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Tron Facts
Creator:Justin Sun
Development:Tron Foundation Ltd.
based in:Singapore
E-Mail:[email protected]
Best Tron Casino:Stake Casino

It's not widely known that the full name of Tron is Tronix, as reflected in its symbol TRX. But the shorter name, with its pop culture associations, well reflects the reality that crypto is fast entering the mainstream.

Digital currencies are no longer the geeky playground for tech-savvy gamers. Those days are gone. More and more casinos, virtual game providers, and players, are turning to coins like Tron to escape the constraints tied to traditional currencies such as dollars and euros.

Tron, like Bitcoin and Ethereum, is a blockchain-based digital currency which generates TRX. However, unlike BTC, there is no way to earn TRX by mining. You buy Tron coin on the bigger exchanges for the purposes of investment or for using it for commercial purposes, including at online casinos.

The Tron protocol is known for its lightning-fast transfer speeds. That has made this digital coin a darling in the entertainment industry and other media sectors, including social media. Like all blockchain, Tron delivers a high level of transparency for its users. Every transaction is accounted for on a universal ledger, while the real-world identities of buyers and sellers are shielded.

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arrow_icon-64x64.pngDigital currency alternatives are taking off these days in part because different countries are tightening regulation of casinos which operate with traditional currencies like dollars and euros. Crypto coins like Tron provide a way around some of those legal restrictions. Casino operators therefore are becoming more receptive to digital alternatives.

Unlike your average online gaming platform, crypto casinos also tend to be much more flexible in relation to payment limits. While it's still early days for Tron, the future is likely to see TRX gaining more and more acceptance as a form of deposit and withdrawal for gaming, a practical alternative to fiat currencies and therefore another option Canadian players should consider.


The Best Tron Casinos 2024

There are currently comparatively few crypto casinos which accept TRX as a means of payment. Much more likely, they will offer Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin as deposit alternatives. However, if current trends continue, it's likely that more and more cryptocasinos will diversify their options for players with more exotic alternative currency portfolios. It may take a while but it's probably just a matter of time. However, we were able to find a few TRX casino options:

eCOGRAGLIiTech LabsMalta Gaming AuthoritySSL Secured
stake-logo96% Excellent$500visit Stake Read Review
cloudbet-cryptos-only95% Excellent5 BTC / $1,000 + 200 Free Spinsvisit Cloudbet Casino Read Review
BCGame-Logo94% OutstandingVirtually unlimitedvisit BC.Game Casino Read Review
Betpanda-logo-onlycryptos94% Outstanding1BTCvisit Betpanda Read Review
fairspin-casino-logo93% Outstandingup to $450 000+ 140 Free Spinsvisit Fairspin Read Review
bitstarz-logo93% Outstanding$2,000 or 5 BTC+ 180 Free Spinsvisit BitStarz Casino Read Review
Bitsler-only_cyptos-Logo93% Outstanding$700visit Bitsler Casino Read Review
rocketpot-casino-logo-500x200-193% Outstanding350 mBTCvisit Rocketpot Read Review
Duelbits-logo-cryptos92% OutstandingVIP programvisit Duelbits Read Review
pirateplay-casino-logo91% Outstanding$500visit Pirateplay Read Review
fortunejack-casino-logo90% Outstanding6 BTC or 1200 USD+ 250 Free Spinsvisit FortuneJack Read Review

How Tron Works in Online Casinos

As with all payment methods, whether "real money" or crypto, registration is the first step. In every casino, players can sign up in just a few minutes. In addition, for players opting to pay with Tron, you'll need to acquire a digital wallet which can be used to store and transact your TRX. Binance and Coinbase are two well-reputed wallets, but there are others out there too.

idea iconTip: It's important to avoid so-called "smart contracts", a transaction protocol excluded by most casino providers.

Here are the steps to make a casino deposit via TRX:

  1. Log in to the crypto casino and confirm your registration
  2. After login, go to the cashier or exchange area
  3. Make sure TRX is a payment method and, if so, select it
  4. Open your crypto wallet and either:
    • Enter your TRX deposit address, or
    • Scan the QR code
  5. Enter the desired amount and confirm payment

The credit should be available within just a few minutes. Often it's a matter of seconds. There are rarely long wait times, one of the many advantages of paying with coin like TRX.


