The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins Slot Review 2024

Vienne-GarciaVienne Garcia
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The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins Facts

Paylines:Pays all ways
Min. Bet:$0.20
Max. Bet:$1,000
Max. Win:25,000X your bet
Free Spins: 
Bonus Buy: 
Free Play:  

The circus is in town, if you hadn't yet heard, and it's bigger, more entertaining, and potentially more worthwhile than ever thanks.

Not suited for kids of course this time round as an online gambling game, The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins however is everything a great slots can be, under the big tent and all that entails.

A man in the canon, a fire baton twirling lady acrobat, a creepy clown, and of course the ringmaster himself by the side of the reels, it's got everything you could imagine, but mostly more. Split symbols for more winning ways, reels that are set on fire for more multipliers, wilds that can be shot for more wins, and free games with all sorts of bonuses combined.

It's also of course got the enhancer and bonus buy modes now synonymous with Massive Studios video slots. And with a 96.38% RTP, it's about average, and right in line with other Massive Studios games as well.

If that's not enough, there's also that 25,000X top prize, and all sorts of goodies we'll get into that together make this a great show, as much as a potentially big payer.

Game highlights:

  • Very high volatility
  • Pays all ways (as opposed to traditional paylines)
  • Special bonus symbols that release one or more bonus rounds, before turning into a wild
  • Single symbols can be split into two; two symbols into four
  • Multipliers + multipliers that can multiply together
  • Free spins
  • 25,000X max win
  • Two game enhancer modes
  • Three different bonus buy options
  • 96.38% RTP
  • Available exclusively at Stake casino*

Play The Ringmaster at Stake

* As a Massive Studios slots, Ringmaster's Whopping Wins is currently available exclusively at Stake - which if you read our Carrot Gaming review makes sense, considering the widely assumed direct relationship between the two.

The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins Slot Basics and Rules

Released on June 1, 2024, at the time of writing this Ringmaster's Whopping Wins review it was the newest slot in the special Massive Studios series. Since the developer aims for fast releases - of about two new slots per month - we're guessing this will quickly be subject to change, though our favourable evaluation of it will remain the same.

While it certainly has some special bonus features, overall, The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins is easy to figure out with standard basics and rules, familiar to anyone who's ever played online slots, and easy to grasp even if you haven't.


To begin, open up the game at Stake casino. There you'll see a choice for 'Real Play' or 'Fun Play'. We'll go with the former, since we like to gamble. Next you'll see a screen with a brief overview of what's in store, click anywhere on that screen, and you'll get to the main board with the reels.

Take a second to familiarise yourself with the look and feel, and get a sense of the general UI. Once you're ready, click on the stack of chips icon in the far-right bottom corner, and choose your bet amount for the next spin. It can be anywhere from as low as $0.20 up to $1,000. Or you can just stick with the dollar bet, the game is preset to.

spin-arrowAfter choosing your bet amount, click on the spin symbol, which is marked by an arrow in a circle, again in the far bottom right corner of your screen. The reels will then spin, and any wins will be paid out according to the game rules, for matching symbols ranging from 3 to 6 of a kind. If a bonus feature was triggered, that will be activated as well.

Once your bet is played out and paid up - by you or the casino - you can then spin again at a new rate, or stick to the same one. If you prefer, you can also set the auto play function so the game simply keeps spinning at the same amount for 10 to 1,000 rounds in a row (up to you). Though if you go for the higher end, we recommend setting a loss limit so things, i.e. your bankroll, don't spin out of control.

Other things you can do are control the sound effects through the main menu, accessed by clicking the three horizontal lines in the circle icon to the very leftmost bottom corner of your screen. There you can also choose the tempo of play, increasing it to turbo or even super turbo if that's more your speed.

Play The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins Slots for Free Online

Roll up! Roll up! And play The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins for free. There's no ticket to purchase or entrance fee required, if you want to give this game a go and determine for yourself, if it's truly the greatest show on earth.

To do so, all you need to do is click on the demo mode we've been able to secure for you below, and play to your heart's content as you see how the big top action unfolds, with zero financial risk.

Then once you're ready, our biggest tip, is to play The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins at Stake in real money mode, for a superior level of entertainment, in no small part thanks to the many cash prizes and massive 25,000X your bet max prize, that if you're super lucky, can be yours!

The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins Demo Mode

the-ringmasters-whopping-wins-slot-preview By pressing on "Play", I understand that I will be shown content from Massive Studios. You can find more information in our website's Privacy Policy as well as that of Massive Studios. Massive Studios

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The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins Video Slots Paytable

As we mentioned, The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins is not a traditional online slots game. While it may appear to be so at the beginning, starting off as a 6X4 setup, with the ability to split symbols and the way in which it pays all ways, it's pretty much anything but. But for a sense of what's on the table in terms of prizes, this chart should help.

