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jackpotcityOne of the things online casinos are famous for is their bonuses. They're offered to players every step of the way, from sign up through seasonal promotions and many occasions in between. They are a way of rewarding players for their patronage.

The sum offered is usually enough to tempt most. But if you're a high roller, you probably want more. Because that's the nature of your game.

That's why you need to find the right casino with the right offers that meet your style and bankroll. Enter the high roller bonus.

Casino Bonus Overview

What Is a High Roller Anyhow?

Before we start, let's define our terms. We've all certainly heard the term high roller before, and if you have played at a land based casino, they're also sometimes called a whale. But what does that mean?

idea iconIn a nutshell, a high roller is a player who bets more money more frequently. Often times this is also a person who bets with higher stakes, which is a fancy way of saying more money on each round. Why do they do this? High rollers bet big to win big.

If you're the type of player who's ready to bet $50 in a round of live blackjack, or enjoy online slots that let you play $10 or more per spin, you may well be within the range of what a high roller is.

However, we'll let you in on a secret: you don't technically have to bet big to claim a high roller bonus. You just need to be ready to deposit larger amounts to take advantage of these offers. We'll explain what they are all about so you can decide if they are right for you.

Brief Introduction: What Is a Bonus?

An online casino bonus gives you more chips to play with than the amount you actually have in your bankroll. Think of it as free real money gambling, courtesy of the house. They come in a number of different forms:

  • Deposit Bonus
    This is the most common one, also known as a match bonus. With your deposit, you get a corresponding amount of free chips that you can use as you wish. Some online casinos request that you enter a coupon code, or bonus code, when making your deposit to ensure that you are actively claiming it.
  • Free Spins
    Slot players are often treated to free spins. These let you play a number of rounds on a specific slot for free. There are also no deposit free spins that you can claim without putting any money down, but as with all no deposit bonuses, the number of spins tend to be extremely limited and won't get you very far.
  • Cashback Bonus
    Less frequently, it is possible to find what is called a cashback bonus. These give you back a percentage of your losses. It's a way to help you hedge your risks in gambling.

A high roller bonus is usually a deposit bonus, and sometimes it might include free spins.

Deposit bonuses are usually written as percentages, which is known as the matching rate. A 100% bonus will double up your money by giving you extra chips worth 100% of your deposit.

For example, if you deposit $100 into your casino account, then $100 is the amount you have to play with. If that deposit comes with a 100% bonus, you'll get another $100 in chips, giving you a total of $200 to play with.

If it's an 50% bonus and you deposit $100, you will get an additional $50 in chips, giving you a total of $150 to play with. It's pretty simple.

So What's a High Roller Bonus Then?

As mentioned, a high roller bonus is a deposit bonus. What makes it different is that it is tailored in its size to the habits of high rolling players. That means it is bigger than a standard bonus that "regular" players would receive.

Betamo Canada highroller bonus

At Betamo, High Rollers can claim a 50% Bonus up to 3,000C$

Whereas most standard welcome bonuses might let you claim up to $100 or maybe $200 worth of free chips, a high roller bonus can easily go into the thousands. $1,000 bonuses are typical at the high roller range, and sometimes it can even go up to a few grand. The terms may also involve a higher bet limit than the usual $5 per spin so that your appetite for risk won't be held back.

Is a High Roller Bonus Right for Me?

There is however a small trade off. Although not always the case, the matching rate for high roller bonuses tend to be lower. For example, instead of a 100% bonus, it might be a 50% bonus instead. That means you need to fork out more cash up front before this kind of offer becomes worthwhile.

We'll walk through the math together in the example below so you can learn to evaluate which offer is the right one for you.

Example: There are 2 bonuses. One is a regular bonus of 100% up to $100.The other is a high roller bonus of 50% up to $1,000.

  1. If you just have $100, then stay with the regular offer because you can't claim more than what the regular bonus offers anyway.
  2. If you have $500 to spare, then:
    • The regular 100% bonus will give you only $100 extra, and not $500. That's because the bonus is up to $100.
    • The 50% high roller bonus will give you 50% of $500, which means you get $250 extra.

rich icon$100 vs $250 extra to gamble with. The choice is yours.

High Roller Welcome Bonus

Most online casinos have one welcome bonus that they offer to all new players. After all, the casino has no way of assessing your status before you have even begun your journey.

coins iconA few online casinos will put in the extra effort to welcome high rollers. That's because they know high rollers enjoy playing on a regular basis and it's not just a thing they do while waiting for a new series on Netflix. For the purpose of claiming these offers, you don't actually need to bet big. In any case, the casino has no way of knowing how you play, since you are a new player. If you are willing to make a larger than usual first deposit, the casino will reward you in kind with a larger than usual welcome bonus. If you have the funds and you're ready to make the commitment, then the deal is all yours.

High Roller VIP Bonus Offers

Another type of high roller bonuses are the extras you can get as a VIP player.

If you're not familiar with the concept, many online casinos have VIP Programs or Loyalty Clubs. These are usually tiered affairs, with three to six levels to climb, based on your level of activity. As you rise the ranks you get more rewards, including VIP bonus offers. Since these bonuses are being awarded to people who have shown high roller tendencies - that is depositing and betting a lot of money at the casino - it is reasonable to call VIP bonuses high roller bonuses as well.

What sets them apart from other bonuses is that they are only available to players of a certain rank. Great for the snob appeal and the casino account, we'd say!

