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Sweet Fiesta Facts

$500 BonusPlay at Stake
Min. Bet:$0.20
Max. Bet:$1,250
Max. Win:5,966X your bet
Free Spins: 
Bonus Buy: 
Free Play:  

The candy theme has really become one of the most popular online slot genres over the years. Part of this is thanks to the wildly popular Sweet Bonanza game from Pragmatic Play that players love for the incredible features packed into a colourful and bouncy theme.

And now, the Sweet Fiesta slot turns the party up a notch. An Enhanced RTP slot, Sweet Fiesta is part of a series where the most popular Pragmatic Play slots get their RTP pushed up to 98% at Stake Casino.

Have we spiked your interest? Then keep reading our slot review for the full details, or just go straight to Stake to play the game. Because we assure you, aside from some minor visual changes in the symbols, like the donkey pinata, Sweet Fiesta is very much like the Sweet Bonanza you love, but with a higher RTP.

Game highlights:

  • Based on Sweet Bonanza slot
  • RTP increased from 96.51% to 98%
  • Free spins bonus round with multipliers
  • Tumble win
  • Max win 5,966x
  • Bonus Buy options
  • Exclusive at Stake Casino*


Play Sweet Fiesta at Stake

* Sweet Fiesta is available exclusively at Stake. It's important to note that it may not be available in the location of your IP address. Should this be the case, you can turn on a VPN, then try opening the game again. It should then work from our experience.➜ More info

spin-arrowWant to give the slot a spin? Skip the instructions and try Sweet Fiesta in demo mode! Otherwise continue reading our review.

Enhanced RTP Slot Sweet Fiesta: Basic Facts and Rules

So Sweet Fiesta is really similar to Sweet Bonanza. Not just in terms of look and feel, but also in terms of the mechanics. But what does that really mean? As casino experts, we always want to make sure the basic facts for readily accessible, and we try to make sure that even absolutely beginners can get on board immediately, so here are your Sweet Fiesta slot specs:

Sweet Fiesta has 5 rows and 6 reels. There are no paylines, but payouts begin when you have a minimum number of symbols showing on the reels. Pragmatic Play lists this as one of their higher volatility games. And as an Enhanced RTP slot, the RTP has improved by 1.49% compared to its predecessor, Sweet Bonanza. Do note that max win is lower in this game at 5,966x compared to Sweet Bonanza's 21,100x.


Getting started is pretty easy. To begin with, you have to go to Stake Casino for this, because Sweet Fiesta and other Enhanced RTP slots are an exclusive collaboration between Pragmatic Play and Stake. Once you're there and have opened up the game, use the plus and minus to adjust your bet size. You can bet anything from $0.20 to $1,000 per spin.

settingsThe Autoplay function lets you set the slot to spin by itself from 10 to 100 rounds. On the bottom left corner of the game screen are the settings to control the sound and other mission critical aspects of the game like battery saver, which is really appreciated if you're playing on your phone or tablet.

The Cluster Pays and Tumble Wins are key mechanisms in the game play. The Cluster Pays do away with paylines and the Tumble means you can get multiple wins with just one spin. We'll dig deeper into that when we look at the Sweet Fiesta paytable and features.

Play Sweet Fiesta for Free or at Stake

stake casino logoYou can play Sweet Fiesta for free in the demo right here on this page, but if you're looking for real money wins, then you'll have to go to Stake. Let's reiterate – in terms of real money gambling, you can play Sweet Fiesta at Stake and only at Stake. That's because it is an Enhanced RTP slot, which is a special series that Pragmatic Play developed in partnership with the crypto casino.

This means that you need cryptocurrency to make real money bets on the slot. That's easy though, because Stake not only banks with dozens of different crypto coins, you can also buy crypto directly from their site with a credit card.

Of course you can also play Sweet Fiesta for free at Stake. Demo mode is always available, along with Sweet Bonanza and all the other incredible slots and crypto arcade games the site offers.

Sweet Fiesta Demo Mode

sweet-fiesta-demo-play By pressing on "Play", I understand that I will be shown content from Pragmatic Play. You can find more information in our website's Privacy Policy as well as that of Pragmatic Play. Pragmatic Play

Sweet Fiesta, Sweet Bonanza and Hot Fiesta Comparison

The main idea behind Enhanced RTP slots is that Pragmatic Play takes its best performing slots and just tweaks the RTP to make it even better. Because players already love these games, there's really no need to fix what's not broken.

