Sugar Twist Slot Review 2024

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Sugar Twist Facts

$500 BonusPlay at Stake
Min. Bet:$0.20
Max. Bet:$1,000
Max. Win:5,000x
Free Spins: 
Bonus Buy: 
Free Play:  

Gum drops, lollipops, jelly beans, marshmallows, and Swedish fish are just some of the obvious symbols gracing this exciting new game.

Sugar Twist slots features just about every candy we adore, except here they're not just gorgeous and enticing, rather truly worthwhile. One because they're calorie free. And two, because they can deliver sweet prizes to the tune of up to 5,000X your bet.

An integral member of the Pragmatic Play enhanced RTP series designed exclusively for Stake casino, Sugar Twist is based on the popular Sugar Rush game, with many of the same features and delectable delights. But this time, game play is taken up a notch with a now 98% RTP, which means better odds for a win.

Winning combos, as in the original, require at least 5 identical symbols, with 15-of-a-kind (plus) paying out the most. The best, however, are the features which include the always popular Tumble round, which can theoretically keep you spinning and winning indefinitely.

All and all, Sugar Twist is a sensory sensation, and a whole lot of fun; in fact, we'd say, one of the games we crave most!

Game highlights:

  • Cluster wins
  • Tumble feature
  • Free spins
  • Multiplier spots for up to 128X your wins
  • Bonus buy feature for instant free spins
  • Top prize of up to 5,000X your bet
  • 98% payout rate
  • High volatility
  • Available exclusively at Stake casino


Play Sugar Twist at Stake

Tip: While Stake is a super accessible crypto casino, it's been tightening things up in terms of accessibility lately. So if you're looking for Sugar Twist and can't find it (say you're in certain parts of Canada or the US), simply set your VPN to another country (we've found for example Bulgaria, Sweden, and Cyprus work), and play from there. You can use your existing Stake account when you do that, so you don't have to worry about opening a new one to match your temporary IP address. ➜ More info

spin-arrowYou would like to give it a spin? Skip the game instructions and try Sugar Twist in demo mode! Otherwise continue reading our review.

Enhanced RTP Sugar Twist Game Basics and Rules

Sugar Twist slots can be found at Stake casino under its Enhanced RTP section of games. Or, if you prefer, you can enter the term "Sugar Twist" in the search bar on the Stake website and land there too. As mentioned above, turn on your VPN if you're having an issue finding it, because it's there, just potentially not available in your region.

As for the basics of its mechanics, it is a fairly simple slot which can be played in free mode or for real money bets; the latter being more recommended since we personally prefer the thrill of real gambles, even if for low stakes.

Fairly flexible in terms of bet range, you can set your wager per round by clicking the 'plus' or 'minus' signs, on either side of the spin button (lower right corner of the game screen). The minimum bet per round is $0.20 while the maximum bet is $1,000. You can reset your bet each round, or turn on the auto play function, to keep the spins going consecutively at the same rate.

settingsNote: While predominantly a crypto casino, you can set your bets in CAD, USD, EUR, INR, PLN, RUB, or numerous other fiats, so you can keep better track of your bet values, and hopefully, cash wins.

stake-wallet-settings-display-in-fiat-or-cryptoWallet settings at Stake CasinoMoreLess

Once you've set your bet, click to spin and set the reels in motion. Where they stop is a matter of luck, governed by the game's RNG - for fair random results are assured every time.

There are no traditional winning lines on Sugar Twist; rather what are called clusters which are what count towards a payout. To put it simply, a cluster is a series of identical connected symbols in combos of at least 5 for the minimum win, or 15+ for the top prize pay.

sugar-twist-winning-combinationSugar Twist is a cluster pays slots gameMoreLess

In general the game plays like many other Pragmatic Play classics, with similar features. So if a cluster appears in the game, the winnings are paid out and the symbols of the combination disappear from the screen, with new ones tumbling in automatically for potentially more wins. Best yet, his happens until no more new clusters are formed, so you can get a whole lotta value out of a single spin!

As for odds of hitting a win, Sugar Twist has a very high RTP, coming in at 98%. This puts it on par with other games in the enhanced RTP series like The Dog Mansion Megaways and Gates of Heaven, and slightly beneath the top paying slots that we know of, being Madame Mystique at a 98.03% RTP.

