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Carrot Gaming Facts
Company:Carrot Gaming
Headquarters:Melbourne, Australia
Founded in:2024
E-Mail:[email protected]
Portfolio:At least a dozen
Platforms:Desktop and mobile
Best Casino: Stake
Best Game:Carp Diem

If you haven't heard of Carrot Gaming, you are most certainly not alone. It's so new in 2024, that there's almost no news out there, no matter how much you scour the internet; even after some streamers dropped its name.

But since we're in the business of delivering the best in gambling news, we put in a massive effort to dig up all there is to know about this casino developer that some say is about to burst onto the iGaming scene, its relationship to Stake, and what's so special about its games.

The Best Carrot Gaming Casinos 2024

One thing you might notice if you start Googling Carrot Gaming is that there are almost no results.

Even on Stake casino, if you look under developers, you will not see Carrot Gaming listed as such.

So why are we even reviewing it then? The reason is because according to all indicators, Carrot Gaming seems to be an umbrella developer for various smaller houses - including Massive Studios, Twist Gaming, and Titan Gaming. And its full offering for now, across these developer names, is only available at Stake.

stake-logo96%Visit Stake
  • Bonus: $500
  • Rating: Excellent
  • Founded in: 2017
  • Online since: 2017
  • Licence:
    • Curacao Gaming
  • Software:
    • Pragmatic Play
    • Nolimit City
    • PlayNGo
    • NetEnt
    • Gameart
    • Evolution Gaming
    • Red Tiger
    • Thunderkick
    • Push Gaming
    • Quickspin
    • Playson
    • Elk Studios
    • Playtech
    • Hacksaw Gaming
    • Booming Games
    • iSoftBet
    • Relax Gaming
    • Wazdan
    • blueprint Gaming
    • BigTimeGaming
    • Gamomat
    • Massive Studios
    • Carrot Gaming

The History of Carrot Gaming

The history of Carrot Gaming to date is very short, as it only went live in 2024. So far, there is very little published about the brand, although through careful research, we've been able to reveal some hints about who this company is, and what it's about.

The suspicion, and it's not 100% confirmed, is that Carrot Gaming not only serves Stake casino, but it was actually founded by them in 2024. Actually the relationship is a bit more complicated than that, so let us explain.

Stake is its own entity, but it was created by and remains a holding of the iGaming tech powerhouse Easygo, whose other legendary subsidiaries include the Kick platform and Twist Gaming. A nice clue to how things are evolving can be found in the way that the domain now actually redirects to In other words, clearly demonstrating a connection.

easygo-igaming-company-aboutEd Craven, the mastermind of Stake casino, is also behind the iGaming company Easygo.MoreLess

Furthermore, according to industry reports, Easygo has been trying to ramp up its technology by dangling a $100,000 signup incentive, plus above market salaries, to lure engineering talent away from Canva and other top Australian high-tech companies.1 This we'd imagine is to help fuel its latest endeavor, the topic of this review, Carrot.

And since the Carrot Gaming website seems to imply that it is also the brand behind Massive Studios and Titan Gaming as well, it is possible that all of these separate labels will eventually be marketed as Carrot Gaming titles.

organizational-chart-stake-casino-related-companiesThe above organizational chart shows the relationship that seems to have evolved between Kick, Stake, Carrot Gaming, and ultimately their parent company, Easygo.MoreLess

Alternatively, Carrot Gaming may opt to go the way of Evolution Gaming, which in addition to carrying its own line under its name, also serves as the umbrella to other popular iGaming software houses like NetEnt, Red Tiger, BTG, Ezugi, and more. Personally, our bet is on the latter.

In addition, while less relevant to us as players, Carrot Gaming also seems to be positioning itself in its own words as an "iGaming design studio | Remote gaming server". Scrolling through its offering it seems services include

  • being a platform provider,
  • creating software to power other online casinos,
  • content delivery systems,
  • enhanced game mechanics,
  • tailored user interfaces,
  • remote gaming servers,

and so forth.

All and all, it looks like exciting things are on the horizon; and Carrot Gaming is definitely emerging as a name to watch for fans of online gambling in the coming years.

carrot-gaming-slots-providerOfficial website of Carrot Gaming.MoreLess

The Best Carrot Gaming Casino Games

Before we share our top five picks, it's important to remind you that this Carrot Gaming review is a work in process, which we will happily update as more details become clear.

For now, while we have strong assumptions that, for example, all Massive Studios titles will be counted under the Carrot Gaming brand in due course, for now we can only list for certain the ones that are specifically listed under the developer's 'Our Games' section on its website as definitely being theirs.


