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Stellar Facts
Company: Stellar Development Foundation
Founded in:2014
Headquarters:San Francisco, California, United States
CEO: Jed McCaleb & Joyce Kim
Available in:over 100 countries
E-Mail:[email protected]
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In the world of cryptocurrencies, there have been lots of altcoins emerging to take a lead in the landscape. Among the growing leaders are Stellar, otherwise known as XLM. For those looking into this coin, we'll talk about what's special about Stellar and whether it's a good coin for crypto gambling purposes.

To begin with, Stellar comes with the full credentials of a decentralized cryptocurrency. It was born out of a fork from Ripple in 2014 and was founded by Jed McCaleb, who was CTO of Ripple until 2013. McCaleb himself has had an illustrious tech career, and had previously built the Mt.Gox Bitcoin exchange, the P2P Overnet and eDonkey networks, as well as the eDonkey 2000 application.

Stellar is actually the network, while the token is called a Lumen. The Stellar project as a whole sees itself as a payment network that enables fast and secure payments between banks and between individuals across borders, with near instant transactions with low fees. This is one of the reasons why many people have been picking up on Stellar lately, although on the crypto casino front, it is not the most widely accepted coin for now.

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Best Stellar Casinos 2024

As you might have noticed, the list of XLM casinos is not particularly long. For now, the most widely accepted coins at crypto casinos remain Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. And while Stellar and Ripple share many similarities, you'll have an easier time finding Ripple casinos.

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What is Stellar XLM about?

stellar coinLet's start with the fundamentals. As mentioned, Stellar is the network, while Lumens are the tokens that are used on the network, and it also goes by XLM. And since it's a fork from Ripple, you might be wondering what's the difference between the two.

The main difference is that Ripple was designed as a payment method between banking institutions in mind, while Stellar has a much larger vision of challenging the traditional way of financial transactions and even in working for the unbanked. With this in mind, you can see why Stellar was really designed to be fast, as near instant as possible, and with very low network fees.

Stellar also sports a high level of security, with the minimum transaction starting at 1 XLM. This is a feature that prevents hacking attacks, as hackers often withdraw micro amounts that are unnoticeable but add up to significant sums in the long run.

info iconAs a result of its fork in 2014, Stellar created the Stellar Consensus Platform (SCP), making it an open source system. Transaction authentication is done by a select set of nodes rather than the entire network, and Stellar cannot be mined or staked. You can get only get Stellar by buying it on a crypto exchange.

Stellar XLM Developments

Jed McCaleb


Since launching Stellar in 2014, Jed McCaleb has led it to large developments. In 2017, he also launched to help Stellar become a global payments network, with particular attention in developing countries.

In the same year, Lightyear and IBM launched a blockchain for the South Pacific region that uses Lumen, Stellar's currency. With his visionary approach, McCaleb has been named as one of the top 10 people in the blockchain revolution by the New York Times.

How to Buy Stellar Lumens Token

If you're thinking of getting into Stellar XLM, you will have to buy Lumens at a crypto exchange. If you are completely new to cryptocurrency, don't worry. It's pretty easy and we have some step by step instructions for you below.

  1. Choose a crypto wallet and sign up for an account.
  2. Make a deposit in dollars, Euros, or whatever currency you are using.
  3. Decide how many Stellar Lumens XLM you want to buy.
  4. Complete transaction.

binance-logoThe first step, that is choosing your wallet is actually important. Transactions in cryptocurrencies have fees, and different wallets have different fee structures. In general, Binance and Coinbase are popular choices and their interface is also known to be user-friendly.coinbase-logo These wallets are part of large crypto exchanges where you can buy just about any cryptocurrency there is.

Alternatively, and similar to the Dash coin, Stellar has its own wallet, called LOBSTR. It's an app available for iOS, Android as well as for web. Through it, you can use it to buy or sell different cryptocurrencies, including Stellar Lumens of course.

From a pure gambling perspective, casinos that accept Stellar will typically also have a payment gateway that lets you buy Stellar Lumens on their site with a credit card.


Using XLM at a Crypto Casino

So now you got yourself some Stellar Lumens and you're ready to roll. Here are some easy steps to start gambling at an XLM casino.

  1. Find a crypto casino that accepts Stellar XLM
  2. Register for an account and log in
  3. Go to the casino's banking section and select Deposit
  4. From the payment options available, select XLM
  5. Enter how much XLM you want to deposit
  6. The site will display a QR code and an address. You can scan the QR code with your wallet's app, or copy and paste the address into your wallet.
  7. A memo code is also generated. Enter the code into your wallet as well.
  8. Follow instructions on your app to complete transaction.

arrowStep 7 involving the XLM Memo code is really important, and not all cryptocurrencies have it. The Memo code is similar to a Destination Tag. It's a unique code that identifies the transaction's recipient, so make sure you enter it!

Stellar Casinos Pros and Cons

  1. What advantages are there to gambling with Stellar?
  2. What disadvantages are there to gambling with Stellar?

What advantages are there to gambling with Stellar?

Crypto casinos are famous for their no limit gambling and near instant cashout. Gambling with Stellar will give you these advantages. You will also enjoy some of the extra features that Stellar XLM comes with.