And top prize? 5,000X the amount you bet on that round. So if you want to win more, you'll have to bet more. Though even at a dollar bet, that would be an excellent prize.

info iconTip: If you want more details on the game intricacies, just click on the information button, marked 'i' from the game screen, and scroll through.

Play Sugar Twist Online for Free

If you're looking to play Sugar Twist slots, it's important to note that this game can only be played at Stake casino. And here's a pretty neat thing - you can even play it there before registering. That is, you can enjoy free Sugar Twist slots in 'Fun Play' mode, even before you've created a Stake account. Of course, we really love Stake as the #1 crypto casino these days, but that's going to be up to you if you want to join. And maybe this game is what it takes.

Anyhow, we'll just point out that there are some tiny differences between real money and free play versions of the game. But playing the free version, in our opinion, is an excellent way to compare Sugar Twist with its inspiration the original Sugar Rush game. And also get a feel for some of the extras like the bonus buy option, to determine if it's worth "the price."

You can, by the way, play the free crypto slots at Stake. Or if you want, click the demo version below, which Stake has so generously given our players direct access to.

Sugar Twist Slots Demo

sugar-twist-enhanced-rtp-slot By pressing on "Play", I understand that I will be shown content from Pragmatic Play. You can find more information in our website's Privacy Policy as well as that of Pragmatic Play. Pragmatic Play

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Sugar Twist and Sugar Rush Slots Comparison

If you've taken a peek, and are familiar with its inspiration, you have likely noticed that the enhanced slot Sugar Twist is similar to its predecessor Sugar Rush in many respects. But, like all slot machines in this special series developed by Pragmatic Play for Stake, it offers some standout features that set the two versions apart, though some of these differences are subtler than others. So we'll help you out, and do a side-by-side comparison, to save you the trouble.

So first and foremost, the most obvious difference is in the area of the payout rate. After all, this is what the enhanced RTP line is all about. So while the original Sugar Rush slots machine has a very solid 96.5% RTP, the Sugar Twist version takes that up a full 1.5%, coming in at a 98% RTP!

thumb up iconThat may not sound massive - like you wouldn't buy a coat at a 1.5% discount and get too excited. But it is quite significant if you're talking mortgage or broker's fee. And certainly online slot odds improvements, because here it means that Stake pays out an average of 1.5% more to its customers, based on the total revenue generated for this game. Which in other words, increases your profit potential a bit.

There are also some minor graphical differences that only the most discerning players might note; i.e. those truly familiar with both games. For example, the gummy bears from the original Sugar Rush slots have been replaced with gummy fish in the newer Sugar Twist version. And the original gumball machine scatter symbol has been transformed into a colourful marshmallow in the newer version.

sugar-twist-vs-sugar-rushSugar Twist vs Sugar Rush - the differences are subtle.MoreLess

And the Sugar Rush game, keep in mind is the only one of the two that participates in the Pragmatic Play tournaments if that's something that interests you.

As for similarities, both games offer a top prize of 5,000X your bet, and the potential for explosions in the same cell to deliver an up to 128X multiplier. They also have the same minimum and maximum bet options going from 20 cents up to a thousand dollars. And the same tumble, free spin, and other fun extra winning features. So really, both are good options in our books.

Sugar Twist Paytable

Wondering how much you can win playing this saccharine sweet slots game? The paytable below gives you a pretty good indication, with the profit potential for each symbol. Or to view absolute potential in dollar amounts (or Bitcoin or ETH if you prefer) have a look at the paytable from within the game by clicking the 'i' information icon.

SymbolMinimum profitMaximum profit
Sugar Twist Slot - Lollipop SymbolX1 X150
Sugar Twist Slot - Candy Heart SymbolX0.75X100
Sugar Twist Slot - Jelly Bean SymbolX0.5 X60
Sugar Twist Slot - Gummy Star SymbolX0.4 X40
Sugar Twist Slot - Red Swedish Fish SymbolX0.3 X30
Sugar Twist Slot - Pink Swedish Fish SymbolX0.25X25
Sugar Twist Slot - Orange Swedish Fish SymbolX0.2 X20

Just to explain the paytable a bit further, this game pays based on clusters of 5 identical symbols, or more. The game is played out on a 7 by 7 grid, and blocks of symbols connected either vertically or horizontally pay. The longer a chain is, the higher the winning rate. All symbols have their own pay rate, with luscious lollipop clusters paying the most.