As such, this list could be subject to change, although these games will remain as excellent as they appear.

  1. Carp Diem
  2. Samurai Dogs
  3. Jade Fate
  4. Underworld Bonus Buy Battle
  5. Wild Orbs

Just note, while these games are all indeed creations of Carrot Gaming, they won't be listed for now at Stake as such. Rather as we'll outline, they'll be tied to the relevant sub-developer such as Twist Gaming, so you'd have to filter like that. Or simply do a title search on the Stake casino website, by typing in the desired game's full name.

Carp Diem

Carp Diem slotA Twist Gaming online slot machine, by taking a quick glance at the active players visible on Stake, this seems to be the most popular of the Carrot Gaming lot for now.

A fishing themed game - a genre made popular by the Pragmatic Play Big Bass series - it has a wild symbol, scatters that unreel the bonus or super bonus free spins, fish symbol awards, and a special prize basket where valuable leftover fish can be held until you hit a special wild for that. It's also got various bonus buy options available at different rates, 25 paylines, a 97% RTP, and a 5,000X max win.

If the phrase carp diem sounds familiar, you're right. It's a play on the Latin phrase, spelled slightly differently as carpe diem, and generally translated as "seize the day".

Samurai Dogs

Samurai Dogs slotOur number two pick is another Twist Gaming title, in this case it comes complete with cutesy animation and a Japanese theme.

It's not all that fancy at the end of the day, but we simply enjoy the style. Well that and the global multiplier, which can reach a top value of 256X your win. And of course the wild replacement cascades, which function as the cascade or tumble feature generally does, however, this time with the promise that at least one of the replaced symbols in the winning combo will be with a wild, upping your odds for another win.

By the way, if you'd like a more traditional samurai starring slots, Bonsai Banzai from Massive Studios is it! While like we've said that we think it would fit under the Carrot Gaming umbrella, we're saving the verdict for the official announcement. But either way, it belongs in a best of list.

Jade Fate

Jade Fate slotNext up, we've got Jade Fate, another original title that will be found under the branding of Twist Gaming.

Also Asian in theme, and with fish no less, it has a neat payout system that awards combos of 8 or more, whether connected in any direction, or not.

Other standout features include a wild symbol, multiplier symbol (which in the emperor free spins round may reach up to 888X), a progressive multiplier tied to cascades, regular frees spins, the aforementioned emperor free spins, an emperor bonus, plus a free spins retrigger. And of course, great graphics rounding it all out.

If that's not clear why we like it, we suggest playing for free to decide for yourself!

Underworld Bonus Buy Battle

Underworld Bonus-Battle-slotNot quite a name that rolls off the tongue, Underworld Bonus Buy Battle is a Titan Gaming original slots with a good vs. evil superhero kind of theme.

The fiery star of the "show" has the ability to randomly activate three unique features, multipliers are added to your tumble wins, and you can ultimately win a massive top prize of 10,000X your bet.

There are also three bonus buy options - hence the name - fast-tracking you direct to the potentially lucrative rewards of this sizzling underworld. All a bit creepy, with the spine-chilling graphics and rather ominous soundtrack, but with all that action, oh so fun!

Wild Orbs

Wild Orbs slotLast on our Best Carrot Gaming list, but certainly not least, since this is neither a scientific nor definitive process, is the Wild Orbs game.

Officially listed at Stake under the brand Titan Gaming, its main highlights include increasing multipliers, a bonus round that's activated by as few as 3 lightning bolt scatter symbols, and the wild rush feature that when triggered adds extra wilds to the reels.

Another thing players in particular like here is the familiar format - with slot symbols comprised of jewels and in this case the addition of orbs - to give a fan favourite a new twist.

With its 7X7 layout, a cluster-pay mechanism, a minimum 5 connected symbols for a win, and the opportunity to cash-in on up to 10,000X your bet, it definitely makes for some truly engaging play.

Carrot Gaming Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Interesting themes
  • Lots of bonus features
  • Above average top prizes
  • Great graphics and sound effects
  • Exclusivity effect, with limited release
  • Can be played in crypto and local currencies
  • Limited number of games (still a new developer)
  • Only available at Stake -which we've also listed as a hit, as some see it as that

Carrot Gaming FAQs

  1. Can I play Carrot Gaming games for free?
  2. Where are Carrot Gaming slots available?
  3. Are Carrot Gaming slots available for mobile play?
  4. Does Carrot Gaming make any games besides online slots?
  5. What is the connection between Carrot Gaming and Stake?
  6. Is Massive Studios a Carrot Gaming brand?
  7. When will more Carrot Gaming titles become available?

