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N3ON Facts
Streamer name:N3on
Real name: Possibly Rangesh Mutama or Mikhail Rafik
Avatar:n3on Avatar
Place of residence:Sugar Land, Texas
Date of birth:August 13, 2004
Follower:253,112 (Kick)
181,000 (Twitch)
118,200 (Twitter, X)
747,000 (YouTube)
428,000 (Instagram)
233,200 (TikTok)
Favorite casino:Stake Casino
Characteristics:Known for bullying, including fat-shaming, which he describes as "humor." Often uses clickbait tactics, for which he is criticized; going so far as to fake his own death.
Highest win:NA
Highest multiplier:NA
Net worth:~ $1-5 million (USD)

In the world of online gaming and social media, things move fast - including the rise to fame. Or so it seems to those of us watching from the outside.

But while talent plays a role in building a loyal following, there's no denying luck is also an influencing force - sometimes being a function of who you know, alongside the magic of timing.

N3on, for his part, owes his celeb status in the streaming scene to a joint appearance with megastar Adin Ross.

Sure, he'd been active online for some time before this auspicious day - mostly passionately engaged in the sports game NBA 2K, as well as the youth fan fave Fortnite. But it was only in May 2023, when the up-and-comer ranted against Ali C Lopez in a joint session with Adin Ross that the video went viral. This ultimately led to his increasing prominence, solidifying him as a force to be reckoned with on the live streaming scene.

Since then, looking at the stats he has risen to become one of the biggest streamer on Kick.com.

While he still plays video games, some would argue his best work nowadays is his regular appearances alongside Adin Ross and other greats of the scene. He's always initiating controversial discussions and below the belt pranks, for which he's oft criticized. Though realistically this style is what keeps the other half so engaged.

And of course, he has also taken up more casino streaming, which is something we like.

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A Bit of Background on the Man Born Rangesh Mutama (Or Is It Mikhail Rafik?)

Like many successful streamers, the details around N3on are a bit foggy. It's amazing how people who live entirely in the spotlight manage to do this; but so it is. A person who seems to exist almost exclusively for the lens, seeking constant attention, somehow alludes being actually known.

questionAnd so without an official bio page, we're left to piece together what we can to try and get a fuller picture of the actual person behind the blossoming N3on brand. From what we know, Neon was born and raised in the United States, and graduated or dropped out of high school in 2021.

He is said to have both Indian and Pakistani roots and comes from a family with at least several siblings, two of whom we've "met" through his works. One is a brother he apparently lives (or at least lived) with, and a younger brother who played a part in his worst prank yet, falsely announcing N3on's death some time back. And that's about it.

While history is interesting, and we welcome learning more of his personal details, what really matters for many of us is how N3on rose to prominence  and what he's best at so we know what to watch.

n3on buying nba2k

©twitter.com/N3onOnYT | Neon buying his first NBA2K game back in 2016.

Basically, he started his career in 2016 with the launch of his YouTube channel. It was only a few years later, in 2019, that he moved into streaming, starting off with NBA2K gaming sessions. He managed to make a name for himself playing that on Twitch, alongside other live streams like Fortnite. But it's fair to say he used around 80% of his streaming time for the basketball game play back then, which he commented on in his own unique way.

What is in a name? N3on is also known as Neon. To complicate his identity even further, he is also sometimes referred to as Mikhail Rafik or Mikhail Rafiq, though many think that his real name is actually Rangesh Mutama. Truth is, who knows?

These days, much of the streaming world is talking about N3on, for his NBA 2K game sessions as much as his In Real Life (IRL) content which give his audience an intense, first-hand look into his super colourful life. Why so popular you ask? Well, not only does he not mince his words, but he also repeatedly manages to stir up controversial discussions - both key to standing out in the space packed by wannabe streaming celebs.

adin-ross-n3on-death©youtube.com/@AdinCL | Adin Ross watches the videos of N3on's fake death - his most notorious shenanigan - to much amusement. MoreLess

In terms of personality, he is rather rough around the edges, to say the least, using crude language and attracting - or maybe more accurately, creating - scandal wherever he goes. The young streamer simply has a certain way about him that you never know if he is telling the truth, being ironic, or just plain out lying. For some, it adds up to a slightly enigmatic allure.

