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Zcash Facts
Company: Electric Coin Company, Zcash Foundation
Founded in:2016
Headquarters:Denver, Colorado/USA
CEO: Zooko Wilcox
Available in:over 100 countries
E-Mail:[email protected]
Phone:(507) 476-1620
Best Zcash Casino:Fairspin

At Casino.Guide, we see it as our duty to bring you all the latest and greatest on iGaming developments and news. These days, as you may have noticed, we have undertaken the task of deciphering the various crypto coins on the market to help you make better informed decisions when it comes to funding your casino account.

As such, this review is dedicated to Zcash - where it came from, its unique qualities, distinct gambling related benefits, where you can get it, and more.

While we won't tell you whether or not you should invest in it – or any other currency for that matter, this Zcash review should give you all the information you need for determining if it is the right choice for you when it comes to funding your casino account.

As a hint, as an exceptionally secure and private crypto coin, this is actually seen as one of the better options around, so long as it is being offered by the casino cashier, that is. Now let us take a closer look to understand what it is all about.

arrowInteresting fact: Zcash, traded as ZEC, started out under a different name, ZeroCash in 2016, and was only rebranded a few years later. The zero part of its name was derived from the zero-knowledge proof zkSNARK protocol that provides coin holders with the option for complete anonymity in transactions.

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Best Zcash Casinos 2024

To set the record straight from the start, it is important to point out that the reality is, not every online casino accepts Zcash yet. Based on our last look, for example, while perhaps the biggest name in crypto gambling, Stake casino, has recently updated its wallet to include about a dozen new crypto options, ZEC somehow did not make the list.

info iconTo us, this is somewhat surprising as it is known as one of the more "functional" cryptocurrencies, with easy options to spend it at retail stores like Lowes and Baskin Robbins, and at any online shop where Visa is accepted according to its website.

In any event, we can only imagine its availability as a casino payment method will increase in the near future. In the meantime, to help you get started, the following casinos are our top picks for where you can safely and conveniently gamble online using Zcash.

eCOGRAGLIiTech LabsMalta Gaming AuthoritySSL Secured
bizzo-logo94% Outstanding$5,000+ 150 Free Spinsvisit Bizzo CasinoRead Review
fairspin-casino-logo93% Outstandingup to $450 000+ 140 Free Spinsvisit FairspinRead Review
Bitsler-only_cyptos-Logo93% Outstanding$700visit Bitsler CasinoRead Review
22bet-logo93% Outstanding$300visit 22BetRead Review
national-casino-logo93% Outstanding$500+ 100 Free Spinsvisit National CasinoRead Review
20Bet-Logo92% Outstanding$180+ 120 Free Spinsvisit 20Bet CasinoRead Review
fortunejack-casino-logo90% Outstanding6 BTC or 1200 USD+ 250 Free Spinsvisit FortuneJackRead Review

What Is Zcash Anyhow? A Short History Behind the Crypto Coin

Zcash, also known by its trading initials ZEC, is a digital currency that was developed as a code fork (i.e. based on the source code) of Bitcoin, though it differs from the concept of the prototype.

Zcash Grafic

(c) https://z.cash/

It was first dreamt up by a group of scientists - led by Johns Hopkins professor Matthew Green, and some of his graduate students including Eli Ben-Sasson, Ian Miers, Alessandro Chiesa, Eran Tromer, Christina Garman, and Madars Virza, who noticed security flaws in the tracking of transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. Zerocash, as it was then called, which began in development in 2013 and was eventually released in 2016 by the Electric Coin Company, was their answer to these flaws. Entrepreneur and developer, Zooko Wilcox who helped launch the new digital currency, now serves as the company's CEO.

Considered an altcoin, Zcash obviously has many similarities with Bitcoin. The main difference here is that ZEC uses the zk-SNARK protocol, which adds an additional layer of privacy by ensuring that no information about the parties involved in any transactions are revealed. In other words, transaction information, which is usually encrypted but nevertheless stored publicly in the blockchain, can be hidden with Zcash at the user's request.

These fully shielded transactions ensure that the sender, recipient, and the amount of the transaction are encrypted, which is very different from other digital currencies. Essentially this means, ZEC transactions, as opposed to BTC transaction, cannot be traced. Hence the additional privacy layer.


