Bonsai Banzai Slot Review 2024

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Bonsai Banzai Facts

$500 BonusPlay at Stake
Min. Bet:$0.20
Max. Bet:$1,000
Max. Win:25,000X your bet
Free Spins: 
Bonus Buy: 
Free Play:  

One of the most exciting new slots released in 2024 is without a doubt Bonsai Banzai.

A visually stunning video slots machine created by the masters at Massive Studios, it has quickly taken the online gaming world by storm, including top streamers like Roshtein.

Featuring a whirlwind of adventure, and potentially enormous wins, it puts immense choice in the player's hand, starting with the level of volatility you prefer - and the corresponding level of bonus rounds you'll get.

Whichever you choose, exciting extra elements are always on hand, including the possibility for wilds, expanding wilds with multipliers, free games, the gamble wheel, and bonus buy and enhancer modes to spice things up.

With a 96.5% return to player and an up to 25,000X top payday, this is a wonderful option for highly rewarding online casino slots play, enjoyed in the company of samurai warriors under the colourful bonsai trees.

While you likely know what a bonsai miniature tree looks like, we'll save you the effort of looking up banzai, which is actually a traditional Japanese battle charge call. Translated it means, wishing ten thousand years of long life to the emperor; which is essentially "long live the king".

Game highlights:

  • Choose between high volatility or extreme volatility levels of play
  • Normal wilds
  • Multiplying wilds
  • 25,000X max win
  • Free games
  • Exciting gamble wheel bonus potential
  • Game enhancer mode
  • Bonus buy options
  • 96.5% RTP
  • Available exclusively at Stake casino*

Play Bonsai Banzai at Stake

* As of writing, Bonsai Banzai remains a Stake exclusive - where it was first released - which of course, may be subject to change.

Bonsai Banzai Slot Basics and Rules

One of the unique things about Bonsai Banzai slots is that you will need to make a fateful choice as soon as you begin to play.

Open up the game, and you'll see half your screen is green, and the other half is red. If you choose the green side by clicking on the dragon, you'll be playing at high volatility with normal wilds and higher odds of launching the bonus round.

Opt for the red side with the fiery phoenix, and it will transform into an extreme volatility game with the added excitement of multiplying wilds, but the corresponding lower odds of bonus round play. Each level of volatility, as such, obviously has its trade-offs, which is up to you - though you can easily switch back and forth between rounds.


This choice between the green world and the red world, by the way, will not only affect wilds. It also changes up the game symbols a bit, which will go on to reflect your chosen colour. That is, the ninja will be red or green respectively, and others symbols like the crossing swords, on that coloured background.

coins iconAnyhow back to the basics. Once you've made your colour choice, it's time to make another; and that is, how much you're going to bet. This game accommodates wagers between $0.20 per spin up to $1,000, giving you some excellent range. To set your bet, simply click on the coin stack in the bottom right corner of the screen, and choose your amount accordingly.

Once you've done that, you're ready to play, so just click that circled single triangle, again in the bottom right corner of your screen, and the reels will spin. Once they stop, any wins will be paid out from left to right on adjacent reels, starting from the leftmost reel.

As with all other Massive Studios slots, you can also enjoy this one on auto play. Plus you can adjust the pace, picking things up with turbo or super turbo speed.

money bagThe ninja mode you pick, keep in mind, also affects the ultimate payout. If you went with green, it's up to 10,000X your bet, while the red ninja boosts it up to the game max of 25,000X your bet.

Play Bonsai Banzai Slots for Free Online

Having a hard time figuring out which battle to choose? Why not play Bonsai Banzai for free to help you decide? Besides giving you a sense of what each colour option entails, it's a great way to gain a full understanding of how the different bonus features play out - including their associated winning potential.

Luckily, although Bonsai Banzai is a Stake exclusive, we've been able to snag you the demo mode, available for your enjoyment right here below. Then, once you're ready, we recommend moving on over to Stake and real money mode, and if you haven't already signed up, do so with the special "casinoguide" promo code, for a $500 bonus (If you need more info, you can find it here!).

Bonsai Banzai Demo Mode

bonsai-banzai-play-now By pressing on "Play", I understand that I will be shown content from Massive Studios. You can find more information in our website's Privacy Policy as well as that of Massive Studios. Massive Studios

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Bonsai Banzai Video Slots Paytable

With two different choices of how to play the main game, this is a slightly more sophisticated slot machine. But overall, it's not hard to figure out how it works, or pays. This chart should help you get a sense. Just note the slight differences for green and red ninja modes.

