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Shiba Inu Facts
Founded in:2020
CEO: Ryoshi
Available in:over 100 countries
Best Shiba Inu Casino:Stake

The Shiba Inu coin (tracker SHIB), was launched in August 2020. It started as a meme coin but has since developed into one of the most popular cryptos on the market. It often ranks close to or within the top ten cryptocurrencies. What was a bit of a joke has now turned into a thriving ecosystem.

The coin is named after the Japanese dog breed, Shiba Inu, which incidentally is the same dog breed featured in Dogecoin. Both find their origins in the Doge meme that had been trending for years, where loyal canines that looked a bit lost and skeptical took over the internet by storm.

arrowTruly running with the idea of a decentralized currency, Shiba Inu is a fully community driven project. It's more than just developers working together. The coin also directly contributes to a variety of social causes, including an art incubator to support talented individuals, a relief fund for Covid stricken India, and donations to dog rescues.

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Best Shiba Inu Casinos

While the list of Shiba Inu casinos is not particularly long for now, these are all considered as first class crypto casinos. These sites are dedicated to crypto gambling, and are pioneers in spotting and implementing new coins as a payment system. They all have a great collection of games and are tried and tested places to play.

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What is Shiba Coin?

Shibu Inu

The dog breed Shiba Inu

It's always helpful to see what a cryptocurrency is about, why and how it started, before deciding if the coin is right for you. So here are the basics on the Shiba Inu coin.

Shiba Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency with developers working jointly together. It's a 100% community run and as a group they operate under the name of Ryoshi. They function anonymously, not dissimilar to how Bitcoin's founder Satoshi decided to remain anonymous. Initially just a bit of fun, SHIB now has a market cap of $6.6 billion and is one of the largest cryptocurrencies. It's certainly not a joke anymore and has even claimed to be the "Doge killer".

So other than its general irreverence for the established way of doing things, what's special about the Shiba Inu coin?

Well, one particular point where SHIB distinguishes itself from many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, is that it has decided to be really abundant. Rather than artificially limiting the supply of its tokens to create value, Shiba Inu started off with a massive supply of one quadrillion coins.

From a technical perspective, Shiba Inu works with the Ethereum ecosystem, unlike DOGE. This means the coin is compatible with the full range of ETH De-fi applications. Dogecoin on the other hand, is based on the Litecoin protocol.

info iconOther than Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, other dog themed cryptocurrencies include the Chihuahua coin (HUAHUA) and Australian Safe Shepherd (ASS), both of which are also meme coins that don't give a woof, as you might have noticed from their ticker symbols.

Does Shiba Inu have a future in online casinos?

No one can really predict the future, but we can still take a look at some facts on the ground to make some informed decisions. As far as meme coins are concerned, expert opinions do differ. Ben Caselin from the AAX crypto exchange warns investors to not get over excited about the SHIB, and is generally hesitant with meme coins, including the Dogecoin, which is much more widely accepted at crypto casinos.

The criticism comes from the hype that underlies meme coins in general. The question is whether the attention and interest can be sustained into the long term. That's a bit of an open question, because if you look back, that's what cryptocurrency as a whole has always been about. After all, many years ago when Bitcoin was launched, people thought it was just some geeks having fun and wouldn't last. But hey, look where BTC is now.

increaseAs for whether Shiba Inu will become as widely accepted as Doge at online casinos, we wouldn't rule it out. Like Doge, SHIB's low price means it's very affordable, making it a good choice for those on a budget. Of course, the SHIB price can always just suddenly take off like Doge did, in which case SHIB holders would reap in a handsome profit.

Where to Buy Shiba Token

With the low price and high supply, it's easy to get your paws on Shiba Inu tokens. As one of the most highly traded cryptocurrencies, you can easily buy SHIB coins at various crypto exchanges. Some of the more popular exchanges include:

Another option is to buy SHIB from a DEX. A DEX is a decentralized exchange, which is in line with the decentralized spirit of the Shiba Inu project. A DEX also tends to have lower fees when compared to most crypto-exchanges, which is a bonus in itself, no pun intended. Popular DEX'es include Uniswap, and SHIB also has its own native platform too, the Shibaswap. Shibaswap does require that you already own some Ethereum though. If you don't have any Ethereum and want to get started right away, buying through a crypto exchange is still the fastest way to get going with SHIB.