That being said, not everyone wants fully shielded transactions. In which case, the individual can choose to execute the full transparency option in their transactions, making it rather flexible as well.

secure iconNote: You can choose between a fully shielded transaction with the z-addr or full transparency with the t-addr when you use Zcash. The fully shielded option gives you complete anonymity, while full transparency gives you proof if you need a record of your transactions for an audit, tax regulations, or anti-money laundering compliance purposes.

While additional anonymity may read as sketchy to some, we'll point out that the Electric Coin Company is actually very dedicated to above board operations, and explicitly promotes complying with regulatory requirements.

As for availability, like Bitcoin, ZEC has a cap of 21 million units to be put in circulation. This choice was made to ensure a balance between the desired value and stability. Once that 21 million token limit is reached, it will no longer be available for mining. As to when that will happen is anyone's guess, though we would imagine within the next couple of years, with about half that number of coins already circulating at last check.

moneyInteresting fact: While Electric Coin Company officially donated all of its holdings to the Bootstrap Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in October 2020, for its first four years of operations. It made a pretty penny with 10% of coins mined allotted to the Zcash company, investors, and employees.

Explanatory Zcash Video

Sometimes it is even easier to understand how something works by seeing it. Watch this short video for a useful walkthrough of what Zcash is, and how it can be used.

Does Zcash Have the Potential to Establish Itself in Casinos?

While Zcash, like many cryptocurrencies, can seem complicated on a technical level, there is no reason really why you need to wrap your head around that for trading or casino purposes. At the end of the day, the backend really is not that important for many of us. Rather we want to understand things like the stability of its value, profit potential, and bottom line uses.

In the case of ZEC, the good news is that it is actually highly devoted to becoming an actual currency beyond just trading purposes. If you have a look at its website, for example, you can see an entire page, plus deeper links, explaining where and how it can be used. This includes major retailers like Baskin Robbins, Lowe's, and Nordstrom, which allow you to pay in Zcash in person using either the Flexa SPEDN or Gemini app on your mobile.

zcash-how-to-pay(c) https://z.cash/MoreLess

In addition, you can use it to pay online through a service called Moon almost anywhere that the Visa credit card is accepted. And you can even send ZEC to a friend or service provider with a crypto wallet.

All of this attests to why it should be even more popular and common at online casinos today. In fact, we are even a little surprised that it is less ubiquitous than it currently is. However, we assume, this will change as Zcash actually has tremendous potential when it comes to online casino banking.

important iconWhile the casino receives clear notification that the coins have been received in the case of a deposit, it cannot see details of the transaction. This added layer of anonymity afforded by this crypto coin has a lot of appeal to casino players who may not want anyone to be able to follow their spend or cash outs - creating the highest level of reliability for both deposits and withdrawals, and upping its potential.

Buying ZEC Coin - How It Works

Regardless of the specific characteristics of the currency, Zcash coins can be purchased as easily as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. The development team created its own blockchain based on Bitcoin's codebase, and the purchase, in turn, runs conveniently via established crypto exchange platforms.

In case you are not yet familiar with the concept, these exchanges give you the opportunity to trade cryptos in a way similar to what is common with stocks, that is investment or profit-making purposes. Crucially for casino customers, they also allow you to deposit a fiat currency like US dollars or CAD in order to exchange it for Zcash, which you can then transfer to your casino account.

The following wallets have been tested by our experts and all make for good options if you're looking for ideas:

If you are new to this, rest assured, the process is easy. There may be slight differences in the interface on the different exchange websites, but as a whole broken down into basic steps, this is how the Zcash purchase works:

  1. Select a crypto exchange platform.
  2. Set up a customer account.
  3. Make a deposit in your currency of choice. Most exchanges will have a wide variety of options like EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, GBP, and more.
  4. Select ZEC as the crypto you would like to purchase, and specify the amount you would like to acquire.
  5. Complete the purchase.

Once purchased, the tokens will be credited almost immediately according to the exchange value at which you bought them, at which point you can either save them or spend them in places like an online casino.

increaseKeep in mind, as with all currencies, the ZEC exchange rate fluctuates. And cryptocurrencies are known to be rather volatile. As such, if you are not in a rush, you may want to wait until the price drops a bit after following an exchange graph online for at least a week or two. On the other hand, it is possible that the rate won't budge all that much, so if you see that this is the case and you want ZEC, then you may decide a wait is not worthwhile.

price-chart-zcash-canadian-dollarTo understand market value, this graph highlights the fluctuations of ZEC in in comparison to the Canadian dollar over a one year time period. (c) coinmarketcap.comMoreLess

digital-walletOnce you have purchased ZEC it is recommended to store it in a crypto wallet. The Zcash website itself recommends the traditional crypto wallets Nighthawk, Unstoppable, and Zecwallet Lite as particularly good options for sending money to anyone in a safe and fast manner. But of course, the choice is up to you.

