Jewel Bonanza Slot Review 2024

christianChristian Webber
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Jewel Bonanza Facts

$500 BonusPlay at Stake
Min. Bet:$0.20
Max. Bet:$1,000
Max. Win:11,817x
Free Spins: 
Bonus Buy: 
Free Play:  

Jewel Bonanza is an Enhanced RTP slot from Pragmatic Play. Like many of the developer's other games, it works based on a grid and cluster format for generating wins.

But here it's not just about collecting clusters, or rather not only, as this stunning slot machine is packed with extraordinary features, most notably extensive spin modifiers and the gold fever bonus round. Plus, on top of that, there is the potential for millions of dollars in winnings, with a max prize of $11,817,000 (!!) on the max bet.

The premise of the game of course is nothing new. Like all slot machines in the enhanced RTP series developed for Stake, this bonus slot also has a role model, being the particularly popular Gems Bonanza slots.

Both versions have a lot of gems in action, a strong Aztec theme with the same ominous soundtrack, and many similar features like the tumble function, symbol modifiers, and the much-coveted gold fever bonus round already mentioned.

But in the newer version it's not just gems that pay. Rather valuable artefacts have also been added to the winning symbols list. And this time you'll be playing for a much higher top prize - upped from 10,000X your bet to 11,817X your wager.

Most important of all, you'll now have better odds with a 98% RTP, although of course no one can predict who will spin the ultimate treasure in the end. In any event, it's sure to be a whole lot of fun whatever fate the reels unfold.

Game highlights:

  • Gold fever progressive bonus round
  • Symbol modifiers
  • Tumble feature
  • Wild symbols
  • Bonus buy option
  • Top prize of 11,817X your bet
  • 98% payout rate
  • High volatility
  • Available only at Stake casino

Play Jewel Bonanza at Stake

Tip: While Stake is a super accessible crypto casino, it's been tightening things up in terms of accessibility lately. Say you're in certain parts of Canada or the US, and can't find Jewel Bonanza, simply set your VPN to another country and play from there. We've found for example Bulgaria, Sweden, and Cyprus work.  You can use your existing Stake account and don't have to worry about opening a new one to match your temporary IP address. ➜ More info

spin-arrowWant to give the slot a spin? Skip the instructions and try Jewel Bonanza in demo mode! Otherwise continue reading our review.

Enhanced RTP Jewel Bonanza Slot Basics and Rules

The beauty of online slots is that they're so simple to play, with no special skills, knowledge, or strategy required. And Jewel Bonanza, even with its fancy enhanced RTP name, is no exception. You'll easily get the hang of it from the first spin.

info iconAnd this is how it works: Slightly less traditional in build than classic slots, this game is played on an 8 by 8 screen, with wins determined by symbol clusters, rather than standard left-to-right paylines.

If 5 symbols of the same type (or more) appear in a chain connected horizontally or vertically, a payout occurs. As usual, all winning prize amounts and rates can be found in the integrated pay table, which adjusts all values ​​to the bet you set.

In general, you can bet between $0.20 cents and $1,000 per round, with different betting levels available in between using the plus and minus arrows in the lower right corner of the screen, on either side of the spin button.

Once you've chosen your wager for the round, press the spin button to start, and the symbols will fall down into place, filling the grid. If clusters emerge, winnings will be paid out automatically. Then those winning symbols will disappear from the screen, and new ones will tumble into the vacated spaces, so you can possibly win again. In fact, this tumble feature will keep going until no new combos are created. And then you can bet and spin again.

Jewel Bonanza Bets


If you're happy staying with the same bet size, you can set the auto play feature to spin at the same rate for as many as 1,000 times in a row.

Auto play is great for players who have a very specific bet amount they like to place, or if you want to get in a lot of rounds with absolute minimal effort.

There are also some fancy features in between with the spin modifiers and potential gold fever bonus round, but we'll get into those details a little further down in this review.

The only other practical matter, in terms of how to play Jewel Bonanza is that it is possible it's not available in your region - like Ontario, Canada, the US, or UK. If that's the case, then a VPN service is all you need to circumvent that. Meaning turn on your VPN to say Cyprus or Greece, and you're good to go.

People IconCute fact: Like seeing that you're in good company? When you go to any section at Stake - like the Enhanced RTP category or even general Slots - it shows exactly how many people are currently playing each game under its thumbnail.