And so each Enhanced RTP slot can find a clear reference to another Pragmatic Play game. In the case of Sweet Fiesta, that is usually acknowledged as the Sweet Bonanza slot, although similarities have also been noted with the Hot Fiesta game. So what are all the differences?

Sweet BonanzaSweet Bonanzaall the amazing mechanics and bonus features Sweet Bonanza is known for have been implemented into Sweet Fiesta. This includes the Cluster Pays, Tumble Win, and Free Spins with multipliers.

Hot FiestaHot Fiesta – first of all, the name is very similar, and the colourful donkey symbol in Sweet Fiesta has a bit of the Mexican theme. And while Hot Fiesta does have some very lucrative features, the overall mechanics and game play are very different, as Hot Fiesta is a more traditional video slot with 5 reels and 25 paylines.

In short, Sweet Fiesta shares more similarities with Sweet Bonanza, although its name and main symbol do draw some inspiration from the Hot Fiesta slot. And of course, where Sweet Fiesta differs from both titles is its very high RTP at 98%, compared to Sweet Bonanza at 96.6% and Hot Fiesta at 96.56%. You are however unlikely to experience this difference in just a few spins since RTPs are a long term probability calculation, and the difference is largely about what it can add up to for those who are in it for the long run.

Sweet Fiesta Slot Paytable

We play for the fun factor, and things get really fun when there are cash wins involved. The key to the wins  is understanding what are the mechanics used in the slot. Deviating from traditional slot machines that use paylines, Sweet Fiesta deploys a Cluster Pays mechanic. A minimum of 8 matching symbols is needed to see a payout, with the exception of the lollipop scatter that only needs 4.

We've summarised the payout potential of all the symbols in Sweet Fiesta in the paytable below, starting from the highest value symbol.

SymbolMinimum profitMaximum profit
Sweet Fiesta CandyX10X50
Sweet Fiesta CandyX2.5X25
Sweet Fiesta CandyX2X15
Sweet Fiesta CandyX1.5X12
Sweet Fiesta AppleX1X10
Sweet Fiesta PlumX0.8X8
Sweet Fiesta WatermelonX0.5X5
Sweet Fiesta GrapesX0.4X4
Sweet Fiesta BananaX0.25X2
Sweet Fiesta LollipopX3X100

You can also find the paytable in the game itself by clicking on the 'i' icon on the bottom left corner of the screen. What's nice is that the values shown in the paytable there will be automatically adjusted to your bet size, so you know what you can win with which symbols.

The Lollipop symbol is a Scatter and will trigger the free spins bonus round – on top of offering a juicy payout starting with just 4 symbols.

win iconThe paytable doesn't include payouts from multipliers. Like with most other online slots, the multipliers in Sweet Fiesta are going to give you the really big wins, including the max payout of 5,966 your bet size.

Sweet Fiesta Bonus Rounds and Special Features

The base game is pretty popping, and Pragmatic Play turns the party up a notch with the bonus features. These features throw in different paces into your game play to keep the entertainment and wins flowing.

  1. Free Spins Bonus Round
  2. Multipliers
  3. Tumble Feature
  4. Bonus Buy Option

Free Spins Bonus Round

Sweet Fiesta LollipopEveryone loves free spins and you will see tons of them in Sweet Fiesta. A minimum of just 4 Lollipop symbols will activate 10 Free Spins. During the Free Spins round, if you have 3 Lollipops you will get another 5 free spins. Which means this round can go on for a while!


Sweet Fiesta MultiplierMultipliers are what makes the free spins in Sweet Fiesta really awesome though. During free spins bonus rounds, the donkey pinata can appear and will give you a multiplier that can range from 2x to 100x. At the end of each round, all the donkeys that have appeared will be added up, with the result multiplied to you win.

Tumble Feature

With the tumble mechanism, winning symbols disappear and the other symbols fall down into place, leaving room for new symbols and new win combinations. Tumbles will continue until no more winning combinations are produced. Theoretically, this can go on forever. Coupled with the Cluster Pays mechanism, this adds up to a really exciting – and potentially very profitable – game dynamic.

