Wild West Bounty Review 2024 - Take Enhanced RTP Slots as You Saddle Up for Adventure

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Wild West Bounty Facts

$500 BonusPlay at Stake
Min. Bet:0.20$
Max. Bet:1,000$
Max. Win:10,000x
Free Spins: 
Bonus Buy: 
Free Play:  

At Casino.Guide, we're admittedly biased in that we simply love online slots. But there are slots and then there are slots. And the Wild West Bounty game fits into the category of the latter, which we absolutely love if you catch the drift.

True, it's not mad exciting in its bonus round or graphics. But the Wild West is a timeless theme we always enjoy, building on the hit of its clear inspiration by design, Wild West Gold. This time, however, Pragmatic Play has taken the action up a notch by delivering a minimum 98.02% RTP.

Available exclusively at Stake casino, this game offers great on-theme symbols, a wild symbol with multipliers, and special scatter symbol overlays in the bonus round with loads of free spins and prize money mixed in. It has everything that you could want in an online slot, with the added enticement of that enhanced RTP.

info iconTip: Like the concept of enhanced RTP games or exclusive online slots? Check out other games in the series like the fantastic Madame Mystique Megaways, Lucky Phoenix Megaways, and Gates of Heaven enhanced RTP slots.

Game highlights:

  • Random wild multipliers
  • Free spins bonus buy option
  • Sticky wilds in free spins bonus round
  • Overlay scatters in free spins bonus round
  • 10X prize guarantee in bonus round
  • Win up to 10,000X your bet
  • Minimum 98.02% RTP
  • High volatility
  • Available exclusively at Stake casino*

Play Wild West Bounty at Stake

*Having trouble accessing Stake due to your IP? You can try circumnavigating that with a VPN service. Turn on your VPN and put yourself in Greece or Poland, or any number of other places and you're good to go. ➜ More info

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Enhanced RTP Wild West Bounty Basics and Rules

In terms of its rules and game structure, Wild West Bounty is essentially the same as the original Wild West Gold.  Why reinvent the wheel when reels like this work so well, right? But since not all of our readers are familiar with the Pragmatic Play hit Wild West Gold, or have memorised its intricacies, we'll detail the basics a bit more here.

The enhanced RTP Wild West Bounty game is a 5-reel, 4-row, online video slot machine. Or crypto slot, since that's what Stake admittedly is so famous for. In total, it has 40 winning lines. If at least 3 (and at most 5) identical symbols appear from left to right, the combination is rewarded with a fixed amount. Wild symbols can work to complete any such combination. The top win amount is 10,000 your bet on the round.

wild-west-bounty-win©stake.com & Pragmatic Play: Wild West BountyMoreLess

To set that bet amount, look to the plus and minus signs on either side of the spin button, and adjust your line bet and coin value accordingly. The range as we've mentioned is a mere 20 cents, making this a nice option for the budget conscious, while the maximum wager amount is 1,000 dollars, which most certainly should suffice for even high rollers.

idea iconTip: If you're going all in, just click on the 'Bet Max' button from the bet controls, and it will instantly set it to that sum for you.

After that, spin the reels, and enjoy the straight-shooting results. That is, fair and honest results, delivered courtesy of the random number generator, with winnings paid out automatically.

Play Wild West Bounty Slots for Free

Want to get a feel for the game, without risking a cent? Like almost all games at Stake casino, Wild West Bounty offers free play by clicking on the 'Fun Play' mode. This works just as well in mobile as much as desktop play.

Once you've got the hang of the game and are ready to move on to the real deal, simply toggle the little button in the bottom right corner of the game screen to 'Real Play' mode, and you're good to go, with no need to reload the game.

If you're already raring to go, be our guest and play the free version right here on the Casino.Guide website.  Or go direct to the Stake website from this review and enjoy the free play version there, where it'll be even easier to switch to real cash bets.

