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USD Coin Facts
Company: Circle Internet Financial & Coinbase (founding members)
Founded in:2018
Headquarters:New York
CEO: Centre consortium
Available in:Most countries in the world
Best USD Coin Casino:Stake

With so many crypto currencies on the market these days, it can be hard to keep track! And as casino players, it can be even harder to figure out which ones are best for online gambling purposes, and which should be kept as investments alone.

Well, the reality is, this type of decision is beyond the scope of our casino experts, though we can help flush out what each crypto currency is about, at which casinos it can be used, and its distinct advantages over others. Which brings us to the subject of this crypto review, USD Coin, which is also known as USDC.

One of the newer crypto currencies around, it made its debut in 2018. And as its name explicitly spells out, it is inherently (that is purposely) linked in value to the US dollar. This link is what makes it what is called a digital stable coin (most often spelled stablecoin), which means unlike other cryptos you’ll encounter, its market value does not fluctuate. This, of course, is similar to another stablecoin which came before it, being Tether, aka USDT, which is also based on the USD value, though they have their differences, which we will get to in a bit.

Overall, we can say that due to its high transparency and the direct link to the US dollar, USDC is definitely a good payment alternative to more prominent cryptocurrencies in the casino when available. What else to consider? Keep reading for our full review of USDC and its place in the world of online gambling.

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The Best USD Coin Casinos of 2022

To get started gambling online with USDC – in case you are already raring to go – we have put together a list of the best casinos in our books for USDC play.

eCOGRAGLIiTech LabsMalta Gaming AuthoritySSL Secured
stakecasino-logo-cryptos-only95% Excellent$500visit StakeRead Review
cloudbet-cryptos-only95% Excellent5 BTC / $1,000 + 200 Free Spinsvisit Cloudbet CasinoRead Review
fairspin-casino-logo95% Excellentup to $200 000+ 140 Free Spinsvisit FairspinRead Review
22bet-logo93% Outstanding$300visit 22BetRead Review
BCGame-Logo93% Outstandingno limitvisit BC.Game CasinoRead Review
rocketpot-casino-logo-500x200-193% Outstanding1 BTCvisit RocketpotRead Review
20Bet-Logo92% Outstanding$180+ 120 Free Spinsvisit 20Bet CasinoRead Review

Keep in mind, however, at the moment USD Coin as a digital currency is not yet particularly popular in many places, including Europe, at least in regards to the iGaming industry so your choices will be more limited than when playing with digital coins like say Bitcoin or Ethereum.

That, of course can easily change rather rapidly, as USD Coin has already managed to overtake Tether in terms of market value and availability on Coinbase. And it is even accepted as a payment method for settling Visa transactions as of March 2021, making it all the more useful and steady. This in turn is making it more popular. And these kinds of trends are the very things operators notice, helping now make USD Coin a more common payment option in online crypto casinos, and likely growing.

The Short History Behind the USD Coin

Now that we know that USD Coin can be used as a payment method at some of the top online casinos around, let’s have a little look at its history. After all, from our perspective, it is always interesting to understand where a crypto currency came from, and its designed intent. Plus, of course, ultimately, its benefits over others.


So basically, USD Coin was initially released as a crypto currency in 2018. It is currently managed by a consortium that is known as Centre, which in turn was founded by a company called Circle. And Circle for its part includes members from Coinbase (the cryptocurrency exchange) as well as Bitmain, which is a Bitcoin mining company.

Small tip to remember: Traded under the anacronym USDC, USD Coin should not be confused with USDT (which are Tether’s initials) or CBDC, which is the central bank digital currency.

According to Circle, each USD Coin is backed by an actual US dollar which is held either in reserve or by another “approved investment”, although further details are not provided. More recently, however, the wording on the Circle website was changed from “backed by US dollars” to “backed by fully reserved assets“. The reason why this issue of a reserve is so important, by the way, is so you know that there is always enough money in the issuer’s account for everyone to cash out. In other words, in theory, should all holders of all of the USD Coins out there want to cash out in full, back to US dollars, they should be able to without a problem.

As for technicalities, without getting into it too much, USDC is based on the ETH blockchain and is therefore often referred to as an Ethereum token.

info iconAnd in terms of proliferation, as of today, there are well over 55 billion USD Coins in circulation, which can be used in many ways. One as we mentioned is to pay your Visa credit card bills, and of course also to play in crypto casinos.

