Rohit Zinjurke Brings His Influencer Status to Stake

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Rohit Zinjurke Profile
Full name:Rohit Zinjurke
Streamer name:Reaction Boi
Avatar:Rohit Zinjurke Avatar
Origin:Surat, Gujarat, India
Place of residence:Mumbai, India
Date of birth:April 9, 2000
Followers:3,860,000 (YouTube) 28,300,000 (Instagram) 871,000 (Snapchat) 5,700,000 (TikTok)
Favourite casino:Stake Casino
Characteristics:Funny, friendly, entertaining, talented, and charismatic
Net worth:Estimated $6,000 to $30,000 monthly income

As Stake casino continues to build its brand, it has been carefully curating new partnerships that expand its influence.

One area in which it seems to be particularly keen over the last year or so is the Indian market with the addition of brand ambassadors like Ravi Shastri, Raftaar, Karan Aujla, and the subject of this review, Rohit Zinjurke.

Handsome, clever, and charismatic, getting Zinjurke, aka, Reactionboi onboard is nothing short of a major coup by Stake - as this social media star has been taking the digital world by storm, picking up (many!) millions of followers along the way.

While gambling isn't anything like lip synching where he began, it certainly fits in with his current lifestyle frame. And while he hasn't been all that active on the betting front yet, we say the odds are good that we'll be seeing more.

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A Bit of Background on Rohit Zinjurke

Rohit Zinjurke india award

© Rohit won the 'International Iconic Most Popular Influencer of India 2024' award

Even with millions of followers, it's possible that you don't know who Rohit Zinjurke is. Yet. And we qualify that because now that you're about to read, you'll likely start to notice sometime soon his name popping up all over the place, as he's basically that big.

Anyhow, Rohit, also known as Reactionboi, is a major player in the Indian social media scene. Born on April 9, 2000, in Surat, Gujarat, India, he now lives in Mumbai.

→ Interesting: His nickname Reactionboi has to do with the reactions he was so famous for in back his early TikTok days.

While like many social media stars only spotty details are known about him, or at least very few are 100% confirmed, he is relatively forthcoming at least in some aspects of his private life.

For example, his mother often participates in his clips, and his sister Rohini Zinjurke who is also an influencer in her own right, is  a major collaborator. His dad, however, is not in the picture, and there's no clear details as to when and where he left. Some sources say he was an alcoholic who wasn't really around, while others say he's already dead. Either way, Rohit isn't vengeful on the matter, and only says good things about him (if anything), even when baited.

As for his fame, Zinjurke came about it the old-fashioned way, through hard work, and the need to earn cash to support his struggling family.

He originally got started when his lip synching videos, which he made while working as a machine supervisor, went viral on Tik Tok. A few years later, when TikTok was banned locally in 2020, he made the successful jump to other platforms like YouTube and Instagram. And later that year he decided to quit his job, and dedicate himself full time to video creation.

Today, he continues to invest heavily in frequent output to satisfy fans with high quality (even cinematic some would say) videos and photos designed to engage. He also launched the clothing brand Ziro9 to diversify and help secure his kids' future - even though he doesn't have any yet - showing what a savvy businessman he is.

In addition, he's served as an ambassador for numerous top brands including Pepsi, Amazon Mini TV, and now most recently and interesting to us, Stake.


How Much Experience Does Rohit Zinjurke Have as a Streamer?

While the Stake casino partnership is big news, it turns out that Reactionboi has actually partnered with a gaming brand in the past called BlueChip, but all indicators point that he's moved on from there and is now a Stake man.

In neither venture, mind you, while he's known for some seriously quality content creation, was he shown engaged in the actual art of streaming. Instead, he lends his name to the brand, now only Stake, which he mentions in his posts to his 28 million+ followers on Instagram, demonstrating his love for thrills, betting, and all that fun, in short clips.

idea iconThis Stake ambassadorship, by the way, if you're looking for a date, goes back to August 2023, when he first made mention on Instagram.

Which Online Casino Does the Streamer Rohit Zinjurke Gamble at?

Rohit is not particularly known for casino gambling. For now, we've mostly seen him sharing bits about sports betting. That being said, he does some occasional casino gambling from what we've seen, with a couple bits so far focussing on cards, or more specifically blackjack.

