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Mellstroy Profile
Streamer name: Mellstroy
Real name: Andrey Burim
Avatar:Mellstroy Avatar
Residence: Moscow
Place of Birth: Gomel, Belarus
Followers:295 (Twitter)
699,000 before ban (YouTube)
18,900 before ban (Twitch)
38,800 (
286,000 (VK)
708,000 (Instagram)
Specialties: Trash streaming - savage and sometimes violent streams, including assaulting a woman live.
Favourite Casino: Stake Casino
Net worth: $7.2 million USD

If you're into watching extreme stuff on the internet, you might have already heard of Mellstroy. Or maybe not. But that's okay because it's our job to stay on top of the latest trends for you. And that's why we're here to tell you all about Mellstroy, one of the most sensational streamers coming out of Russia.

Otherwise known as Andrey Burim in real life, Mellstroy has been breaking the rules of the internet and has gathered a fast growing fan base, even though he got banned from Twitch. Mellstroy is actually what they call a trash streamer, and trash streamers are known for doing the lewdest and most insane things on live stream, usually in exchange for viewer donations.

Of course, one of the reasons why we're covering Mellstroy at Casino.Guide is because the guy is also a prolific gambler and has been streaming his wild gambling parties at Stake Casino.

So we'll definitely go into that in this article because we know you want to know about all the latest gambling action. And we'll also definitely give you the full picture on Mellstroy's controversies and the crazy stuff he likes to do that gets him banned because that is what makes Mellstroy streams so popular.

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Who is Mellstroy?


©mellstroy Telegram Account

It's always good to start with the fundamentals - who is Mellstroy? What's his real name? Where is he from? What's his background?

Mellstroy is actually Andrey Burim in real life, or sometimes spelt as Andrei Burim. Born in Belarus in 1998, Burim now lives in Moscow and is one of the most popular Russian streamers. Rumours have it that he lived in the US briefly and finished school there, but beyond that there isn't a whole lot more info about Mellstroy's biography outside of his outrageous internet personality.

And that internet personality is famous for being brutal and lavish, with his most recent claim to fame being bashing a model's face into a desk during a live stream. We'll get more into that later.

Mellstroy Casino Streams

Gambling comes hand in hand along with the extravagant lifestyle parties, and you'll certainly find that in Mellstroy streams.

Obviously the next question is which casino Mellstroy plays at. So the answer is that Burim has actually been gambling at several sites, but since July 2021, he's made Stake Casino his home.

Whether there's a deal between the two is unknown, but with Stake offering near no limit betting with an incredible selection of games, we can see it being a good fit. Mellstroy streams are in Russian since that's his audience, but when it comes to gambling, the language is pretty international so don't let that hold you back from checking things out.

And just to keep expectations in check, Mellstroy isn't really known for cash drops. The money usually flows in the other direction with trash streamers.

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  • Founded in: 2017
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Where and When to Watch Mellstroy Streams

And if you're wondering where you can watch Mellstroy's casino streams or just his streams in general, then note that you can't find him on Twitch. He's been banned from Twitch and Youtube since the incident with the model. In the meantime, Mellstroy can now be found on the Kick streaming platform, which incidentally was co-founded by Trainwreckstv and has been drawing in tons of high profile streamers along with their followers. You can also find the streamer on the Chinese streaming platform Trovo, which is owned by Tencent, the parent company of Riot Games and PUBG.

As for when Mellstroy streams. There is no schedule posted, but it's usually in the morning, Russian time. He's also been on almost every day lately, with most streams lasting between 3 to 4 hours.

mellstroy-kick© - Mellstroy live on KickMoreLess

Mellstroy Top Games

Fire HopperIn terms of casino games, like many casino streamers Mellstroy is often going at high volatility slots with big payout potential. Like The Dog House, Gates of Olympus, Megaways and Retro Tapes like Fire Hopper from Push Gaming.

In true high roller style, Burim also has a penchant for live Baccarat. Unlike Blackjack, Baccarat is much more a game of luck with little skill needed, but the high stakes involved can payout massively for the daring - or alternatively take a massive swipe at your bankroll. Pretty much Burim's no damns given style.

Other than casino games, Andrey Burim also plays CS:GO on stream and is a pretty sharp shooter. To no one's surprise, obviously.

Does Andrey Burim have a Gambling Strategy?

It doesn't seem that Mellstroy has any particular betting strategy when he's at the casino. It's more about his gambling style, which is brutal, like almost everything about Mellstroy. You're looking at very high stakes betting, all or nothing kind of approach. $1,000 a bet is not unheard of in his universe. Clearly, this can be great entertainment but it's probably not what you should try at home.

money iconAnd as with any time we see casino streamers making these crazy wagers, the question whether these are real money bets come up. The answer is we're not sure, but it's not improbable where Stake might have a deal with the casino footing some of the losses.

Mellstroy Girl Punch Controversy - Assaulting a Model on Stream

mellstroy girl punch

Criminal proceedings were opened against Mellstroy.

While streamers are well known for doing some pretty wild things and living it up for the camera, Mellstroy pushed a big enough button for him to get banned from Twitch and Youtube.

lawWe're referring to the time he assaulted a model during one of his trash streams of course. In October 2020, Andrei Burim smashed the model Alena Efremova's face into the desk during a live stream with 680,000 viewers.[1] She survived the shocking incident to live the tale and even took Burim to court, suing for 10 million rubles – that's roughly $123k.

Burim laughed at her and said that's just too little money for him. In the end, the court ruled that Burim should pay her 72,000 rubles. Obviously much less, to add insult to injury. The case also brought attention to Mellstroy and the trash streaming trend coming out of Russia.

What is Trash Streaming?