Bonus Buy Option

As with most Pragmatic Play slots, Sweet Fiesta comes with a bonus buy option. Technically there are two options.

  1. The first doubles your chance of triggering a free spins bonus round at 1.25x your bet size. So if your bet is $1, it will cost you $1.25 for every spin.
  2. The second option is buying the bonus round outright for 100x your bet. It is expensive, but the difference here is that it is guaranteed and will unlock the feature immediately.

Sweet Fiesta Mobile

Sweet Fiesta couldn't be more ready for mobile play. We love how in the slot's setting button includes a battery saver option. It's a really thoughtful touch since most of us aren't sitting next to a power socket when we are playing on our phone or tablet.

mobile devices iconAs a Stake exclusive, you need to go to the Stake website from your phone or tablet's browser. The Stake mobile casino will load automatically for your device. From there, look for the game under Enhanced RTP or Stake Exclusives. Or just type in the title in the Search. What all this means is that you don't have to download a Sweet Fiesta or Stake app to play.

Sweet Fiesta FAQ

  1. What is the max win in Sweet Fiesta?
  2. Is Sweet Fiesta a good slot?
  3. Where can I play Sweet Fiesta for real money?
  4. Do I have to play Sweet Fiesta with cryptocurrency?

1.) What is the max win in Sweet Fiesta?

Sweet Fiesta has a max win of 5,966x bet size. If you're playing with max bet of $1,000 that's $5,966,000 in terms of real money. This payout is achieved through a combination of high value symbol clusters in combination with the multipliers in the free spins bonus round. Of course, getting this max payout depends on your bet size too.

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2.) Is Sweet Fiesta a good slot?

Short answer is that yes, we think it is a good slot but this is always a question of personal preference. But suffice to say that it's an Enhanced RTP game, which are all based on the most popular slots from Pragmatic Play, and in this case Sweet Bonanza. So if you like Sweet Bonanza, there's a very good chance that you will like Sweet Fiesta too.

While some players have noticed that Sweet Fiesta has a lower max win than Sweet Bonanza, at 5,966x vs 21,100x, the fact is that the paytable is still really similar with all the same mechanics. Except that RTP has been improved. So even though on an absolute level the max win is lower, you should ask in your own comparison: how often do you think you will actually hit max win? Because all the wins less than the maximum can still add up to a pretty good amount.

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3.) Where can I play Sweet Fiesta for real money?

Although we have the demo from Pragmatic Play for free play on this page, there is only one place where you can play Sweet Fiesta for real money. And that is at Stake Casino.

There's no way around this because the game was developed as a collaboration between Pragmatic Play and Stake in the Enhanced RTP series. Stake is a fine casino, and you can rest assured that it's not just the only place for you to play Sweet Fiesta for real money, but it also happens to be one of the best sites for real money gambling.

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4.) Do I have to play Sweet Fiesta with cryptocurrency?

Since you can only play Sweet Fiesta at Stake, you would be right to ask if you have need crypto to play this slot. The answer is yes, you can only play Sweet Fiesta with cryptocurrency. Stake makes this easy though – not only does it support dozens of different coins in its banking, you can also buy cryptocurrency directly on their site with a credit card or Apple Pay. If you still haven't got onto the crypto gambling train yet, this is a really easy opportunity.

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Our Expert Opinion on the Enhanced RTP Sweet Fiesta Slot

The party is on with the Sweet Fiesta slot. As part of the Enhanced RTP slot collab between Pragmatic Play and Stake, you can expect Sweet Fiesta to have faithfully taken all the things players love about Sweet Bonanza and then sweetened even more with a better RTP at 98%. The Cluster Pays and Tumble Win mechanics are incredible as always, and this is a fast paced game with plenty of free spins bonus action. Needless to say, all the multipliers are also there.

Players should however be aware that the max payout is 5,966x compared to the 21,100x in Sweet Bonanza. We don't think this is a big deal however, since not everyone will hit the max win. And then since the paytable and other mechanics remain the same, plus a better RTP on top, you are still looking at some very good wins with this slot. We definitely recommend that you join the fiesta and see the party for yourself!

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