Lucky Phoenix Megaways Review 2024

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Lucky Phoenix Megaways Facts

$500 BonusPlay at Stake
Min. Bet:$0.20
Max. Bet:$1,250
Max. Win:5,000X your bet
Free Spins: 
Bonus Buy: 
Free Play:  

If you've been following our systematic reviews of the Pragmatic Play enhanced RTP line of slots, then you already know that they're quite legendary. And after careful testing and evaluation, we're now also pleased to report that Lucky Phoenix Megaways is no exception to that positive assessment. In fact, it's great!

Featuring a bit of a mish-mash of themes - the mythological phoenix combined with Asian slots elements - this is a direct spinoff from an established Pragmatic Play classic, the 5 Lions Megaways game. If you open both of them side-by-side, you'll see the strong overlap in the symbols, bonus features, as well as the audio soundtrack.

While there are very few differences between this pair of games, there are however two notable exceptions. The first is that Lucky Phoenix is a Stake casino exclusive, meaning you can only play it there - making it a great choice for those who enjoy the uniqueness factor. And the other, of course, is the matter of the RTP, which in the Lucky Phoenix Megaways game has been bumped up to 98%.

Game highlights:

  • 2 bonus buy options
  • Tumble feature
  • Wild multipliers of up to 40X
  • Win up to 5,000X your bet
  • Choice of how to play free spins
  • Mystery free spins option
  • 117,649 ways to win
  • 98% pay out rate
  • High volatility
  • Available exclusively at Stake casino*


Play Lucky Phoenix at Stake

*Lucky Phoenix Megaways is available exclusively at Stake. It's important to note that it may not be available in in the location of your IP address. Should this be the case, you can turn on a VPN, then try opening the game again. It should then work from our experience. ➜ More info

spin-arrowWant to give the slot a spin? Skip the instructions and try Lucky Phoenix Megaways in demo mode! Otherwise continue reading our review.

Enhanced RTP Lucky Phoenix Megaways Basics and Rules

Despite the fancy name of enhanced RTP, like all slots in this series, Lucky Phoenix Megaways plays like any other online slot machine. Any other online slots with the Megaways mechanism, that is.

We're assuming most players have encountered Megaways over the years, but in case you're unfamiliar, these are really neat slots that have a special design to create an astronomical number of paylines.

No more "mere" 10 or 20 paylines here; not even the 100 that used to so impress! Instead, in a good Megaways game like Lucky Phoenix, you have a full 117,649 ways to win. Not all rounds will reach that maximum, mind you. Rather this number is dynamic - clearly displayed in the upper right corner of your screen before each spin. So it could be 144, 720, 8820, 10800, and so forth up to the maximum of 117,649 if you're really lucky.


The board is set up with 6 reels, and up to 7 rows. "Up to" because the symbols here differ in size, so that you will see reels with anywhere from 3 to 7 symbols after each spin. If it sounds complicated, we assure you that it's not. In fact, it's actually a whole lot of fun!

All those fancy mechanics aside, wins are formed in a fairly traditional style - awarded from left to right for adjacent combos of 3 or more.

Madame Mystique MegawaysTip: Like the idea of Megaways and enhanced RTP mechanisms wrapped into one? We're happy to recommend similar games from the series like The Dog Mansion Megaways and Madame Mystique Megaways slots, which we've also reviewed.

Wagers are placed before each round and can be adjusted up by clicking on the plus or minus sign, to either side of the spin button. You can change your bet in between each spin. Or you can click 'Autoplay' just below the spin button and have the machine do the work for you, spinning consecutively for up to 1,000 times in a row at the same bet rate.

Your betting range here is as low as $0.20 per spin, or as high as $1,250. This max bet makes it an especially good option for those on the high roller end of gambling as it's somewhat above the norm.

Wild West Bounty Logo SmallAs for how much you can win, the top payout is 5,000X your bet, which is pretty good. But less than a game like Wild West Bounty, which is also part of the enhanced RTP series, but has a payout of up to 10,000X.

Play Lucky Phoenix Megaways Slots for Free

Everyone wants something for nothing. We get you! But the most we can do for you here is the free play option, which lets you play Lucky Phoenix for free, but obviously does not pay out any real money prizes.

free iconThat's the nature of free slots play, so it's to be expected. And in our opinion, a worthy option for those new to the enhanced RTP genre – even if it honestly has no learning curve and you can easily play it immediately.