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Play Jewel Bonanza Online for Free at Stake

Sound like something you'd want to try, but aren't yet sure or ready to make a commitment? No problem! You can play Jewel Bonanza for free at Stake casino any time you like. Just make sure to toggle to 'Fun Play' mode, and you can play for free for as long as you please - no deposit or personal details required.

deposit iconOnce you're ready, you can easily and conveniently create an account if you don't already have one. Then make a deposit at Stake using any number of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and others, or even fiats like Canadian dollars.

Better yet, if it's simply free play that you're after, start right here on the Casino.Guide website. Thanks to our unique partnership with Stake, we're able to host the demo version right here below, for your ultimate convenience.

Jewel Bonanza Demo Mode

jewel-bonanza-enhanced-rtp-slot By pressing on "Play", I understand that I will be shown content from Pragmatic Play. You can find more information in our website's Privacy Policy as well as that of Pragmatic Play. Pragmatic Play

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Jewel Bonanza Slots and Gems Bonanza Comparison

Since Jewel Bonanza is an intentional spinoff of Pragmatic Play's popular Gems Bonanza slots, it's worth a comparison to decipher what similarities they share, and what sets the two apart.

For starters, there are quite a few more graphical differences compared to some of the other duos in the enhanced RTP series. Overall, while they both have a distinct Aztec theme, the new one's slightly more electrifying in style, with brighter accents to the game board. In addition, while Gems Bonanza exclusively uses gem symbols for wins, Jewel Bonanza takes on a more noble look, with other fancy jewels and artefacts in the winning symbol mix.

jewel-bonanza-vs-gems-bonanza© & Pragmatic Play | Jewel Bonanza on the left vs. Gems Bonanza on the right.MoreLess

Jewel Bonanza also takes the winning potential up significantly with a top prize of 11,817X your bet, as opposed to its predecessor's 10,000X limit – which we already thought was seriously good! On Gems Bonanza's benefits side, it is the only one of the two that participates in the Drops & Wins tournaments with extra cash prizes on the table on a daily and weekly basis. But Jewel Bonanza certainly takes the cake in terms of odds with a 98% RTP compared to Gems Bonanza's 96.55%; a nice added touch we'd say.

But all and all, there is a lot of overlap between the two, and there's no mistaking their relationship. Besides many of the same symbols and basic background, the soundtrack repeats, as do all of the slots features we most like including progressive gold fever, and that symbol modifier system.

Jewel Bonanza Slots Paytable

Win some, lose some. That's the way a gamble goes. But with a 98% return to player, there's going to be a decent bit of cash going the players' way. Just how can you land it here? Have a look at the paytable for a sense of how it works.

SymbolMinimum profitMaximum profit
Jewel Bonanza Enhanced RTP God x1x1,000
Jewel Bonanza Enhanced RTP Eagle x0.5x500
Jewel Bonanza Enhanced RTP Snake x0.3x300
Jewel Bonanza Enhanced RTP Chain x0.25x150
Jewel Bonanza Enhanced RTP Yellow Gemstone x0.2x100
Jewel Bonanza Enhanced RTP Pink Gemstone x0.15x75
Jewel Bonanza Enhanced RTP Blue Gemstonex0.1x50

Flushing that chart out a bit more, this slot machine actually has a somewhat unique paytable. The minimum win is for 5 identical symbols in a cluster, while the maximum win is for 25 or more such clustered symbols. In between there are pay rates for specific numbers of matches as well as ranges. So if you land 9-11 or 12-14 of a certain symbol for example, that range has a fixed prize rate as well.

christian webber"If you'd like to see how that looks in dollar or crypto values, you can also refer to the pay table in the slot itself, which will even go so far as to adjust these numbers to the bet amount you've chosen. The more you bet, the higher the potential cash prize - theoretically into the millions."Christian Webber, Online Casino Expert

While 5-symbol clusters pay least and 25-symbol clusters pay most, not all symbols are created equally. The gem series that's carried over from Gems Bonanza, are on the lower paying end, while the special trinket symbols are the more rewarding ones.

The wild symbol in this game does not have a monetary value of its own. However, in terms of game play, as we're about to elaborate on in the next section below, it has a whole lot of other value in boosting your winning ability.

Jewel Bonanza Bonus Rounds and Special Features

When it comes to features, the parallels between Jewel Bonanza and Gems Bonanza are particularly clear. Essentially, all such functions have been adopted from the original, so that you get the same great level of excitement. And while the video slots standard of free spins has been dispensed with, there are instead plenty of innovative alternatives that give this release its unique appeal.

  1. Wild symbols
  2. Spin modifiers
  3. Progressive gold fever bonus metre
  4. Tumble feature
  5. Bonus buy option

Wild symbols

jewel bonanza wildEveryone loves wild symbols for their unique ability to transform into whatever missing symbol you need to complete a winning combination. But in Jewel Bonanza, they're a bit of a scarce commodity in that while they do exist, they only do so in very particular situations.

