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Roshtein Profile
Streamer Name:Roshtein
Real Name:Ishmael Swartz
Avatar:Rohstein Logo
Country:Lives in Malta with swedish, german and turkish roots
Year of Birth:1988
Follower:157,000 (Kick)
1,058,000 (Twitch)
124,800 (Twitter)
22,600 (Telegram)
132,600 (Instagram)
13,000 (Facebook)
19,000 (Discord)
3,200 (Reddit)
Favourite Casino:Stake Casino
Specialities:Big Bet Sizes
Biggest Win:$18,750,000 in Wanted - Dead or A Wild
Biggest Multiplier:x35,581 in El Paso Gunfight
Net Worth:estimated at > $33.0 million

If you're looking for casino streamers to follow, then without a doubt, Roshtein should be on your list. One of the top slot streamers with millions of followers on and his other social media, Roshtein is one of the most entertaining and highly ranked streamers.

Arriving on the scene in the early streaming days of 2016, Roshtein is the alias of Ishmael Swartz from Sweden.  The name is a nod to the infamous American gambler and kingpin of the same name from the 1800s.

Other than an infectiously warm personality underneath his long hair and hat, this streamer is known for betting big. Roshtein's bet size usually starts at 1,000 Euros a spin and then it goes steadily up from there.

His breakthrough came in 2016, when he managed to pick up a win of 5,000 Euros followed by another 900 Euro just a few minutes later. Today, he is famous for his high stakes and big wins.


Roshtein Banned from Twitch

Roshtein was briefly banned from Twitch on August 17, 2021. It's not really obvious why he got banned, but it seems that he might have violated the platform's terms. Twitch had just changed its terms the week before concerning gambling links. The ban for Roshtein was short and temporary though. He was back online and streaming the next day!

It's not the first time a popular streamer has been banned from Twitch though. Another gaming streamer, Adin Ross, has been banned no less than four times for streaming while driving.

Although Roshtein is not banned anymore, he is not streaming on Twitch. In late 2022, Twitch updated its policies to basically ban gambling streams. He has since then moved over to

Roshtein Games

Slots are Roshtein's battleground of choice, but are there any specific games that he spins on? As always, it's a Yes and No answer. Being a top international streamer, Roshtein does play a range of games from high variance slots to lower volatility games to appeal to diverse audiences.

However, he obviously has some favourites. Wanted – Dead or a Wild, a slot game in which he collected his highest win to date, remains one of his go-tos. It's also one of the most entertaining streams to watch since there are plenty of roller coaster up and downs when you combine the slot's volatility with Roshtein's signature high stakes.

roshtein-1-mio-win-1024x576Book of Shadow - a slot game in which Roshtein had one of his biggest wins to date.MoreLess

Other games that Roshtein can often be found playing include Le Bandit, Power of Merlin Megaways or Drop'em, are relatively volatile slots that can deliver some pretty big wins. Every now and then, he also plays some slightly lower variance games like Dead or Alive, which can turn into quite the rush when they are matched with his aggressively big bets.

Roshtein Streams: When and Where

Twitch LogoIf you want to tune in to one of Roshtein's streams, then the surest platform is For years he played on Twitch, but after the so called casino-ban Rosh went looking for a new place to stream. Which he found at Kick! He's a top streamer there and you'll often see his channel recommended.

While Rosh doesn't play at fixed times per se, you will see that he's usually on in the afternoons and evenings, building up to some serious play around 8pm. That's Maltese time of course, where this casino star is located.

Roshtein Casinos

stakecasino-logo-cryptos-onlySo where does the infamous Roshtein like to play? While this streamer used to hop around different crypto casinos like Roobet, he now plays exclusively at Stake. Stake has become one of the top places to play for many streamers, with its awesome games and lively community.

