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Ravi Shastri Basic Facts
Streamer name:TBD
Real name: Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri
Avatar:Ravi Shastri Avatar
Origin:Mumbai, India
Place of residence:(Mostly) Mumbai, India
Date of birth:May 27, 1962
Follower:1,900,000 (Twitter, X)
1,400,000 (Instagram)
1,100,00 (Facebook)
Favorite casino:Stake Casino
Characteristics:Friendly, personable, candid, and intelligent, though somewhat combative in his commentary
Net worth:~ $11 million (USD)

Is Bollywood calling Stake?! Well not quite. But there is most certainly a new star in town, and he's creating quite a stir.

Straight from India, Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri is what you might call something between a Stake ambassador and a micro streamer.

For now, he's sticking more to his natural lane of sports, or more specifically cricket. However, this new partnership is still in its early days - so we may still see this charismatic sportsman playing the slots or roulette tables one of these days.

In the meantime, we'll take what we can get, and share with you, who Ravi Shastri is, what led to his fame, and why this latest collaboration is such a coup for Stake.

Hint, it could be his celeb appeal as much as his clever sports betting tips.

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A Bit of Background on Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri

Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri - Ravi for short - was born on May 27, 1962 in Mumbai (then Bombay) India. He is Mangalorean by ancestry. Handsome and tall, while not considered the best cricket player of all time, even on the Indian team, he is generally considered good natured, and one to give whatever he's doing his all.

His cricket career essentially began in his teen years, when he started to be seen as a major force, helping his high school team win the Giles Shield for the first time in its history.

He later went on to play cricket on India's national team from 1981 through 1992 in both One Day Internationals as well as Test matches. During this time, he was a member of the 1983 Cricket World Cup winning Indian team.

Later, from 2017 to 2021, he served as the head coach of the national cricket team. And since 2021, has held the position of Commissioner of the Cricket League of Legends.

Ravi Shastri Team


Throughout his illustrious career, Ravi has achieved numerous tilets including:

  • Champion of Champions, essentially MVP, in the World Championship of Cricket (1985).
  • Vice-captaincy of the India team (1985).
  • K. Naydu lifetime achievement award (2024).

And he was on winning teams such as:

  • ICC Cricket World Cup (1983).
  • World Championship of Cricket (1985).
  • ACC Asia Cup (1984 and 1990-91).
  • ICC World Test Championship runner up (2019-21).

After retiring from play, Ravi made his television debut as a commentator in 1995 with the World Masters Tournament. He has continued to provide commentary on different networks and shows ever since, with various gigs on ESPN-STAR Sports, Star Sports, Sony Max, and so forth. Highly versatile, Ravi even had a stint as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for some time.

Ravi Shastri interviewOne of his most recent endeavors includes the one of most interest to us. And that, of course, is his shift to sports ambassador for Stake casino, where he gives interviews and tips to followers. In addition, he does numerous other sponsorships, as well as coaching programs and similar cricket related engagements, keeping him busy well past his professional player days.

How Much Experience Does Ravi Shastri Have as a Streamer?

This question isn't quite relevant, as we wouldn't quite call Ravi Shastri a casino streamer yet. For starters, because we haven't seen him doing any live casino streams so far, whether it's roulette, slots, or live games you're talking about.

He also doesn't seem to have a channel on Kick.com, home of today's top casino streamers. Or even on Twitch, where they all used to play.

Ravi Shastri Stake

Stake officially welcomed Ravi to the team on April 16, 2024 in a special video post.

Instead, at present, we'd call him more of a Stake casino ambassador than a streamer per se.

Though anything's still possible.

Since this partnership is relatively new, we'd imagine it can continue to grow in all sorts of directions, including - fingers crossed - casino streaming.

For now, there's just that one clip of his from Stake, watching sports and welcoming him aboard; though we'd imagine more videos are in store, and like we said, possibly streams.

Which Online Casino Does Ravi Shastri Gamble at?

Again, Ravi Shastri is more of a brand partner than a Stake streamer to date. However, just because he's not streaming sessions, that doesn't mean he's not playing at Stake for his own entertainment's sake. That is, it is possible that he is gambling at Stake, or maybe he's not.  That's anyone's guess. And not something he's chosen to share with the public so far.

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What Are Ravi Shastri 's Favourite Online Casino Games?

