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VPN Details
Meaning of VPNVirtual Private Network
The oldest protocolPPTP (Peer-to-Peer Tunneling Protocol) from Microsoft in 1990
VPN blocked30 countries have blocked VPNs (eg. North Korea, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Syria and Russia)
Best VPN solutionNordVPN
Best VPN CasinoStake Casino
Blocks VPNPokerstars

VPNs have always been used by those who wanted to mask and protect their identity online. And nowadays, more and more people are using VPNs at online casinos.

In many countries, the tightening of online gambling regulations have started to affect things like bet size limits, to even what games are available. This is a real damper to the whole gaming experience, which is why many players are now using a VPN to play at online casinos.

VPN lets users disguise their IP address, and in turn their geographic location . Many websites have content that is only accessible to visitors from specific countries, or may block visitors from certain countries altogether.

By masking the user's real IP, a VPN makes the user look like he or she is coming from a different country. Suddenly the full range of content is available again. In countries where online gambling sites are completely blocked, VPN use is already common practice.

Our editorial team has put together this page to address the topic of using VPN at online casinos. We'll talk about how it works, the advantages, as well as point out some of the risks.

We've also tested and reviewed 3 VPN providers, and have compiled a list of some VPN casinos.

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Casinos that allow VPN use - or tolerate it

It's important to clear things up. In theory, you can access any website with a VPN, but it's not just a matter of access if you're looking at real money gambling. Our research shows that many online casinos exclude VPN use in their terms and conditions, which means you won't be able to withdraw your winnings.

However, there are some online casinos that do tolerate VPN use. Crypto casinos in particular are especially open to gambling through a VPN.

Top VPN Casinos

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7bitcasino-logo93% Outstanding$10,800+ 250 Free Spinsvisit 7Bit CasinoRead Review
roobetcasino-logo-cryptos-only93% Outstanding$80 in free spinsvisit RoobetRead Review
oshi-casino-logo91% Outstanding$6,000 + 200 Free Spinsvisit Oshi CasinoRead Review
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What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. When you use your computer to access websites on the internet, you will have an IP address that is linked to your geographic location. Many people use VPNs to by pass geo-targeting. Geo-targeting allows website owners to adapt their content according to their viewer's location, which is known through the IP address. A VPN service disguises your real IP address. When a website is accessed with a VPN, the site can no longer know the visitor's real location.

For example, Netflix has different series available to viewers from different countries. Similarly, online casinos use geo-targeting to deliver the site in the visitor's language. Say you are visiting a casino from Germany, then you will automatically see the site in German. Online casinos use the same geo-targeting technology to adapt their games' availability to the player's country according to their IP address. Meanwhile, VPNs mask your IP so that the site thinks you are coming from somewhere else.


arrow_icon-64x64.pngThe VPN system lets you specify which country you would like to be your mask. For example, you can be in the UK but adopt an IP from Canada. This way, you will see the casino's Canadian content, which would include bonuses and promotions in the Canadian dollar instead of the British pound.

Best VPN for Online Gambling

There are lots of VPN providers, but not all were created equal – especially when it comes to online gambling. It is absolutely crucial that the VPN connection is stable and fast, because you obviously don't want it to crash in the middle of a real money game. The speed will ensure you have the smoothest gaming experience. The VPN should also have a large number of servers and give you a range of different countries to choose from.

Below are 3 VPNs that are especially suitable for online gambling needs:

nordvpn-png-logo1st place - NordVPN: NordVPN has excellent coverage with more than 5,500 servers and 59 countries worldwide. You are definitely going to enjoy high performance here. It is also really easy to use and you can set it up and pick your "pretend" location all in a few seconds. That means you can get to your casino games right away.

Nord VPN employs a no-log policy and Smart DNS, which are very good features to have. Our only criticism is that you can "only" connect 6 devices to one Nord VPN account. However, for most casino players, this should more than suffice, but for larger companies this is a bit of a problem.

The monthly plan is $11.95, the 1 year plan is $59, and the 2 year plan is $89. At the time of review, NordVPN was not available for free. There is however a 30 day money back guarantee.


cyberghost2nd place - CyberGhost: The CyberGhost VPN has an impressive count of over 6,500 servers, and a long list of locations to choose from. You can connect up to 7 devices with a single account. Best of all, you can use their VPN for free for up to one week, with full access to all their features during the free trial. Features include geo-blocking, P2P torrent support and other functions. It works on both mobile and desktop.

We did find the CyberGhost connection to be shaky on some occasions. This can be a problem for online casino use, as not only can it affect how well live casino games stream, but it could also potentially cost you your stake and winnings if the connection drops and disrupts your game.

