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Nelk Boys Profile
Streamer nameNelk Boys (nelkboys on Twitch)
Real nameVaried members including founders Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani
AvatarNelk Avatar
NationalityCanadian and American
Place of residenceCanada and the US
Followers349,000 (Twitch)
538,300 (Twitter)
7,390,000 (YouTube)
4,400,000 (Instagram)
4,100,000 (TikTok)
2,210,000 (Snapchat)
Favourite casinoStake
Claim to fameExtremely popular YouTubers, known for their pranks and lifestyle videos and vlog posts. Recently they have also been expanding to become serious casino streamers.
Character traitsControversial, abrasive, colourful, humorous, and engaging
Net Worth:estimated at well over 100 million USD

If you are a fan of pranks and frat boy style shenanigans, then in all likelihood you have heard of the Nelk Boys. Often stylized as simply NELK, this group of guys, in different constellations, has steadily attracted attention from the collegial crowd for over a decade now.

While of course anyone is free to watch them, we say collegial because their fun loving, curse filled style is most appealing to a certain demographic, usually on the younger, male end.

No strangers to controversy, they have managed to stay relevant since 2010, thanks to excellent talent, and good management under their Full Send Entertainment brand. While some of their members also enjoy individual success, most notably Steve Deleonardis aka SteveWillDoIt or SteveWillSendIt, they are best known as the collective entity that continues to produce compelling content to this day.

Part of this includes keeping their finger on the pulse, and recognizing new opportunities, such as their more recent move to include casino streaming in their repertoire - and their apparent deal with Stake, which they promote unabashedly.

While their nelkboys Twitch channel has yet to reach their full audience potential, this newer pastime of theirs has not gone unnoticed by those of us in the business. And thanks to some awesome promotions they offer there, plus cross promotion on their Twitter and TikTok channels, we are sure it is only going to grow.

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General Information about the Nelk Boys

If you haven't been following them for all these years, then it is about time you get to know the group of guys known as NELK.

Youtube-logoBasically, the group started in 2010, and is best known for its NELK YouTube channel. The guys originally got famous there pulling pranks, partying hard, and running their rather colourful mouths. While this may strike many as youthful silliness, the reality is, it is a serious endeavour for which the boys have earned plenty of attention and cash over the years.

As for who the members are, that is a bit tricky to answer, as the talent has changed somewhat over the years. The group's founders, Kyle Forgeard and Jesse Sebastiani, however, have stayed the same and are considered amongst "the most recognizable personalities for young people in North America," according to an article from the Toronto Star.

SteveWillSendIt Twitch AvatarThe other big standout name from the lot, of course, is Steve Deleonardis aka SteveWillSendIt, who although he broke out on his own to massive success in both the casino streaming and lifestyle categories, remains active with the group.

arrowOthers you may have caught performing with them over time include John Shahidi, his brother Sam Shahidi, Austin "Ausgod" Ermes, Jordan "Cousin Jay" Nwanne, Drew Hill, Gabriel Poncio, Arthur "Jimmy Gambles" Kulik, Bob Menery, Dana White, Tyler Chaffee, Bradley Martyn, and Neel Alwani. Keep in mind, this is a dynamic lot, so this includes members past and present, with the future unknown.

nelk-boys-foto© | left to right: Jordan Nwanne, Kyle Forgeard, Steve Deleonardis, Salim Sirur and Lucas GaspariniMoreLess

As to what they are up to these days, in addition to adding Stake casino streaming to their regular repertoire, they also have built a solid merchandising brand under the label Full Send. There you can purchase limited edition items ranging from t-shirts, to hoodies, to beer pong tables, flags, scented candles, and stickers.

They have also added a successful podcast to their reach, on which they most famously hosted none other than Donald Trump, whom, by the way, they have publicly met with more than once.

Happy Dad Hart SeltzerAnd if all that wasn't enough, they also launched a hard seltzer brand, Happy Dad, which is also doing well.

Although controversy regularly follows them, even to the tune of multiple police encounters and arrests, the guys show no signs of slowing down in terms of what they do or the audience base they draw. Because apparently, a winning combination of charisma and drive tend to prevail.

Nelk Boys Awards - Nominations and Wins

Youtube GoldPlayButtonDespite their immense, long-lasting popularity, NELK has rarely been nominated for, yet alone won, any awards. The one exception is a YouTube Streamy Award, won in 2021 in the category Creator Product for their nominated work "Happy Dad Hard Seltzer". So at least there is that.