Wild West Bounty Demo Mode

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Wild West Bounty vs. Wild West Gold

If you have been following the enhanced RTP slots series, there are a couple of things that are very clear. The first is that they are all based on other top-performing slots by Pragmatic Play. In the case of Wild West Bounty, its template is obviously Wild West Gold, a game released in March 2020 that quickly went on to become a fan favourite - something we expect Wild West Bounty is doing as well since its release in May 2023.

The second similarity the duos always have is the RTP. That is, the newer version always has a higher return to player than the original. In this case, Wild West Bounty has an RTP of 98.02%, while Wild West Gold offers a 96.51% payout rate. That's a rather significant jump we'd say! And not just a high RTP, but the highest in the whole series.

wild-west-bounty-vs-wild-west-gold©stake.com & Pragmatic Play | Wild West Bounty vs. Wild West GoldMoreLess

The graphics of these paired games in the enhanced RTP series sometimes overlap significantly, with only subtle stylistic changes. In this case though, we'd say the main characters have been redesigned for a sleeker, more realistic, less animated look. But at the end of the day, they are recognisable between both versions. And they once again pay out in exactly the same way.

Another small graphical difference is that the scatter symbol here has been updated to reflect its ultimate purpose, wearing it proud, front and center, with the label 'BOUNTY' across it. Other than that, the basic mechanics are the same, with a 5-reel, 4-line build. And the soundtrack is the same - which can be muted in both versions if you prefer.

Oh and another tip, the Wild West Gold slots game participates in the Pragmatic Play Drops and Wins promotions, while Wild West Bounty does not. Which gives the original a distinct advantage.

Wild West Bounty Video Slots Paytable

Like we said, the Wild West Bounty pay table is identical to the one from Wild West Gold - though of course, we don't expect you to have memorised it! So let us elaborate.

Basically, the main characters - i.e. the cowboys and cowgirls - pay at the highest rate, with the typical card symbols of 10 through Ace, paying at the lowest rates, and sacks of gold and holsters, coming in in between.

SymbolMinimum profitMaximum profit
Wild West Bounty Cowboy x 1.5x 20
Wild West Bounty Bandit x 1.25x12.5
Wild West Bounty Cowgirlx 0.75x7.5
Wild West Bounty Cowgirl Purple x 0.5x 5
Wild West Bounty Gold x 0.35x 3.75
Wild West Bounty Colt x 0.25x 2.5
Wild West Bounty Ace x 0.15x 1.5
Wild West Bounty King x 0.15x 1.5
Wild West Bounty Queen x 0.1x 1
Wild West Bounty Jack x 0.1x 1
Wild West Bounty Ten x 0.1x 1

The above chart is a great look into the winning potential, with its bet multiplier format for minimum and maximum wins associated with each symbol. If you want to put a dollar and cents value to that - rather than do the quick math for yourself - you can always look under the game's little 'i' icon for more information, including exact payouts for any bet amount.

You obviously don't have to do a thing, as the game automatically pays out in line with this chart. But it can be nice to know what type of prize is on the line with each spin. Keep in mind however, that unlike many of the other Pragmatic Play slots, especially in the enhanced RTP game series, Wild West Bounty does not have cluster pays. So the winnings will be more finite. Nor is it a Megaways game, so the paylines are finite as well.

As for mechanics, symbols pay from left to right only, with only the highest win paid per line. If you win on multiple paylines, however, that prize money will be added together to form your total win. You need at least 3 identical symbols to form a winning combination, with 4 and 5 of a kind obviously paying more.

Since the top bet is $1,000 per round, and the game pays a top prize of 10,000 times your bet, theoretically, you can win up to $10,000,000. We haven't heard of anyone hitting that yet. But it is certainly inspiring to know. And puts it well above the potential winning sums, even of the biggest progressive jackpot games.

Wild West Bounty Bonus Features

With such a unique return to player of 98.02% (!!), it's totally legit to wonder what wild bonus features are wrapped into this game too.

