Buffaloads Slot Review 2024

peter_schmidtPeter Schmidt
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Buffaloads Facts

$500 BonusPlay at Stake
Paylines:Combos pay anywhere on the reels
Min. Bet:$0.10
Max. Bet:$100
Max. Win:25,000X your bet
RTP:RTP 96.5%
Free Spins: 
Bonus Buy: 
Free Play:  

In May 2023, Massive Studios broke onto the online slots scene, with a stunner of a debut game. Buffaloads was this up-and-coming developer's brainchild, giving us all a good glimpse into a new level of play.

Unlike any of the other famous slots featuring this species - such as the Buffalo King or Buffalo Rampage games - in this hyped-up version, the buffalo is far from his natural domain, having made his way to the big leagues of posh metropolitan living.

Smoking a cigar, and flashing some serious bling, the buffalo here stands witness to a world of incredible riches packed with diamonds, jewels, secret safes, and wads of cash.

Game action is made unique by a system in which symbols pay anywhere on the screen. Individual multipliers are added together and intersecting multipliers are multiplied together. There are bonus rounds of free games, special enhancer modes, and three different bonus buy options to make it all the more exciting. Sounds amazing right?

While the RTP of 96.5% is quite standard, the max win of 25,000X is anything but. And with just 10 cents per round required for a bet, it's pretty easy to get in on the good times yourself, and decide if this loaded buffalo - and the lifestyle he shares - is a good fit for you.

Game highlights:

  • High volatility
  • High hit rate
  • Symbols pay anywhere on the reels
  • Free games bonus round
  • Cascade feature
  • Multipliers of up to 500X
  • 25,000X max win
  • Two game enhancer modes
  • Three different bonus buy options
  • 96.5% RTP
  • Available exclusively at Stake casino*

Play Buffaloads at Stake

* Like all Massive Studio slots, Buffaloads is available in limited release in partnership with Stake casino. As such, it can only be played in real money mode there.

Buffaloads Slot Basics and Rules

The beauty of online slots is their absolute simplicity. Even if you've never played, within less than a minute, it's clear how. This is especially true when it comes to games created by clever developers that know how to design a good UI, like Massive Studios has done.

In other words, Buffaloads is a rather novel game, you will immediately be able to figure it out by looking at the various icons at the bottom of your screen.

coins iconStarting in the far-right corner, you have a stack of chips, which you click to set your bet at a rate of anywhere from $0.10 up to $100 per round. To the left of that is the spin button, marked by a triangle inside a circle icon. And slightly below that is the auto play feature, which lets you play up to 1,000 games automatically in a row at the same bet rate (which can be modified with a loss limit so things don't go haywire while on auto pilot).

In the bottom left corner are three horizonal lines with the game's settings. Here you can adjust the music and sound, turning it on and off at will. You can also increase the speed of your spins to a turbo or even a super turbo pace. Plus, at any time view all pertinent game info - including the paytable, bonus features and how they're won, return to player for each mode, and so forth.

buffaloads-slot-previewThe Buffaloads slotMoreLess

buffaloads-slot-bet-limitsSettings for bet limitsMoreLess

buffaloads-slot-auto-playAuto play featureMoreLess

buffaloads-slot-main-menuMain menu (left bottom)MoreLess

The capital M button in the black circle is how you get to the enhancer modes and bonus buy options, which we'll describe in detail in due course below.

For now, other than that it's important to understand how you win. In this game, it's a bit different than other online slots as it has no traditional paylines. Instead, Buffaloads rewards for combos of eight or more, anywhere on the reels, which is part of what makes it so highly unique. The top prize, by the way, we'll just reiterate, is 25,000 times your bet. So there's also an extremely attractive jackpot on the line too.

Play Buffaloads Slots for Free Online

Here's a little insider's tip for our Casino.Guide readers. For some reason as of late, Buffaloads isn't available for free on the Stake website. The other Massive Studios titles like Bonsai Banzai and Drac's Stacks are, so we're honestly unsure as to why.

But luckily, we've worked things out for you, and brought the demo mode right to this very Buffaloads review. So go ahead and get a feel for the game below, and when you're ready, join the stampede of players making their way to the excellent gambling at Stake. And when you do, don't forget to use our promo code to claim the exclusive $500 bonus rewarded especially to our readers. The bonus code that you should use being: casinoguide (If you need more info, you can find it here!)

Buffaloads Demo Mode

buffaloads-slot-massive-studios By pressing on "Play", I understand that I will be shown content from Massive Studios . You can find more information in our website's Privacy Policy as well as that of Massive Studios . Massive Studios

Play for real money at Stake

Buffaloads Video Slots Paytable

There are a lot of really neat things about this game, but one of them already starts in main game play with how wins are paid. Here it's in a totally untraditional way of matching symbols paying anywhere on the reels, whether they are attached, left to right horizonal, or in different corners of the screen. All you need is a minimum of eight of a kind, anywhere on the reels and they'll pay prizes within this range.