While the sense of dishonesty isn't everybody's cup of tea, his overall style, and of course age, does have appeal for a younger, male audience that's into the brash persona thing. And of course good gaming. So it's a matter of taste whether or not you're going to like him.

But whether you like his style or not, one thing is clear, he is passionate about the video basketball game, Fortnite battles, trash talk, and now a bit more, the online casino streaming scene, where his idiosyncratic sense of humor and abrasive style carry over well.

How Much Experience Does Neon Have as a Streamer?

N3on, aka Neon, got in on the streaming game young, starting off by playing standard teenage fare including basketball and Fortnite. While clearly already talented on his own back then, it was through his fortunate friendship with legendary casino streamer Adin Ross that he really exploded.

A friendship that's not only paid off financially, but based on the live dynamics,  it's evidently fun for both of them. They can often be seen streaming together, feeding off of each other excellently. It makes sense, as they're both dedicated masters of the digital world. And rumour has it that in 2024, the pair plan on moving into a house with other popular young streamers.

stake casino logoAdin is also probably responsible for connecting N3on to Stake casino, as he himself is one of the crypto casino's top patrons. Though the details aren't entirely clear whether a Stake partnership has been solidified, or as the gossip mill has it, already discontinued. Only time and close watching will tell.

But regardless of the deal, N3on was ranked number 3 in the most watched Kick streamers charts when we checked. And since Kick is a haven of casino and slots streaming, so continuing with the genre would seem to make sense.

Which Online Casino Does the Streamer N3on Gamble at?

As much as he's super-experienced as a social media star, N3on is a relative newcomer when it comes to casino streaming. But he's a smart operator and knew where to go when the online gambling bug hit - or maybe it was the reverse with Stake seeking him out for his already proven popularity. Either way, Neon is a Stake casino gambling guy.

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That being said, it is unclear what the current status of the partnership is. According to some videos he's posted, this is already a thing of the past. In fact, there is very little content on the streamer's social media channels, especially on Kick, that suggests a collaboration between Stake and N3on. For example, there are no banners or promo codes like other streamers prominently display on their Kick.com account pages.

However, from what we've seen, after a short break at the end of 2023, he plays more or less regularly in the crypto casino. So there is certainly still some sort of relationship; minimum pure love of the game, maximum a paid partnership. Regardless, he's fun to watch when he's gambling, so we'll take him when we can.

However, it may be a deeper issue than dollars and cents in determining whether or not there is a Stake partnership. Mikhail himself always expresses himself very cryptically on the subject, and even straight out said in one clip that he decided against the online casino's offer because he is a devout Muslim and gambling is not compatible with his faith.

A short time later, however, he was in Las Vegas and not only played in Stake's crypto casino, but also let passers-by and spectators alike get in on the action, and even passed on some of the winnings to them.

Adin Ross Photo

©youtube.com/adinross | Adin Ross, famed slots streamer and a good friend, also plays a role in Neon's back-and-forth with the Stake partnership.

In connection with the Stake deal, there is also a video of Adin Ross calling N3on and making it clear that the deal is off the table. Adin says that he spoke to the CEO of Stake and after Neon announced on a stream that he no longer wanted to play, the deal no longer applies.

The background appears to be a private dispute between the two streamers. However, this has now been clarified and we can perhaps look forward to new casino streams soon.

Complex, we'd say, but something he'll likely work out for himself over time, deciding where his morals and priorities lay. For our part, we're hoping he'll still find at least some space for the casino streams.

What Are N3on's Favourite Online Casino Games?

Fans of this young American don't have much left to do at the moment other than wait for fresh content to get a true handle on his style and preferences, as he's a bit new to be making any declarative statements on the matter of his favourite casino games. Or his gambling preferences in general. So we'll just have to wait until future casino streams follow to get a better sense of his bet range and success rate.

What is known, however, is that N3on came into contact with sports betting very early on, with a short video in which Bradley Martyn also appears, revealing how he lost around $200,000 on sports betting when he was just 16, maybe 17 years old.