The community at Stake is one of the top reasons why many players have become loyal Stake fans. Unlike traditional online casinos where gaming was mostly a solo adventure, Stake has in game chat features on top of an active forum, making it a great place to hang out. And streamers like Rosh know that community is what it's all about.

stake-100k-giveaway© | At Stake Casino you can play games like Stake Million, Book of Stakes and +1000 SlotsMoreLess

Roshtein Bonus Hunts and RoshFails

free iconOther than his high stakes, one of the reasons why Rosh is one of the most popular casino streamers is because of the different programmes he offers within his Kick stream. The most famous is Bonus Hunts, where he collects free spins in different slots ahead of time and then plays them all in the stream, back to back with thrilling bonus games.

Any experienced player can tell you that slot bonus games are where the big wins roll in with extra multipliers, which all adds up to an adrenaline packed programme.

Another popular programme is RoshFails. This is exactly what you might suspect. They are the "highlights" of some of Roshtein's big losses. The guy is only human after all, and these can be fun to watch to share some of the more tragic moments with a laugh.

Roshtein on Social Media

Obviously Rosh has a good presence on social media. Depending on which platform you are looking at, you will get a sense of his gaming style and personality. While Roshtein is pretty good at keeping his private life away from the public, you can get a pretty good feel for what this man is about.

  1. Roshtein on Twitch
  2. Roshtein on Kick
  3. Roshtein on Instagram
  4. Roshtein on Telegram
  5. Roshtein on Twitter
  6. Roshtein on Facebook
  7. The Roshtein Discord Server
  8. Roshtein on Reddit

1.) Roshtein on Twitch

One of the biggest casino streamers, Twitch was where you would find Roshtein in action. His stream was one of the most popular on the platform and one of the few that focuses on online slots, with specialties in free spins and bonus games. It was also the best channel if you want to chat and interact with the rockstar and likeminded viewers. But as mentioned, Roshtein, like many other casino streamers, have left Twitch because of the platform's gambling policies.

roshtein-live-twitch© | This old screenshot may say, that he is right back. But that is not true anymore. Roshtein is right now only streaming at

2.) Roshtein on Kick

Roshtein first began streaming on Kick in late 2022. Of course, like everyone else, he's had to begin growing his followers here again. But thanks to his troops' tightknit community, the migration has been smooth and Roshtein already has 157k followers on Kick. Roshtein streams almost on a daily basis on Kick. And to no one's surprise, he's one of Kick's top 10 streamers, right up there along with Adin Ross and xQc.

roshtein-clips-kick© | On you can not only see Roshtein's old streams, you can also find some of his funniest clips and some with his greatest wins.MoreLess

3.) Roshtein on Instagram

On Instagram, you see more of Roshtein as a person. It's more about his life offline. He doesn't post anything about family or girlfriends, but you do see pics from some of his travels and experiences. Sometimes there are even pics and videos of some of the prep work he does before going into a stream. Instagram is one of Rosh's biggest channel with more than 132,000 followers.

roshtein-instagram© | Roshtein posts more from his personal life and his travels on Instagram.MoreLess

4.) Roshtein on Telegram

Roshtein on Telegram

© | On Roshtein's Telegram channel you can not only find him, there are also giveways and raffles.

Roshtein has a channel on Telegram. Being a channel rather than a group, this is not so much a place for chatting. Roshtein on Telegram more about keeping up to date with the latest announcements, like raffles, contests, giveaways, and of course, reminders before the stream starts!

It's also a pretty fun channel too, because Roshtein gifs are plentiful here, and the subscribers really interact with each and every message.

5.) Roshtein on Twitter

Rosh is also relatively active on Twitter with round about 125,000 followers. Roshtein tweets mostly on upcoming streams and other information. He'll also retweet stuff that are potentially of interest to other slot players.


6.) Roshtein on Facebook

Roshtein doesn't seem to be on Facebook that often. There are times when he posts regularly, and then he takes breaks of months or longer. Compared to other celebrities who consider Facebook as one of their primary platforms, this may seem like a bit of an oddity.