For now, this seems to be more of a sports betting partnership than one focussed on casino games. And Ravi has never mentioned casino gambling in any forum we're aware of, nor been associated with any particular gambling game, like how Drake is known for his love of roulette. So it's pretty hard for us to say which is his favourite online casino game.

cricketInstead his focus at Stake is more about the sports games, where he shares playoff picks and predictions in the cricket realm. While this is clearly his favourite sports betting game for obvious reasons, we'd love to see his corner expanded, as he's a great commentator and all-round sportsman who would likely have valuable insights on all sorts of competitions.

When and Where Does Ravi Shastri Stream?

While Ravi and Stake jointly announced their new partnership on X (formerly Twitter) in a short video clip of him giving live commentary on various sports - such as car racing, wrestling, and football - we haven't seen him doing any such streams since.

If he were to steam, we'd imagine he'd do it on Kick.com, or maybe he'd create exclusives to be shared directly on the Stake website. In any event, we'll keep you posted if we see an uptick in this activity. Because sports streaming, especially with such a seasoned commentator, would be super fun.

Ravi_Shastri-blogTip: In the meantime, his insights can be found mostly on the Stake blog.MoreLess

Ravi Shastri on Social Media

Perhaps it's due to his age - early 60s - or due to local preferences, but Ravi is not active on all of the major social networks. The main one's you'll note missing for a streamer are of course Kick.com and Twitch. Where he is active, however, he is well-followed, with an impressive one million plus audience on each.

  1. ravishastriofficial on Instagram
  2. Ravi Shastri on YouTube
  3. @RaviShastriOfc on X (aka Twitter)
  4. Ravi Shastri on Facebook
  5. Ravi Shastri on TikTok

ravishastriofficial on Instagram

Nice and intuitive by name, Ravi's Instagram account features the handle ravishastriofficial. There he has 1.4 million followers and at last check 633 posts, including quite a few reels.

His Instagram content is a mix of lifestyle posts, promotions for some of his businesses like a coach development course he's involved with, special sports moments, and the likes. There are almost no fancy cars, and no beautiful babes or boob shots to make your eyes pop. Rather, overall, we'd say his Insta account is on the modest side, which is a remarkable style for such a big sports star, and one we truly admire.

Ravi Shastri instagram

Here you can see Ravi in his element; a true sports lover and gentleman. ©instagram.com/p/C455rpKNBLG/

Ravi Shastri on YouTube

Somewhat surprisingly, Ravi the cricket playing star and commentator does not seem to have his own official YouTube channel. If you search Ravi Shastri YouTube, however, you will come up with many videos featuring him.

In fact, there are so many Ravi Shastri YouTube clips that you can even sort them by topics as specific as 'Commentary IPL 2023', 'Best Bowling', and 'Audi 1985' to name a few. Through these you can catch some of his great sports moments, commentary on cricket events, memes, stories, and more.

While Ravi's social media image isn't about high living, he won an Audi in 1985 as the World Championship of Cricket Man of the Series, and shared his love of the moment and the car in a special sponsorship spot.

@RaviShastriOfc on X (aka Twitter)

Another social media platform where Ravi is active is on X, still better known to many of us as Twitter.

Ravi's X account has 1.9 million followers, and is dedicated predominantly to sports, fitness, and recreation, in his distinct jovial style. This means he mostly comments on current cricket affairs, with occasional strolls down memory lane.

In addition, he also uses the platform to pitch his various side gigs, for example, that's where he announced he'd been chosen as the multicultural ambassador for @cricketcomau, and earlier a brand ambassador and advisory board member of Petzzco. This is also the forum he chose to announce his Stake partnership, with a catchy clip that aired on April 16, 2024.

Ravi Shastri post

March 10th, 1985 was a big day for Ravi, Indian cricket, and his teammates - which he was proud to share on Twitter on the 39th anniversary marking the occasion. © x.com/RaviShastriOfc/

Ravi Shastri on Facebook

Labelled "The official page of Head Coach - Indian Cricket Team, former India Cricketer and Television Commentator - Mr. Ravi Shastri", this is another place where you can follow him.

Ravi Shastri Facebook

Ravi makes a lot of appearances at different forums and events, as he shared on Facebook in this post picturing a conference celebrating 20 years of excellence with Abhinav A. Bindra. ©facebook.com/RaviShastriOfficial

Just note that Ravi's Facebook content is essentially more of the same you'd find on X or Instagram, so really, it's a matter of preference which platform you're on and prefer.