What's interesting there is not only that he was underage gambling, but also that he wasn't that successful on YouTube and other channels back then. So it's a bit odd that he had that kind of bankroll. In the same video, he also claims that he actually won most of his money through betting back then, though even Bradley Martyn doesn't seem to believe the story all that much. But that's just a bit of an aside to gives us a sense of how far back his love of betting goes.

For a taste of where he's going in the casino gambling realm, we know that in the past he has streamed a few different slots and casino classics online including:

n3on-gems-bonanza©kick.com/n3on | Although NEON is a successful streamer, his stakes are not as high as many others.MoreLess

Overall, Stake offers a lot of variety, especially when it comes to online slots, which from what we've seen are what N3on mainly plays. It will be interesting to see whether he manages to achieve a similar level of diversity as his friend Adin Ross in the future, or even maybe move to focus on specific titles that get less live coverage like streamed blackjack or even keno!

When and Where Does N3on Stream?

Kick LogoLike most streamers, Rangesh / Mikhail was initially found on Twitch. However, after the platform made changes, it no longer brings him any added value in his new role as a Stake streamer. Instead, Kick is now the platform of choice for him and everyone else who wants to be successful in casino streaming.

This thereby clarifies the question as to where the gamer is now primarily located. Twitch has actually been pushed into the background since the beginning of 2023. In fact, his account there is now entirely dormant and devoid of content.

n3on-kick-recent-broadcastskick.com/n3on | Mikhail streams regularly on Kick and he always streams for hours.MoreLess

That being said, not much can be determined about his exact streaming times at the moment. That is because, although his broadcasts show him repeatedly playing at the casino, there is no explicit information available as to the times at which he devotes himself to gambling.

From what it seems, he's a spontaneous young man who plays and streams whenever he feels like it. But it could be more planned than that. Overall, he never misses an opportunity to be at the centre of attention, usually in the form of in real life (IRL) streams. And so it's quite possible that he has a schedule, but chooses not to share it as part of his persona.

N3On on Social Media

A bonified influencer at this point, N3on has been active on social media for many years now. To attain this status he followed a standard trajectory starting with YouTube - in his case beginning in 2016 when he was about 12 -and adding a Twitch account later in 2019.

Nowadays he uses the entire range of popular social channels, from Kick to TikTok to X-Twitter, and more. While there is much overlap between his various channels, we've detailed the highlights of each so fans can know what to expect, and where he's best followed.

info iconNote: Since N3on is currently on a meteoric rise, his numbers on all of the social platforms are booming. Even between writing and editing this streamer review we saw a jump in his subscribers and followers, across all accounts.

  1. N3on on Kick.com
  2. n3on Twitch Account
  3. N3ON on YouTube
  4. @N3onOnYT on X (aka Twitter)
  5. n3onsingh on Instagram
  6. @n3onnn on TikTok

N3on on Kick.com

The Kick platform has recently been growing in popularity, replacing Twitch as the home to the more serious gambling streamers. Neon has obviously followed this trend, and as he made the move to casino streaming, set up an account here as well.

At last check he had over 253,000 followers there, and growing. In fact, he has become one of the most popular Kick streamers around, with an average of over 72,000 viewers per session, and over 5 million (!) hours watched.

The content so far is mainly IRL streams, showing how the gamer lives and what he does in his free time, in always entertaining sequences. But, every now and then he starts his computer or his cell phone to try his luck at Stake casino, and then we're really in luck, since we're biased towards wanting to see this.

n3on-kick-streams©kick.com/n3on | This guy is one of the most active streamers on Kick. He is online for several hours almost every day.MoreLess

How much he'll focus on casino gambling in the year to come is anyone's guess. The Stake casino partnership is at least seemingly still in the background. And maybe, if he chooses to actually move into a streamer house with Adin Ross and co., like the rumors have it, Kick is likely to be the platform of choice for those shenanigans, which would undoubtedly be awesome!

info iconTip: The 'Just Chatting' section of his account has the most content. While other streamers classify every stream in which they play into the corresponding category (here being 'Slots & Casino'), N3on simply leaves everything in 'Just Chatting', including his gambling sessions. That means he has more of those than meets the eye.

n3on Twitch Account

There was a time this young streamer thrilled over 180,000 fans with his live Twitch sessions. But those days appear to have passed, with his last active stream there in February 2023. Since then, there has been complete radio silence; that is, he has shown no activity on Twitch and seems to have faithfully and exclusively moved the live action to Kick.com - well-known as the better alternative for casino streamers.