Symbol Minimum profit Maximum profit
Bonsai Banzai Ninja X2X20
Bonsai Banzai Animals X1X10
Bonsai Banzai Nunchaku X1X10
Bonsai Banzai Shuriken X0.6X5
Bonsai Banzai Sai X0.6X5
Bonsai Banzai CardsX0.2X1

As you can see in the paytable we've provided, the symbols are slightly different between the green and red worlds. The most obvious difference is the colour of the highest paying symbol, the ninja, as well as the second highest paying symbol which in green is a turtle, while it's a fish in red.

Though these graphics differ, however, their pay rates remain the same. And you don't have to remember this anyhow, as the game obviously automatically rewards prizes on any winning combo, from three to five of a kind.

Bonsai Banzai Bonus Rounds and Special Features

The actual setup of the game is a special feature on its own here, as you're choosing the volatility and types of wilds from your first spin. But the extras certainly don't end there, with all of the following great features up for grabs.

  1. Expanding wilds with multipliers
  2. Wild symbols
  3. Free games
  4. Gamble wheel
  5. Game enhancer
  6. Bonus buy options

Expanding wilds with multipliers

Bonsai Banzai Dragon WildsThe green dragon and red phoenix serve as expanding wilds, and can appear on any reel. Basically, when they land, they will expand, and two multipliers will be shown, after which a duel will take place between the green and red ninja, with the winning ninja's multiplier being awarded, from 2X up to 100X your winnings.

Wild symbols

Bonsai Banzai WildsIf you're playing in the Green Ninja Bonsai mode, and the green ninja wins that battle, then a number of wilds will be randomly distributed onto the reels. When playing in the Red Ninja Bonsai mode, and the red ninja wins the battle, then a number of multiplying wilds will be randomly distributed. Both give you more winning opportunities, though the red multiplying ones are obviously even higher.

Free games

Bonsai Banzai ScatterIn Bonsai Banzai, the scatter symbol can appear on any reel.

If you're playing the green bonsai profile:

  • 3 scatters award 8 or more free games + a chance at the gamble wheel
  • 4 scatters give you 12 or more free games + the gamble wheel
  • 5 scatters equal 16 free games (the maximum available in this mode)

And if you're playing the red bonsai profile:

  • 3 scatters award 5 or more free games + a chance at the gamble wheel
  • 4 scatters give you 15 or more free games + the gamble wheel
  • 5 scatters equal 25 free games (the maximum available in this mode)

Free games are spun automatically by the machine, with wins accumulated throughout the round. Once free games end, the collective total that you've won is added to your balance.

Gamble wheel

How the gamble wheel plays out, will again be based on the ninja colour that you've chosen. In either event, what it does is give you the chance to win more free spins than the number that you were initially awarded. Though be aware, it can also reduce that number to zero. That's the gamble part.

So what you've got onscreen is a guaranteed number of free spins vs. a single spin on the gamble wheel, which may or may not pay off. If you choose your free spins, those will proceed to play out. Otherwise you'll spin the wheel.

Bonsai-Banzai-wheel1Green worldMoreLess

Bonsai-Banzai-wheel2Red worldMoreLess

If you win more free spins on the gamble wheel, you can push your luck even further, deciding once again if you want to spin to try for the max number of free games, or you're ready to proceed with what you've got.

In the green world, the gamble wheel can deliver from 0 to 16 free games, while in the red world, the gamble wheel free game range is from 0 to 25 awarded.

info iconNote: This bonus round cannot be retriggered, and if you lose a gamble, i.e. spin a zero slot, you'll revert to base game play, with no free spins.

Game enhancer

While other popular Massive Studios slots like Drac's Stacks and Rooster's Revenge have two special enhancer modes, in Bonsai Banzai you'll have to suffice with one. We say that sarcastically, mind you, as this is a special feature we're happy to see, in whatever quantity it comes.

To access it, click the orange circle 'M' button in the bottom left corner of your screen. Then enable the enhancer, which gives you 4X better odds of landing the free spins bonus round, for a fee of 3X your stake.

Bonus buy options

That same orange circle 'M' button also leads to the two bonus buy options available here.

For 150X your bet, you can go with option one which guarantees five or more free games. Or you can pay 500X your bet for a guarantee of 15 free games or more. Why on earth would anyone pay all that you ask? Well, because the really big bucks here are in the bonus round; though in all fairness the base game doesn't pay all that shabbily either.


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Play Bonsai Banzai on Mobile

Short and simple, we'll just say that Bonsai Banzai is indeed available for mobile play.

That means you can play it on the go, on any sized screen - whether it's on your phone or tablet you prefer - and enjoy all the awesomeness that it has to offer.