Pros to Stellar XLM

  • Fast transactions, usually confirmed in 3 to 5 seconds
  • Very low transaction fees as built to include developing countries
  • Dedicated Stellar wallet gives you complete control
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What disadvantages are there to gambling with Stellar?

In terms of gambling with Stellar, there is mainly just one issue, which you might have already noticed:

  • Few gambling sites accept Stellar

sad smileyBeyond this point, Stellar can be a great option for crypto gambling. However, if you want to try playing at different casino, you will not have too many sites to choose from and may want to consider more popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin instead.

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Stellar No limit Gambling

coins iconOne of the great things about Stellar XLM is that because it was designed to be as inclusive as possible with developing countries in mind, its limits are very low. The network only requires 1 XLM to complete a transaction, and at the time we put this together, that's $0.10 USD. So at Fairspin Casino, for example, that's all you need to deposit to get going. Whether 1XLM is enough to actually gamble is another story and you might want to deposit a bit more.

On the other end of things, that is maximum limits, there are none. It's one of the key advantages crypto casinos have over traditional online casinos.

What kind of Stellar XLM Casino games are there?

Once you're in a casino that banks with Stellar XLM, everything that the site has to offer is open to you. The Stellar casinos listed on this page are known for their huge choice of games, so even though there aren't a lot of XLM casinos you still have lots to play with. This includes:

➞ Slots and jackpots➞ Live dealers and game shows➞ Card games
➞ Crypto arcade games➞ Roulette➞ Sports betting

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Tips for gambling with Stellar

Maintaining an exchange rate and low prices accessible to all, Stellar is a really flexible cryptocurrency. To get the most out of gambling with Stellar, do consider the following.

  • Buy Stellar from a crypto wallet
  • Shop around for a crypto wallet that works for you
  • Look for XLM casino bonuses
  • Deposit and cashout using Stellar, avoiding Cross Chain Deposits

Many crypto casinos operate a Moonpay gateway so you can buy cryptocurrency directly from their site, and this is really great if you're new and don't have any cryptocurrency on hand. However, we do suggest going with a crypto wallet because it gives you more control over when and what price you can buy Stellar at.

idea iconAdditionally, it's always good to use the same payment method for both deposits and withdrawals, and this goes all the way down to using the same coin. If you try to cash out a Stellar balance into another cryptocurrency, there is a risk that the transaction can get lost.

Stellar coin alternatives

While Stellar XLM has a lot of potential, there's no getting around the fact that the number of casinos that accept the coin remains limited at the moment. If you want to have access to as many casinos as possible, it's worth considering an alternative to Stellar.

  • bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash Logo
  • Ethereum Logo
  • Litecoin Logo
  • EOS-logo
  • Cardano Logo
  • Ripple Logo
  • Tron Network Logo
  • dogecoin logo
  • Solana Coin

Litecoin is very widely accepted for gambling. And while Ripple isn't nearly as widespread, there are still a good number of casinos that accept it. Of course, Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most well-known and will give you the greatest number of options.

Stellar Casinos FAQ

  1. Are there XLM casino bonuses?
  2. Are Stellar casinos safe?
  3. What's the difference between Stellar and Ripple?
  4. Can Stellar be staked?

1.) Are there XLM casino bonuses?

Don't be discouraged if you don't see any XLM offers advertised. Most crypto casinos list their bonuses in BTC for convenience's sake just because that's the best known crypto. You can usually still claim the offer when you're depositing in another coin that the site accepts. That means that yes, there are XLM casino bonuses.

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2.) Are Stellar casinos safe?

The cryptocurrency itself is perfectly secure. The question as to whether a Stellar casino is safe or not always depends on the casino operator in question.

shieldAll the Stellar casinos on this page are safe and licensed, but if you come across others, make sure they have at least a gambling license and it's not a bad idea to read some casino reviews too to see what other player experiences have been like.

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3.) What's the difference between Stellar and Ripple?

Stellar is a fork from Ripple, and its goal is to be a payment method for individuals and to serve as many people as possible.

Ripple LogoOn the other hand, Ripple was designed with banking institutions in mind. Another difference is that Stellar is open source to ensure accessibility, while Ripple runs on close sourced software.

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4.) Can Stellar be staked?

Several cryptocurrencies let you earn more coin through staking, but Stellar isn't technically one of them. However, you can earn more XLM coins through lending pool projects where you can earn interest. Some wallets have interest savings account. Both are ways to earn XLM coins passively.

Although technically different, this is very similar to staking, where you earn interest from locking up your crypto assets for a certain amount of time, but the key difference is that staking locks up your asset so they participate in the Proof of Stake (POS) process to maintain the health of the blockchain system.

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The Expert Conclusion on Stellar

Stellar XLM is a rising altcoin. Although there is only a limited number of crypto casinos that bank with Stellar for now, they are all first class.

plus iconPlus, it's more than likely that there will be more sites open to gambling with Stellar in the future. XLM is a coin designed to be inclusive of all populations, even those in the developing world. What that means is that Stellar works well for small transactions as well as larger ones, giving gamblers more precise control over their budget. Transactions are completed within a few seconds, the fees are low, and it all adds up to a very promising cryptocurrency choice for gambling uses.

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