SymbolMinimum profitMaximum profit
The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins DirectorX0.5X5
The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins CannonX0.15X2
The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins Fire X0.08X0.8
The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins Shoe X0.06X0.5
The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins CardsX0.06X0.18

There are a few things to clarify in terms of the paytable above. First of all, there's the part that you can already see, being that prizes are allocated for anywhere from 3 to 6 matching symbols, with rates paid according to their value. The clubs and spades are the lowest, while the ringmaster is the highest, and the rest are all somewhere in between.

There's a difference, however, in terms of ultimate prizes depending on the mode you're playing. For example, the max win in both normal (i.e. base) game and bonus buy 1 is 5,000X your bet, while in enhanced modes 1 and 2, and bonus buy 2 and 3, it jumps to 10,000X. This is regular play mind you, and it's with bonus features that it can reach the ultimate game max of 25,000X your bet.

info iconWhile it's not a Megaways game, The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins does pay all ways, as opposed to the traditional payline setup you find in most online slot machines. The big benefit is that you can win in more than one direction, and in formats beyond a horizontal line, all on a single spin.

The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins Bonus Rounds and Special Features

In a slots with a circus theme, beyond the atmosphere setting sound effects, we'd bet you'd expect some pretty spectacular benefits, to complement the extravaganza on screen.

As a Massive Studios slots, that's pretty much a given, this time done perfectly on-theme embracing the big top motif, while delivering some rather astounding thrills and rewards.

  1. Bonus symbols and their respective bonus features
  2. Free games
  3. Ringmaster spins bonus round and whopping spins
  4. Double max
  5. Game enhancers
  6. Bonus buy options

Bonus symbols and their respective bonus features

The bonus symbol in this game can land on reels 3, 4, and 5, and trigger between 1 and 3 bonus features randomly.

The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins GunmenThe cannon man who shoots a number of wild symbols onto the reels, and when done, turns himself into a wild symbol.

The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins ClownThe clown who can split symbols on the reels once or even twice, for more potential wins, before turning into a wild himself.

The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins WomanThe firebreather who ignites between 1 and 4 areas of the reels, surrounding them in flames, and awarding random multipliers. Plus, if any of these fiery frames and their multipliers overlap, multiplies them together! This of course is followed by her turning into a wild symbol herself.

You can, by the way, land more than one bonus symbol per spin. And if you receive more than one of these bonus features, the order in which they're played may differ than from what we've outlined, as that's randomly dispersed too.

Free games

The symbol with the words 'FREE GAMES' splayed across it, can land on any reel, and serves as the scatter symbol here, awarding you as follows.

The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins Freespins

  • 3 scatter symbols = 3 ringmaster spins + 3 or more whopping spins
  • 4 scatter symbols = 3 ringmaster spins + 4 or more whopping spins
  • 5 scatter symbols = 3 ringmaster spins + 5 or more whopping spins
  • 6 scatter symbols = 3 ringmaster spins + 6 whopping spins

Ringmaster spins bonus round and whopping spins

The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins GunmenThis bonus round begins with 3 spins on the special board. You're aiming to collect as many bonus symbols as you can, because each time you do, the spins available will reset to 3, giving you more chances.

Once you've spun through them (i.e. reached 0), the bonus symbols you collected during this round will be added to the whopping spins you collected in triggering it, and you will commence on the whopping spins part of the bonus feature. These whopping spins, as the name implies, is where the massive wins can be found.


Double max

The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins Max winThese special symbols, with a capital M and the words 'MAX WIN' written across, allow for the maximum possible win to be doubled. In standard play that would be from 5,000X doubled to 10,000X your bet.

Game enhancers

In the Ringmaster's Whopping Wins, there are two game enhancing modes from which to choose.

Enhancer 1, when activated, makes it 3X more likely that you'll land the bonus symbol or trigger free games, at a price of just 2X your bet. Enhancer 2, for its part, makes it 3X more likely that you'll land a bonus symbol or trigger free games, at a price of 3X your bet. Both are rather cheap, we'd say, but of course, still money and not a guarantee, so up to you.

idea iconTip: While triggering the bonus round isn't a guarantee with enhancers activated, these modes do feature the double max and the associated 10,000X your bet top prize

Bonus buy options

To guarantee your way into the bonus round, you can instead make one of three bonus buys.

Bonus buy optionWhat you getPrice (in multiples of your bet)
13 ringmaster spins + 3 or more whopping spins200X
23 ringmaster spins + 4 or more whopping spins400X
33 ringmaster spins + 5 or more whopping spins600X

Keep in mind, the more you get, the higher the price. Also, only options 2 and 3 have the double max activated, if that's important to you.


