Drac's Stacks Slots Review 2024

christianChristian Webber
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Drac's Stacks Facts

$500 BonusPlay at Stake
Min. Bet:$0.20
Max. Bet:$1,000
Max. Win:50,000X your bet
Free Spins: 
Bonus Buy: 
Free Play:  

With so many books, movies, television shows, and even slots featuring Dracula, who knew there was room to breathe new life into this vampire legend? And yet here it is, courtesy of Massive Studios, the fabulous Drac's Stacks slots.

Mystery Mirrors can reveal regular symbols, wilds, or other rewarding symbols. There's a whole lot of bonus round action, modifiers, a mystery reel release, and even something called super free games. Plus, the special enhancer and bonus buy modes that have helped Massive Studio slots quickly gain such a loyal following.

Far less complicated than that all might sound, Drac's Stacks is visually stunning, totally engaging, and comes packed with an astonishing top prize of 50,000X (!!) your bet.

Game highlights:

  • High volatility
  • 50,000X max win
  • Free games
  • Stacked mirror symbols
  • Bonus bats
  • Special prize symbols for all sorts of extras
  • Bet multipliers of up to 5,000X
  • Scatter symbols
  • Game enhancer and bonus Buy modes
  • 96.58% RTP
  • Available exclusively at Stake casino*

Play Drac's Stacks at Stake

* For now, Drac's Stacks slots are being marketed as a Stake exclusive. However, it is possible that the nature of this relationship will eventually expire, and the game will enjoy wider release.

Drac's Stacks Slot Basics and Rules

Created by Massive Studios, Drac's Stacks slots hit the market on December 6, 2023. With gorgeous graphics, a perfectly haunting soundtrack, and an always popular vampire theme, they are quickly becoming a favourite of top streamers, slots pros, and regular players alike.

Although the bonus features are a tad complicated - not to scare you - we'll help you sink your teeth into them in a bit. For now, let's explore the basic play, for those who are new to the game.

So basically the rules are like any online slots machine. Make a wager, spin the reels, win or lose according to the predefined paytable. That's it. There's not much more to online slots than that.

dracs-stacks-slot-impressionImpression of the Drac's Stacks slots machine.MoreLess

For the bet itself, you'll choose the amount you'd like to wager by clicking on the stack of chips in the bottom right corner of your screen. That will open up another screen with pre-defined amounts, one of which you should then click, followed by 'Continue' to proceed.

coins iconNote: If you want to place a real money bet, you'll of course need to first fund your account with either a fiat or crypto currency deposit of choice.

The bet range accommodated here is tremendous, going as low as $0.20 a round up to a whopping, seriously high $1,000 stakes.

Across 5 reels and 6 rows, the game has a total of 50 potential paylines. If you win, the amount is automatically added to your balance. In this game it can be as high as 50,000X your base bet.

Other actions include setting the auto play function for up to 1,000 spins in a row at the same bet rate - which you can modify with a loss limit for a bit of control, or set to stop on any win or when a free game is triggered so you can keep track.

Settings and menu for the Dracs Stacks slot:

You can also choose to turn the music on or off through the game settings, or just the sound (like that of the reels), as well as set the game pace at turbo or super turbo speed.

Play Drac's Stacks Slots for Free Online

Demo play is a great way to familiarize yourself with all the special bonus features, and determine if you actually like the spooky Transylvania theme. We're guessing you will, since really, what's there not to love? But if you want to play Drac's Stacks for free, go ahead, right here on this page, with the real-deal demo mode version embedded below.

Just remember, while you can play for free, you won't win any real money when doing so. If you want to do that - and who wouldn't with a 50,000X max win on the line - then we recommend visiting Stake, a licensed and regulated casino, where you can do that comfortably.

Drac's Stacks Demo Mode

dracs-stacks-play-now By pressing on "Play", I understand that I will be shown content from Massive Studios. You can find more information in our website's Privacy Policy as well as that of Massive Studios. Massive Studios

Play for real money at Stake

Drac's Stacks Video Slots Paytable

With such high winning potential, we bet you're curious exactly how this slot machine pays out. The following table should give you a good sense of the potential, with prize amounts reflected in bet sum multiples for various winning combinations per symbol.