Gambling with SHIB at Crypto Casinos

money transactionBut let's get to what this is really about, and that is how to gamble with Shiba Inu. It's actually incredibly easy, and the main thing is choosing a crypto casino that banks with SHIB. And of course, making sure it has games you like. Once you've found your site of choice, then simply:

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. From your casino account, select Deposit. This can usually be found in the Cashier section if you don't see it right away.
  3. From the list of payment methods, select SHIB
  4. Enter the amount of SHIB you're looking to deposit
  5. The site will generate a QR code and an ERC20 address. Use your wallet app to scan the code, or copy the address into your wallet if you prefer to stay on desktop.
  6. Follow instructions to confirm transaction, and the balance should show up in your casino account shortly thereafter.

idea iconOur preference and general advice is to use the crypto wallet app to scan the QR code as it eliminates any possibility of error. But it works perfectly well the other way too.

Pros & Cons to Shiba Inu Casinos

  1. What benefits are there to using Shiba Inu at crypto casinos?
  2. What are the disadvantages to Shiba Inu casinos?

What benefits are there to using Shiba Inu at crypto casinos?

One of the great things about going for an alt coin like Shiba Inu is its affordability. Although not without risk, because SHIB is still in its infancy compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, there is a lot of potential for growth as a side investment. Other benefits when using SHIB for gambling include:

  • Low cost of entry
  • High limits that are general to crypto gambling
  • High security via ERC 20 on the Ethereum protocol

thumb up iconAnd by getting into SHIB, you'll also indirectly support dog rescues backed by the Shiba Inu community too. The low cost makes SHIB a good choice for beginners as you won't have to put up much cash up front.

What are the disadvantages to Shiba Inu casinos?

To be frank, there aren't many disadvantages to Shiba Inu casinos. The ones we've listed here are awesome sites. The main disadvantages you're looking at are:

  • Few casinos accept SHIB
  • Network fees apply to deposits and withdrawals
  • Value of SHIB somewhat unpredictable

As those who are familiar with the cryptocurrency space already know, network fees are part of crypto transactions, and it is not specific to Shiba Inu coins or gambling. On the other hand, the price volatility of the SHIB coin is largely because it's still viewed as a meme coin so do take note of that if you're also thinking of SHIB as an investment in general.

How Safe Is It to Play at a Shiba Coin Casino?

license iconAs a cryptocurrency on the Ethereum protocol, Shiba Inu is a perfectly secure cryptocurrency. You don't need to worry about security when using SHIB. In terms of gambling with the coin, the key is to look for a reputable casino. The site should at least have a gambling license.

It can also be a good idea to check out the casino's responsible gambling tools. These include deposit limits and loss limits. Casinos usually give players a lot of control and flexibility to customize these tools into monthly, weekly or daily limits, and they are good at helping players stay within their budget.

Games at Shiba Inu Casinos

The great thing is once you've found a Shiba Inu Casino, you can play all the games that the casino has to offer. And at the crypto casinos we've listed on this page, that means just about everything you can imagine, from the classics to the latest releases. This includes:

fruit-slotsSlot gamesroulette icon  Roulette soccer icon  Sports betting
coins iconOriginal crypto games black-jack icon  Blackjack rubbellose icon  Scratch card games
live-dealer iconLive casino gamesjackpot icon  Jackpot gamescoins icon  Arcade games

Your bet size can be displayed CAD, USD, Euros or another fiat. This is a setting most casinos have so that you don't have to convert things in your head.

Some sites call crypto games Bitcoin games. That's just an old convention from when cryptocurrency was synonymous with Bitcoin. But know that you can definitely still play these games with Shiba tokens.

stake-casino-homeSample of the offers at Stake CasinoMoreLess

Tips and Tricks for using SHIB



With the SHIB price being relatively low, it can be a good idea to buy this meme coin. Of course, there is no guarantee whether Shiba will go to the moon, but overall you're looking at a strong project driven by a community that is dedicated to the cause, which bodes well for the coin's long term future.

And although there aren't many casinos that bank with the coin at this very moment, things are likely to change in the future.

If you want to get into SHIB and crypto gambling, consider some of these tips:

  • Always choose a reputable casino provider.
  • Consider stocking up in SHIB while prices are low.
  • Shop around and compare different wallets.
  • Consider buying through a DEX, which generally has lower fees than crypto exchanges.