There is no casino app download required for the game itself, or to access Stake where it's exclusively available. Instead, this is all about the browser-based gambling. So just visit Stake from any device, and enjoy mobile Bonsai Banzai anywhere.

Bonsai Banzai FAQs

Since every online slot is original, this is the part of our review process in which we always address the specifics of the game, as they relate to the particular title. In this case, with answers to a few frequently asked questions relevant to the Bonsai Banzai game.

  1. What's so special about Bonsai Banzai slots?
  2. Which is better, the green ninja or red ninja mode of play?
  3. Where can I play Bonsai Banzai slots?
  4. Should I use a VPN if Bonsai Banzai isn't available in my region?
  5. Is Bonsai Banzai a crypto slots game?
  6. Is the Bonsai Banzai prize potential really that high?

1.) What's so special about Bonsai Banzai slots?

If there is one adjective that we'd use to describe Bonsai Banzai, special would be it. This is a very unique online slot machine, with distinct features that significantly enhance play.

The most obvious one is the choice between the green and red modes of play, and the volatility and winning potential each offers. Plus, the fact that you can easily switch back and forth between them, to keep things extra exciting.

It's also got a fantastic bonus round with that gamble wheel, which really appeals to players who enjoy taking a bit of extra risk. And of course it just happens to look fantastic, in a stylized manner of its own.

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2.) Which is better, the green ninja or red ninja mode of play?

Both choices are excellent in our opinion, and in fact, you don't really have to make one, since you can select one or the other after each round of play. That in fact, would be our choice, as each has what to offer.

The theoretical RTP of both is 96.5%, so that's not going to be a factor in your selection either.

The main difference is that the green world has lower volatility, grants fewer potential free spins in the bonus round, and has a max win of 10,000X your bet - though it does make reaching the bonus round easier.

The red ninja's world on the other hand plays at a very high volatility, with a lower chance of winning free games, but when you do win, it's a potentially higher number, and max payout of 25,000X your bet.

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3.) Where can I play Bonsai Banzai slots?

For now, the one and only place that you can play for real money winnings is at Stake casino. This is true of Bonsai Banzai slots, as well as all of the other unique Massive Studios games.

If you want to play for free, you can do so at Stake casino as well. Or alternatively, right here from this Bonsai Banzai review, or on the Massive Studios website too.

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4.) Should I use a VPN if Bonsai Banzai isn't available in my region?

From our experience, Bonsai Banzai should be available in most locations. Though of course Stake casino does have some restrictions in terms of countries and regions it serves.

If, in such a case you find you're unable to access Bonsai Banzai (or any other game for that matter), you can try using a Stake VPN to get around your IP address block.

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5.) Is Bonsai Banzai a crypto slots game?

Since crypto gambling is a passion on the rise, and you may have been searching for a crypto slot in landing here, we'll affirm that as yes, Bonsai Banzai makes the cut.

That is, you can use any number of cryptos to gamble on Bonsai Banzai. In fact, any of the 20 different digital coins accepted by Stake casino, including but not limited to BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT, and LTC. If you prefer, you can also play in CDN, JPY, or a number of other local currencies.

And to make things even more convenient, no matter which currency you deposited, you can view your balance and betting in a relevant fiat, like USD or EUR, to help you keep track of your bankroll.

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6.) Is the Bonsai Banzai prize potential really that high?

Yes. Absolutely. Bonsai Banzai offers some truly tremendous wins. As the game rules themselves highlight, the maximum prize is as much as 25,000X your bet. And the max bet accommodated is $1,000 per spin.

Obviously, you're not going to hit that level of win every time. But if Roshtein's live stream is any indicator, new records can always be attained; his last being a bonus round gain of $4,856,000, and possibly higher by the time you're reading this.

ClassyBeef, for his part, has also put out a YouTube clip highlighting numerous streamers hitting massive six-digit wins on this game too. And he himself regularly streams this and other Massive Studios games.

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Our Expert Opinion on Bonsai Banzai Slots

Whether it's the green world or red world you ultimately select, this is a battle worth picking.

Bonsai Banzai slots are fun to play, in every mode, with great graphics and unique elements that significantly amplify standard slots play. Beyond the many free games, potential wilds and multipliers, bonus buy options, gamble wheel and all, there is just pure unadulterated joy from excellent entertainment.

Plus, it has huge potential winnings, that various streamers have proven attainable, and even the smaller prizes are quite good. And it's got that exclusivity factor, as it's currently only available at Stake.

All and all, that easily adds up to a unique and rewarding game, that we whole heartedly recommend without hesitation.

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