Keep in mind, a reputable crypto wallet is a safe and convenient place to hold and manage your ZEC balance. However, make sure to store your wallet's access data very carefully as there is no way to recover passwords for crypto wallets. That means, if you lose your password, your money is gone too!

Mining Zcash - Another Way to Acquire it

The other option to acquire Zcash beyond the purchase route is by mining tokens, as is done with Bitcoin. Though in this case, a bit differently.

miningFor mining purposes, ZEC uses what is called a proof-of-work mining algorithm in which miners race against each other to solve the hash.3, producing a new block, and rewarding the first miner to find the solution with it. To do so, you can employ an application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miner. You can also theoretically use your computer so long as it has a graphics card that is capable of mining. Zcash, however, generally advises against that, as the high network difficulty of PC mining is not worth the resulting time or cost.

And while we doubt that you will start mining crypto after reading those two paragraphs, just in case you do, keep in mind, many recommend joining a mining pool to increase efficiency and benefits in Zcash mining prospects.

How to Bank at an Online Casino Using Zcash Coin as Your Currency of Choice

Zcash Wallet

© https://z.cash/

Next up is the most practical of matters for the heart of this review; and that is making a ZEC deposit. After all, playing for real money winnings is only an option with real money wagers - and that can only happen after a successful deposit.

This, however, should in no way stress you out. Even if you are looking to make your first crypto deposit ever, or are new to online gambling as a whole. The process is completely intuitive and streamlined, and you should have no trouble figuring it out direct from any reputable casino's user interface. Plus, if you need a bit more hand-holding, you can turn to the casino's customer support team via the live chat function, and an agent will happily walk you through from there.

In any event, the basics of how to deposit will look something like this:

  1. Register at a ZEC casino by creating an account - You will need to fill in all of the required fields in the signup process, which in crypto casino cases, are usually no more than a username, password, valid email address, and confirmation that you are over 18 years of age.
  2. Go to the casino cashier - All casinos with a decent interface will have a clearly marked button at the top of each page labelled either 'Deposit' or 'Wallet' (or similar) to make this extra easy.
  3. Select Zcash from the deposit options.
  4. Scan the QR code you see onscreen with your cell phone, or copy the unique address provided to your crypto wallet.
  5. Enter the amount you would like to deposit.
  6. Confirm the transfer.

It should take no more than a couple of minutes until the credit is transferred to your account and you are ready to place real money ZEC wagers. Fast, convenient, and like we have already highlighted, super safe.

casino iconImportant note: As mentioned, there is a difference between the t and z addresses in transferring this coin. Operators such as FortuneJack specify the former, which in turn means that the payment is transparent and with records, unlike with completely encrypted z addresses, which have no transaction history tied to them.

Pros and Cons of Zcash Gambling

As with any currency there are always considerations to keep in mind - that is the pros and the cons of banking with it for casino gambling purposes. These are a few of the pros and cons to keep in mind, from our perspective.

  1. What advantages does Zcash offer as a payment method at an online casino?
  2. What are the disadvantages of using Zcash as a payment method at an online casino?

What advantages does Zcash offer as a payment method at an online casino?

Although the protocol of the ZEC token was designed differently than other well-known alternatives such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, paying with Zcash at an online casino is just as easy, and at least as fast. Some would even say faster than many. In addition, there is the privacy-protecting nature of this digital coin, as well its generally low transaction fees working to its advantage.

Zcash coin casino banking benefits at a glance:

  • Complete anonymity of transactions, with no traceable transaction history thanks to the zk-SNARKs (a.k.a. zero-knowledge) technology
  • Option for transparent transfers with special t-wallet addresses if you prefer for your records
  • Fungible currency, meaning all coins have identical value and can easily be traded or exchanged for others
  • Fast and cheap transfer of coins
  • Low emission in the mining process in comparison to BTC (i.e. a greener option)
  • A maximum of 21 million units in circulation helps maintain its value and relative stability

What are the disadvantages of using Zcash as a payment method at an online casino?

