal and local versions of the show started appearing in other countries.

In Canada, the show was hosted by Howie Mandel, a Canadian born comedian who also hosted the American version of the show on NBC. The Deal or No Deal show was a CBC production and aired on the Global network in 2007. Although it was the highest rated Canadian programme, the show was not picked up for a second season.

In April 2018, Endemol Shine agreed to a partnership with Evolution Gaming to launch an exclusive live casino version of the game. The Deal or No Deal live game show became available at online casinos in 2019.


How to Play Deal or No Deal

You might be wondering how it all works in a live casino. The good news is that the Evolution Gaming version of the game is pretty simple. There is a qualifying round you will have to pass before you get to real thing, and this is the main difference from the TV game show. We explain how the Deal or No Deal live casino game works for you here.

    1. Qualifying Round

briefcase iconBefore you get to the real deal – no pun intended, you will have to spin three gold segments in the bank vault so they line up at the top to unlock the vault within the allotted timeframe.

Once you've qualified, you will get more spins to top up the prize for the biggest briefcase. This can be 75x to 500x your bet size. You select which briefcase this prize goes into.

    1. Main Game: First Round

dealOnce you've finished topping up, you'll meet your game show host. You'll be presented with 16 briefcases that look identical on the outside, but are numbered on the inside. A model will open 3 of the briefcases and reveal their numbers. You'll see a shadowy figure in the background walk across the stage and pick up a phone. This is the Banker, and you will be made an offer. You have 10 seconds to decide to accept or reject the offer by pressing on the "Deal" or "No Deal" button.

Taking the Deal would get you that amount Banker offered as a payout and end the gamble. The host will open up the other briefcases in case you're curious, but you can also exit the game at this point.

    1. Second and Third Round

plus iconIf you pressed on "No Deal" you'll enter the 2nd round of briefcases. More briefcases will be opened, and again the Banker will make you an offer that you can either accept or decline. As per the last round, if you accept the Deal, you'll walk away with the money and end the game.

    1. Fourth and Final Round

rich-people-64x64.pngYou have nerves of steel and have decided to decline all the offers. Now's the time for showdown. 3 out of the 5 remaining briefcases are revealed. You can accept the Banker's Deal. Or you can exchange the suitcase you chose during the top up round for one of the remaining briefcases. Once you've made your decision, all the briefcases will be opened up, including the one you selected. Maybe you made a good call, or maybe you would have been better off accepting the Deal.


It's All About Multipliers

One thing the Deal or No Deal Live game show is different from the TV show is that payout is always a multiplier of your bet size. You have the option to change your bet size at the beginning of each game in the Qualifying Round. This stays in line with all live games from Evolution, as well as all casino games in general. After all, you want to be rewarded for your risk taking. The multipliers contained in the suitcase are as follows:

16x75 - x500

Obviously, the suitcases are not placed in order and you have no idea what's the multiplier in the suitcase until it's opened up to reveal its number!

Tips and Strategies for Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is a game of luck and there is no way the outcome can be influenced by you or by the host once the game starts. A lot of it is going to be about going with your instincts. That having been said, there are some strategies you can use.

deal-or-no-deal-live-qualifikationFirst of all, don't forget each spin to unlock the vault in the qualifying round costs money. Your bet size is pretty straightforward. It's just like a slot game and the bet size will determine the actual payout the briefcases have to offer. That's important to remember.

However, unlike a slot you won't win money in this round because you're just working on unlocking the vault that opens the main game. It can take quite a few spins; however, you can choose how hard it is to unlock the vault - Normal, Easy and Very Easy. Choosing Easy or Very Easy will up your bet per spin without upping your bet size.

That means you will be spending more per spin without gaining the benefit of the bigger payout in the main game. The advantage is that you will probably need fewer spins to unlock the vault. If you do opt for the Easy or Very Easy mode, you may want to consider upping your bet size so that when you do enter the main game, the briefcases are worth more.

deal-or-no-deal-vorschau-1German Twitch Streamer Knossi playing Deal or No Deal LiveMoreLess

On the other hand, if you prefer to keep your bet size small while playing the qualifying round, you do have the option to top up your briefcases during the top up round before the main game starts. As always, increasing your bet size in this round will give you a bigger payout. Since you're not sure how many spins it takes to unlock the vault, while the top up is a sure deal, some players prefer to invest more in this round rather than in the qualifier.

arrow_icon-64x64.pngPay attention right from the beginning to see how much you've spent before you walk into the main game. This will help you decide what you need to break even and to see whether the Banker's offer is worth taking. Sometimes, it's also worth taking the deal to cut your losses.

On the other hand, if it starts off with the low value briefcases and you have big money cases remaining, then riding it out for the big payout may very well be worth it!

Bet Sizes in Deal or No Deal

Deal or No Deal is pretty friendly to a range of budgets. We've listed the bet sizes below.

  • 10 cents
  • 50 cents
  • $1
  • $2
  • $5
  • $25
  • $500
  • $900

Remember, this isn't always the same as bet per spin, which can go up if you go for the Easy or Very Easy mode in the qualifying round.

Deal or No Deal Special Features

Other than satisfying the gambler, Evolution has also added the following features to the game to up the entertainment value:

  • Multi-player game, with an unlimited number of players
  • Live chat option

people-64x64.pngIn the multiplayer games, you can chat with other players and maybe decide if you want to take the Banker's offer or go head on for the top prize. Of course, you can also use the feature to chat with the gameshow host too!

Deal or No Deal Mobile

mobile devices iconAs with all modern casino games, Deal or No Deal is fully mobile ready. The casinos we've listed on this page are all available as HTML5, which means you don't have to download any extra app to play this awesome live casino game. We do want to remind you that depending on whether you're on wifi or a limited data package, you may want to opt for the standard video rather than the live HD video stream.


Can I play Deal or No Deal for Free?

Deal or No Deal cannot be played in demo mode. It's real money play only. However, you can use casino welcome bonuses to play the game, which is as close to free as it gets.

The Expert Conclusion on Deal or No Deal

earth-globe-64x64.pngDeal or No Deal Live has become a global phenomenon. From Europe, the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East, this was one of the most popular TV shows of recent history. Now you can play the game for yourself at live casinos.

Although the qualifying round is different from the TV show, the rules are still the same. It's really easy to get into this one. While you can always approach the game with some of the tips and strategies we've listed on this page, it is also perfectly fine to go in with your gut instinct. You can't play this game in demo mode for free, so our suggestion is to grab a casino welcome bonus and give the game a go for yourself!

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