This can mean that sports is the market Stake wants him to focus on for attracting a sports betting audience. Or it can be a reflection of his personal preferences. We have no way of knowing. But we've definitely seen him showing quite a bit of interest in cricket and F1.

Though to answer your question more directly, when seen casino gambling, it is definitely going to be at Stake.

Rohit watches and bets on IPL matches at Stake in an Instagram post that got more than 325,000 likes.

What Are Rohit Zinjurke's Favourite Online Casino Games?

Since #reactionboi's gambling activity is mostly about the sports betting realm rather than casino betting for now, it's a bit hard to pick up on a distinct preference.

Tblackjack-cardshat being said, he has shown himself dealing into the blackjack tables every now and then. In fact, he's even stated that blackjack is an excellent cure for boredom in one Instagram clip. So if we were to guess, that would be his top pick. Though we can't imagine anyone doesn't love slots and Stake crypto games too. But for his official stamp of approval, we'll have to wait and see.

Does Rohit Zinjurke Use Any Special Betting Strategies?

Again, since Rohit hasn't been seen gambling all that much -more like promoting the concept mostly - it's hard to say if he has any real strategies when it comes to betting.

Since he's a Stake ambassador and a high earner himself, however, if we were to guess on a style, we'd imagine he can bet higher than most of us, and probably enjoys the thrill of a good gamble. But as for a betting strategy per se, or anything definitive on the matter, we're afraid it's too early for us to say.

When and Where Does Rohit Zinjurke Stream?

We know, we're getting boring. Especially since you turned to us for Reactionboi streaming advice. But the reality is, he's not doing any streaming, as in playing slots live on Kick.

arrowHe is, however, super active on social media channels like Instagram, sharing fresh lifestyle and fashion content in particular. Plus lots of Stake clips, just not full live streams.

Rohit Zinjurke on Social Media

Rohit Zinjurke isn't an athlete, Bollywood actor, or rapper who leveraged his success to become a social media star. Rather his fame is entirely social media based. That is, social media itself was the catapult to his celebrity status, and it continues to be the medium where he regularly entertains his millions of devoted fans.

worker-64x64.pngNote: While we'll cover all of the major social platforms where he's present, you may note that we've omitted Rohit Zinjurke on That's not an oversight on our part. Or his. He's simply chosen not be active there at last check, which makes sense, since he's not casino streaming yet.

  1. _rohittt_09 on TikTok
  2. rohittt_09_ on Instagram
  3. Rohit Zinjurke on YouTube
  4. rohittt_09 on Snapchat

_rohittt_09 on TikTok

Rohit Zinjurke TiKTok

©  Rohit's last TikTok post was on June 30, 2020, and was essentially a thanks TikTok and good bye.

Rohit Zinjurke's official TikTok account can be found under the handle _rohittt_09.

For him, we'd imagine, TikTok holds a special place in his heart as that's where he got his start, as a content creator, producing entertaining dance and lip-syncing videos.

A clever entrepreneur, when he saw where the winds were blowing in 2020 as India banned the platform, he put extra effort into his other accounts, where his popularity has since exploded.

He's still big on TikTok, however, with over 5.7 million followers and almost 270M likes. But while not necessarily dated, the content there isn't fresh either. That is, he hasn't added anything new in years.

That being said, it can be a fun romp down memory lane taking a look. Or a great way to see how a pro does it, building a following and some serious fame.

rohittt_09_ on Instagram

Rohit Zinjurke under25


When Zinjurke left TikTok, he explicitly told fans to make the move with him to Instagram - and they followed in swarms!

Today he has an astonishing 28.3M Instagram followers and growing. There he frames himself as a digital creator, focussing on fashion, lifestyle, and video creation, all of which he does remarkably well.

In fact, right from the start of his efforts, he was recognised as no less than one of "India's 25 under 25 on Instagram". Overall, there's no denying he's excellent at what he does. And he happens to be very handsome, so it all looks great.

For our purposes, we'll just point out that Instagram is also the channel where he's promoting his gambling stuff, with not infrequent Stake posts since August 2023, and particularly picking up in early 2024 with quite a few plugs for cricket, F1, and blackjack play.