On the other hand, we are guessing they don't need awards to fully appreciate and enjoy their own success. With millions of followers across multiple social media platforms and well over 1.2 billion views on their main YouTube channel alone, they already know just how admired they are.

NELK Chooses to Gamble at Stake Casino

As NELK transitioned to include the world of online casino gambling into their act, they made it clear that it was no ordinary online gambling they were going to do. Extreme guys that they are, they likely made the right bet when they chose what is considered by many in the know to be the best online crypto casino around. And that is Stake, where you can gamble in eight different cryptocurrencies and enjoy a massive selection of crypto games.

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True, it is unlikely that the personality match was the only factor in forming this partnership. In all likelihood, as such things tend to be, there is a concrete deal in place, stipulating exclusivity conditions for promoting Stake.

Or spelled out more explicitly, Stake is likely compensating the Nelk Boys in some way - either by straight out paying them a monthly fee, or covering their losses - in return for the publicity their loyalty generates. Whatever the exact deal is between them, it frankly doesn't matter much to us. Rather it is the end product we care about, and in this case, an excellent match which ensures we get some of the best slots streaming around from some of the best entertainers in the business.

Here the Nelk Boys discuss their deal with Stake:

nelk-boys-stream By pressing on "Play", I understand that I will be shown content from Nelk Boys. More information can be found under the Privacy Policy. Nelk Boys

idea iconNote: Since Nelk Boys originally streamed exclusively for Roobet casino, a major Stake competitor, one can only imagine it was an extremely lucrative deal that got the attention of the guys.

NELK's Favourite Stake Crytpo Casino Games

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration in terms of what to play, Nelk Boys will give you just that. While they don't necessarily have one game they stick to, they do have general categories they prefer - which as you can imagine include the crypto games and slots. Some of those, just off hand, include:

Though they tend to gravitate towards the slots, however, they are also known to spend a fair bit of time at the live casino game tables, playing things like live blackjack and roulette.

One of the things that sets them apart from other casino streamers is the fact that they stream as a group and never alone - which adds a nice interactive element to their sessions. And while we have yet to catch them streaming with Drake, based on the mutual Toronto factor as well as their common connection to Stake, this seems like something that may just happen.

Nelk_stake_BCHAs for what currency they use, if you look on the screen on the top during their sessions you can see their wallet is set to BTC. That means Bitcoin by the way.MoreLess

In terms of their style of play, like any entertainers worth anything, they know what we are after. And that's the high roller bets. True, not every bet they make is super high risk, but they do generally bet more than the average player would, and even promote things on their Twitch channel like a High Stakes Gambling stream session, starting at a particular hour and answering your scheduling questions as well.

info iconIn this High Stakes promotion that went on for many weeks, the group also gave out a $1,000 prize to one lucky viewer each and every stream, plus a 10% giveaway of all earnings to fans. See why people like them so much?

When and Where Do the Nelk Boys Stream?

twitch logoCaught your interest and want to watch the Nelk Boys live? Your best bet for that, needless to say, is on their Twitch channel, nelkboys.

Although they do not always publish their schedule in advance in the 'Schedule' section of their profile, they do often tip you off if you follow them on other platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

And while we can't say exactly when you can catch them live streaming slots, in general it is fair to say in the evening hours in North America time - ie. the regular type of hours for the format.

xqc-twitch-scheduleNelk Boys streaming calendar.MoreLess

How Much Experience Do the Nelk Boys Have with Casino Streaming?

Although the Nelk Boys have been popular since 2010 and online casino gambling fits them like a glove, they are relatively new to the format. Well, not quite all that new actually.

roobet-logoAs far back as 2020, it was clear they were taking an interest in online gambling. Or perhaps it was the online gambling world that took an interest in them first. Whichever it was - chicken or egg - Nelk Boys started streaming Roobet games from at least then.

Things, however, have since changed, and the boys have now shifted their loyalty wholeheartedly to Stake casino, for which they have been streaming exclusively since 2022. How long this partnership will last is anyone's guess, though we are assuming casino streaming by the boys is now here to stay, whoever their next sponsor may be.

The Nelk Boys on Social Media

The Nelk Boys are undoubtedly, as a collective, massive social media stars. This is not by accident mind you, rather they have devoted many years to perfecting their craft and expanding on what they do to maintain interest and reach new audiences.

With over a dozen years of success behind them, there are currently no signs of their popularity slowing down, even as they admittedly get a bit older. To help you figure out where to follow them and what you will find on each of their different channels, we have put together this short review of the top platforms where they can be followed.