What Is the Coin’s Connection with the US Dollar?

The thing that is most noteworthy about USD Coins is the fact that the value of each individual token is covered by one US dollar. Or put in slightly different terms, that means that the value of USDC is tied to the value of the US dollar. This in turn means that unlike other crypto currencies such as BTC, its value does not fluctuate in any big way in comparison to fiats, which is why it is what is called a stablecoin – that is, a coin that is stable in terms of its value.

So, while most people would not invest in USD Coin for profit making purposes, they would do so in order to hold their money in crypto (as some prefer the blockchain financial system to banks), and for actual spending purposes, such as at an online casino in our case.

coins iconThis US dollar based cryptocurrency is a token whose value corresponds at a rate of 1:1 to the actual US dollar. This, combined with the fact that each coin is backed by an actual dollar ensures high stability in terms of value.

This lack of price fluctuation for casino banking purposes is particularly appealing in that you won’t “lose out” on your crypto investment potential while it is in your casino account. For example, if you put 100 USDC in your casino account, it will be worth the same whenever you decide to cash out.

bitcoin iconWith Bitcoin on the other hand, you can lose out on a big trade (as its value goes up and down) when it is tied up anywhere beyond your crypto wallet. Plus, it can be worth very different things between the time it goes in and out of your casino account. So it may have had a $100 value when you made your deposit, but that $100 could be worth a mere $50 when you go to cash out.

What Is a Stable Coin Anyhow?

For many if not most people, when they think of crypto currency, the first thing that comes to mind is likely volatility. Like how the price of Bitcoin is all over the place. And because of this, they often think of it only in terms of investment purposes, or maybe even more accurately, how it can be optimised for a get rich quick scheme.

arrowNot all cryptos, however, are about that. At all. In fact, some people are invested in crypto as an actual currency. That is, they see it as the future for how to hold their money and make transactions, with less government and bank bureaucracy intervention.

The key idea behind stable coins is to give investors the opportunity to “park” capital. For such people, stablecoins are really the answer. That is, they have a stable value, which means their buying power remains consistent, making them useful for actual purchases (and not just trading).

This chart reflects the price of the USD Coin in comparison to the US dollar. Being tied to the dollar, the fluctuations are minor. (Drag the chart for more historical data.)

How this works is that the value is always dependent on the US dollar exchange rate and can, at best, deviate minimally. Accordingly, it is also not possible for a single USD Coin to suddenly be sold for tens of thousands of euros. In other words, stable tokens like the USDC cannot increase in value at will and are not subject to market whims. What you buy is what you get, when you buy in and also when you want to sell. So $100 is $100 on any day, in any year.

How and Where to Buy USD Coin

If you are an experienced crypto investor, you do not need our help on this one. But we understand that some readers may be wondering about the procedures involved, so skip ahead if you already know this.

Basically, there are going to be different procedures depending on where you live. For example, according to Coinbase, customers from Germany are not allowed to buy USD coins directly with real money. However, cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and many others can be used as units to get USD Coins from any one of the major exchange platforms.

Which platform you choose for this is up to you. Things such as network transaction fees and other conditions should be considered, from our experience, in making your decision for or against a particular crypto exchange platform, though all of those we highlighted above are good.

In the case of USD Coin, however, realistically, things are a little different, as in fact there is no trading platform more familiar with the token than Coinbase (as it is one of its founders). And a clear plus point, since it is so connected with the coin, if desired, you can get comprehensive information about the currency and its special features onsite.

In any event, whichever platform you choose, essentially, this is how the purchase process works:

  1. Set up a wallet account with your preferred crypto exchange platform.
  2. Deposit money into that account (US dollars, Canadian dollars, euros, etc.).
  3. Buy USD Coin.

By the way, in addition to purchasing USDC with “standard” cash, you can of course easily make a trade on the platform and purchase it with your Bitcoin, Ethereum, or whatever other crypto you are already holding.

Behind the scenes, for those who are curious, the actual mechanism of how the trade happens is carried out in three steps:

  1. You send US dollars to the bank account of the coin issuer.
  2. A smart contract is created by that issuer in the US dollar amount you sent, and USD Coins are minted accordingly.
  3. Those coins are then sent to you, and the US dollars you sent are held in reserve.