The minimum deposit amount will vary among crypto casinos, as will applicable exchange fees. In addition to crypto wallets like Binance and Coinbase, some casino operators now provide their own option to purchase Tron via Moonpay and similar methods.

Advantages & Disadvantages of TRX in Online Casinos

  1. What are the advantages of Tron as a casino payment method?
  2. What are the disadvantages of Tron casinos?

1.) What are the advantages of Tron as a casino payment method?

thumb up iconCryptocurrencies like Tron are shaking up the world financial order, with good reason. The most important advantage of digital coins is their decentralization: TRX is independent of banks and transactions are usually accepted in unlimited amounts. For high rollers in particular, this is a blessing.

Purchasing of TXR works reliably on known exchanges, allowing you to acquire it in exchange for real money or another cryptocurrency using familiar payment methods from bank transfers to credit cards. So there is a high level of flexibility for players, even as this early stage.

The main advantages of TRX are:

  • Security is constantly being optimized
  • Outside of the casino, the level of anonymity is very high
  • Registration in just a few minutes
  • Experienced developers behind Tron
  • Low price of the coin
  • Up to 2,000 transactions possible in seconds

Transaction speed benefits both investors in the coin and players in crypto casinos. In this respect, TRX is clearly ahead of the better-known and established Bitcoin, at least for now. It remains to be seen how Tron will develop in the coming years and whether it can maintain its speed advantage as volume grows. Tron also seems solid in terms of reliability and security.

performance iconIn addition, the TRX price remains manageable, recently cracking the Canadian dime level, thus highly affordable for casual players and an affordable alternative to Bitcoin.

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2.) What are the disadvantages of Tron casinos?

attentionPrivate investment in Tronix, at this time, is limited by its centralization relative to other crypto currencies. Currently, only about 15% of all TRX are in circulation for private customers. The lion's share of the coins is held by the company itself as well as by individual large buyers.

This does not seem to have much influence on the use of Tron when in a crypto casino though. However, it's worth keeping in mind that sooner or later, a limit may be reached in which there are simply no more TRX available for deposits or withdrawals. Still, that's not the present case.

This might also explain why few companies in the gaming industry consider Tronix an alternative to Bitcoin or Ethereum. In our research, we were able to find just a few crypto casinos that allow deposits and withdrawals with TRX.

stake-implements-tron-1024x538Stake is one of few casinos accepting Tron.MoreLess

Play with TRX at Stake Casino

In addition, there are other aspects where our experts see room for improvement.

The disadvantages of TRX at a glance:

  • Deposits and withdrawals have fees
  • Smart contracts are not supported
  • Selection of TRX casinos remains small
  • Tron is relatively centralized
  • Minor technical weaknesses, being addressed

The Tron blockchain works relatively simply and predictably. As a casino player, you have little reason to worry. While the technology behind TRX can be described as well thought-out, some technical vulnerabilities have been exposed in the past. However, developers appear to be working at full speed to close gaps and ensure stability on par with other coins.

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Tips & Tricks for Paying with Tron (TRX)

website iconThe Tron website is informative and helps investors confidently enter the world of digital assets. For those with little experience in cryptocurrencies, it's a source of useful information and it's a good idea to check it out before registering at a crypto casino.

Fun fact: TRX payments are accepted not only in casinos. Erotic video portal Pornhub now supports the currency. Tronix developers seem quite proud of this and announced it on their website. Keep your hands on your keyboard and your minds on the code, guys!

secure iconWe recommend using the so-called "2-factor authentication", aka 2FA, when depositing crypto into a casino. The system is automatically applied at casinos like Stake, but other providers let you switch it on manually. 2FA will double secure your payments, and it's a good idea in general and not just for Tron transactions.

Tron Casino FAQs

In 2021, the Tron market has increased by more than 100%, suggesting enormous potential for the future. Casino customers and coin investors should therefore raise their awareness about TRX. We address below some of the most common questions about Tron.