In addition to sports moments, and glimpses into his day-to-day activities (mostly around cricket), he also used Facebook to announce his Stake casino partnership; so it could be a space for his 1.1 million followers to watch his streamer status grow going forward.

And one added thing you can catch here are the reviews of him - though you don't need anyone else's opinion to form your own.


Ravi Shastri on TikTok

As with YouTube, Ravi does not seem to have his own TikTok account. Though he does appear there frequently in clips shared by others. In fact, according to a quick Google search, there are 3.6M posts related to his name, making him a huge TikTok star. So it's quite interesting actually that he hasn't chosen to capitalize on this.

Ravi Shastri tiktok

Here you can see a sampling of the many TikTok clips featuring Ravi, though none are from his own account. ©tiktok.com/discover/Ravi-Shastri

Does Ravi Shastri Use Any Special Betting Strategies?

As we've mentioned, Ravi Shastri is not a casino gambler at the moment (or at least not publicly). Hence, we cannot say anything about his betting strategies or style in this sphere.

He also doesn't explicitly bet on sports. Rather what he does is carefully analyze the game and share his thoughts and tips. He is, after all, an extremely experienced cricket player, coach, and commentator with deep familiarity and insight into the game. His strategy, as such, when it comes to sports betting, we'd say is to go in as educated as possible, and not just throw out any random guess.

Scandals and Controversies

When it comes to celebrities, we all at least secretly love a little scandal or controversy on the side. Or at least the paparazzi would have us thinking. And Ravi Shastri is no stranger to the matter.

arrowMost particularly, rumours began in the 1980s that Ravi Shastri was involved in match fixing back when he was a player. Although these allegations have never been proven, there was increased rumbling in the late 1990s through early 2000s as Indian cricket experienced a flood of match-fixing scandals. And regardless of proof, the mud-slinging has tarnished his reputation, as it's almost impossible to disassociate from the buzz, even if he's addressed the matter candidly, continually denying it.

Ravi Shastri x-post


This scandal was further fueled by the Bollywood film Azhar which was released in 2016, and in addition to pointing fingers at Ravi, also negatively portrayed him as a womaniser.

In addition, there are some naysayers around him, who simply hate him for one reason or another. And despite his non-flashy social media posts, he has been described at times as a playboy or bon vivant type, which annoys some. Plus, some say his commentary is too cliché, while others actually find him quite colourful. So that's really a matter of taste.

Ravi Shastri Estimated Net Worth

While we can't say 100% definitively down to the last dollar, Ravi's net worth has been estimated at around $11 million.

He's earned these millions through numerous endeavours over the course of a long and varied career. For example, savings and investments from his cricket playing days, coaching, commentating, entrepreneurship, and now increasingly ambassadorships and sponsor partnerships, like he's formed with Stake.

rich-people-64x64.pngWhile not overtly flashy on social media - though he does sneak in a fancy car shot now and then - he's known to live in a plush mansion in Mumbai, and own a relatively large number of luxury cars, clearly demonstrating his great wealth.

Ravi's Private Life

As for his private life, we've pretty much covered all the essentials including his birthdate (May 27, 1962) and place of birth (Mumbai).

A few other things of interest here include the fact that despite the playboy trait that's often attached to him, he was actually married for 22 years - from 1990 to 2012 - to Ritu Singh, who is a doctor by profession. The duo had one daughter, named Aleka Shastri, who was born in 2008.

Apparently, Ravi was also in a long-term relationship with the actress Amrita Singh before that, and even proposed marriage. The rumour around that though, is that he wanted her to quit acting as a condition; so neither happened.

heart iconPost marriage, circa 2018, he was apparently with the stunning Indian actress Nimrat Kaur, which was kept a secret for some time.

These days there is no definitive answer as to who he's dating or if he has a single status. What is known, however, is that he splits his time between his birthplace Mumbai and the coastal city of Alibaug. And of course, keeps busy with all his many interests and works.

Bottom Line: Is Ravi Shastri Worth Watching?

A true cricket legend, Ravi Shastri is always worth watching in our opinion. Or more specifically, listening to or reading these days, as he's no longer playing. That's because as a commentator he is able to offer highly relevant insights from his long history as a cricket professional.

Now that he's partnered with Stake, the world's top crypto casino, it will be interesting to see where he takes this knowledge. That is, will he stick to his lane and feature solely sports betting tips? Or will we eventually be able to see him extend this expertise to new gaming realms?

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