How to Bank at an Online Casino Using USD Coin as Your Currency of Choice

Once you have USDC in your crypto wallet you are good to go spending it as you please – which we are guessing in this case is as a currency for crypto gambling.

As you might imagine, there is not any learning curve involved in making this happen. Casino operators are clever after all, and as such, very tuned in to the customer experience. Hence they will make all forms of banking as easy as possible, which means USDC banking is going to be intuitive too!


Stake wallet preview

So really, all that you need to do in order to begin your USDC gambling adventure is to:

  1. Find which crypto casinos accept USDC – we suggest choosing one of our recommended USDC casinos above.
  2. Register a casino account – for crypto casinos, usually little more than a username and password are needed to begin.
  3. Open the casino cashier (or wallet if that is what it is called on the site you have chosen) and select USD Coin as your deposit method.
  4. Either use the address provided onscreen or the QR code for where the money is meant to go.
  5. Make sure to enter the correct amount you want to deposit, and proceed from there.

important iconJust make sure to always pay attention to the details – like the amount you want to transfer and where – when making any crypto transaction as there is no way to rectify a mistake, like with a credit card or bank.

Once you submit your deposit, it should take no more than a couple of minutes to see the funds in your casino account.

Another small thing to note, at many of our preferred places to play, you will be eligible for a welcome bonus offer. If that is the case, make sure to claim it with your first transaction by either entering the appropriate bonus code or any other action required, should you want it.

idea iconTip: If you want to gamble in USDC and have yet to purchase any, many of the reputable crypto casinos we recommend will have a link direct from the casino cashier to a third-party provider such as MoonPay. You can safely and easily purchase digital coins like that, and fund your casino account from there.

Pros and Cons of USDC Gambling

There are a number of things to consider when gambling in any currency. That is, there are differences between fiat gambling (in Canadian dollars or British pounds for example) and crypto coins. And just as much, between the different crypto coins. As such, it is always worth considering the pros and cons of your choice, which in this case is USDC.

  1. What advantages does USD Coin offer as a payment method at an online casino?
  2. What are the disadvantages of using USD Coin as a payment method in the casino?

What advantages does USD Coin offer as a payment method at an online casino?

The original goal of USDC was to make financial transactions faster across borders. Even today, a transaction with US dollars can take several days, while with USD Coin it is possible to complete it within a few minutes. And this is exactly what those who want to make deposits into a USD Coin casino also benefit from. Speed. With about 5 minutes as the average length it takes to complete the required blockchain confirmations, this is a good bet for quick transfers.

Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton is an accounting and consulting firm. With sales in the billions, it is one of the front runners in the industry, and a respected authority on financial matters..

The fact that the USD Coin is tied to the US dollar has other advantages. Security is more important than ever when it comes to cryptocurrency. And this token is overseen by Grant Thornton, LLP one of the world’s largest accounting and consulting corporations.

At the same time, FinCEN is responsible for preventing money laundering in accordance with the latest security standards, which is also beneficial. So in other words, you get an added layer of safety for casino transactions, which is always a good thing.

USDC advantages at a glance:

  • Stable currency without major fluctuations in terms of the exchange rate
  • Officially attested to by Grant Thornton
  • Significantly faster transactions than “real” US dollars
  • Regulated by FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network)
  • Maximum protection against money laundering

What are the disadvantages of using USD Coin as a payment method in the casino?

While there are many advantages as outlined, there is always at least one downside to pretty much every coin you encounter. And in this case, the main one is that USDC is not a crypto currency that can be found on every corner. That is, it is not accepted at all online casinos, yet. Also, for international players, since it is a token that is linked to the US dollar, it is less relevant than in its native America.

These are the disadvantages of the USD Coin:

  • Relatively few USDC casinos
  • No price gains like with BTC and ETH (i.e. it is not a crypto for making money)
  • Bonus availability can be more limited than with Bitcoin (and certainly USD)

But what do we mean by more limited bonuses? Let’s take a look at Cloudbet as an example. The crypto casino, which accepts USDC in addition to various other digital tokens, at last check provided a new customer bonus of up to 5 Bitcoins. Converted, that is equivalent to over $100,000. Players who prefer to deposit in USDC, mind you, will not be left empty-handed. However, you will “only” be credited with up to 50,000 USD coins as your welcome bonus, which is still huge, but less.