If you're a high-rolling VIP member of a casino, you may also be granted higher withdrawal limits and quicker cashouts. Of course, free spins and real world prizes aren't unheard of either!

twin-loyality-program-1024x250As you level up at Twin Casino, you will be rewarded with prizes that can range from free spins, bonuses, wager-free cash, tickets to tournaments & moreMoreLess

Recommended Casinos for High Roller Bonuses

Hearing about high rollers and the bonuses created for them is one thing. But the real question is, where can you find such enticing offers?

Well, not everywhere, that is for sure. But we happen to have a few recommended casinos that perform really well on this front.

LeoVegas Casino
Take Leo Vegas, for example. This online casino has an up to $1000 welcome bonus plus 200 free spins, which is definitely an excellent start for those with a bigger bankroll.
mrgreen logo
Or even bigger, you've got Mr Green with a phenomenal $1200 welcome bonus plus 200 free spins.
Need more inspiration? Casino Room comes in at $1500 plus 100 free spins.
JackpotCity Casino has a whopping $1600 waiting to greet the high rollers out there.
A crypto casino that works with Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins, along with the US dollar. The Fairspin welcome bonus is 100% and lets you go all the way up to $100k. Seriously impressive stuff.

Crypto Casinos - the New High Roller Choice

You might have heard of crypto casinos, or Bitcoin casinos as they're sometimes called. These are essentially online casinos that specialise in using cryptocurrencies as a payment method. One reason why many high rollers are moving over to these sites is that they have higher limits all round. That means higher deposit limits, higher betting limits, and higher cashout limits. Basically everything that the high roller life is about. Not only that, but they also tend to have higher bonus limits too.

As with regular high roller offers, a crypto high roller bonus may not have a particularly impressive looking bonus rate, but when you take a look at the amount you can claim, this is where the numbers to look more tempting. Crypto casinos go even further than that. For example, at Fairspin Casino, you can claim a 100% bonus up to the equivalent of $100,000. Yes, you read that right – a one hundred thousand dollar deposit bonus!

You will need to bank with a cryptocurrency to claim these massive offers. After all, these amounts are way beyond what Interac or your usual credit card can handle. If you're already set up with a cryptowallet like Binance, you can make your deposit with that. Some sites will let you buy crypto from them via a payment gateway.

fairspin-bonus-offerThe Fairspin Casino Welcome BonusMoreLess

High Roller Bonus Terms and Conditions

All bonuses come with terms and conditions, let's be clear. High roller bonuses are not different in that effect. They may sometimes be valid for a shorter timeframe, say 1 week instead of 30 days. Or they may come with different wagering requirements, aka the playthrough rate.

important iconThis of course is another reason why it is always important to check the fineprint of a bonus before you go ahead and claim it.

jackpot-city-bonus-canada-1024x265Jackpot City Casino welcomes new Canadian players with a generous $1,600 BonusMoreLess

How to Become a High Roller Player - A Couple of Tips

Being a high roller is certainly sexy. The confidence to bet big is not easy to come by. If this is something you would like to pursue, we have a few tips and a few words of caution. We'll start with the caution: not everyone can afford this way of gambling. It's important to gamble responsibly. Understand what your budget limits are. Don't do it if you don't have the extra cash.

High rollers must absolutely choose a reputable online casino. While this is true for any type of real money gambling, it is especially important for high rollers. You are planning to deposit large amounts of money after all. You need to make sure that the site is not going to run away with it. Since you are betting big to win big, you also want to know that they can afford to pay you when you hit the jackpot.

Once you've done the cautionary checks, there are a couple of ways you can achieve high roller status and cash in on all the perks high level VIPs get.

money iconThe most obvious suggestions are to deposit big, and bet big. In some cases, if you make big deposits or play high stakes games regularly, you can catch the casino's attention. Say you are planning on playing with $1000 this month. Then you should consider depositing the amount all in one go, rather than depositing in multiple small increments of $20 at a time. That being said, rest-assured, if you are making lots of little deposits, you will earn your rank as well.

vip iconAlso, here's a bit of positive cheer. The reality is, that while becoming a high roller at an online casino does involve a rather serious investment of time and cash, this investment is way less than would be required at a brick and mortar casino. So if the status of VIP high roller is something that you seek, the online route is probably the easier – and cheaper – route to go.

Other Benefits of Being a High Roller Player

If you were to visit a casino in Las Vegas and were pinned as a high roller, aka a whale, you would certainly know that you've been noticed. These traditional casinos are known to lavish on valuable players with comps. These little extras can start with free drinks and food, and work their way up to free hotel rooms and even flights.

Betamo Canada Vip Level 11

VIP Players who reach Level 11 at Betamo Casino can win an exclusive SUV Lamborghini

At an online casino, however, you won't encounter anything like that. But there are certainly some other awesome perks to being a high-rolling player. For example, at you will get direct access to a VIP Manager who will be in touch with you on a personal level, answering all your questions, cutting out bespoke offers for you and working to keep your gaming engaging and fun.

In addition to a strong personal touch, you will also often receive faster withdrawals, higher comps for cash rates, extra bonuses, and even in some cases real physical prizes including invitations to exclusive live events like highly sought-after tickets to concerts or sports competitions.

Expert Conclusion on High Roller Bonuses

star iconThe bottom line on high roller bonuses is simple. If you can afford to make big deposits and wagers, then go for it. It is not only fun for some, but it can also be quite rewarding if you choose the right online casino that knows how to recognise and pamper such players. It is a nice reward for keeping the stakes high. If you're keeping the stakes high anyhow, you might as well get more money to do so. Hence for you, the high roller bonus is definitely a welcome thing.

Up to $1,500 Welcome Bonus at Spin Away

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