The highest sums can be achieved when at least 15 matching symbols appear. After the lollipop, the candy hearts, jelly beans, gummy stars, and Swedish fish pay amounts in that value order. Of course, the colour of the fish also plays a role.

Sugar Twist Scatter SymbolScatter symbols do not have a dollar and cents value as a combination in this game, but they are still very useful in larger numbers because this determines the number of free spins that follow.

Sugar Twist Bonus Rounds and Special Features

Sugar Twist offers players the same extras as found in the Sugar Rush template, many of which are classics of Pragmatic Play. Here too, there are always free spins, multipliers and the ever popular tumble feature built in. This release, however, like its predecessor, does not have a wild symbol, so just keep that in mind.

  1. Free spins
  2. Multiplier spots
  3. Tumble feature
  4. Bonus buy option

Free spins

Free spins are triggered as soon as 3 or more scatter symbols appear in the form of the colorful marshmallow (some might identify them as some sort of souped-up jelly beans). The positions of these bonus symbols on the reels do not play any role in activating the free spins. It's the absolute number onscreen that count.

  • 3 scatter symbols give you 10 free spins
  • 4 scatter symbols give you 12 free spins
  • 5 scatter symbols give you 15 free spins
  • 6 scatter symbols give you 20 free spins
  • the max 7 scatter symbols give you the max 30 free spins

Sugar Twist Scatter

Special reels are used for the free spins bonus round play, but note scatter symbols are found there too. And if they land in the aforementioned way, you can retrigger this bonus spin round indefinitely. Also, the tumble feature and multiplier spots continue here as well, for extra potential in your bonus round wins.

Multiplier spots

This one's a little complicated as you don't come across it every day. But it's pretty cool in our opinion.

Okay so basically, each time a winning symbol explodes (i.e. is removed from screen) it leaves a mark in its spot. If another symbol then explodes in that same spot, a multiplier is moved in as well as another symbol. This starts as a 2X multiplier, then if the symbol explodes again doubles to 4X, and so forth, with the max multiplier this feature can reach being 128X.


Also awesome is the fact that the multiplier then applies to all winning combos that hit on top of it. And if multiple multipliers are involved in a winning combo, they are then added together, giving you even more bang for your buck. Furthermore, these multipliers stay in place until no more winning sequences are created. And with the game's built-in tumble feature, that can go on for quite some time! So at the end of a single wager, the game could be dishing out a pretty hefty cash prize.

Tumble feature

While there are no traditional pay lines in this video slot game, it still obviously works on combinations, in this case like we said, the cluster set up. Once a cluster combination is formed, associated winnings are paid out. Then, the symbols that formed the combo explode out of play, with new symbols tumbling into their places. Hence the name tumble feature. This gives you the chance to form additional winning combinations, on the same bet you already placed, at no additional cost to you.

smiley iconThere is no limit on how many times the tumble feature can fill in your winning symbols; the only exception being if you reach the game's max pay prize of 5,000 times your wager.

Bonus buy option

Sugar Twist Bonus BuyWhen playing Sugar Twist, you don't have to sit and patiently wait for scatter symbols and the associated free spins to appear.

Instead, you can go the way of the bonus buy option, which allows you to directly buy into the free spins round for a one-time payment of 100 times your base bet. Doing so instantly triggers the free spins round, though it's a matter of luck whether 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 scatter symbols will appear, and their associated free spin award.

Play Sugar Twist Mobile

Got you interested, but you're wondering about Sugar Twist mobile play? Well this obviously is an option as all Stake games are available on mobile. And its enhanced RTP slots are no exception, since we all get how great gambling on the go is.

mobile devices iconThe quality, needless to say is excellent. And for your convenience, you can play directly in your mobile browser, with no download of a dedicated casino app required. And of course, one customer account is sufficient for all devices, so you can switch back and forth from your cell phone, laptop, or whatever.