These days there is neither a current schedule nor any videos on the site under his Twitch account, where he used to mainly give colourful commentary to NBA 2K gameplay, and some Fortnite too. This is pretty interesting as we have rarely seen a successful gaming streamer so completely abandon Twitch as to pull their content entirely.

n3on-twitch-not-online©twitch.tv/n3on | In this screenshot of his Twitch account from the beginning of 2024, it seems he has completely left the platform, with no activity shown at this point for over ten months. And zero content remaining.MoreLess

N3ON on YouTube

N3ON Luegendetektor Test auf Youtube

©youtube.com/@N3on | In this YouTube video, Rangesh's girlfriend fails the lie detector test, which reveals that she cheated on him.

N3ON created his YouTube account in May 2016, when he was essentially a pre-teen. Even if he was ambitious back then, he probably never imagined his popularity, which has exploded there alone to over 747,000 subscribers.

Overall, YouTube is a powerful channel for showcasing the full gamut of his activities - covering IRL streams to NBA game moments to his greatest Fortnite successes. He is particularly proud that Fortnite created a skin just for him; that is one in his own image!

To date, he has logged some 940 YouTube videos and an astonishing 141,953,704 views. How did he do it? Well, on December 27, 2023, he released a video in which he talks about his controversial path to success and explains to fans how he managed to become so prominent.

While N3ON is his main channel, he actually has a second one, in this case called N3on Live, where at last check he has 159,000 subscribers. While there is certainly some overlap between the type of content on both his channels, here you'll find plenty of his popular IRL streams, where he shares bizarre and funny moments with his community.

In one renowned clip in October 2023, he introduced his parents to his girlfriend Sam, who is seen talking to them on the phone in the video. Shortly before, Sam is said to have contemplated Neon's wishes for deleting her OnlyFans account, which seems reasonable for a relationship serious enough to meet the 'rents. However, the OF account still seems to be around.

@N3onOnYT on X (aka Twitter)

n3on Christmas greetings

©twitter.com/N3onOnYT | Christmas greetings from the casino streamer, as seen on Twitter.

While the platform X, formerly known as Twitter, may not be the hottest avenue for influencers on the rise, every social media star knows it's still important to keep a presence there.

As such a fellow, Neon keeps his X followers satisfied with fairly regular tweets that give a deeper glimpse into his personal life. In October 2023, for example, the gamer spoke out, sharing with his community the fact that he needed a break, especially since he hadn't seen his family in ages. Since then, however, he seems to be back in full force, full of new energy and obviously deeply in love.

And in December 26, 2023, you can see a rather sweet looking N3on bringing flowers and posh gifts to - we assume - his girlfriend Samantha Frank, who plays a significant role in his Twitter photo stream. A popular TikToker and influencer herself,  Sam seems to be quite successful in her own right. Maybe some of that has to do with her OnlyFans account, although that's likely not her only revenue stream.

As cute as this couple is, their steamy love life is not the only topic he's posting under the account @N3onOnYT. Overall, on Twitter, the successful streamer has revealed a little bit more about himself over time, giving him a more human, or might we say approachable vibe, which is what makes him worth following there.

n3onsingh on Instagram

Somewhat surprisingly for such a media savvy guy, this streamer's Insta channel is extremely quiet. That is, although he has 429,000 followers there, he has few posts. How bizarre is that?

Maybe the answer is that n3onsingh is not his only Instagram account, though it does have the blue official check. And he did recently post there about a live stream on Kick, called the Slumber Party - of course surrounded by hot, scantily-clad girls and the accompanying shenanigans - so it can be useful.

n3on-instagram©instagram.com/n3onsingh | Some of the few Instagram pictures and videos shared under the gamer's n3onsingh accountMoreLess

However, there are several other Instagram accounts that could be his too, based on the name and content, so it's quite difficult to tell. For example, there is the mrn3on account with 54 posts and 25,700 followers, which may well also be his legit stuff.