A monthly plan with CyberGhost costs $12.99, a 1 year plan is $47.88, and a 3 year plan is $97.75.


vyprvpn3rd place - VyprVPN: The VyperVPN service follows very strict data protection guidelines and you will have the highest level of privacy here. Anonymous surfing is definitely possible with this Swiss provider. Vyper also boasts extremely high transmission speeds and also has its own DNS server. Streaming is rock solid and if you like live casino games, then you're looking at a flawless video stream.

There are a few downsides though, in that there are only 700 servers and 70 locations. Functions are relatively limited when compared to CyberGhost. Split tunneling is possible, but it is only available for Android devices. You can link up to 5 devices to one Vyper account.

VyperVPN does not come with a free trial, although they do have a money back guarantee. It starts with a 2 month plan at $12.95. An 18 month plan is $45, and a 36 month plan is $60. It's significantly cheaper than CyberGhost if price is a factor.


Top VPN Providers Comparison Chart

ProviderCost per year ServersLocationsDevices per accountSystems supportedCan be used for free?
NordVPN$59 / 1st year5,509
Max. 6
Windows, Android, iOS
CyberGhost$47.88 / 1st year6,500+
Max. 7
Windows, Android, iOS
7 Days
VyprVPN$45 / 18 month700+
Max. 5
Windows, Android, iOS

How a VPN Works

VPN-laptopThere are 2 ways to use a VPN. You can either download a VPN software or use it directly form the provider's site. Once you've selected the country you want to access the site as, the VPN provider will use the appropriate servers to generate an individual IP address to match your destination. This IP address is completely separate from your real IP.

From this point on, any website you visit will not be able to identify your actual IP address. That means they can't check if you are really from the country you specified.

A VPN download works in a 3 step process:

  1. Download and install the VPN software. Make sure you start the VPN program and select the country of your choice before visiting the website. The VPN will now take over the server connection and generate an IP address that corresponds to your selected country.
  2. Any website you now visit will not be pulled up in the traditional way, but via the VPN's server. This connects you with the provider and the entire page is displayed in the program with geo-blocking.
  3. Your actual IP will be masked. The owner of the website you access will only see the IP generated by the VPN, therefore providing you with anonymity.

How to Use a VPN at an Online Casino

Playing at an online casino with VPN is just like accessing any other website. VPN software is available for both Windows and Mac. If you like to play on your phone or tablet, you can easily install a VPN on Android and iOS devices. When you access the casino, you will be accessing it through the VPN service.  Since the VPN provider lets users pretend to be coming from a country where online gambling is permitted with different regulations, it can also come in handy if you are travelling, say from Canada to the US.

important iconImportant: Although it is theoretically possible to generate multiple IPs with a VPN, do remember that it is forbidden to register multiple accounts at an online casino.

Why You Should Play with a VPN at Online Casinos

In many countries, regulations concerning online gambling has become increasingly strict. In some places, online casinos are completely blocked. However, with a VPN it is easy to visit these blocked sites and you can change your IP to a country that does not have restrictive gambling regulations.

Understandably, people who have been gambling without any issues for years just don't want their gaming interrupted. By using a VPN, you can easily access the games you love and bet the way you like, no matter where you are.

roobet-vpn-guideInfographic shows how VPNs work. Although Roobet is blocked for the USA, you can still access the site from there via VPN.MoreLess

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What are the advantages of VPN?

Many people choose to use VPNs on the internet for the following reasons:

  • The user's real IP address is hidden;
  • In a public network, the VPN gives the user a layer of privacy;
  • VPNs provide an added layer of security from hacker attacks;
  • Many VPN services also block malicious sites and even ads.

A general WIFI network can be vulnerable when not protected. Unauthorized persons can gain access to websites you visit, your passwords and your banking information. When your IP is masked, this risk is automatically reduced. This is why many people have long been using a VPN in their day to day internet activity.

Benefits of using a VPN for Gambling

Casino players using a VPN will enjoy a significant advantage when it comes to flexibility and freedom. In countries where casino offers and games have become restricted or even removed, using a VPN lets players to continue playing.

  • Access to a casino's full range of gaming products
  • Access gambling sites blocked in your home country
  • Play without bet limits imposed by regulations.

Playing at a Casino with VPN while on Holiday

Let's say you're a Canadian planning to go on holiday in Florida to escape the winter a bit. You will find that online casino options in the US are severely limited compared to Canada. That doesn't mean you need to give up on your favourite games during your travels though. You can use a VPN service and access your usual casino. Unless you specifically choose a VPN casino, accessing a pre-existing account with a VPN while abroad is often the only time where a casino permits players to pretend they are coming from another country.