To make free play even easier, we've actually gone ahead and included it right here on this very review, just below. You can also, of course, go direct to the Stake casino website and do the same, if that's what you prefer - making it even quicker to switch over to real money bets when you feel ready.

Lucky Phoenix Megaways Demo Mode

lucky-phoenix-megaways-free-play By pressing on "Play", I understand that I will be shown content from Pragmatic Play. You can find more information in our website's Privacy Policy as well as that of Pragmatic Play. Pragmatic Play

Play at Stake Casino

5 Lions Megaways and Lucky Phoenix Slot Comparison

Most of the other games in the Pragmatic Play enhanced RTP series are clearly paired. That is, the enhanced game is an obvious spinoff from a predecessor, as is evident in its name. Like how The Dog House Megaways slots evolved into The Dog Mansion Megaways, or the parallel between Sugar Rush and the Sugar Twist games.

thumb up iconBut despite the slightly more different names, Lucky Phoenix and 5 Lions have a whole lot in common. And we mean this in a good way, with just enough twists to keep things more interesting.

Though you wouldn't guess it from the name, these two slots have tremendous overlap in terms of the look and feel. This includes the graphical end with almost all symbols doing double duty in both games, and the same somewhat Asian, somewhat mystical soundtrack that can be heard on both.

lucky-phoenix-slot-vs-5-lions-megawaysThe visual comparison reveals only minor differences.MoreLess

The big difference is that in Lucky Phoenix Megaways, the mythical bird adorns the screen around the main game board, whereas in the 5 Lions version, it's the powerful feline making its presence felt.

Lucky Phoenix Lion SymbolThat being said, the lion is actually the highest paying symbol in both games. In fact, the only difference in the symbols for main game play is in the second highest paying one, which is the phoenix in the 5 Lions game, and the fearsome pig in the Lucky Phoenix game. The wild symbol also differs, so that each game's animal inspiration is the wild card.

Other than that you will find the same frog, fish, and turtle in both games, as well as the card values 10 through Ace. And the same ying-yang scatter symbol.

Both games have the tumble feature, and the same exciting free spins bonus round with the option to buy directly in. Both have an auto play option, and both have the potential for a massive number of multipliers.

The other only real difference then, is the obvious. And that is their respective RTPs. While 5 Lions Megaways has an RTP of 96.5%, Lucky Phoenix Megaways boosts that up a few notches, all the way up to 98%, which if you're familiar with the world of online slots, is a very high return to player.

Lucky Phoenix Megaways Video Slots Paytable

Like all online slots, Lucky Phoenix works according to a specific paytable, built into its game, with a cash value assigned to each combination. In this case, a combo is lining up anywhere from 3 to 6 matching symbols.

The character symbols pay at the highest rate, while the playing cards are lower value prizes. But both are good, as we always like to win! For a sense of what's up for grabs have a look at the chart below, per symbol and win range.

Symbol Minimum profit Maximum profit
Lucky Phoenix Lion SymbolX1 X25
Lucky Phoenix Pig SymbolX0.75 X5
Lucky Phoenix Toad SymbolX0.5 X5
Lucky Phoenix Fish SymbolX0.3 X2.5
Lucky Phoenix Turtle SymbolX0.3 X2.5
Lucky Phoenix Ace Card SymbolX0.2 X1.25
Lucky Phoenix King Card SymbolX0.2 X1.25
Lucky Phoenix Queen Card SymbolX0.1X1
Lucky Phoenix Jack Card SymbolX0.1X1
Lucky Phoenix 10 Card SymbolX0.1X1

While the above paytable is great for understanding the value implicit in each symbol's combos, Lucky Phoenix Megaways also has one built in directly to the game. To access it, click on the 'i', as in information icon, in the bottom right corner of the game screen.

A dynamic paytable will show your potential win amounts per symbol combo, according to your wager. So, for example, bet $0.20 and the top win per line will be $5; bet $1,000 and that goes up to $25,000, and so forth.

spin-arrowLike the mythological bird itself, you get a chance to rise up and have your luck reborn with each spin, as slots are a matter of fate and can potentially pay out at any time. So don't get too down if you have a losing streak - though you should be careful with your budget and bankroll.

And remember, as a Megaways game, Lucky Phoenix enhanced RTP slots have reels in which up to 7 symbols can fit in, so you'll have up to 117,649 possible ways to win on the best of spins.