In any event, if you're already on Instagram, there is obviously no harm in following him. But this is not necessarily the place you're going to find his best content, learn gambling tips, nor discover much more about the guy, his lifestyle, or road to success.

@n3onnn on TikTok

N3on now has over 230,000 followers and more than 2 million likes on his TikTok channel, which he runs under the handle n3onnn. There he's made various short videos together with Adin Ross, with whom he has been friends with for some time now.

It is precisely in these clips that the streamer's character and idiosyncratic sense of humor become most apparent; highlighting why Neon is not only one of the most watched gamers in the US, but why a true celeb like Adin is obviously happy to join in the fun.

However, they're not always in agreement, as demonstrated when Adin asked his friend why he faked his own death. To which Rangesh aka Mikhail responded in typical fashion with a counter question, claiming essentially that he'd done no such thing. The reactions didn't take long to arrive, with one follower even commenting: "Everything n3on does is cheating".

n3on-tiktok©tiktok.com/@n3onnn | The number of views this new casino streamer has rendered is definitely impressive.MoreLess

When not hanging out and bantering with friends, N3on is also known to make TikTok dance videos in which he tries to demonstrate his talent in twerking. Admittedly, these clips garner more laughs than envy, as he's not nearly as good at dancing as he is at gaming. But he is excellent at entertaining, which is what's really the point here.

Does N3On Use Any Special Betting Strategies?

Since Casino.Guide is a gambling review portal, part of our duty is to report any betting strategies we discover. However, from what we've seen so far, when it comes to the casino streaming side of Mikhail, there are no such tips to report.

That is partially because while he has been streaming from Stake casino from time to time, he hasn't yet chalked up enough hours for us to make any definitive statements on his gambling tactics yet. Also, he is betting mostly on slots or Stake original crypto games, which are luck, rather than skill-based games.

One thing observers have mentioned however, is that for such a brash guy, he is relatively conservative on the wagering front. That is, he is not as high a roller as we might have thought. Though as his relationship with Stake evolves (if it does), that certainly could change. And we'll get back to you if we spot any betting tips we can glean then.

Scandals and Controversies

In any review of Neon, there's simply no shying away from the reality. And that is that he himself doesn't shy away from controversy, including lies and homophobic statements. We're guessing mostly as a way to gain attention and create buzz around him, which is a strategy that seems to be working.

In fact, he seems to have leaned on this tactic from the start, with his incredible prominence born out of the numerous controversies and scandals that surround him. And while this has proven a good tactic for bringing him into the public eye, it has equally attracted a large number of critics who obviously don't like his way of seeking attention; though critics, let's be honest, also help boost his reach.

n3on robbed

©youtube.com/@N3on | Clickbait is part of this young gamer's routine, which is why just about everything he says is questioned, even by his friends and devoted fans.

One recent incident that received a lot of attention unfolded in May 2023 when he was seen in a live stream alongside Adin Ross, Nico Kenn De Balinthazy aka Sneako, and Ali C Lopez. From a casual conversation, the streamer soon unleashed a veritable flood of insults directed at Ali C Lopez, calling his guest fat and shaming her in a way that drew legitimate criticism.

However, as is the nature of such things, the side effect of this outburst was that he actually increased his reach because the stream went viral, meaning once again, N3on's popularity has not been diminished by his misconduct. Just the opposite, in fact.

In general, the gamer repeatedly uses clickbait strategies to attract the attention of Internet users, even going so far as to pretend to be dying in a now infamous YouTube video that certainly didn't win him any friends; even if it created the desired effect of reaching the gossip mills.

What's particularly striking is how often he insults people and dismisses it as humor. And while he may look a bit on the nerdy side, skinny and bespectacled and all, don't be fooled. It seems he takes great pleasure in offending and upsetting people. And repeatedly teases people with actions that are similar to those described.

We're not judging of course, because obviously a lot of people like these shock tactics, as he continues to gain new fans, who seem to share his kind of perverse humour.