Symbol Minimum profit Maximum profit
Dracs Stacks WildX2X150
Dracs Stacks VampireX2X150
Dracs Stacks Woman X0.5X20
Dracs Stacks CrossX0.4X16
Dracs Stacks BottleX0.3X12
Dracs Stacks SymbolsX0.1X0.4

The multiples of your bet format is actually how Drac's Stacks illustrates its in-game paytable as well. But since we know the betting range here is from $0.20 to $1,000, that's a pretty easy equation to work out.

calculation-64x64.pngFor example, if you bet $1 and got 3 Count Dracula symbols (the highest paying symbol of the game), you win $2; 4 Dracula symbols win $100, and 5 such symbols $150. And that's just on a single dollar bet!! If you'd wagered $100 that top prize would go up to $15,000, while a $1,000 bet would give you a $150,000 payout.

These are amazing sums needless to say, and don't even account for all the extra wins you can garner through the various bonus features, which we'll get to next.

Drac's Stacks Bonus Rounds and Special Features

So like we said, Drac's Stacks has some really great bonus features, which can seriously up your winnings, as much as the fun factor. There are a whole lot in this game, so it can get confusing trying to remember - which of course you don't need to do, as the slots will automatically award according to the requisite action.

  1. Wild symbol
  2. Mystery mirrors
  3. Vampire bats bonus round
  4. Free games
  5. Game enhancer modes
  6. Bonus buy options

Wild symbol

Dracs Stacks WildStraightforward and simple, as in most slots, Drac's Stacks has a wild symbol that substitutes for all other paying symbols to complete winning combinations.

In this case it's clearly marked with the word 'WILD' printed across it.

Mystery mirrors

Dracs Stacks MirrorThese special symbols add an extra layer of anticipation as you wait to see what they reveal, therein introducing some exceptional variety to the gameplay.

Mirrors appear stacked on the reels, meaning they can take up multiple positions on a single reel. This increases the chance of them landing and influencing the outcome of your spin. The key aspect is that they don't have a pre-determined symbol. Instead, when they land, they reveal another symbol beneath them - regular symbols, wild symbols, or even vampire bats.

Vampire bats bonus round

Dracs Stacks BatIf the aforementioned mirror symbol goes on to reveal a bat symbol, the vampire bats bonus round begins.

For each bat you had on the reels when triggering, you get a special spin with prizes that include:

  • Dracs Stacks Instant Win
    Instant prize symbols
    The instant prizes here being bet multipliers ranging in value from 1X up to 5,000X your bet.
  • Dracs Stacks Multiplier
    Multiplier symbols
    This multiplier is applied to your winnings, and is done so collectively once the round ends. Values for such multipliers can be from 2X up to 10X your win. Though in what's called super free games, they can go up to 25X.
  • Dracs Stacks Collector
    Collector symbols
    As the name implies, this symbol essentially collects the value of all other instant prize and collect symbols, then remains in place throughout the duration of the bats bonus feature, while all remaining empty positions spin through.
  • Dracs Stacks Transformer
    Transform symbols
    During regular game play, this symbol will transform one random reel into bat symbols, and all that that entails. During free game play, it will transform two reels into bat and mirror symbols. And during super free games, three reels into bat and mirror symbols.

Free games

The pink scatter symbol and purple super scatter symbol can land during regular or bats bonus round play.

Dracs Stacks Scatter Dracs Stacks ScatterIn the base game, scatter symbols can land on reels 2-4, and super scatters only on reel 3. If you get three scatter symbols or two scatter symbols plus the super scatter, you will trigger free games. During this bonus round, scatters and super scatters can further trigger free spins from any reels.

Also note, during free game play, if a super scatter lands during the bats feature, you'll then be upgraded to super free games.

Game enhancer modes

In Drac's Stacks you have the option to purchase two game enhancers by clicking the orange 'M' circle button, in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Activate enhancer 1, and for 2X your bet, each spin will be 5X more likely to trigger free games. Activate enhancer 2 for a fee of 10X your current bet and you'll not only increase your odds of triggering free games, but you'll also ensure mirrors are always wild, or you'll land special symbols in the round.


Bonus buy options

In addition, you can jump straight to free games by opting for the bonus buy, also found under that orange 'M'.

Purchase bonus buy 1 at a cost of 110X your current bet and you're guaranteed eight free games and all the goodies they entail. Or opt for bonus buy 2 for a cost of 500X your bet, and you'll get eight super free games in which mirrors are always wild or special symbols are instead included, guaranteed.


Play Drac's Stacks

Play Drac's Stacks Slots on Mobile

Since Drac's Stacks is created by Massive Studios, which develops mobile-friendly games, it's most certainly playable through your phone or tablet's web browser. No special casino app download required.

As expected, it's the exact same game with all the exciting bonus symbols and features, with a great interface that looks and functions properly on any screen size. So if you want to sink your teeth into this vampire slots, feel free to do so on your desktop or mobile device, as the urge strikes.

