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CasinoDaddy Profile
Streamer name:CasinoDaddy
Real names: Anton, Eric and Matthias Joelsson
Year of Birth: 1990 (Anton), 1994 (Eric), Matthias (1988)
Favourite Casino: LeoVegas Casino
Specialties: Frequent wins, Bonus hunts
Biggest Win: €569,204.80 on San Quentin
Biggest Multiplier:142,301.20x in San Quentin

Another top casino streamer on the list is CasinoDaddy. CasinoDaddy is actually a team of three Swedish brothers - Anton, Eric and Matthias Joelsson.

These brothers' specialty are high stake gambles on online slots, although they can also occasionally be found in a game of poker or live roulette too. With more than 160,000 followers and counting, CasinoDaddy is without a doubt one of the hottest streamers on Twitch.

The brothers like to bet big and their stream are full of frequent and thrilling wins. They've gotten so good that the three are now make a living out of it.

In fact, they've practically become a brand. CasinoDaddy is now their business and not only does it manage to support the three men, but it also feeds their families.


Casino Daddy Games

As with most casino streamers, slots are the staple in Casino Daddy streams. And as with most casino streamers, Money Train and Fruit Party are a couple of CasinoDaddy's frequent go-tos. The high volatility in these games make for both big entertainment and big wins.

netent-gonzos-questOther slots that CasinoDaddy likes to play include Gonzo's Quest Megaways, Jammin' Jars and San Quentin. Of course, San Quentin was where they won their highest multiplier to date, and at 142,301x , we would probably go back to it pretty often too.

While spinning reels are popular, Roulette, Blackjack and poker are also on the CasinoDaddy games menu. The brothers venture regularly into the live casino realm, and both Lightning Roulette and Dream Catcher have both delivered big wins for the boys.

Casino Daddy Streams: When and Where

Youtube-logoThe CasinoDaddy Twitch is practically always live. The brothers are a high energy team and despite the time difference between Canada and Sweden, you can always tune in around the clock.

You can also find recordings of most of CasinoDaddy streams on Youtube. They do a pretty good job at uploading the videos. The CasinoDaddy Youtube channel is divided into different playlists, including Funny Moments, Big Wins and Huge Wins, Biggest Wins Ever, Bonus Hunt, Vlog and IRL streams.

CasinoDaddy Casinos

Casino Daddy plays at quite a few casino sites. No surprise here. Since the brothers treat the stream as a business, they usually strike various deals with online casinos to feature them in their streams. LeoVegas is one of the bigger casinos they play at, and one with an excellent reputation among players too.

Another trustworthy Casino Daddy casinos we would recommend is mBit Casino. Both have solid games and a good welcome bonus to help you get started.

leovegas-bonus-canadaAt LeoVegas Casino new players can claim a 100% bonus up to $1,000 plus 200 free spins.MoreLess

CasinoDaddy Highlights: Bonus Hunts & IRL streams

Although the Joelsson brothers are famous for their frequent wins, their bigger wins usually happen in the slot bonus games. Experienced players know that bonus rounds are where the special features are all packed in, with extra wilds, sticky symbols, free spins and multipliers. Everyone loves them.

Knowing their audience, Anton, Eric and Matthias make a special effort to collect bonus games before going live to do Bonus Hunt streams where you'll see them all unpacked one after another.

While they are most famous for casino games, CasinoDaddy also does IRL streams. These usually feature drives in legendary cars like the Audi RS7 and RS5 and the BMW M6. They've also streamed their brotherly fishing trips where they were abandoned on an island for 2 days!

Casino Daddy Streaming Team


© | With CasinoDaddy, the three brothers have now created a real casino content empire

The Casino Daddy team is a charming and charismatic one. They are brothers after all and the bond is unmistakable, although each one of them brings their own flair to the game.

The oldest of the three is Matthias. He started out as a straightforward casino player many years ago, before deciding that maybe he could turn his passion into a living. After a discussion with his brothers Erik and Anton, CasinoDaddy was born.

The three are relatively quiet about their private lives, although both Matthias and Erik have their own families. Erik in particular is a new father and has been proudly sharing photos of his son on Instagram.

CasinoDaddy on Social Media

  1. CasinoDaddy on Twitch
  2. CasinoDaddy on Youtube
  3. CasinoDaddy on Instagram
  4. CasinoDaddy on Twitter

The Joelsson brothers have become quite the influencers in the online casino scene in Europe, especially in Sweden. You'll find the Daddy doesn't disappoint and is active on all the key channels on social media to keep their fans up to date.

CasinoDaddy on Twitch

twitch logoCasinoDaddy has a follower count of over 160,000 on Twitch. They're one of the hottest channels on the platform. As a team of three, each of the brothers put in the hours to provide long streams so that their fans can always check in for some first class casino entertainment.

casinodaddy live twitch

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CasinoDaddy on Youtube

CasinoDaddy is also pretty strong on Youtube with over 77,000 subscribers. The brothers share the same channel, but they do group their videos into different playlists so you can easily pick out the stuff you enjoy.

casinodaddy-youtube-1© | On Youtube you can find the Casino Daddy videos organized in different playlists.MoreLess

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CasinoDaddy on Instagram

Instagram_logoOn Casino Daddy's Instagram, you will find lots of gambling related pics. However, the 11,000+ followers there sometimes also get a glimpse into the brothers' private lives.

Erik, whose son was born just in 2019, seems especially happy to share his new found dad status on the 'gram.

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CasinoDaddy on Twitter

twitter iconTwitter is a key social media platform and CasinoDaddy tweets pretty regularly about their streams, wins and casino news.

They're already counting more than 3,000 tweets with more than 9,500 followers.

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Casino Daddy - Are the Wins Real?

casinodaddy logoCasino Daddy is famous for their frequent wins, with many of them being rather hefty. Some have therefore wondered if this is really possible, and whether these wins are real. Let's put it this way. It's kind of hard to fake wins when you are playing online slots by reputable developers.

What the brothers may however be doing is that they are compiling a lot of bonus games together, like in the bonus hunts, so that they build up their odds of wins with special features. In any case, what we do know for sure is that these brothers sure know their casino games and they're happy to show it off on their streams!

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