The strongest disadvantage here is that ZEC is still relatively uncommon in the gaming sector. So while technologically the advantages of the ZEC token outweigh the disadvantages, it is currently still quite difficult to find Zcash casinos. This, in our opinion is too bad, because with its heightened privacy and security it really suits the purpose here in particular.

informationNote: The supply limit which the developers originally set at 21 million tokens has not yet been reached. It is difficult to estimate how the currency will develop if all coins are in circulation. Also, it is unclear whether Zcash is planning to allow for further tokens in the future, which for some investors, leaves it a bit up in the air.

Zcash coin disadvantages at a glance:

  • Only accepted at a limited number of casinos as a banking option
  • Limited availability with long-term development difficult to predict, but this is the case with many altcoins.

However, many operators in the iGaming industry recognise the inherent benefits in ZEC, especially for casino banking purposes. Despite that, few of the casinos we have reviewed to-date offer it as an alternative to other more popular digital currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Likely that is simply because more people already have these other coins. But just as easily, it could be a matter of time until we see more operators that go with their gut and incorporate ZEC too.

Unique Aspects of ZEC in Comparison to Other Popular Cryptocurrencies

thumb up iconZEC features a new form of cryptography, making it one of the most secure of its kind. Unlike the competition, there are two possible transaction addresses in the case of ZEC, which bear the identifiers T or Z. Those who want transparent payments can rely on the t-address in casinos. Conversely, the second variant offers a hitherto unique opportunity to hide one's transaction information, which makes the payment virtually invisible.

Contrary to some assumptions, Zcash does not eliminate transaction information. Rather, it encrypts it so it can't be tracked. The Zcash blockchain in other words, is still encrypted, but zk-SNARK, its security protocol, adds another layer of anonymity and user security.

These and other factors ensure that Zcash clearly stands out from more well-known tokens, including its inspiration Bitcoin with which it otherwise shares many similarities.

The main features that have it standing apart from the competition include:

  • Complete transparency of the payment if desired
  • No traceability when using the Z address for complete anonymity
  • Pleasant and easy handling
  • Focused on privacy and security
  • Own blockchain which is a fork of the BTC protocol
  • 21 million coin fixed permanent supply
  • New coins can be mined, existing ones can be traded
  • Block time is around 2.5 minutes, i.e. quick transactions
  • zk-SNARK based cryptography

How Safe Is It to Play at a Zcash Casino?

The small selection of ZEC casinos currently available may differ from one another in terms of the selection of games available, and promotions for new and existing customers. Which game selection or bonus offers most appeal to you is a matter of taste.

license iconBut in order to be able to play safely and with fair chances of winning, there should always be one thing in common, and that is the existence of an official gambling license. This ensures that the operator is legit, operating in an above board manner, with an official review process if necessary. Most importantly perhaps, it guarantees all games from all providers on the site issue random results for fair play, and that your winnings and withdrawal requests will be paid out in full.

Some of the common gaming licensing bodies you should be on the lookout for to ensure that this is a good place to gamble include the

  • Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority,
  • Gibraltar Licensing Authority,
  • Malta Gaming Authority (MGA),
  • Kahnawake Gaming Commission,
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission,
  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission, or
  • UK Gambling Commission.

Similarly, a good indication of a safe online casino is one in which you will find games from well-known software providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Play'n GO, Yggdrasil, Playtech, and the likes. Each of these game providers have spent years developing their brand and reputation, and needless to say, as a result would not partner with just anyone. Hence, while such a partnership alone is not a guarantee, game providers are a good indication of the casino's safety commitment when the site has a gambling licence.

randomNote: In terms of safety, all games from top providers will have a random number generator (RNG) built in. Additionally, if you are playing crypto games, you should expect to see demonstrably fair technology, which allows you to track the results of each game on the blockchain.

Payment Limits at Zcash Crypto Casinos

Another important consideration in choosing a casino is of course payment limits, which can sometimes differ between currencies. Although most crypto and thus Zcash casinos do not set any upper limits on deposits or withdrawals, a lower limit for each side of the transaction may exist, but usually this is within a manageable range - equivalent to $10 or $20 or so.

Our recommendation is to always check at the casino itself to see what deposit or withdrawal limits exist, if any. Many will provide this information conveniently in the cashier. Often, if it is not already listed, you will see what limits there are if you just start typing in a number for the transaction.