1.) Can I play Carrot Gaming games for free?

Yes, most Carrot Gaming titles are available in both real play and fun play mode. However, if you were reading that carefully, you caught that we said most, not all.

That's because, using our top 5 picks as an example, Carp Diem, Wild Orbs, Underworld Bonus Buy Battle, and Jade Fate are available to play for free. Yet, for some reason, Samurai Dogs slots is only available for real money play. As such, your best bet, is always going to be to check. This is easy enough to do with a quick visit to the game at Stake, or by reading any of our individual slots reviews.

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2.) Where are Carrot Gaming slots available?

At the time of writing, there is absolutely no casino operator offering Carrot Gaming slots. Or at least under that name.

Instead what you'll find are games powered by Carrot Gaming, being promoted under what seem to be its daughter companies: Massive Studios, Twist Gaming, and Titan Gaming. And there could easily be more of these in the works.

For now, all of these developers only supply games to Stake. And in fact, that makes sense, since all evidence seems to point to Carrot Gaming being a subsidiary of Easygo, just like Stake.

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3.) Are Carrot Gaming slots available for mobile play?

Yes, Carrot Gaming slots are designed for excellent mobile play. That means you can easily gamble on them with real money, or enjoy them for free, when waiting around, or on the go.

Simply visit Stake casino from your mobile-browser, and you'll see for yourself. These, by the way, are the ultimate in mobile crypto slots, perfectly suited for your phone screen.

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4.) Does Carrot Gaming make any games besides online slots?

Since not a lot is known about Carrot Gaming quite yet, it's hard to give a definitive answer on that. So far, all of the games it has released are indeed slots. That, however, does not mean this is the end. In fact it could well be the beginning. For all we know, the Carrot brand has live casino game development happening as we write, under wraps. Anything could be with the wealth and ingenuity of Stake / Easygo backing it.

But for now, since you asked a simple question, yes, it's "only" slots.

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5.) What is the connection between Carrot Gaming and Stake?

Like we've said, all signs seem to indicate that Stake is the ultimate owner or at least funder of Carrot Gaming. Or perhaps more accurately Easygo, as, Twist Gaming, and Stake are all its subsidiaries. One clear sign pointing to this can be seen in the fact that the Twist Gaming URL now redirects to Carrot Gaming.

Also, you've got common location; that is both Carrot Gaming and Easygo are headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. And then there's the Stake exclusivity thing and the streamer hype, which again, point to that relationship.

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6.) Is Massive Studios a Carrot Gaming brand?

There has lately been a whole lot of attention on Massive Studios games, since they are feature-packed and offer perhaps the highest winnings around. Top streamers regularly play them for all their thrills, which of course creates a whole lot of buzz.

While it hasn't been made official as far as we know, Massive Studios seems to be the brainchild of Easygo, the developers of Stake. Its slots are also available exclusively at Stake, so the trail seems clear. Plus, more recently, Massive Studios has been listed on the Carrot Gaming website as one of its brands, and Carrot Gaming as we outlined above seems to be an Easygo subsidiary. Hence it all adds up.

How this relationship will ultimately develop is anyone's guess. But since Massive Studios has such strong brand recognition, we'd imagine it will maintain its name under the Carrot umbrella. For a relevant comparison, that would be much like how Evolution Gaming is the umbrella to other casino software giants like NetEnt, Red Tiger, and Nolimit City, who all continue to operate under their own labels.

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7.) When will more Carrot Gaming titles become available?

There is no way for us to know when more Carrot Gaming titles will be released. Though we do know through its subsidiary brands that it has been on a fast pace towards development, with Massive Studios even publicizing its goal of 24 games a year by 2024.

All we can say is that with the backing of true iGaming tech power, there are likely some pretty incredible things in store, even beyond taking slots bonus features and potential prizes up a notch, as it's already been doing.

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The Expert Roundup on Carrot Gaming Casinos

With all indicators pointing towards a powerful relationship between the developer, Stake casino, and the amazing iGaming technology of Easygo powering it, Carrot Gaming is likely to make some serious waves in the industry.

Players are already enjoying the associated Massive Studios, Titan Gaming, and Twist Gaming titles, but it seems like a whole lot more is in store.

On the Carrot Gaming website itself it says: "At Carrot Gaming, we're not just dreaming up the next big disruption in iGaming - we're also busy building it. Watch this space to see it happen!" Which based on its founders' history2, we believe they'll succeed in doing. So watching it is indeed what we'll do in turn, making sure to test each new title as it appears, and report back to you with all our tips.

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Carrot Gaming was tested and reviewed by Peter Schmidt and Vienne Garcia
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