That is, they only come as part of the Wild Jewel or Lucky Wild features triggered by modifiers, which we'll elaborate on next. When they appear in such constellations, they perform their regular duty of helping to complete combinations. In fact, these golden, gem-studded wilds can also combine with each other, to form longer clusters and higher paid prizes. Plus, they can complete several combinations at the same time, giving them a fair bit of winning power.

Spin modifiers

jewel bonanza spin modifiersThis special feature is a bit complicated, but certainly gives a lot of dazzle to the game. Basically, during each round of Jewel Bonanza, colourful markings can randomly appear at any time behind the standard symbols. If you form a winning combination, then the coloured marking under any of the associated symbols triggers the respective spin modifier as follows:

  • The blue mark activates the Nuclear feature in which all symbols are removed from the playing field and completely new symbols are added to the entire 8X8 grid, in one fell swoop.
  • A pink mark puts the Wild Gem feature in motion, in which after all tumbles are complete, a random symbol is replaced by a wild symbol, to potentially complete additional clusters.
  • The brown mark triggers the Squares feature, in which random 2X2 blocks with the same value of those that formed your win are dropped randomly onto the playing field.
  • The red marker works similarly, but bigger, which is why it's called the Colossal feature which when triggered releases 3X3, 4X4, or 5X5 blocks randomly dropped in after the win.
  • Last but not least there is a green mark and its Lucky Wilds features, which gives you 5 to 15 wild symbols added to the playing field after all your current spin tumbles complete, for possibly a whole lot more wins.

And, keep in mind, you can trigger more than one spin modifier from a win. In fact, with so many spaces on the playing field here, this is not unlikely to happen. Should you be so lucky as for this to happen, you will get all of the associated features, which will automatically play out in the order listed above; i.e. Nuclear, Wild Gem, Squares, Colossal Symbol, and Lucky Wilds in that sequence.

Progressive gold fever bonus metre

In this game, all symbols that explode during tumble wins are counted towards filling the gold fever metre. The feature is then triggered when 114 points have been collected. Once the progressive gold fever feature is active, the first level begins. In this and every subsequent round, you're guaranteed that all of the modifiers described will appear at least once.

number 5In total, there are 5 levels that can be climbed by collecting a fixed number of winning symbols. With each level the win multiplier increases, reaching its limit at 10X your winnings. Once no more winning symbols result from tumbles, the metre is set back at 0, where you can climb again with your next, regular play spin.

  • Level 1: This requires 114 symbols to trigger, with a multiplier of 2X.
  • Level 2: Collect 116 symbols and you'll get a 4X multiplier on wins.
  • Level 3: With 121 symbols in the gold fever metre you'll be playing with a 6X multiplier.
  • Level 4: 129 symbols up your win multiplier to 8X.
  • Level 5: And 138 symbols top wins off with a 10X multiplier.

This feature ends when either you don't get enough wins to increase the gold fever metre any further, or you've played out all 5 levels, whichever happens first.

Tumble feature

Jewel Bonanza Enhanced RTP Slot Tumble Feature PreviewSince we've mentioned the tumble feature already numerous times above, we'll just describe it a bit here for those less familiar.

The tumble mechanism is something that is often used by Pragmatic Play, including in the Jewel Bonanza game. What it does is potentially extend the action of any given spin. Essentially, once you spin and symbols appear on the screen, any such symbols associated with a winning cluster dissolve from the screen after the payout.

Immediately afterwards, new symbols are added in their places from above - or in the language of the game, tumble in. If another cluster is created, then those symbols also disappear and are replaced likewise, and associated wins paid out too. A new round of the game only begins when no new clusters are formed, putting an end to the tumble feature - until, hopefully, your next spin.

Bonus buy option

Jewel Bonanza Buy Gold Fever BonusWith Jewel Bonanza there is no bonus purchase available for free spins, as this game actually doesn't have any free spins within. There is, however, the option to buy directly into the progressive gold fever feature to launch it immediately, which can be done at a cost of 100X your current bet.

When you opt for the bonus buy route, the game levels and associated multipliers are identical to those that you'd get if you reached this feature through luck in the base game. That means that you will be buying into the first level of the progressive metre, with the ability to climb levels with winning symbols from there and advance to higher multipliers, exactly as laid out in our description of the progressive gold fever bonus above.

Play Jewel Bonanza on Mobile

Since mobile slots are a particularly sought after category - and mobile crypto games increasingly so as well - just a few words on that.