Symbol Minimum profit Maximum profit
Buffaloads Symbol TresorX10X50
Buffaloads Symbol RingX2.5X25
Buffaloads Symbol Money X1.6X12
Buffaloads Symbol Coins X1.2X10
Buffaloads Symbol Red x0.8X8
Buffaloads Symbol Yellow x0.4X4
Buffaloads Symbol Blue x0.3X3.2
Buffaloads Symbol Purple X0.2X1.6

The paytable in this game is super specific if you hadn't noticed, with rates expressed in decimals for certain combos. The lowest win is 0.2X for eight or nine purple gems (amethysts or sapphires we assume), while the absolute highest in base game play is 50X for 12 to 30 red vaults.

Even higher levels of prizes can be achieved when combined with the game's many multipliers through the various free spin and bonus features.

Buffaloads Bonus Rounds and Special Features

Like all Massive Studios slots, Buffaloads combines excellent graphics and a superior story line, with some of the best (i.e. most rewarding) special features around. These both spice up the general experiential thrill of play, as much as your winning potential.

  1. Free games bonus round
  2. Cascade feature
  3. Multipliers
  4. Game enhancers
  5. Bonus buy options

Free games bonus round

Buffaloads BonusThe blonde-haired buffalo (yes, you read that right) with the word BONUS splayed across, serves as the scatter symbol here. Land 4, 5, or 6 anywhere on the reels, and 12 free games will be triggered.

As the free games spin through, whenever a multiplier lands on the reels it is added to the total multiplier. Then, at the end of the round, any and all wins won throughout are multiplied by that total amount, plus any multipliers that were on the reels at the time of a win are applied respectively.

The bonus round can be retriggered during free games play. 3 scatter symbols give you 2 more free games, while 4 or more scatters award another 5 free games. If retriggered, the full win amount is added to your account balance, after all free spins and retriggers are completed.

Cascade feature

Always a popular presence, the cascade feature increases the winning combo potential on a single spin.

Basically, if you spin and win, the relevant symbols evaporate from your screen, and new ones cascade down into their places. These new symbols can then serve to create additional combinations, and if successful, will then disappear to be replaced once again by cascading symbols from above, and so forth, until no more winning combinations are formed. At this point, all associated cascade winnings will be paid into your balance, and you'll simply return to base play to make your next bet.


The term multipliers is so generic that it hardly does it justice in the context of Buffaloads. That's because what this game offers is basically multipliers on steroids.

Essentially, multipliers are omnipresent here, available with any spin or cascade, on clusters of 4 of the same symbol (i.e. a 2X2 format)- and may ultimately be added together or even multiplied increasing your winning potential exponentially!

Should you form such a 2X2 cluster, the video slot will create a frame around it to highlight it, and award you a random multiplier in turn. If following a cascade that 2X2 cluster collapses into a different position, no new multiplier is assigned to that same cluster, though it maintains the one it already had.

2x2-cluster-intersecting-buffaloads2x2 clusters and intersecting 2x2 clusters are awarded with random multipliers.MoreLess

However, when more than one 2X2 clusters land in separate places, and their multipliers are used within a win, their multipliers are then added together. And if the clusters intersect, their multipliers will be multiplied. In addition, separate multipliers and intersecting multipliers for winning clusters are also added together.

Once all of the cascade sequences have come to an end, the game itself does the multiplier math, and the total win for that entire session is multiplied by that value.

Initial cluster multipliers by the way start at 2X and go all the way up to 500X your win.

thumb up iconNote: Don't worry if that seems confusing. It's a lot of multiples to keep track of for sure! But you don't have to. This game is programmed to spot and payout all relevant multipliers according to its built-in rules and algorithms.

Game enhancers

As the original Massive Studios slots, Buffaloads was the first to offer it's now hallmark feature, the game enhancer options. In this case, you can purchase one of two game enhancer modes.

  • Enhancer 1 guarantees you that your spin will award at least one 2X2 cluster; and if free spins are won in the process, this symbol cluster bonus will continue throughout. Its price is 10X your current bet.
  • Enhancer 2 for its parts ensures that your spin has at least one intersecting 2X2 cluster in your results. Again here, if free spins are won in the process, this symbol cluster bonus will continue throughout. Since it's got higher value, its price is 50X your current bet.

Tip: Game enhancers and bonus buy options can be found by clicking the M circle icon in the bottom left corner of the game.


Bonus buy options

As the bonus round here has A LOT of cash prize potential, it's quite clear why it's such a highly coveted commodity. While you can try your luck spinning your way 'til it's triggered, you can also bypass the waiting and random luck factor for a fee.

This game actually has three different bonus buy options, each at its own cost:

  • Bonus buy 1 = 12 free games at a price of 100X your bet.
  • Bonus buy 2 = 12 free games with a minimum of one 2X2 cluster per spin, at a price of 300X your bet.
  • Bonus buy 3 = 12 free games with an intersecting 2X2 cluster on every spin, for a price of 750X your bet.