Lucky Phoenix Megaways Bonus Rounds and Special Features

In addition to being especially engaging with its excellent graphics and motif, Lucky Phoenix Megaways is a feature-packed game, with plenty of extras available with each spin.

While all the bells and whistles are 1-for-1 as its inspiration, the 5 Lions Megaways game, we don't expect you to remember, even if you're already a massive fan. So we've put together a comprehensive look into the various bonus features, which look like this:

  1. Wild symbols with multipliers
  2. Tumble feature
  3. Free spins bonus round
  4. Bonus buy option
  5. Double chance to win feature

Wild symbols with multipliers

Lucky Phoenix Wild Symbol BirdLike most online slots, Lucky Phoenix Megaways has a wild symbol. Here it is the fiery bird itself, which can appear on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5. Its function is to replace any symbols on the reels to help form a winning combination. It is able to do so for all symbols, with the exception of the yin-yang, which is this game's scatter symbol.

This flaming phoenix does double duty here when it fills in as part of a winning combination. That is, any wild symbols that help form a winning combination are also assigned a random multiplier, which is then applied to all of the associated winnings. Possible multipliers can go up to 30X or 40X which is highly desirable.

Tumble feature

Another favourite feature in this crypto slot machine is the tumble mechanism.

A classic found in many Pragmatic Play slots, the tumble mechanism is basically a way to garner multiple wins on the same bet that is basically additional play.

win iconHow it works is simple. If you spin a winning combination, the game removes those symbols, and then tumbles new ones into their respective places. If these symbols go on to create a new winning combination, then they too disappear, and again are replaced by new symbols.

This can theoretically go on infinitely, until no more winning combos are formed. Once that happens, all of the wins from that single round are tallied up together. You will then be paid out for the full cumulative amount, direct to your casino balance account.

Free spins bonus round

The free spins bonus round is great, but it can be a little complicated to understand at first.

Lucky Phoenix Scatter Symbol Ying-YangTo trigger the bonus round, you need to land at least 3 scatter symbols, marked with a yin-yang graphic, anywhere on the reels. The number of scatter symbols determines the rate at which your potential prize will be paid.

  • 6 scatter bonus symbols = 100X your bet
  • 5 scatter bonus symbols = 25X your bet
  • 4 scatter bonus symbols = 5X your bet
  • 3 scatter bonus symbols = 3X your bet

Now this is where it gets a bit complicated. Once the bonus round is triggered, you will then have to choose which free spins option you want. There are 7 options in total, and each has its own benefits, balancing between more free spins with lower multipliers, and fewer free spins but far higher multipliers. Or the mystery option, which may be any amount combined from the other options.


Special reels are used during the bonus round. And the bonus round can be retriggered in the same way by landing at least 3 scatter bonus symbols.

Bonus buy option

Like the sound of that bonus round? Then you can skip right to it by executing the bonus buy option, instead of waiting for random luck to trigger it.

Keep in mind that it will cost you no small sum. 100X your current bet to be precise. The advantage of course is the extra action guaranteed, with the enormous winning potential.

Double chance to win feature

If you want to give your odds of winning a boost, you can also opt for the ante bet feature. That's what it's officially called in the game's info section. But when you're playing, you'll see it onscreen labelled as the "double chance to win" feature to the left of the board.

Whatever you want to call it, what it does is for a fee of 1.25X your present stake, is double your chances of triggering the bonus round in your next spin.

fingerTip: To activate it, just toggle the notch from the playing board from 'Off' to 'On' and you'll automatically see your bet amount - and we assume your odds - adjusted in kind.

Play Lucky Phoenix Megaways on Mobile

On the slightly obvious end for a game review in 2024, the answer to the mobile compatibility question, is that yes, Lucky Phoenix can be played on any handheld device, as much as a desktop PC.

html6 iconThanks to HTML5 technology, the mobile version of Lucky Phoenix Megaways can be enjoyed without downloading anything. As in no dedicated Android or iOS casino app required. All you need to do is simply open the Stake casino website from your browser, and play from there. After logging in, the slot game is available at any time with or without wagering, ie. for real money and free play.

The mobile quality is in no way inferior to that of the desktop game, provided you have reliable internet access. And you may want to keep your operating system version updated, to ensure fast loading times and pleasant performance.

Lucky Phoenix Megaways FAQs

Beyond the main categories we've covered in this Lucky Phoenix review, we'd like to address a few common questions asked by players. This will hopefully help you optimise your time, fully understand the game's workings, and get the most enjoyment out of your play.