  1. Is there a fee for making a Tronix deposit?
  2. Is there a TRX bonus in the casino?
  3. Is it worthwhile buying Tron for casino games?
  4. Is paying with TRX safe?
  5. Can I cash out with Tron?
  6. Which Tron alternatives are there in online casinos?

1.) Is there a fee for making a Tronix deposit?

While the crypto casino might not charge a fee, most crypto-wallets will charge transaction fees. The costs may be manageable overall, but they add up and should be known in advance. But if you lack a sufficient balance, including the fees, your transaction won't go through. There are no overdrafts!

walletWhen an online casino does charge a fee, it should be listed before you make the payment so you can decide if you want to proceed. In any case, these fees are generally minimal. When in doubt, contact the casino's live chat.

2.) Is there a TRX bonus in the casino?

Welcome bonuses seem to be less of a thing at cryptocasinos than at online casinos. We wouldn't expect a TRX welcome bonus per se. Instead of welcome bonuses, cryptocasinos seem to focus more on a constant flow of promotions that any player, whether old or new, can pick up at any time.

BonusSo in short, yes, you will find TRX bonuses, but it most likely won't be the welcome bonus you're familiar with from regular online casinos. These cryptobonuses can normally be claimed with deposits in a variety of cryptocurrencies, whether it be TRX, BTC, ETH or whatnot.

3.) Is it worthwhile buying Tron for casino games?

Basically, for those investing in crypto, diversification is a good thing. You never know in advance which coin will take off like a rocket, and TRX is at a low price now with a lot going for it. In the short term though, there aren't many casinos that accept Tronix. If you are just a casual casino player who's found a TRX casino that you like, then buying some Tron is a fine idea. If on the other hand, you want to try a variety of crypto casinos, then you might be better off looking at Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin Cash - all of which are considered relatively affordable coins.


4.) Is paying with TRX safe?

Tron has in the past shown itself to be marginally more vulnerable to hacker attacks than other digital currencies. However, Tron developers have been closing these gaps quickly, and TRX can be described as a secure means of payment for gaming.

Still, do use 2-factor authentication when available. This extends transaction time by only a few seconds, but provides for a significantly higher security.

5.) Can I cash out with Tron?

piggy bank iconSure you can, but only if TRX was used for your deposit. This applies not just to Tron but for most – if not all – crypto transactions worldwide. Typically, your Tronix deposit will be converted into US dollars or Euros for the duration of play. At cashout, it is converted again and the TRX due lands back in the wallet you specified when depositing.

6.) Which Tron alternatives are there in online casinos?

Those who play in crypto casinos can choose TRX as well as many coins. Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin are the most widely accepted. The most common currency options you will see include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash Logo
  • Ethereum Logo
  • Litecoin Logo
  • Ripple Logo
  • dogecoin logo
  • EOS-logo
  • Tether Logo

As mentioned, the Tron (TRX) Coin is not yet widely used in the casino industry. That may change. But diversification is a healthy idea, for eggs in a basket as for coins in a wallet. So it's a good idea to get familiar with alternatives for both investment and transactions.

The Expert Conclusion on Tron for Casino Players

Although using digital coins for online casino play is still not widespread, there's strong reason to follow this trend. There's high potential as timely purchase of digital currency can prove to be great investments, not just for use in online gaming.

Tron is especially attractive to major players in the entertainment and media industries, and therefore well worth watching. Lately TRX, along with most cryptocurrencies, has been on the move. As it rises in value and profile, more and more casinos are likely to accept Tron among their payment options.

smiley iconAs far as the security of casino payments is concerned, Tron is now about as solid as other digital currencies, especially as previous vulnerabilities get worked out. The developers seem committed to ensure that TRX will not be less reliable than competitive coins like BTC and ETH.

As far as costs in the form of transaction fees, they will be a factor to consider, but we're not talking about huge deal-breaking sums. Like other crypto coins, exchange fees are a small part of the cost of doing business with digital currency. For many it's a small price to pay to get some skin in the game.

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