Unique Aspects of the USD Coin

USDC differs from most other well-known crypto currencies in many ways and is therefore what we would call special. This is predominantly due to its stability in that just like Tether, USDC essentially acts as a digital US dollar, and is ultimately backed by this very real currency at a 1:1 value transfer.

Other interesting things to note in terms of comparison to other cryptos include the facts that USDC is:

lightning icon

  • Experiencing significantly faster growth than the Tether token (USDT)
  • Supported and co-developed by the crypto exchange Coinbase
  • Backed by Circle, a peer-to-peer payments technology company and one of the strongest founders behind USD Coin
  • Monitored monthly by an accounting agency
  • Available in almost all countries worldwide

Also interesting is the fact that Coinbase Commerce, the app for merchants, initially only offered three cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin. Within a short time, however, USDC has become so established that this token is now also available for trading at Coinbase Commerce, upping its reputation as much as its usefulness.

Which Is a Better Bet – Tether or USD Coin?

USD Coin vs TetherSince Tether and USD Coin are both stablecoins, it is a legitimate question to wonder what is the difference and which is better.

The reality is, between the two of them, they have pretty much cornered the US dollar-pegged stablecoin market, holding over 80% of market share.

While USD Coin is growing at a faster rate, USDT still holds the largest market capitalisation. And while USDT is still used more often for both payments and trading, many actually consider USDC safer, as Centre is seen as putting in more effort to comply with governmental regulation and audits, as well as transparency initiatives in terms of its reserves.

How Safe Is It to Play at a USDC Casino?

As for safety, there are two issues involved. One is the safety of the currency itself and the other is that of the casino.

In terms of the currency’s safety, USD Coin as we mentioned is based on the Ethereum network. More precisely, ERC-20 is the standard for creating fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain – which in and of itself holds the highest standards for digital tokens. The technical specifications behind this standard were established by the ETH blockchain in 2015 and have held their place as being considered a leader in safety and efficiency since.

USD CoinThe biggest advantage of the USD Coin and the ERC-20 token system is that the transactions have uniform processing times. Transactions are also answered reliably, which means that a breach of contract between the sender and recipient can be virtually ruled out.

This, in simpler terms and in answer to our question, is what makes USDC safe as a currency, in addition to the external auditing we mentioned above. So yes it is a good bet for gambling. The real issue then is a) finding an online casino which accepts this currency, and is b) most importantly safe and reliable itself.

The key to finding that is either registering at an online casino that our experts have already vetted in full – which you can find listed at the top of this review. Or, you can do your own due diligence via Google or personal recommendations, always with an eye on licensing in particular. That is, make sure whichever place you join is fully licensed and regulated by an accepted governing body. This is real money gambling we are talking about after all, so you want to make sure your choice is legit.

You may also want to read through the casino’s terms and conditions first to make sure everything is above board and acceptable to you, like wagering requirements for clearing bonuses and withdrawal policies. Other than that, if the casino ticks the safety boxes, you are good to go.

Payment Limits at USD Coin Crypto Casinos

In continuation of what we just wrote about T&Cs, it is always important to check an online casino’s banking limits to make sure you are on the same page in terms of your expectations. This is especially the case if you want to go with really low risk and minimal investment or if you are a high roller player and want to be able to bank in kind.

money bagGenerally speaking, from our experience, crypto casinos are more relaxed in terms of payment limits. That is, an upper limit for deposits and withdrawals is just as rare with USD Coin as it is with all other crypto currencies. It is precisely this fact that makes playing in USDC casinos particularly attractive for high rollers who do not want to restrict themselves.

Depending on the provider, however, a minimum deposit amount may be set, so you will want to check this out if it is something that matters to you. Usually it is not much though, like the standard $10-$20, so it shouldn’t be an issue.  In other words, this is nominal, and as a whole strict limits are not a thing to worry about with digital currency gambling.

Game Selection at USDC Casinos

USD Coin casinos are no different from other crypto casinos, or regular old online casinos for that matter. That means if USDC is offered as a payment method, all games offered by the casino will be open to you for play – so you can enjoy slots, roulette, blackjack, live gaming, or sports betting to your heart’s content.