  1. Nelk Boys on YouTube
  2. Nelk Boys on Instagram
  3. Nelk Boys on Twitch
  4. NELK on Twitter
  5. NELK on TikTok
  6. NELK on Snapchat

1.) Nelk Boys on YouTube

YouTube is what made the Nelk Boys famous. So it is no surprise that this is where they continue to be most popular. With 7.39 million subscribers and growing, plus over 1.2 billion views, they are no less than an absolute YouTube sensation.

Their main channel, NELK is massively entertaining featuring all sorts of pranks like anything from wedding crashing, to hitting on girls in front of their husbands, to creating a fake meth lab, and more. The guys are admittedly extremely creative and show no shame in their mission to entertain.

plus iconAdded to the mix are videos with guest appearances from celebs as diverse as Caitlyn Jenner and Snoop Dog. In other words, this is serious entertainment stuff.


A group so big does not suffice with a single YouTube channel. As such, if you want more of what they have to offer, you can also check out the FULL SEND PODCAST channel, hosted by Kyle Forgeard and Bob Menery and home to 1.46 million subscribers. Or the rather niche FULL SEND GOLF channel with 205 thousand subscribers. In addition, there is the, pardon our language, Shithole channel and SteveWillDoIt channel respectively, featuring the member's individual acts.

2.) Nelk Boys on Instagram

nelk insta


Another place where the boys are really popular is Instagram, with 4.4 million followers and counting. True, they don't post there as much as they do on other platforms - at last look there were a "mere" 549 posts - but we like following them on Instagram for an additional glimpse into their lives.

Granted, you are not going to find out much more about the Nelk Boys on Instagram than you already knew, or what is readily available on other channels. But there are some nice clips and shots, plus promos for things like Stake that can be worth your while.

3.) Nelk Boys on Twitch

Since this is essentially a casino streamer review, it may be surprising to learn that the NELK clan are actually least popular on Twitch. Least, of course is a relative term, as most of us would be thrilled with close to 350K followers. Still, in comparison to the traction they have gained on YouTube this is only a fraction of their potential reach. And we assume, that with time and their newish association with Stake crypto casino, it will only grow.

As for what you can watch there? These days, their live streams are mostly devoted to online casino gambling. But there are still the occasional Just Chatting sessions in addition to those categorised under slots for a little diversity.


Like we mentioned, if you do watch them live on Twitch, you will not only be rewarded with great entertainment. Every now and then, and not all that infrequently, they also give away prizes like $1000 cash per session to drive interest and loyalty. Talk about incentive! We would say we would almost come for that alone - though we need less convincing since we already love watching the guys!

4.) NELK on Twitter

nelk twitter


Next up, needless to say, NELK is on Twitter too. Members since February 2011, their following here is somewhat surprisingly small in comparison to their YouTube reach, standing at just 538.3K. The truth is, we are not sure why they have not caught on with the Twitter crowd in quite the same way. You can't quite say it is for a lack of trying as they regularly send out Tweets, usually every few days or so.

As for their actual content, that is a mixed bag, like the guys themselves. That means one day you may find a Tweet promoting their podcast, another day a little snippet on a recent outing as mundane as a grocery store visit, and even posts featuring their support, complete with pics, of President Trump.

We actually really like their Twitter channel, by the way. So if you are deterred by their relative lack of popularity there, don't be. This is actually one of our favourite places to follow them thanks to the diversity of its content.

5.) NELK on TikTok

TikTok LogoSpelled out as NELKBOYS on their official TikTok account, this social media channel is another one of their more popular venues, with 4.1 million followers and no less than 97 million likes.

What makes it so popular you ask? Likely because it strongly echoes the best of what the boys have to offer in terms of entertainment value with top snippets from all of their different gigs. It is hard to say how exactly it differs from their YouTube channel mind you. But that is not so relevant. Likely it is just a matter of where different types of fans are scrolling.

6.) NELK on Snapchat

Snapchat logoAlthough Snapchat does not enjoy the esteem it once did, NELK have stayed loyal to the platform over the years, continuing to update their feed there, not infrequently, with new stories.

Hence, while Snapchat is not necessarily growing in popularity amongst the younger crowds, NELK's popularity there continues to increase with over 2.2 million followers to date. So if you still have a Snapchat account, we'd say adding NELK is a great way to spice up your stories feed.