The great thing about buying up low value coins is that even if the price tanks at some point, it's not a big loss because you didn't put much money down in the first place.

What alternatives are there to Shiba Inu for gambling?

Shiba Inu is a really well trading coin, but the cold hard fact remains that there aren't many casinos that accept it. If you want a cryptocurrency that will get you into as many casinos as possible, take a look at these alternatives:

BTC and ETH are kind of obvious and many sites will accept them. If you want to stay with the canine theme, Dogecoin is actually reasonably well accepted as far as crypto casinos go.

info iconBut remember, just because a casino accepts a lot of different cryptocurrencies does not make it a good one. It's important that the games are fair and pay out, because this is real money after all. Even if it has a funny picture with a dog on it.

SHIB Casinos FAQ

  1. Are SHIB casinos provably fair?
  2. Is it safe to gamble with Shiba Inu?
  3. Is Shiba Inu good for gambling?
  4. What SHIB exchanges are there?
  5. How many Shiba Inu coins are there?

1.) Are SHIB casinos provably fair?

Provably fair is actually an algorithm in crypto games built on the blockchain. Most crypto casinos will carry provably fair games, but technically speaking it's the game and not the site that is provably fair. That having been said, you can definitely use SHIB to play provably fair casino games.

If you are concerned about the fairness of a casino's games, whether it's SHIB or otherwise, look to see if the casino has a license. Licensing requirements include regular auditing of the casino games to see if the game rounds are indeed random.

secure iconOnline casino games from reputable developers use a RNG (Random Number Generator) algorithm to ensure that games are fair. Although you won't be able to check the results yourself like with Provably Fair games, these audits are conducted by serious and independent bodies.

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2.) Is it safe to gamble with Shiba Inu?

From a security perspective, Shiba Inu is as safe as it gets with its Ethereum ERC 20 protocol. Whether it's safe to gamble with SHIB will depend on the casino site you're looking at, because it's the site that is handling payouts and so on. It's recommended that you check the site for a gambling license and reading a casino review would also be a good idea.

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3.) Is Shiba Inu good for gambling?

Since SHIB prices are low and a surge in price is not foreseen at the moment, this is one reason why many like to gamble with SHIB. That's because it's not the kind of coin where you go in hoping for a quick profit, which means you won't have to keep track of exchange rates so closely looking for a quick sell. Once you have your SHIB tokens, you can focus on the gambling.

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4.) What SHIB exchanges are there?

Shiba Inu has its own native exchange called Shibaswap. This is a decentralized platform and you need ETH to use it. Another decentralized exchange to buy SHIB is Uniswap. Otherwise, you can use crypto exchanges like Binance, Coinbase and so on.

digital-walletThese are bigger crypto exchanges and accept credit card payments, making them much more suitable if you are new to cryptocurrencies. Binance and Coinbase both come with crypto wallets too, which makes things even easier if you are just starting out. Although you may find the fees on other wallets and decentralized exchanges to be slightly more advantageous if you are planning to be in it for the long run.

shibaswarpPreview Shibaswarp ©shibatoken.comMoreLess

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5.) How many Shiba Inu coins are there?

The supply of Shiba Inu coins is capped at one quadrillion, and there are currently 549.1 trillion SHIB in circulation. Compared to say Bitcoin's cap at 21 million, the Shiba Inu cap is just absolutely immense.

searchIf you are worried if this huge supply will lead to inflation and devalue your SHIB, then know that SHIB coins are burned to keep its value up, although not on a regular schedule. The most famous burn was probably when ETH founder Vitalik Buterik, burned 410.24 trillion SHIB out of the 50 trillion he was given, and then donated the rest to the India Covid Relief fund.

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The Expert Conclusion on Shiba Inu Coin



The Shiba Inu coin is a cryptocurrency with a philosophy based on community, and one of abundance to boot. The project is built and supported by a community of developers using the coin to support numerous social causes, unlike many other cryptocurrencies that run as corporate projects with CEOs, CTOs and so on.

And further unlike many other coins that derive its value through scarcity and artificially limiting its supply, Shiba Inu's design includes a most incredible supply of a quadrillion coins. This means that its price is unlikely to surge like BTC, but what started as a meme coin has grown into a resilient ecosystem. That makes it a good coin to hold in the long run, so even though there aren't many SHIB casinos for now, we hope more crypto casinos will adopt it soon!

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