As an idea, these game types (and more!) are available at USD Coin casinos:

slotmachine icon Online slot machinesroulette icon Roulettepokerchip icon Poker
005-dice Dice gamesblack jack icon Blackjackbaccarat icon Baccarat
blackjack-cards Card gamesvideo-poker Video pokerlive-dealer Live casino games
soccer Sports bettingtv-spezialwetten Virtual sportsoculus-rift Esports

Plus, of course, since this is crypto gambling, you will also often find even more options than you would at standard online casinos thanks to popular originals like Plinko, Mines, and Crash.

In reality, all USDC casinos have the same selection of games as classic online providers. In fact, many even offer exclusive games only for crypto currency betting, making them all the better.


As we already mentioned, the exact range of games you will find always depends on which USDC casino you have chosen. For guidance, you can always turn to our casino reviews. Or you can easily venture over to any establishment and get a quick overview of what is available for yourself.

In addition to game categories, you will also be able to find all the top titles around from leading providers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, and more!

Tips and Tricks for Gambling Online with USD Coin

There are not a lot of aspects to consider when it comes to USDC. It is a non-mining stable coin that is also based on the proven and secure ETH blockchain and players in the crypto casino do not have to worry about it possibly losing value.

arrowConversely, it cannot be assumed that owning 100 USDC – or a win of this amount – will lead to capital in the millions in the long term. Tokens like this one and the well-known USDT (aka Tether) are suitable for players who value stability. So expectations should be set accordingly.

Also, do not expect to find too many USD Coin casinos out there. At the moment we will admit they are rare, but the way things are going, we would imagine the use of it becoming more ubiquitous in the iGaming industry too.

And that is really all there is to know for our purposes. Which means to say, unfortunately we do not have any actual tips to offer you beyond general advice which we would always give when it comes to wagering real money online. And that means things like

  • checking bonus terms and conditions,
  • only gambling what you can afford,
  • and keeping gambling fun by viewing it as a hobby rather than a source of income.

As for using this type of coin in particular there are only a few small things to add in terms of useful tips, which can help. For example:

  • Buy tokens in advance so you’re able to deposit at will
  • Trade through secure exchanges like Coinbase
  • Choose a crypto exchange with low fees
  • Pay attention tobonuses and compare

info iconCasino customers in Europe cannot necessarily simply deposit a few euros on their preferred crypto platform and exchange this money for USD Coins. It therefore makes sense to select another digital currency beforehand and “stock up” on it if you want things to be more flexible and faster.

USD Coin Bonuses

Just to expand on the last point, if bonuses are important to you, then this is something you should investigate further. Beyond checking whether or not the casino offers a first deposit bonus, you need to make sure that this welcome offer is also relevant to USDC deposits.

giftbox iconAlso, if you are someone who enjoys promotions, you may want to ensure that the place you choose is into giving out cash bonuses, that again include USDC, such as reload bonuses and the likes. And if loyalty programs are of interest to you, this should be delved into further too. In other words, it can be worthwhile to compare offers, and use that information, together with your priorities, to make your decision where to play.

Some Popular Alternatives for Gambling in Crypto Coins

Like we said, unfortunately (since we quite like it) USD Coin is not yet offered all that often as a currency option at crypto casinos. Instead, many companies in the industry focus more strongly on more popular coins, such as BTC and ETH – i.e. the ones that pretty much all players know.

While you can find casinos that accept USD Coin, they are more the exception than the rule. Options for banking with cryptos like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or Ethereum are generally going to be easier to find.

Also keep in mind, once you set up a crypto wallet, your options are going to be pretty flexible, especially if you’re willing to exchange. That is, on a platform like Coinbase, you could also easily sell your USD Coin for Bitcoin, and vice versa, as you need / please.


Needless to say, no crypto review of ours would be complete without an FAQ section, to give you an at a glance response to some of our readers’ most common questions. And if you still have one you think we have missed, we are of course always here to help! So let’s begin…

  1. Is there a deposit fee for banking with USDC?
  2. How is USD Coin different from Tether?
  3. How can I buy USDC and where do I store it?
  4. Which USD Coin casinos are considered safe?
  5. Can the USDC exchange rate change?
  6. What are the advantages of using a stablecoin for transactions at an online casino?