However, considering that this was one of Rosh's smaller presences with "only" 13,000 followers, it seems the man has decided to focus his energy on where the bulk of his fan base plays.

roshtein-post-facebook© | After this post in May 2019, Roshtein took a longer breakt. But he came back at 2022. His status right now is not quite sure. He seems to take a break again from Facebook.MoreLess

7.) The Roshtein Discord Server

Roshtein is of course on Discord. He has well over 19,000 members here and at any given time, you can find over a thousand of his fans hanging out on this platform. It's a great place to chat with other like-minded folks as well as Roshtein himself. Other than the chat, there are tons of giveaways and raffles as well.

What is Discord?

Discord LogoDiscord is a communication channel that works as a desktop and mobile app. Think of it as an advanced chat room with a ton of extra features. Users simply set up their own Discord server to create a room.

Many streamers like to use Discord as a place to hang out with their fans, but of course anyone can set up. It's free to download and to use, although if you want more advanced features, like special emojis, then you can buy upgrades.

Roshtein on Discord

Roshtein Discord Channel


Roshtein has actually been inviting fans to Discord for some time now. However, his presence on the platform became stronger in August 2021, when Twitch tightened its regulations concerning casino links and advertising.

This has hit streamers like Roshtein hard, because while they love to play, the casino streams are a source of revenue through advertising. Hence, many have been moving over to the Discord platform.

What's the main Difference between Discord and

The key difference between Discord and Kick is that servers on Discord are private channels. That means you will need a personal invitation from Roshtein to join. Another thing is that the Roshtein server is limited to 18+, so there's no concern about exposing minors to gambling.

8.) Roshtein on Reddit

Roshtein on Reddit


If you prefer the forum format, Reddit is always a good choice, and you'll find that there is a subreddit for Roshtein as well. There's around 3,200k people on there and it's definitely alive and well with posts almost everyday. We can't say it's the liveliest place though, as interactions like comments are relatively low compared to other Roshtein groups on social media. And we think it's best to catch a Roshtein stream live if you want to chat with others or just ask Roshtein himself.

Roshtein's Net Worth

Most internet celebs don't like to advertise their wealth publicly, and Twitch stars are no exception. Still, everyone is curious as to how much money Roshtein makes, given his insane number of followers. It's hard to say exactly, but we can make some calculated guesses. Most of his income we're guessing comes from his partnerships with casinos.

We don't know the exact deal he's cut, but he could be paid a fee to play at certain casinos. Or be given massive bonuses that he can use during his streams, the winnings from which he can keep a part of. Or he might be working as an affiliate. It's all quite hard to say.

But let's say he gets paid $120 per player that goes to a casino through him. For simplicity's sake, let's say has around 1.1 million followers. If ¼ of them plays goes to a casino through Roshtein, then it adds up to roughly $27.00 million.

Roshtein's estimated income through casino referrals:
Number of followersof whichactive casino playerspotential referral fee$120=Estimated income
1.1 Miox25%x$120=$33,000,000

Is Roshtein Legit?

Casino streamers who make it always get questioned as to whether they're for real. With Roshtein being one of the biggest names in the scene, there are tons of posts discussing whether he's a fake or if he's really legit. With his rather surreal bet sizes, many have asked if he's only playing in demo mode. We think this is unlikely, since his hits in Fruit Party and Book of Shadows are well over $1 million and nearly $10 millions plus 16.65 millions plus his recordwin of 18,75 millions in Wanted – Dead or A Wild, which is above what demo mode is programmed to do. Try playing the demo slots yourself and see what you hit.

True High Roller or Fake Bets?

Roshtein LogoOne of the rumours that have come out against Roshtein is that he's playing with fake bets, where wins and losses aren't real and just don't matter. It's easy to see how some of these accusations have started. With bet sizes starting at 500 Euros, and typically going into the 1,000 Euro range for several hours, this is serious high roller play.

However, no one has actually proven that these accusations are true. What we do know is that this guy is good at what he does and he certainly looks loaded when you check his Instagram.

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