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Xposed Profile
Streamer Name:Xposed
Real Name:Cody Burnett
Avatar:xposed streamer logo
Year of Birth: 1996
Favourite Casino: Roobet
Specialities:High energy personality
Biggest Win:$500,000 in Crazy Time
Biggest Multiplier: x1,600 in Crazy Time
Net Worth:estimated at $9.6 million

Sitting on the list of top casino streamers is a Canadian player, Xposed. The man behind the handle is Cody Burnett from Ontario. Cody has been into gaming since he was a kid. Born in 1996, Cody’s a digital native and first started streaming Call of Duty before taking on the casino world in 2017, and was one of the first to make a name for himself as a streamer.

Xposed now makes thousands of dollar a month from his streams. With approximately 320,000 followers on Twitch alone, the homeboy has certainly done well. People love him for his warm personality and his high energy.

Unlike Roshtein, another top casino streamer, Xposed is much more open about his life. He’s a family man living a peaceful life with his long-time girlfriend, their baby and their dog. He also played for a long time with relatively modest bet sizes – unlike Roshtein. But more recently, he has started to raise the bets. Nowadays he bets hundreds and thousands of dollar per game, which can lead to wins of over $100k.


Xposed Games

Reactoonz slot gameXposed is usually playing slots and live games from Evolution Gaming. As one might expect, he doesn’t stick to just one slot, although he does have a few that he likes going back to. Reactoonz for example is one of them. This wild, high variance slot matches his high octane personality to give the audience quite the ride. Likewise, Fruit Party is also on Xposed’s list.

Some of Xposed Slots & Games:

  • Crazy Time
  • Live Blackjack
  • Fruit Party
  • Sweet Bonanza
  • The Dog House

There are also live casino game streams, with our favourite Canadian streamer rocking the game shows that Evolution Gaming is famous for. Crazy Time, Mega Ball, Monopoly are all wicked enough on their own, and Xposed takes it to a whole new level of entertainment with his energy. Of course, Xposed is also a regular Call of Duty player. He’s been playing CoD since he was 8 and still enjoys Fortnite today.

Xposed Streams: When and Where

Twitch is where you can find Xposed. Since becoming a family man with baby on board in 2020, he’s been playing more in the evenings, often starting around 9pm, Toronto time. Each stream usually lasts for around 4 hours, although there are definitely longer sessions. He usually starts earlier on weekends and you can see the Xposed schedule on his Twitch page. Even though he’s a riot with an incredible sense of humour, he does take this  streaming stuff seriously and is pretty consistent. He now has a family to feed with his streaming after all!

Cody has also put together a casino streaming team called Xposers so that newer streamers could share some of his limelight. For us viewers, it means we get more quality entertainment from the Xposed Twitch channel!

You can also find plenty of Xposed videos on Youtube that you can watch at any time of the day. However, you don’t get the chat with that.

Xposed Casinos

Xposed is famous for playing at a variety of online casinos. 20Bet Casino and Roobet top the list, both of which are well established sites with a comprehensive collection of slots and live games. Other smaller online casinos Xposed plays at include Caxino.  A bit of an entrepreneur, he likes to get involved with new online casinos who have better bonuses and offers for new players.

20bet-casino-sign-up-bonus-1024x312At 20Bet Casino new players can claim a 100% bonus up to $180 + 120 free spins.MoreLess

Xposed on Social Media

Cody Burnett is not shy at all and is happy to share his life on social media. Xposed self-exposed, you could say. It’s all part of his open personality and you can find him sharing both his gaming and his personal life on different channels.

Xposed on Twitch

Twitch LogoObviously, Twitch is Xposed’s home base since this is where he plays and interacts with his fans. Approximately 315,000 people follow his stream and watch him go ballistic celebrating each win. The chat here with other viewers is equally wild, as Xposed’s good vibes seem to be contagious.

xposed-winning-on-twitchXposed from Canada shows his gaming skills on TwitchMoreLess

Xposed on Youtube

After Twitch, Youtube is the next stop. Cody has approximately 120,000 fans here who regularly check in to recordings of his videos on Twitch. You’ll find his slot sessions, live games, as well as CoD and Fortnite streams here. Although you don’t get the same interaction through chat, many love to tune in to Xposed videos at random hours of the day and Cody certainly makes enough diaper money with the advertising here!

Xposed on Youtube

Xposed on Instagram

While Twitch and Youtube are where you will find the streamed games that Xposed is famous for, Instagram is where you will find Xposed as himself, Cody Burnett. Cody often posts pics of his girlfriend, Shania, a long time sweetheart from his school days. She’s often credited for standing by him as he began his career in streaming. There is also their dog, and their baby who was born just this year. Of course there are also pics of his slot wins too!

Xposed on Instagram

©instagram.com/xposedtwitch | Xposed shares his games and his private life on Instagram.

Xposed on Twitter

Xposed has been on Twitter since 2013 and has an impressive count of nearly 51,000 followers. Even more impressively, Cody does a pretty good job at responding to the numerous comments. Most of his tweets are about his live streams, complete with links to Twitch so fans can join the action right away.
Twitter Xposed

Xposed’s Net Worth

No one really knows what Cody Burnett’s net worth is, but for sure he’s making a comfortable living. With so many followers on Twitch, there are definitely ways to monetise. There are estimates that put his monthly income at around 6,000 USD per month. But we could also do some rough calculations. Many online casinos pay famous streamers like Xposed to play at their casino to generate some attention. It’s basically advertising. Exact details may of course vary, but we’re guessing the casinos would pay him a fee for each player that goes to their site through the streamer. Let’s put that fee at around $120. Xposed has more than 300,000 followers on Twitch alone, and let’s say just ¼ of them end up playing at the featured casino. Then that comes to around $9.6 million.

Xposed’s estimated income through casino referrals:
Number of followersof whichactive casino playerspotential referral fee$120=Estimated income
320,000x25%x$120=$9.6 million

Cody B. – Xposed the Professional Streamer

xposed streamer logoCody Burnett’s high energy levels and excitement are unmistakable, and his passion for games is clear. Whether he’s playing a slot or CoD, Cody’s positive vibes travel across the screen, making his streams one of the most popular on Twitch.

While Xposed may seem like a happy go lucky kind of guy, what we find really awesome is how professionally Cody treats all of this. Streams may be digital and cutting edge, but Cody still does things the good old fashioned way – he does his prep work, he puts in the hours regularly, and he is friendly and responsive to his fans. This guy deserves to make a living doing what he loves!

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