As expected, the HTML5 technology makes Jewel Bonanza just as attractive a game on the go as it is on desktop, with no loss of quality, whatsoever. This means the same great graphics and easy commands throughout.

More important, however, are short loading times, which allow for a pleasant flow of the game. Of course you'll need to make sure that you have a good WiFi or a 4G/5G connection to keep the internet connected if you are moving around.

jewel-bonanza-mobile© & Pragmatic Play | Jewel Bonanza works well on all mobile devices.MoreLess

To enjoy this bonus slot game on smartphones and tablets, all you have to do is go to the Stake casino website from your mobile browser, and look under either the Enhanced RTP or Stake Exclusives categories. And that's it. No casino app download needed. Just a Stake account and you're ready to play.

Jewel Bonanza FAQs

After covering all of the main categories that our editorial team typically investigates for our slots reviews, we came up with a few more questions and answers that relate to inquiries specifically around the Jewel Bonanza enhanced RTP game.

  1. Can spin modifiers on Jewel Bonanza be activated manually?
  2. Is the gold fever feature on Jewel Bonanza the same as a free spins bonus?
  3. Why is the free version of Jewel Bonanza different from the real money game?
  4. Is Jewel Bonanza a Megaways game?

1.) Can spin modifiers on Jewel Bonanza be activated manually?

The spin modifiers in Jewel Bonanza slots randomly appear as coloured markings behind standard symbols on the game board. Their job is to trigger special functions, such as wild symbols or different sized symbol blocks that drop onto the playing field. In addition to the tumble feature, they are another great way to continue the winnings on this bonus slot with additional combos from a single bet.

However, these modifiers can only be triggered through a winning combination with no bonus buy option for this feature. The bonus buy option, rather, is for the gold fever bonus metre, with its own set of extra winning powers.

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2.) Is the gold fever feature on Jewel Bonanza the same as a free spins bonus?

There are no free spins per se in the Jewel Bonanza game. Instead there is what is called the gold fever feature which is a progressive metre that offers the chance at increased win multipliers as it fills.

It can be activated by collecting symbols during tumbles, or by using the bonus buy option at a cost of 100X your current bet.

At least 114 symbols in the metre are needed for the bonus to start with a 2X win multiplier. More symbols in the progressive gold fever metre give you a higher win multiplier - with a max 10X win multiplier if you've managed to stack up 129 symbols there.

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3.) Why is the free version of Jewel Bonanza different from the real money game?

If you try out the demo version of Jewel Bonanza and then switch to real money mode at Stake Casino, you will likely notice that there are some minor differences between the two versions. For example, higher stakes (up to 1,000 dollar per round, instead of 100) are available in real money play, and the bonus buy option is only available in real money mode too. Other than that - and those differences are really quite insignificant - free play is a great option for getting an accurate feel for the game and its unique features.

However, we'd say that the real money version is your better bet long term, since you get all parts included, plus of course the chance to win real cash prizes. And since you can play for as little as 20 cents per spin, you can get the thrills for not much risk, if lower wagers are what you prefer.

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4.) Is Jewel Bonanza a Megaways game?

Since this game has a top prize of 11,817 times your bet, we can see where that thought may come from. However, while Jewel Bonanza does not have traditional paylines on its 8 by 8 grid -rather forms wins from cluster combinations - it is not a Megaways game.

If you are looking for enhanced RTP Megaways, however, note that there are some available at Stake. For example The Dog Mansion Megaways, Madame Mystique Megaways, and Lucky Phoenix Megaways all give you the associated boosted odds with at least a 98% RTP.

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Our Expert Opinion on Jewel Bonanza Slots

Gemstones, a lot more Aztec, and a whole lotta gold is the feel you'll get here. This enhanced RTP slots is packed with rich graphics and at a top prize of 11,817X your bet. The potential for some extremely massive cash wins is always waiting with your next spin.

thumb up iconEngaging play is made all the better with some unique features, including the many modifiers and the progressive gold fever bonus metre.

By design, Jewel Bonanza is very similar to the Pragmatic Play hit Gems Bonanza, deliberately built on its success. The main differences here are a few graphic embellishments, particularly in the realm of the winning symbols. And needless to say, the enhanced RTP, which now comes in at 98%, giving you above average odds.

All and all, it's safe to say that our team had a lot of fun reviewing Jewel Bonanza, putting it solidly in the category of what we consider legendary slots. It's a game that we will happily continue playing, and that we feel comfortable recommending to you.

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Author: Christian Webber
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