22bet-minimum-deposit-zcashMinimum deposit amount at 22Bet with ZcashMoreLess

Play with Zcash at 22Bet

Overall, however, the often limitless payments supported by crypto gambling are a big part of the attraction. This is awesome for high rollers who want a big bankroll ready and waiting. But even more so, we think, for those who win big, and can easily clear a jackpot prize instantly.

idea iconMore information onCasinos With No Limit

Game Selection Available for Gambling with Zcash Online

As for game availability, we cannot imagine a scenario in which you would be limited either. Maybe years ago there were some sort of restrictions between different currencies like USD and CAD. But nowadays, the only potential limitations may be geography based. For example, if a provider does not have licensing itself to distribute its games in certain countries, or the casino itself has opted not to offer the game, for whatever reason, to certain geographical audiences.

As such, if Zcash can be used for banking, then rest assured that all game categories and titles available in your country of residence – or wherever you IP address places you,  will be open.

This includes all of the top online casino game categories like:

fruit-slotsSlot gamesroulette icon  Roulette soccer icon  Sports betting
live-dealer icon  Live casino gamesblack-jack icon  Blackjack rubbellose icon  Scratch card games
coins icon  Original crypto games jackpot icon  Jackpot gamesbingo icon Bingo
coins icon  Arcade games

Not only is it true that the choice of payment method has no influence on the product portfolio in crypto casinos, the game options these days are in no way limited, with games from all of the biggest and best software providers found on these crypto gambling sites. That means your favourite Microgaming jackpot games, NetEnt slots, Yggdrasil games, and more can be found for crypto betting fun.

free iconNote: Most crypto games can also be played for free. This is a good option, especially if you are new to online gambling, or there is a new game or category you would like to try out before putting up real cash stakes. While all free games are available direct from the casino website, some may require that you register an account first, which is completely acceptable.

Tips and Tricks for Gambling Online with ZEC

In general, there are not really too many tips and tricks we can offer for any currency. For games, yes. Like slots strategy or roulette advice, this is definitely a thing. But a currency is a currency more or less, whether it is a fiat like dollars or crypto coin like this.

As such, the tips we offer are more about bureaucratic matters. Like for example, how you trade and store your coins to minimise transaction fees.

Since crypto is not a local currency - like how Canadian dollars would be to someone living in Canada -  practically speaking, this means that you won't just happen to have some in your wallet, and you will need to actively acquire it. As a result, the exchange rate in this case would matter, and you may want to pay attention to it a) when you make your purchase – you will likely want to go for a lower price, and b) when you have your money in the casino to make sure it is not tied up there if the opportunity for a big profit becomes evident on the exchange.

To summarise, some useful tips for ZEC casinos:

  • Use an exchange platform with lower fees
  • Leave some ZEC available on the exchange if necessary, so you can make trades when the price increases
  • Only deposit at verified, reputable casinos, that is, those with licensing.

Our final ZEC tip, is one we always give.  And that is to keep track of how much time and money you are gambling online. While most reputable sites will have mechanisms in place to help you out on that front, at the end of the day it is your responsibility to remain in control of your gambling, and set limits that suit your budget and lifestyle.

Are There Special Zcash Bonus Promotions to Know About?

On the bonus front, while we are increasingly seeing crypto bonuses being offered, there are still many places that will not give cash bonuses if you are banking in Bitcoin, Zcash, or any other digital coin out there. This, we would imagine, has to do with the often inconsistent value of cryptos, especially Bitcoin.

checked iconThat being said, there most certainly are places that do give crypto welcome bonuses, as well as other match deposit promotions. If this is the case, and the casino accepts ZEC, you should be able to get a bonus in the same amount automatically calculated and adjusted in kind.

Additionally, if the casino has a VIP loyalty program - which most of them actually do - your ZEC wagers will also count towards climbing the ranks and reaping the rewards.

bitsler-vip-programBitsler VIP Program: Bet with any cryptocurrency, including ZCash.MoreLess

Visit Bitsler Casino

Some Popular Alternative Crypto Coins You May Choose for Gambling

Although Zcash could prevail in the industry, the selection of crypto casinos that allow ZEC payments is not exceptionally large so far. As such, it can only be beneficial to keep alternative possibilities in mind. The following coins in particularly are frequently accepted for casino banking purposes:

If you are an avid follower of the crypto market, then in all likelihood you may already hold some of these coins. Which means you can just make a transfer to the casino for a deposit and you are good to go.

If you are newer to the industry, you may now only be considering your options. The choice of which to purchase, however, is beyond the scope of our expert advice since we are casino pros most of all. As such, all we can say is that you will need to examine your budget and investment goals ultimately in making that choice.