NELK's Estimated Net Worth

One of the most common questions about any streamer, or celebrity really, has to do with net worth. We are all wondering, after all, how lucrative their business is, and if it really pays. The reality, however, is that it is very hard to guesstimate such a thing for social media stars whose contracts and income streams are not public knowledge.

So while they certainly do a lot of lifestyle content, which makes them seem more than well off, we cannot determine just how rich influencers like the Nelk Boys are. Though we assume pretty darned comfortable.

But we are guessing that explanation doesn't quite suffice, so what we can say is that there are generally ballpark figures thrown around that the main guys in the group individually each have a net worth of anywhere from the $1.5 million to the $3 million range. However, that may very well be on the low end, as someone like SteveWillDoIt alone, has been estimated at having a net worth of $5 million to $10 million dollars.

rich peopleBottom line? The Nelk Boys are far above average in terms of their annual earnings. And with diversified income from different social media platforms, their podcast, merchandising website, and beverage business, they should be well looked after for many years to come.

What Do the Nelk Boys Earn at Stake?

Part of their net worth, obviously, comes from their gambling endorsement from Stake in some form or another. Like we said, as is always the case with these types of partnerships, neither of the two parties have made the terms known. But the Nelk Boys clearly benefit in some way, and certainly financially. After all, they may love the shenanigans and fame, but realistically, they are savvy business operators who know a good opportunity when they see one, and most importantly, how to turn it into cash.

Tell Us a Bit More about Their Controversies

Above we alluded to some controversies surrounding the group. But we didn't want to distract from their casino streaming and gambling angle. However, a Nelk Boys review could not possibly be complete without a bit more details about that, since in a way, controversy is actually a major part of their appeal.

So in a nutshell, the boys have gotten themselves in trouble with the authorities on multiple occasions over the years, and in many ways.

arrowFor example, already in January 2015, a Nelk video "Coke Prank On Cops" went viral in which, you guessed it, they told the police they had "coke" in their car, which obviously was the soda kind. But they led the police to think otherwise when they called it in. While no one was arrested, the viral video (in fact with 46 million viewers their most popular video to date) garnered a lot of criticism, including an official warning from the LAPD.

Nelk Boys Video "Coke Prank On Cops"

More serious consequences occurred in January 2019, when member Jesse Sebastiani was arrested and later found guilty of disorderly conduct for a prank in a Barnes & Noble store in which he walked in drenched in (fake) blood, asking for books about covering up a crime scene.

Video "NELK goes to court"

And in May 2020, a number of members including SteveWillSendIt were arrested at a Target store for disturbing the peace during a prank.

Later, in September 2020, they hosted a number of large gatherings in violation of COVID-19 regulations which resulted in having their YouTube account demonetised, as well as official reprimands from the Normal, Illinois Mayor and the Governor of New Jersey respectively.

These, by the way, are just a sampling of the waves they have created. And we are sure more controversies are to come. So stay tuned if you are among those who secretly like these things.

NELK and Donald Trump

And finally, we could not end this Nelk Boys article without a bit more mention of their relationship with Donald Trump. This is no small matter, since not every celebrity out there so staunchly aligns themselves with the guy. And rare are the youngsters who promote this political line, so this is of major interest.

How exactly it came about, we can't quite say. But it is clear that the lads are fans of the Don, whom they have apparently met in person more than once.

NELK-Boys-Donald-Trump© - NELK with Donald Trump.MoreLess

The first time we took notice, of course, was in 2020, during the presidential election rallies, when a number of members met with Trump on Air Force One. Soon after that, they were seen dancing with President Trump to Y.M.C.A. on stage following a rally. They also met him another time at the UFC 264 mixed martial arts event in July 2021. And last we know of, Donald Trump came on their Full Send Podcast on March 9, 2022 - garnering over 5 million views and helping catapult the podcast in popularity on Spotify after it was removed from YouTube.

Our Nelk Boys Conclusion

Overall, the Nelk Boys are an entertaining lot. They have managed to tap into the art of YouTube pranks excellently, with continued success for well over a decade. While their constellation changes every now and then with members coming and going, the formula more or less stays the same with crazy activities and daredevil feats that speak to millions of fans.

In more recent years, they have also moved to include casino streaming in their repertoire to reasonable success. Although not yet on the level of some of the more popular streamers out there like Trainwreckstv, Roshtein, Xposed and xQc, they have a solid audience base which is continually growing. And now that they have moved to stream exclusively from Stake, we assume this popularity will further increase - making them a name to be watched, both literally and figuratively in the online casino gambling world.

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