What Is in a Streamer Name?

Many streamers and social media stars operate under monikers. And while there are a few who have managed to allude sharing their true identity for whatever reason, most can be uncovered.

But when it comes to N3On, nothing really seems clear about the young streamer. Starting with his name. For example, Rangesh Mutama is mentioned again and again on the Internet. But it is entirely uncertain if that's his real name or not, with his own father, in one stream asking who is Rangesh, and Neon admitting he made it up.

n3on-dad-live-stream©kick.com/n3on | N3On live streaming with his father.MoreLess

Another name that is repeatedly associated with him is Mikhail Rafik or Mikhail Rafiq. N3on himself uses this name when he calls the police during an alleged robbery. And in live streams he has upon more than one occasion been called Mikhail by his friends, and even his father.

However, it is not entirely clear whether the Rafiq part is really true. Because in the aforementioned stream with his father, he associates that bit with the former keyboardist of the band Strings, Rafiq Wazir Ali.

Some assume that Rafiq is actually his father's first name, and the Wazir Ali or Wazirali part is the family surname. Convoluted, we know! However, there are doubts here as well - as is always the case when it comes to this streamer. Therefore, we cannot say with any certainty what N3on's real name is, and have used it interchangeably in this streamer review, like he does.

N3on Estimated Net Worth

n3on car bentley

twitter.com/N3onOnYT | Neon is not overly flashy. This picture where he brags with a Bentley is a rare exception.

Since he's not a public company or salaried worker, it is virtually impossible to determine how much money N3on makes on an annual basis; or ascertain his net worth.

It can, however, be safely assumed that his assets are in the millions. He has, after all, been successful on YouTube alone for several years now, not least through his Fortnite and NBA2K videos, where his numerous followers and clicks should bring the gamer a considerable monthly income.

His other social media channels, including TikTok, X, and Instagram, where he is also very well-positioned in terms of followers likely also bring in a decent amount of income. And if it comes through, the Stake casino deal will certainly go a long way towards ensuring that the player's account continues to fill up in the coming months. To what extent, neither the casino nor N3on himself have so far commented in any way; but we're certainly excited to see.

As for numbers, we've seen quotes as wide as a $1 million up to $5 million net worth. Overall, he is certainly doing quite well for someone so young. But he has yet to make it to the truly big earning leagues; or maybe he's just not as flashy as some of the other top gamers.

Rashid / Mikhail's Private Life

N3ON Freundin Sam Frank

©instagram.com/samxfrank | Girlfriend Sam Frank knows exactly how to present herself to grab attention, making her an ideal muse.

Little is known about this allusive streamer's private life, with not even a first name that can be confirmed. However, in a video in which he is attacked, his friend Sam called him "Mikhail" in a panic, providing further evidence that this is actually his first name.

Sam, as in Samantha Frank, is his girlfriend of course, with whom he has an on again, off again relationship that is lived out fairly publicly. The two show up together often in clips and pics, and undeniably seem very in love. Though with incidents like the lie detector test that Sam failed - attesting that she did indeed sleep with another man - it's understandable why this relationship is so tumultuous.

In addition, Neon seems to be a family guy, having even stated how he misses his, which from what we've pieced together consists of at least two brothers, and possibly a sister, plus his dad who has appeared in his clips.

As for where he lives, his place of residence appears to be Sugar Land, near the Houston metropolitan area of Texas as he mentioned in a live stream from Vegas. Though other places of residence are also mentioned now and then. So who knows? With this guy anything can be real or fake, which means even the little we "know" about him should be taken with a grain of salt.

Bottom Line: Is N3on Worth Watching?

Generally speaking, we'd say N3on is worth watching. He is a casino streaming star on the rise, as can be seen in his growing following on Kick.com in particular.

strong iconWhile he isn't doing as much gambling yet as we'd like to see - since that's the content that interests us most - we're certainly hoping to see more, as hopefully he solidifies his partnership with Stake in the months ahead.

Even if this doesn't happen, mind you, he will maintain his gamer appeal. Though we warn you, he is abrasive and offensive, which actually is what many like about him in the first place.

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