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Sam Pepper Profile
Streamer name:Sam
Real name: Samuel Pepper
Avatar:Sam Avatar
Country:USA, Los Angeles
Year of Birth: 1989
Followers:728,500 (Twitter)
2,220,000 (YouTube)
26,500 (
622,000 (Instagram)
4,750 (Discord)
4,600,000 (TikTok)
425,000 (Snapchat)
Favourite Casino: Stake Casino
Specialties: Travel vlogs, IRL daily streams
Net worth:~3 Million USD

Sam Pepper is probably no stranger if you're into prank videos on Youtube. A famed Youtuber and internet celebrity, Sam first gained attention as a participant in Big Brother reality TV show in the UK, before taking off to make a slash of videos that range from weird, to comedic to outrageous.

He's one of those people that you either love or hate, and is also known for some controversies, namely a sexual assault allegation in 2014. But he's apologized since then and in the last few years he's clearly decided to concentrate on making both wholesome and entertaining videos for his fans on TikTok.

As you might have guessed, Sam Pepper is covered here on Casino.Guide because he's taking to casino games. More precisely, he's been doing casino streams, bringing along his incredible signature of slightly understated humour.

And while we'll definitely be paying some attention on his gambling style, we're also super happy to give you the complete low down on Sam Pepper here. This way you'll know everything you can possibly want about him.

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Who is Sam Pepper?

sam teaser


Let's begin with an overview so that we're all on the same page before we talk more about his casino streams. Who is Sam Pepper and why is he famous?

Sam was born in England, in Ashford. Kent to be precise, and in March 1989. Not much is known about his childhood and family, but we do know that he is half Greek, and went on to study at the Pent Valley Technology College.

We know he's vegetarian and worked at a zoo. Things however started taking a different turn in 2010, when he joined the Big Brother reality TV show as a housemate. He didn't make it to the end though and lost his home with a public vote on day 73.

But that didn't get Sam down and in September 2010, he began uploading prank videos onto his Youtube channel. He took some time off in between but that's how he began his journey to what he is really known for today: a wicked and pretty funny internet celebrity, who's now doing a lot of insane travel vlogs like looking for lady boys in Thailand.

To be clear though, he's one of those streamers that people love to hate. Some of it has to do with the history of his more controversial pranks in the past, like the Fake Hand Ass Pinch. Nonetheless, Sam Pepper has 2.24 million on subscribers on Youtube, along with 4.6 million followers on Tik Tok today.

Sam Pepper Casino Streams

When it comes to streaming, Sam Pepper is one of the most prolific streamers out there and has been delivering consistently for his fans. While a lot of Sam's content is IRL streams, he's added casino streaming to his routine recently taking his humour with him to Stake Casino in 2023.

Those following the casino streaming scene are probably aware that Stake has attracted some high profile streamers like Sam over to their site. Exactly what the deal he might have with Stake we don't know, but we do know he has been properly hitting the slots and crypto games.

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Where and When to Watch his Streams

You have options when it comes to watching Sam Pepper streams. With Youtube as his mainstay, you can definitely find many of his IRL streams on his Youtube channel, Sam. Lately, these have included his travels through Asia like in South Korea and Thailand, and just being up to no good.

Kick LogoIf you're specifically interested in his casino streams though, we suggest that you pop over to Kick. For now, Kick seems to be the only place where you can find Sam Pepper gambling. We're guessing that it's probably because Kick and casino is easier to manage than Youtube's more conservative policies concerning 18+ content.

But what's great is that Sam also has his regular IRL streams on Kick as well, so you won't be missing out here. And just in case you're wondering – don't even bother checking on Twitch. Sam has been banned from Twitch due to violating community guidelines.

In terms of when Sam Pepper is live, the good news is that he live streams almost every day. However, the exact hour can be up in the air. That's partly because he's been travelling all over the world recently and with different time zones and such, things aren't always so fixed. Plus, when you are living your best life, so many things happen just spontaneously.

Sam Pepper Top Games

If you're watching Pepper's streams on Kick, you'll definitely notice that the streamer is always trying out new games. He seems to have a preference for less traditional slots, such as Drop 'Em from Hacksaw Gaming, which is 5 reel 6 row, 7,776 ways to win game.

Or Sweet Alchemy from Play 'n Go, which is on a square grid that opens up to a 9×9, and Super Mega Monster which is on a 7×7 grid. With these more innovative slots on the playlist, it's also just logical that you'll find Sam Pepper laying down bets in crypto arcade games like Plinko or live games such as Vegas Ball Bonanza.

And while Pepper certainly seems to like to break away from traditional formats, you can almost always find him playing live blackjack in his streams.


Sam on Social Media

There's certainly been some ups and downs with all the controversies, but Sam is alive and well on social media. TikTok and Youtube remain his most popular platforms, where he has a massive following. But he's always posting on other platforms like Instagram as well. We've put together a quick summary of all the platforms on which Sam Pepper is active for you below.

  1. SamPepper on TikTok
  2. Sam Pepper on Youtube
  3. Sam Pepper on Kick
  4. SamPepper on Twitter
  5. SamPepper on Instagram

1.) SamPepper on TikTok

TikTok was one of the key areas for Sam Pepper's comeback and he still continues to roll out videos everyday here. There are a lot of IRL short videos, which recently includes his travels in Thailand, Korea and India, and the crazy adventures he gets up to.

His TikToks are really popular, and typically get hundreds of thousands of views, with some reaching the dizzy heights of 20 million. In total, he has an impressive 121 million likes and 4.6 million followers on TikTok. And just in case you're wondering, his handle is sampepper over at TikTok.


2.) Sam Pepper on Youtube

Youtube is another home base for Sam with 2.4 million subscribers and more than 210 million views. And he's kind of even got a vanity channel name here with @sam. Pepper has been on here since 2010, although in 2016 he set all his previous videos to private following the big controversies and lost a significant number of subscribers.