Play The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins on Mobile

While many readers land on our reviews through a search for mobile slots, others have solely skimmed to this section to check if The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins is indeed mobile compatible. All we have to say is this: Any decent online casino circa 2024 is going to be fully mobile. That's because almost every online casino these days is browser-based, and all websites are mobile compatible. No one would do things otherwise. It's simply good business with so many players searching, reading, and yes gambling, from their phones.

So plainly put, yes, of course you can play The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins from your phone, tablet, or any screen, so long as you have a browser and an internet connection. Just visit Stake, and you're good to go.

The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins FAQs

Still have some questions as to what The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins is all about? No problem! Our expert team has summed up some of the most common player inquiries, to complete this review with a short FAQ.

  1. At which casino can I play The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins slots?
  2. How is The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins different than other Massive Studios slots?
  3. Is The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins played by any casino streamers?
  4. Can I play The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins with a casino bonus?
  5. Will I need a VPN to play Ringmaster's Whopping Wins?
  6. Is The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins slots a crypto gambling game?

1.) At which casino can I play The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins slots?

This is a very legitimate question, since it's rather unusual to find a highly recommended - not to mention popular - online slot machine that's not available in wide release. That is, with such a raving review as our experts, alongside popular streamers and players have been overheard giving, you'd imagine just about every operator would be carrying it.

However, that's the catch. The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins is a Stake casino exclusive, meaning it can only be played there. Or more accurately, it can only be played there in real money mode, i.e. for cash bets. If you want to play for free, you can try the demo mode on this very review, or visit the Massive Studios website as well.

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2.) How is The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins different than other Massive Studios slots?

Every casino game developer has its own style, and for those who are fans, they're often easily able to identify its fingerprint.

For Massive Studios slots, this can be in the quality of graphics, as much as the special free game features. Or with the one telltale giveaway, the 'M' button in the interface, from which you can activate the enhancer modes or bonus buy options - both typical if not quite trademarked touches the developer offers.

The thing that sets the Ringmaster apart from other Massive Studios games, however since you asked, is mainly its unique circus theme, the special bonus features and the way they're triggered, and the special double max opportunity that can be activated.

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3.) Is The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins played by any casino streamers?

If there's anything a top streamer is good at doing, it's entertaining. And one big way in which they do that is by zeroing in on the top winning games. Hence, it should come as no surprise that as soon as Ringmaster's Whopping Wins was released, some of the biggest names in slots streaming were all over it including Yassuo, ClassyBeef, and we're guessing plenty more to follow as their wins are already creating quite a buzz.

Also, since there's a connection between Stake and streamers, and one between Stake and Massive Studios games, it only makes sense that this triangle is completed with Stake streamers regularly showcasing what can be done on its games, including this.

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4.) Can I play The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins with a casino bonus?

Sure, you could play The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins with a casino bonus, if only you had one. The thing is, if you know anything about Stake casino, while it's almost divine on every other front of the online gambling realm, it does not really offer cash bonuses.

The one exception, and luckily you're reading this, is with our very own Casino.Guide exclusive sign-up bonus which you can claim by using the promo code casinoguide for a 100% up to $500 welcome offer (read more here). Then with that in hand, you'll be able to uniquely play The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins with a casino bonus.

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5.) Will I need a VPN to play Ringmaster's Whopping Wins?

If you look under Stake's Terms of Service, clause 14.3, you'll be able to see that persons located or residing in a number of countries, including but not limited to Australia, Denmark, Germany, France, Ontario (Canada), the UK, and the USA, are all prohibited from real money play.

It also goes on to very strongly deter potential customers from trying to circumvent geo-restrictions by masking their IP address. However, if you are still willing to gamble on that, and simply want to play no matter what, then you can do so by using a VPN. There may be consequences, or not, but since the question is will I need a VPN to play, the answer is no.

In the many countries where the game is fully and easily accessible it's certainly not required; however VPN access is possible, but not necessarily advisable in others.

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6.) Is The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins slots a crypto gambling game?

Yes, The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins definitely qualifies as a crypto slot. That's because all the term really means is that you'll be able to gamble on it using various crypto currencies, which you can do here using a large range including Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, and around 20 more. This, by the way, is one of Stake's strong suits, being so flexible in terms of digital coin play

Keep in mind, however, on the game's actual interface, you can only see bets and your balance in fiats. However, when you go back to your Stake wallet, that's all easily transferred back to the crypto of your choice at the correct market value and rate.

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Our Expert Opinion on The Ringmaster's Whopping Wins Slots

As the big tent welcome goes: Come one, come all. Or in this case adults over 18. This online slot is a sure hit we're happy to recommend.

The UI is intuitive, the sound effects great, and since it's all mobile, you could say it's a travelling show, that you can take with you wherever you go, for whenever the crypto gambling urge strikes.

There's excellent entertainment - it's a circus after all - special game bonuses, and big cash prizes, to make it all the more engaging. And this, of course, adds up to a slots experience we're quite sure you'll love.

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