The reality is, while there are indeed some to keep your play interesting and boost your winnings, there is nothing out of the ordinary - though they're most certainly still worthwhile. These functions are randomly activated during play as is the case in any slot machine, with the exception of the bonus buy, which puts fate more definitively in your hands.

  1. Wild symbols
  2. Free spins bonus round
  3. Bonus buy option

Wild symbols

wild west bounty Fittingly with its very name, this crypto slot has wild symbols as a central part of play. Intuitively designed with the word 'WILD' printed over the sheriff's badge, it works to replace any other symbol from the paytable - with the exception of the 'BOUNTY' scatter symbol - to form a winning combination.

It can appear randomly with each spin on reels 2, 3, or 4 exclusively. It will also have a multiplier of 2X, 3X, or 5X on any win on that payline.

Also, it can apply these powers more than once. That is, each wild symbol works its magic for each payline that it is a part of. And if you land more than one wild symbol on a winning payline, their respective multipliers will be added together to further boost your payday.

Free spins bonus round

wild west bounty In addition to a wild symbol, this game also has a scatter symbol, marked 'BOUNTY' with a picturesque wild west backdrop. The scatter symbol can appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. If you land it on all 3, you'll trigger the free spins round. And here is where it gets interesting!

This bonus feature begins with 8 free spins. During this round all wilds become sticky, meaning once you land a wild, it will remain in place until all of your free spins are played through. In addition, these sticky wilds have a random multiplier associated with them, further boosting their value.

wild west bounty As you play, there is a special scatter overlay symbol of the sheriff's badge (aka a star), that can also appear randomly on top of symbols, including the sticky wilds. These special scatters will in turn reward you with additional free spins as follows:

  • 5 stars give you another 20 free spins
  • 4 stars give you 12 free spins
  • 3 stars award 8 more free spins
  • And 2 stars give you 4 more free spins

What's especially cool here is that there is a minimum prize guarantee in the bonus round. If all your free spins have been played out your winning total is less than 10X your bet, the game will round up and pay out 10X your bet nonetheless. That means a 10X your bet win guarantee!

The max win remains 10,000X your stake, as in regular game play. Also, this bonus round is played on special reels for a graphical touch to keep things interesting.

Bonus buy option

Wild West Bounty Bonus BuyWith such an awesome bonus round available on the enhanced RTP Wild West Bounty slots, it's no wonder some players want to skip ahead and employ the bonus buy option to get right there.

To do so, you can buy in at a rate of 100X your current bet from the 'Buy Free Spins' option to the left side of your screen. It's not cheap. But it's not bad value either considering the winning potential in the bonus round - so that decision is totally up to you, your budget, and your appetite for risk.

Play Wild West Bounty on Mobile

Above we gave you the option to play Wild West for free embedded in this review. And if you are already reading this from your phone, you may have tried and already know the answer to the question of mobile play. Wild West Bounty can indeed be played from a mobile phone or tablet.

Not only can you play from your handheld device, but you can also play for free. That is because Stake casino - the only place you'll find Wild West Bounty enhanced RTP slots - is entirely mobile optimised, with a website that looks and works great, however you log in.

To do so, simply visit Stake by clicking on any of the links in this review, or enter stake.com in your browser, and take it from there. No casino app download required.

wild-west-bounty-mobile©stake.com & Pragmatic Play | You can play Wild West Bounty on the go too.MoreLess

Wild West Bounty FAQs

If you're just skimming the headlines of this Wild West Bounty review, it's possible, even after our extensive description of all its workings, you still have some very specific questions. Our pros get that, and based on readers' inquiries, have put together a few more points that should complete your assessment as to whether this game is for you.

  1. Is Wild West Bounty a progressive jackpot game?
  2. Where can I play Wild West Bounty slots?
  3. Can I bet in Bitcoin playing Wild West Bounty slots?
  4. Is Wild West Bounty a Megaways game?
  5. What does the enhanced RTP in Wild West Bounty mean for me?

1.) Is Wild West Bounty a progressive jackpot game?