Vienne Garcia"If your casino account was registered in a standard way in a non-restricted country, you should contact customer support before you hit the road and use a VPN to access your casino account. In most cases, if you can gamble legally in your usual place of residence, it's not an issue. But you still want to check as each casino may have its own rules." Vienne Garcia - Online Casino Expert

What are the disadvantages of VPN at Casinos?

Largely speaking, VPN services gives users more flexibility, especially since many of these services come with features you can turn on or off. However, for online casino use, there are a few things you should know before you decide to use a VPN.

Specific to online casinos

  • There is a risk of being banned from a casino if the casino does not tolerate VPN use.
  • The casino may also freeze your winnings and account.
  • If the connection is not stable, your game may crash

General disadvantages

  • The internet connection may be slower
  • VPN connections require a high data transmission rate
  • Free VPN services may sell your data

idea iconExperience has shown that free VPN services often sell the user's registration data to third parties to make money. While it's only your registration data, it still leads to annoying spam and telemarketing calls. Connections tend to also be less reliable. It's definitely worth considering the small price for a paid VPN service, which gives users both more privacy and a better connection.

VPN Casinos FAQ

  1. What if I play with a VPN by accident?
  2. What risks are there to playing at an online casino with a VPN?
  3. Why do so many casinos ban VPN use in their Terms and Conditions?
  4. Can I use a VPN to bypass casino deposit limits?

1.) What if I play with a VPN by accident?

customer support iconIf you have a VPN plugin in your browser and forget to disable it before going to play at an online casino, you should contact the casino's customer service as soon as possible and explain what happened. It's not uncommon and usually there should be no consequences for your winnings and account.

2.) What risks are there to playing at an online casino with a VPN?

important iconPlayers using a VPN to bypass online gambling bans can risk being banned from the casino's website. Winnings would be cancelled and there is a high chance that the balance in your bankroll will not be returned. Most casino sites state this clearly in their Terms and Conditions.

Therefore, if you are planning to use a VPN for online gambling, make sure you find an online casino that tolerates VPN usage. For example, we found that Roobet Casino will tolerate VPN play, although it does say that the casino reserves the right to withhold winnings and delete accounts if its terms are violated. However, from our tests and other players' experience in forums, it seems that the casino tolerates VPN use. The same goes for Stake. You don't necessarily need a VPN to access the casino, but there are other benefits of using a VPN for gambling at Stake.

In the end, it is every individual player's choice in deciding whether the risks outweigh the benefits.

info iconSome online gambling sites like PokerStars use a special fraud detection service that can tell if you are using a VPN or not. If it detects your winnings are from VPN play, they will be cancelled and your deposits will not be returned.

3.) Why do so many casinos ban VPN use in their Terms and Conditions?

libraCasino operators are strict about VPN use because of their licensing requirements. They risk being severely penalised by the country of the player's jurisdiction if it is found out that the site does not follow that country's regulations concerning online gambling.

Online casino licences require that the site only offers games where they are permitted, and in the way it's permitted. There are 195 countries in the world; 56 of them have very strict guidelines with regards to gambling, and 10 completely forbid their residents to play slots. Failure to comply with these rules can lead to the loss of the casino's licence and more.

4.) Can I use a VPN to bypass casino deposit limits?

If you're wondering whether you can use a VPN to bypass deposit limits at an online casino, then it's a little complicated. While technically, the VPN can mask your geographic location and you can choose a country that has a higher deposit limit, the problem happens when you actually make a deposit. Your payment method is connected to your country and it is nothing a VPN can hide.

bitcoin iconHowever, crypto casinos are a way out of this problem. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralised, they are not location bound. Crypto casinos also have much higher limits than regular online casinos.

The Expert Conclusion on VPN Casinos

If you are thinking of using a VPN at an online casino, it is absolutely crucial that you look at the pros and cons before you go ahead. We have discussed the topic in depth and pointed out objectively some of the risks you're looking at. We've also put together a list of best VPN casinos after careful research.

vpn-verbindungVPN use allows players to overcome restrictions in their own country, and in most cases it is only tolerated at best. This is a bit different if you are travelling. We recommend that you contact the casino's support before going abroad. Most casinos will give you real permission to continue playing provided that your main country of residence does not prohibit online gambling.

In addition to choosing a casino that tolerates VPN use, it's also important to choose a good VPN provider. You need a stable connection that is reliable.

As long as you bear in mind that VPN at casinos are usually tolerated at best and that a certain risk remains, then using a VPN can open up a much wider range of casino options.

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