Play Buffaloads on Mobile

All that bonus, multiplier, and cluster fun can of course be taken to the mobile domain as well.

mobile devices iconThat is, if you were wondering if Buffaloads slots is a mobile casino game, then the answer is indeed yes. It is fully mobile-optimised, so you can play on any handheld device. In fact, odds are that you're reading this review from your mobile - so feel free to click on over to Stake to play from your phone now and see for yourself.

All browsers and operating systems, by the way, work. And any brand cell phone or tablet, as well as PC. As long as you have a strong internet connection, Buffaloads slots are always at your fingertips.

Buffaloads FAQs

Now that we've covered the rules, basics, and bonus features, let's address a few specific Buffaloads questions readers have sent to our review team. And if there's still something you'd like to know, as always, you can reach out directly, and we'll get detailed answers from our casino tester pros.

  1. Where can I play Buffaloads slots?
  2. How is Buffaloads different than other buffalo themed slots?
  3. Why is Buffaloads so popular with streamers?
  4. Which Buffaload's bonus buy option is best?
  5. Do I need a VPN to play Buffaloads?
  6. Can I make Bitcoin bets on Buffaloads slots?

1.) Where can I play Buffaloads slots?

As of last check, Buffaloads slots are available exclusively at Stake casino. While we agree this is a little surprising since Buffaloads alongside the other Massive Studios slots look so promising - and really are that fun - it seems the developer and operator have formed some sort of tight partnership, and are working solely together on this collection.

Should we hear of wider release, we will of course be thrilled to update you. For now, however, since Stake is a top-rated online casino, and one we anyhow regularly recommend, we feel comfortable with the situation as it is.

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2.) How is Buffaloads different than other buffalo themed slots?

The fact that buffalo slots are a thing at all and so popular at that is rather random indeed. Who'd imagine there'd be so many slots starring this rather specific species?

But so it is, and each has its own unique spin on the game. At Stake alone there are just under 20 (!!) titles with buffalo in the name, as well as similar creatures like the enhanced RTP Bison Spirit game.

Each of these slots has its own bet limits, prize max, bonus features, and the likes. And each does the buffalo theme with a bit of a unique spin. However, almost all are along the lines of a frontier look and feel, while Buffaloads surprisingly is anything but, with a manic, cash-splashed life in the big city motif. In other words, you gotta see this loaded buffalo to see what we mean.

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3.) Why is Buffaloads so popular with streamers?

All of the Massive Studios slots, including Buffaloads, have become popular with casino streamers for a number of reasons. First of all, they are extremely entertaining with a whole lot of special bonus features, and have very high potential prizes, in this case a massive 25,000X max win. These factors together, needless to say, make them exceptionally watchable.

Second, Buffaloads is available exclusively at Stake, and Stake is by far the main pick casino to play for slots streamers. Stake in turn seems to have distinct partnerships with streamers to encourage them to play there.

Furthermore, the crypto casino seems to have an exclusivity contract with Massive Studios - or as rumour has it, may actually be the owner of the development house. Either way, it's all about "three" partners essentially scratching each other's backs. Which works out well for us in this case, since the full package combo happens to be particularly entertaining; and we totally enjoy watching streamers play these slots.

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4.) Which Buffaload's bonus buy option is best?

Wow. This is a good question; and an impossible one to answer. Bonus buys are not cheap. In fact, in this case they are very expensive with the lowest cost option being 100X your bet, and going all the way up to 750X your bet.

Of course, the more you spend the more benefits you'll be getting. But this is not an option for every budget. And while all three bonus buy options get you straight into the potentially super rewarding free games round, whether you'll get such a high level of return on investment is anyone's guess.

So, all we can say, is only if you have the budget should you consider this. It's certainly not a must to get the best out of the game.

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5.) Do I need a VPN to play Buffaloads?

You can easily access Buffaloads without a VPN from many places in the world. However, Stake casino has been increasingly tightening country restrictions for gambling, so it is possible that in some locations, like Ontario Canada, that you will no longer be able to log in directly to Stake (though it's known to have a .ca domain in the works).

In this case, you could consider the VPN route; which means turning on a Stake VPN to mask your IP, and place you in a country in which Buffaloads, as much as Stake, is accessible.

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6.) Can I make Bitcoin bets on Buffaloads slots?

Since Stake is a crypto casino, and allows you to deposit and bet in Bitcoin values, then yes you can play Buffaloads there with BTC. In fact, you can use some 20 different cryptos for Buffaloads betting, or a handful of fiats like CAD, JPY, and BRL.

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Our Expert Opinion on Buffaloads Slots

A highly rewarding and stylish game, Buffaloads is in our opinion one of the best new slots around.

We love the way in which combos pay anywhere on the reels, erasing hundreds of years of tradition and giving a new setup to slots winnings. The amazing clusters and multipliers, plus all those free spins, keep things super interesting. And of course, the top prize of 25,000X your bet offers tremendous incentive for those in search of a giant jackpot.

All and all, this is a tremendous online slot machine, and one we definitely recommend at Stake, its current exclusive home - and anywhere else it's released, should that day come.

Play now at Stake

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