Despite the losses from that time, he has 335 videos on YT as of July 2023, each with thousands of views. In addition to the more classic videos, he also live streams on YT and also publishes shorts as well.


3.) Sam Pepper on Kick

Just like on Youtube, Sam Pepper's channel on Kick is simply Sam. He has been streaming almost every day since the summer too. The consistency has been helping him see a steadily growing number of followers, counting 31,000 strong when we put this article together. It makes him one of the most watched streamers on Kick. There's been a little bit of controversy here as well, although it's mostly technical.

Basically Ed Craven noticed in July 2013 that Sam Pepper's channel was getting a hugely disproportionate number of views, like 160,000 views, and there were suspicions that this was a result of viewbotting. It's not a direct accusation against Sam per se, as people have noted that view botting may be used to stir up controversy and it had also happened on Twitch. Since then, Kick has rolled out view count protections to ensure the numbers are all real.

sam-girlfriend-stake© - His girlfriend Hannah Ridgeway sometimes plays at StakeMoreLess

4.) SamPepper on Twitter

sam twitter


Over at Twitter, or perhaps we should call it X, Sam Pepper has over 726,000 followers. He tweets pretty often, although a lot of these tweets are just short clips pointing to his Kick channel. But sometimes Sam also retweets and posts other bits of info.

There aren't long conversations here, but it's another useful way to stay up to date.

5.) SamPepper on Instagram

sam insta


Instagram is one of Sam Pepper's smaller bases with around 619,000 followers. Still, the star doesn't neglect this space and posts reels here regularly that get thousands of views.

Maybe other than the occasional pics of his car collection, which includes both a Porsche and a Ferrari, the content itself isn't so different from his TikTok shorts though. But if you prefer Insta then this is pretty convenient.

Does Pepper have a Gambling Strategy?

When it comes to gambling strategies, we can't say that Sam has a particular one. What we do notice though is that he makes relatively conservative bets when he's playing slots that are known to be volatile. Like $1 bet sizes, which is clearly very different from other streamers who lay it down thick at like $100 a spin.

However, when he's playing games like Blackjack or even live certain live games where the house edge isn't as high, he ups his bet size. Like with Blackjack, he typically places bets around $120. And that all suggests that he's planning his budget according to his risk level very carefully. As one should.

Sam Pepper Controversies - the Fake Hand Ass Pinch

Sam has his share of controversies as well. At the time his career as a prankster was taking off on Youtube, he published the Fake Hand Ass pinch in September 2014. In the video, he used a fake hand to pinch women's bums after having asked them for directions. The women involved claimed Pepper had sexually harassed them and caused a storm on Twitter with others accusing Pepper of sexual harassment. This didn't fare too well for Sam as two other vloggers, Marina Joyce and DottieJames, claimed that he had sexually assaulted them back in 2013 and 2012 respectively.

Pepper's initial response was to create another Fake Hand Ass Pinch video with men only, saying that the whole thing was staged as a social experiment. Others however were not convinced. Sam Pepper ended up removing both videos from Youtube.

Sam Pepper Killing Best Friend Prank

Youtube-logoThen in 2015, Sam published the Killing Best Friend prank on Youtube. This was where he pretended to kidnap his friends Sam Goldbach and Colby Brock. Pepper forces Brock to watch him execute Goldbach. Everyone involved knew it was a prank, but the staged brutality caused a massive uproar, even in mainstream media.

To this, Sam launched a GoFundMe campaign pledging $1.5 million for him to remove his Youtube channel. Not surprisingly, this didn't go down too well and he cancelled the campaign quickly. After both of these major controversies, Sam Pepper issued a public apology video in 2016 and went silent on the internet for a few years.


After a few quiet years, Sam Pepper started to make his comeback in 2018. Instead of his prank videos, he started making vlogs and shifting over to TikTok. In this new format, Pepper has definitely putting efforts into making more wholesome content while maintaining his entertaining style in his challenges, stunts and life hacks videos.

Still, as with many internet celebrities who attract enough attention, the comeback doesn't mean the controversies are over. Sam has been accused of leading a pump and dump scheme with the Save the Kids cryptocurrency project in 2021, although he himself denies such involvement.


What is Sam Pepper's Net Worth

sam photo dubai


As of 2023, estimates on Sam Pepper's net worth range from $1.1 million to $5 million. If you consider the fact that TikTok pays at least $20 a month for 1,000 followers, then that alone is $9k a month - and likely even more.

Then there is his huge Youtube channel, and more recently his streams on Kick, which pays significantly better than Twitch. Add some sponsorships here and there, and it's pretty easy to see how Sam Pepper has a Porsche and a Ferrari to his name.

Sam Relationship Status and Family

Little is known about Sam Pepper's family other than the fact that he is half Greek and has a sister and a brother. What we do know is that he has recently been dating Hannah Rideway, an influencer who has appeared in Pepper's videos more than a few times and the two have been posting pics of them together on social media. And before Hannah, Sam dated Cat Rose and Bella Thorne.

The Long and Short on Sam Pepper

As an internet celebrity, Sam Pepper has had some ups and downs in the past. This was largely due to some badly thought out videos that just crossed the line for some of his viewers.

But it seems that he's learnt his lesson. In the last few years he has been consistently making entertaining videos, including some pretty good travel vlogs, all laced with his very wicked humour.

And recently, Sam Pepper been making Stake Casino his playground on his live streams. In his somewhat understated British style, Pepper is taking full advantage of Stake's huge portfolio of games and sampling a bit of everything while putting down relatively modest bet sizes. All in all, he's a good add to the casino streaming scene, and definitely worth a watch.

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