Rohit-Zinjurke-instagram© In this video, you can watch Rohit playing the  live casino at Stake, and winning.MoreLess

In addition to linking to Stake, he also uses this Insta account to link to his Ziro9 clothing brand, his passion project which has quickly gained traction, especially amongst the young and trendy crowd.

He also uses Instagram to cross market his sister's account, Rohini Zinjurke, who is also a star in her own right, and a successful entrepreneur via her beauty salon.

Rohit Zinjurke on YouTube

With 3.86M subscribers, Rohit's YouTube channel is shadowed by his Instagram presence. However, that's likely because he simply invests less effort there. While there are plenty of great YouTube clips, showing Reactionboi in action, with friends and "lovers" (are they?), he isn't updating here every day; though the content is relatively fresh with something new posted every week or so.

That makes YouTube a fun place to watch him and his shenanigans, and take joy in others leading the good life - as he's so great at doing. As he says in his profile there: "I love to Make Unique Videos & Entertain You In Best Possible Manner. This is My New Vlogging Channel." All of which make subscribing, and taking a peek every now and then, worthwhile.

Rohit-Zinjurke-youtube© This Indian influencer has a knack for making life look fun.MoreLess

rohittt_09 on Snapchat

If you want even more Rohit lifestyle shots, then Snapchat's going to be a good place to find them. Catch him at the gym, snorkeling, dining out, beachside, or what have you. It's always fun to see what's going on in the life of the wealthy, fit, free, and beautiful.

While the content is only available for a short time, what you can always see is who he's recommending. And at the top of that list is none other than Nita Shilimkar with whom he's collaborated with on tonnes of Instagram videos and with whom he's long been rumoured to be having an affair - though she's publicly denied this.

Rohit-Zinjurke-Snapchat© #reactionboy gives an official shoutout to girlfriend Nita Shilimkar on Snapchat.MoreLess

Scandals and Controversies

For a major celebrity, truth be told Rohit Zinjurke is rather squeaky clean. That is, we have never heard of any scandal or controversy associated with him.

Maximum there are those rumours about him and Nita Shilimkar being an item, but that's just harmless gossip really. And definitely no love triangle or heart break that we know of.

thumb up iconWe also don't know of any rivalries happening with him. Nor does he seem to be a womanizer in any big way. And he even doesn't talk bad about his absentee father, no matter what others try to get him to say. All and all pretty impressive we'd say.

Rohit Zinjurke Estimated Net Worth

While we'd love to dish on Rohit's net worth, the reality is, we simply don't know. There are certain calculations that can be made about his monthly earnings around his various social media accounts, with various sources adding it together to come up with anywhere from $6,000 to $30,000 a month.

plus iconPlus, he also has his clothing line and his various sponsorships, partnerships, and even occasional music video clips. So all an all that probably adds up to a whole lot more. Meaning, it's quite possible that he's a millionaire, and reasonable to assume based on his lifestyle, many times over.

Rohit Zinjurke's Private Life

Like many social media stars, Reaction Boi, may be living his best life in front of the lens, but he's also keeping his true colours to a degree under wraps.

Rohit Zinjurke family

© Rohit with his mother and sister

What that means is that while we know a whole lot about him, there are also some rather big gaps. For example, even his birthday, which is mostly quoted as April 9, 2000, doesn't appear consistently everywhere. And while we know his dad isn't in the picture, we aren't sure where he's gone, when, or why.

What we do know is that he is close with his mother and sister (Rohini Zinjurke), both of whom he features relatively often in his various materials. In addition, he was rumored to have been in a relationship with Nita Shilimkar, though that's apparently not true, and we have no idea whom he has actually dated then.

As for things we can easily determine or see, he has multiple tattoos, is around 5"6 (168 cm) in height, has dark hair, is a Hindu, loves fancy cars, and is not known to be a vegetarian.

Bottom Line: Is Rohit Zinjurke Worth Watching?

There are literally tens of millions of people who find Rohit's every move worth watching, so who are we to argue with them? But seriously, this is a guy who has been doing social media professionally for ages, so he knows how to make great content.

star logoWhile he isn't live streaming gambling yet, the few snippets of his Stake betting pursuits that he's given us prove he can easily make the leap. And when he does, we guarantee we'll be watching him there too, as Rohit Zinjurke is most definitely a star worth following.

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