  1. Is Lucky Phoenix Megaways a crypto slots machine?
  2. Is Lucky Phoenix Megaways a provably fair game?
  3. Is the Lucky Phoenix bonus buy option worth the price?
  4. What is meant by Lucky Phoenix Megaways being a high volatility game?
  5. What is the mystery bonus in Lucky Phoenix Megaways slots?

1.) Is Lucky Phoenix Megaways a crypto slots machine?

Since Stake casino is a crypto casino, and is the only place where you can play the game, then it is reasonable and correct to say that Lucky Phoenix Megaways is an online crypto slot machine.

That means you can fund your Stake account with Bitcoin - or about 20 other different digital coin options from its cashier - and use that money to bet on Lucky Phoenix, or any of the thousands of other game options found in the casino.

On the flip side, if you are concerned it is a crypto slot that can't be played with regular currencies such as Canadian dollars, then don't be. Stake also accepts certain fiat currencies like CAD and EUR, which means that they can be used for betting on this game too.

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2.) Is Lucky Phoenix Megaways a provably fair game?

Great question. Since Lucky Phoenix is a crypto casino game, it is reasonable to wonder if it works with the provably fair algorithm associated with the genre as well.

So no, actually. The provably fair concept at Stake only applies to its original crypto games like crash, limbo, and mines. But that in no way shadows the other games' fairness.

Stake as a reputable online casino and Pragmatic Play as a top provider are both heavily invested in creating safe and fair games. And Lucky Phoenix Megaways has the mechanisms built in to assure this, including the random number generator which delivers random results, as the name implies, which is what fair gaming is all about.

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3.) Is the Lucky Phoenix bonus buy option worth the price?

Worth the price is in the realm of unanswerable questions. That's because price is often not about actual value, as much as perceived value, desire, and emotions mixed in.

Fancy philosophy, maybe, but the reality is we can't determine if the bonus buy option is right for you. In our opinion, the bonus round in Lucky Phoenix Megaways has an excellent build, with a whole lot of excitement and winning potential. The 100X your bet price, however, is undeniably steep. Which means you have to do the cost-benefit equation for yourself to determine that answer.

If you want to up your odds of landing the bonus round, of course, you can always go the double chance to win feature way, which is far cheaper. But it also has exponentially less of a guarantee to gaining you entrance to the coveted bonus round, so that too is for you to decide.

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4.) What is meant by Lucky Phoenix Megaways being a high volatility game?

Generally, the gambling rule is that high volatility games pay out less frequently but the chance to hit a big win quickly is higher. In other words, as with just about everything in life, there's a trade-off. Here it's less frequent wins, but for far bigger amounts.

Some players prefer high volatility games and that equation, while others prefer the medium volatility slots, which balance the frequency and prize sums more equally.

This choice is up to you. And since Lucky Phoenix has a boosted 98% RTP, overall it has good odds built-in, though you may need to play a bit longer for that payoff to be felt.

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5.) What is the mystery bonus in Lucky Phoenix Megaways slots?

As we described above, the bonus round in Lucky Phoenix Megaways gives you the ability to choose how your free spins are going to be played out. There are 6 options each with a clear number of free spins and potential multipliers, plus a 7th option, which is the mystery option, in which the number of free spins and multipliers are determined randomly.

Why would you choose this? In our opinion this can be worthwhile for players who have a higher appetite for risk, as well as those who simply like to be surprised by chance. Because ultimately, it's impossible to know whether what you'll get will be better or worse than the options already spelled out.

If you're lucky you can get the max of 25 free spins with a 40X wild multiplier. But you could also get far less, though it would never go below the game's minimum combined bonus round options of 6 free spins and a 2X multiplier.

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Our Expert Opinion on Lucky Phoenix Megaways Slots

As a standalone machine, our assessment of Lucky Phoenix Megaways is that it is overall excellent.

star logoIn comparison to its model, 5 Lions Megaways, it has all of the same terrific features like the tumble function, as well as the rewarding bonus round with all its potential free spins and multipliers. Plus, of course, there are strong visual similarities, which we love. And the potential 117,649 possible ways to win, thanks to the Megaways mechanism.

Here however, you get one step more with the optimised pay out rate of a 98% RTP. And of course, the exclusivity factor, as it can only be played at Stake, giving you an excellent option for spicing things up.

Play now at Stake

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