Zcash FAQs

Zcash has been around since 2016, but probably only a few casino customers have dealt with it as it is still significantly less common than Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. That's why it is all the more important for us to answer typical questions about paying with ZEC in casinos for our readers - and the reason why we have put together a few FAQs to end our Zcash casino review.

  1. Which is better, Zcash or Bitcoin?
  2. How much does it cost to deposit and withdraw using Zcash?
  3. How long will a Zcash deposit or withdrawal take?
  4. Do provably fair games work with ZEC?
  5. How secure is Zcash as a payment method?
  6. What is the Zcash forecast?

1.) Which is better, Zcash or Bitcoin?

Since Zcash is built on the Bitcoin blockchain and has many similarities, including the 21 million fixed token supply, this is a common and legitimate question.

BitcoinBitcoin is obviously better known and is usually the reference point of any other crypto, with its trading rate regularly publicised and followed. Buying, Bitcoin, however, is very expensive, and not within every investor's budget at this point. On the other hand, for those who successfully catch it on a down price, it can be a source of huge profit.

ZcashZEC, for its part, has been much cheaper to buy, usually somewhere in the $50 to $70 range. Its price can therefore feel more stable. However, you would have to buy A LOT in order to make a killing on the market, if that is something that you are after. It is also considered more secure and private for transaction purposes, though not everyone necessarily needs or even understands this.

In terms of casino gambling, both are great options. The only issue being that ZEC is far less available as a payment method than BTC. However, if the opportunity presents itself, there is no reason not to bank and bet in ZEC. In other words, both are perfectly good.

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2.) How much does it cost to deposit and withdraw using Zcash?

From our experience, very few operators at this point charge their customers fees for either deposits or withdrawals. So if you find one that does, this may give you pause, and be a legitimate reason to reconsider.

That being said, with any blockchain transaction you will incur a network fee, including for ZEC transfers. The exact rate will depend on the wallet service that you are using, but in general it is known to be lower for ZEC than other digital currencies, so that is another positive thing there.

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3.) How long will a Zcash deposit or withdrawal take?

Most online casinos will highlight on their website that crypto transactions are instant. And this is essentially true, since they are processed and completed within a matter of minutes.

attentionThe only thing that can hold them up are the necessary blockchain confirmations required for transferring crypto between accounts. On Coinbase, for example, ZEC requires 24 network confirmations to complete. This may read as a lot, but these things are usually exceptionally quick - and again have absolutely nothing to do with the casino itself, which in the case of crypto, always releases the cash right away.

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4.) Do provably fair games work with ZEC?

Provably fair is a term that many crypto casino customers automatically associate with special Bitcoin games. True, that was originally the case, but now the concept extends to all games designed exclusively for crypto play, including bets in ZEC.

Like we briefly mentioned above in our coverage of ZEC casino safety, this indeed is actually one of the telling signs of such a place, ie. that it is a secure and fair place to play.

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5.) How secure is Zcash as a payment method?

As far as we know, no other cryptocurrency offers higher security standards and greater anonymity. Paying with Zcash can therefore be described as absolutely reliable, and completely private if you please, so no third-party could track who you are, what you have transferred, and to whom. This is considered by many, including its developers, its central advantage and greatest point of appeal.

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6.) What is the Zcash forecast?

This token provides one of the most interesting options on the crypto market, not only in terms of anonymity, but also in terms of quick transaction speed and minimal fees. But what its forecast is, ultimately is anyone's guess.

There is absolutely no way we, as casino reviewers could possibly know, especially considering the fact that even the most seasoned investors have never particularly gotten in right.

searchYour best bet, then, as with any investment, is to follow its value and progressions, keeping an eye on market developments. Beyond that keep in mind your budget, appetite for risk, and investment goals. And if you come across the winning formula, of course, we too would be happy to know.

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Our Expert Opinion on Zcash Casinos

Although Zcash is not a currency that can be found in every online casino, the concept behind it sounds promising. The main reason for this is that Zcash offers significantly better security standards than better known tokens, with the reassurance that payments can be made completely anonymously.

Of course, as when dealing with any cryptocurrency, you have to be aware that the Zcash exchange rate fluctuates, so its ultimate market value can hardly be predicted.

smiley iconBut beyond that, we see a positive future for this coin, especially in terms of casino gambling use. You can benefit from the technical advantages, with reliable transactions that are super-fast and cheaper than most alternatives.

So if Zcash is offered at the casino you are considering, it is an excellent choice in our books. Now all we have to do is hope that in time, it will become available in more places.

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