Trash streaming, as you might be able to guess from the name, is doing the trashiest things live on stream in for donations. It's a really dark trend, where viewers pay streamers to do some pretty sick things ranging from torture to burying people alive. There's a lot of alcohol involved as people get together to do some depraved things, often with the more vulnerable bearing the brunt end of things. Another Russian streamer, Staas Reeflay had accidentally killed his girlfriend during a stream. Clearly, it's an extremely disturbing trend, especially considering it's becoming a very profitable space.

Andrei Burim on Social Media

Streamers live on the internet, and if you're curious about Andrei Burim aka Mellstroy's stats on social media, we got them for you right here. So right up until Andrei Burim got banned from Twitch in 2020, he had around 18,900 followers. This might not sound like much compared to other top streamers, but bear in mind that Mellstroy streams are in Russian so that's a pretty good corner of the space. After assaulting a model and getting kicked off Twitch and Youtube, Mellstroy moved over to Kick and has already picked up 38,800 followers.

  1. Mellstroy on Twitch
  2. Mellstroy on Kick
  3. Mellstroy on Youtube
  4. Mellstroy on Instagram
  5. Mellstroy on TikTok
  6. Mellstroy Bonus on Twitter
  7. Mellstroy on VK

1.) Mellstroy on Twitch

Twitch LogoAlthough Mellstroy is banned from Twitch and you can't find him there anymore, we put together some of the historical stats for the curious here. Burim joined the platform in 2016, and started streaming in 2018. By early 2019, he had picked up around 6,000 followers and after a few months break he came back in October with a vengeance and began streaming more regularly. The numbers picked up and he counted 18,900 followers until he got banned.

2.) Mellstroy on Kick

After the Twitch ban, Mellstroy moved over to Kick. He already has 38,800 followers here, making him one of the top 10 streamers on the platform. While his raw follower count is lower than some streamers, the number of average viewers he has per stream is around 22,800, which for now is even higher than Roshtein streams on Kick and moves him up to the top 3 on the platform.


3.) Mellstroy on Youtube

Youtube-logoSo Mellstroy also got banned from Youtube in March 2021 after the scandal. Up until the ban, he had 699,000 subscribers on his MELLSTROY СТРИМЫ Youtube channel.

If you look around on YT, you can find some other Mellstroy channels. For example, there's Mellstroy2717 that was opened in 2022, and only has 88 subscribers. Burim doesn't seem to be too bothered by the low numbers here as there aren't any really active postings here other than 10 slot videos.

Similarly, there's the mellstroy7492 channel. This was opened in 2022 and you won't find a whole lot of subscribers or videos here either. Most of the content here is just Burim hanging out with friends. No videos were posted to this channel in 2023 though, which suggests that Mellstroy has decided to put his efforts elsewhere.

4.) Mellstroy on Instagram

Instagram is always a popular and Mellstroy has 708,000 followers here. The pics here are much tamer than his streams, and mostly feature Andrei Burim displaying his massive wealth and lavish lifestyle. Luxury cars, piles of cash, pretty girls with some more scantily clad than others, can be found on Mellstroy's Instagram. He's not super active here with just 100 odd posts.

There is another Insta account called Mellstroy.trash. This vibe here is much closer to the streams with pics from the streaming parties along with pics from the crazy rich lifestyle of beach resorts. There are more than 800 posts here, although the number of followers is much lower at around 7,000 and it's been a long time since a pic was posted.


5.) Mellstroy on TikTok

With TikTok being the medium for viral short videos, lots of streamers are active here. That includes Mellstroy too, where he has amassed a huge 916k followers and over 11 million likes. On TikTok, Burim goes by glavstroy, and the content is pretty different from his streams. Most of his TikToks are of him being all gangsta around town or out and about on exotic holidays in the Seychelles or Dubai.

6.) Mellstroy Bonus on Twitter

mellstroy twitter


Lots of internet celebrities are on Twitter and Mellstroy also has an account here under Mellstroy Bonus.

So you might guess that this is where he shares his casino related news, and you'd be right. Except that there are only 295 followers here and Andrei Burim hasn't tweeted here since 2021.

Looks like the streamer has really decided to focus his energy on the channels that work for him, instead of just copying what everyone is doing.

7.) Mellstroy on VK

VK is like Russia's Facebook, and Mellstroy's VK account has 286,000 followers. There are videos of the parties he's famous for, photos of him living it up. It's pretty busy here, with most photos counting thousands of likes and lots of comments from Mellstroy fans. It goes without saying that all this is in Russian. Maybe not so relevant for many of our readers, but it's still good to know where Mellstroy is active.

How rich is Mellstroy?

With all the piles of money in his streams, it's a pretty valid question to ask just how rich is Mellstroy. Estimates put Andrei Burim's net worth at about $7.2 million in 2023.

Other than the hundreds of thousands of trash stream viewers paying him to do some pretty sick things that can often involve humiliating himself or others - though usually others, Burim also has endorsements and sponsorship deals from gaming providers. Of course, there are also subscriptions on Kick as well.


The Long and Short on Mellstroy

Brutal and savage reach new heights with Mellstroy's trash streams. You're essentially looking at an internet sensation that is ready to do depraved things for money, and it's aggressive with holds no barred. And when this energy is brought over to gambling, it can make for a really massive adrenaline rush to the casino stream. Which is what you get when you tune in to Mellstroy.

After bashing a young woman's head into the desk during a stream, Mellstroy has been banned from the usual platforms. However, he's now moved onto Kick and seems to be back stronger than ever with even more followers. But of course, it's not uncontroversial. A lot of this is sexist, misogynist, and it is designed to shock. So while some viewers will enjoy Mellstroy's streams, it's not everyone's cup of tea.



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