Drac's Stacks FAQs

As a visually stunning, bonus feature packed video slots game, Drac's Stacks has a whole lot to offer. We pretty much covered it all, but to help those simply skimming this Drac's Stacks review, we've also put together a short FAQ to zero in on popular questions.

  1. Where can I play Drac's Stacks slots?
  2. Is Drac's Stacks a crypto slots game?
  3. Is Drac's Stacks a progressive jackpot game?
  4. Does Massive Studios have any slots besides Drac's Stacks?
  5. Can I catch live streams of Drac's Stacks?
  6. Are there any Drac's Stacks bonuses that you know of?

1.) Where can I play Drac's Stacks slots?

Seeing as this is such an exciting online slot machine, we'd love to be able to recommend top casinos for playing it. However, for now, there seems to be only one - Stake casino that is.

Since this also happens to be one of our top-rated casinos, mind you, we feel quite comfortable referring you there. Just look under the Stake Exclusives category from the casino's navigation to find it. Or type it into the onsite search bar to begin. And if you have any access issues (i.e. restricted country for the title), you may consider turning on a Stake VPN.

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2.) Is Drac's Stacks a crypto slots game?

As Stake casino is a crypto casino, and Drac's Stacks is available exclusively there (at least for now), then yes, it would absolutely qualify as an online crypto slots machine. In fact, it would make for a particularly excellent choice in the genre, since it is such a highly recommended game.

Of course, since Stake accommodates so many different cryptos - including the obvious ones like Bitcoin, Ripple, TRON, and Ethereum, but really so much more - you will have plenty of choice in which you use to deposit and play. Or if you prefer a more traditional fiat, you can also use Canadian dollars, Japanese yen, Argentine peso, and a handful of others to fund your play.

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3.) Is Drac's Stacks a progressive jackpot game?

One of the best things about Drac's Stacks is no doubt it's almost unprecedented max win. At 50,000 times your bet, this is a sum rarely, if ever seen. And since you can bet up to $1,000 per spin, with regular and bonus round winnings combined, that can equal a whole lot of cash!

As such, while it is not a progressive jackpot game (this has to do with the special type of network that builds the prize pot), it is certainly a jackpot game, with a top potential prize that is beyond anyone's wildest dreams.

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4.) Does Massive Studios have any slots besides Drac's Stacks?

Massive Studios is a relatively new developer currently building it repertoire of online casino games. Right now it has less than a dozen listed in its catalogue. But it has been releasing new titles at a consistent rate, so we're expecting big things.

For now, we can definitely recommend others like Buffaloads, Bonsai Banzai, Zombie Rabbit Invasion, or Rooster's Revenge, all of which offer equally exciting levels of play, plus the studio's signature excellent animation.

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5.) Can I catch live streams of Drac's Stacks?

It's not just our professional review team that's fallen in love with Massive Studios slots. A number of top casino streamers have been spotted live streaming its titles, which serves to reiterate our sentiments.

One is ClassyBeef who hit an insanely high jackpot of over $207,000 during a session in December 2023. And another is Roshtein who won over $8 million in a live stream in May 2024.

Keep in mind, however, these are professional streamers who work in partnership with Stake, so we don't recommend making the high roller bets they do to garner such winnings. That being said, we definitely do recommend checking out their respective Kick.com channels so you can enjoy that level of thrill second-hand.

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6.) Are there any Drac's Stacks bonuses that you know of?

Casino bonuses are always a great way to extend your play, and hopefully win some extra money along the way. However, rarely are they given on a particular game; so no surprise that none is included here. Also, Stake casino isn't about bonuses really - beyond the Casino.Guide exclusive Stake signup bonus which we recommend using.

As such, there is no specific Drac's Stacks bonus we can refer you to. But this game has so much bonus feature action, that it more than compensates for that.

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Our Expert Opinion on Drac's Stacks Slots

Overall, Drac's Stacks offers a highly entertaining and engaging experience with its unique features that go beyond the typical vampire theme.

The stacked mirror symbols unearthing bonuses with bats and all the extras these guarantee - from bet multipliers, to win multipliers, and even free games - add up to a whole lot of fun. Plus, there's that chance at winning the astonishing 50,000X your bet top prize, which undeniably alone has tremendous appeal.

Available for free play, mobile compatible, and with an exceptionally wide betting range, Drac's Stacks deliver the ultimate in convenience, great thrills, and all-round excellent slots gambling good times.

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