And yes, Sugar Twist, being a Stake game, is Android, iOS, and Windows compatible. In fact, it works with any phone or tablet with a decent internet connection or on the 4G and 5G networks. Plus, mobile payment solutions are also available thanks to the proven crypto wallets Stake works with, making this all a seamless experience and super easy, even your first time.

Sugar Twist FAQs

How's that for everything you'd ever want to know about Sugar Twist slots? Bet you didn't think there was even so much to say. But we're not done. There are just a few frequently asked questions left to address, as the cherry on top of this candy themed game.

  1. How high is the max win on Sugar Twist slots?
  2. Do I need to download a casino app to play Sugar Twist?
  3. How is a winning cluster created in the Sugar Twist game?
  4. Where can I try Sugar Twist for free?

1.) How high is the max win on Sugar Twist slots?

As is the case with all online slot machines, Sugar Twist has a fixed winning limit. And in this case, it is 5,000 times the amount you have wagered on the game round you are currently playing.

As soon as this max limit is reached, for example during ongoing tumbles or in free spins bonus mode, the round automatically ends, and the amount won is credited to your account.

In a pure numbers sense, if you're wondering, the top prize is theoretically $5 million. That's the top bet of $1,000 multiplied by 5,000. This of course puts Sugar Twist's potential top prize on par with the highest paying progressive jackpot slots. In fact, at 5 million dollars, that's far more than even most progressive games, making it a great option for a top dollar jackpot win.

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2.) Do I need to download a casino app to play Sugar Twist?

Sugar Twist is a modern video slot machine that, like all Pragmatic Play releases, is based on HTML5 technology. This enables the exclusive carrier of Sugar Twist, Stake casino, to conveniently implement the game into its portfolio, directly on its own website. As such, there is no need to install the slot or download the casino software. Just visit the casino from any browser - whether on your mobile phone or desktop PC - and you're good to go.

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3.) How is a winning cluster created in the Sugar Twist game?

Sugar Twist has no classic winning lines. Winnings are settled according to the Cluster Pays concept. The prerequisite is that a sufficient number of identical symbols appear connected to each other.

The evaluation is carried out in the form of blocks, which can run both horizontally and vertically. 5 matches are the minimum requirement for a paid cluster. The more identical symbols there are, the higher the reward. The maximum pay is reached at 15 matches; and a larger number does not increase profits. For full details on each symbol's cash value, the Sugar Twist paytable is the best resource to consult. Though of course, you don't need to do the math yourself. The machine will automatically pay outfor any and all cluster wins as soon as their formed.

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4.) Where can I try Sugar Twist for free?

Playing for real money winnings is only possible at Stake casino. However, if you who would like to get a first-hand, non-binding impression of Sugar Twist, you can also do so in the crypto casino by choosing the 'Fun Play' mode option. Fun play of course being a synonym for free play.

If you are not yet registered at Stake, but are still interested in a taste of this sweet entertainment, without risking a cent, you could also simply try the Sugar Twist demo version above, right here on the Casino.Guide website. You do not need to register with us in order to enjoy this demo version; though if you want to switch to real money play, that can easily be done using any of the links provided here to Stake. Plus, of course you get that exclusive Casino.Guide Stake bonus to use when you do so - so don't forget to use it!

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Our Expert Opinion on Sugar Twist Slots

After careful review it is clear, Sugar Twist is an excellent successor to the popular Sugar Rush slots.

arrowAvailable exclusively at Stake casino, its standout special feature, by far, is the enhanced payout rate of 98 percent. And of course the top prize win which can reach up to $5 million dollars when you do the math of top bet at $1,000 times the top win potential of 5,000 times your wager. You can, needless to say, also play for far less; in fact, just 20 cents a round, which lets you enjoy the candy-coated joy of this sumptuous slots for a far smaller investment.

And with the tumble feature and multiplier spots, the winning potential, even on a smaller bet, can quickly add up - making this game super fun and if you're lucky, equally profitable.

The graphics are great, the learning curve is zilch, and the sum of its parts really impress. In other words, we'd say Sugar Twist is another winner in the enhanced RTP series category, and one we're happy to recommend for those who like interesting twists on their spins and a really enjoyable overall theme.

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