At Casino.Guide, we love progressive jackpot slots, just like many of you. However, while it has many positive attributes, jackpot game is not a characteristic that applies here. At least not in the traditional progressive sense, with a growing pot and clear prize sum on the line like you'd find in the Mega Moolah games.

That being said, it actually has a potentially higher prize available than even the biggest progressive jackpot games, if you do the math of the highest bet multiplied by the slot's top prize, i.e. : $1,000 X 10,000 = $10,000,000.

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2.) Where can I play Wild West Bounty slots?

Like all of the games in the enhanced RTP slots series, Wild West Bounty can only be played at Stake casino. Known to be the number one crypto casino around, Stake has the illustrious status to form exclusive partnerships - not just with the top casino streamers and various sports and music celebs - but also with the software developers themselves.

In this case, the casino has formed a partnership with Pragmatic Play, one of the best developers around, to exclusively carry its enhanced RTP games. These include Wild West Bounty, as well as Gates of Heaven, Jewel Bonanza, Slushie Party, and a handful of others you can find in the 'Enhanced RTP' category on the Stake website.

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3.) Can I bet in Bitcoin playing Wild West Bounty slots?

Players these days are increasingly funding their casino accounts with cryptocurrencies. And Stake casino was well ahead of this trend, building its position as the top crypto casino from the start.

This means every single thing about the casino is tailored for crypto gambling, on all of its games, including of course Wild West Bounty slots. As such, you can obviously play in Bitcoin. Or any number of other cryptos like Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Ripple, Dogecoin, and so forth.

If you prefer, however, Stake has added a number of fiat options as well, including euros and Canadian dollars. You can also toggle your currencies view from the little box by your wallet, at the top of the Stake casino website, to see the value of your balance and bets in any currency the casino offers.

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4.) Is Wild West Bounty a Megaways game?

Just like Wild West Bounty is not a progressive jackpot game it is also not a Megaways slot machine.

In fact, it is pretty old-fashioned in the way that it pays out, which is only from left to right, with only the highest win amount paid per line, should you have more than one winning combination in a line. This should not be interpreted as anything negative, as there are still many winning opportunities and big sums on the line, especially through the bonus feature.

But if you are looking for an enhanced RTP game combined with the Megaways mechanism, then The Dog Mansion Megaways, Madame Mystique Megaways, or Lucky Phoenix Megaways are the way to go.

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5.) What does the enhanced RTP in Wild West Bounty mean for me?

Great question! Enhanced RTP is, spelled out, an enhanced return to player. If you are not familiar with the concept, the return to player is the percentage of money bet on a game that is paid back out in prize money.

Most online slots have an RTP of around 96% give or take, like this one's inspiration Wild West Gold, which has a very decent 96.51% RTP.

If you opt for Wild West Bounty and its 98.02% RTP, you will benefit from the highest such percentage of payback, pretty much of any online slot that we've encountered, which theoretically could translate into slightly higher odds of winning.

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Our Expert Opinion on Wild West Bounty Slots

And so we conclude our Wild West Bounty review. To sum it up, this is a fun online slot machine, in which Pragmatic Play proves once again that the Wild West as a gaming theme is far from out of fashion.

star iconCombining traditional symbols with good bonus features that have already proven themselves popular in its predecessor, Wild West Gold, this version takes the action up a notch with some sharper graphics and its true protagonist - the increased RTP value.

While we miss the tumble feature we so love in other similar games, the multipliers and overlay symbols in the bonus round - plus its 10X win guarantee - certainly make up for that. And like we just said, but worth repeating, with a 98.02% RTP, it really has no competition in that realm.

So is it worth it? Yes, absolutely. And really why not? You can play for free to see for yourself if you aren't ready to take our word.

Or, since we all know and trust Stake and its games, you can try for yourself the real way, even with a small $0.20 bet, to see what the excitement is all about. Which is probably your best bet, since pretty much everyone likes this game and having a bit of cash on the line always makes online gambling all the more fun, on both the adrenaline and potential winnings fronts.

Play Wild West Bounty at Stake

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