1.) Is there a deposit fee for banking with USDC?

The reality is that nobody likes to pay fees. But the way the blockchain works is that small fees are always going to be charged, so keep that in mind. That being said, on a positive note, the USDC transaction fees are not only small, but generally less than other popular cryptos.

idea iconThe casino for its part will not charge a transaction fee. In fact, if you find a casino that does, we would generally say that should be considered a red flag, i.e. a casino not worth joining.

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2.) How is USD Coin different from Tether?

We kind of covered this above in the section on which is better, but since it is such a popular question, it is worth reiterating. And the answer is basically that they are extremely similar with both linked to the US dollar in terms of their value. And both are therefore considered stablecoins.

Tether LogoAt the moment Tether is better known, probably because it has been around for longer, but many prefer USD Coin for what is considered its greater transparency.

Other standout differences are that the USD Coin runs on smart contracts and uses the Ethereum blockchain technology. And the fact that USDC cooperates with real banks and auditors (hence the association with being more transparent than any other stablecoins on the market) is also an advantage. Then of course, there is the direct Coinbase connection, with the prominent crypto exchange having worked on USD Coin’s development, and giving it an upper-hand in terms of distribution.

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3.) How can I buy USDC and where do I store it?

Basically, USD Coins are available on many crypto exchanges. Canadians can buy directly with Canadian dollars in many places. And if you have a problem, there is always the workaround of buying with a different crypto.

walletAs with any crypto cash, you can keep it stored either in a digital Ethereum wallet or a hardware wallet depending on the level of safety, security, and convenience you are after. Once in your wallet you can spend it like regular cash, including deposits at a casino, using either your wallet address or QR code instead of swiping a credit card.

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4.) Which USD Coin casinos are considered safe?

Currently, our team of experts is only aware of a few operators in the industry that accept USDC payments. So there really is not all that much choice involved. But rest-assured, the few that are available have passed our comprehensive tests and are reputable and secure providers regulated and monitored by recognized authorities, with licensing.

time is moneyTo this end, transactions take place within minutes, and players usually do not have to wait long to cash out their winnings. And of course, all games have random results either through a built-in RNG, or in the case of crypto games, provably fair algorithms.

However, as we all know, there is only so much the casino itself can do. We all need to take responsibility to stave off gambling addiction and set personal limits from the outset. To this end, many of the better casinos actually have various safer gambling tools onsite – like deposit limits or play breaks – which you can use to stay in control and keep your gambling safer.

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5.) Can the USDC exchange rate change?

Basically, the USDC always adapts to the dollar exchange rate. So if you purchased it with dollars, the value will stay more or less the same, which is the stable part in why it is also called a stablecoin.

trendThat being said, of course, the value of the US dollar itself does fluctuate. So if you made your purchase with a different fiat or even crypto coin, there could be some fluctuation in terms of value – though the ups and downs will be far less than what has traditionally been seen with digital coins like BTC.

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6.) What are the advantages of using a stablecoin for transactions at an online casino?

In the long term, stable coins like the USDC have some interesting elements that make them interesting to players in crypto casinos. The most relevant is the lack of volatility. That is, for many casino players, the games themselves are enough of a gamble. And they don’t need the added risk of what can essentially be a double gamble when you get into highly volatile cryptos like Bitcoin, which can quickly lose or gain value. So there is that consistency element that is strong and appealing.

smiley iconSimilarly, with a stable value, you can then keep better track of your bets as 1 USDC is basically $1 and we all know what that means, as opposed to 1 BTC which can be anyone’s guess.

In addition, like other cryptos, it makes for speedier transactions than other methods like traditional e-wallet services or credit cards, which can bog you down with their internal bureaucracy. And, of course, there is more privacy than traditional banking methods which has appeal too.

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The Expert Opinion on USD Coin Casinos

Bottom line, even if USDC is not a crypto currency that can be found as a payment option in every online casino, the token has proven itself in many ways. Although Bitcoin and Ethereum will continue to be more attractive to investors for their profit-making potential, USD Coin has increasingly become popular as a way to secure crypto capital and allow people to “park” their money in a way that keeps it both safe and soluble.

Also, you know it will keep its worth in line with the US dollar, which although it has dropped in value more recently, remains a relatively stable currency. And most importantly, one you can use to actually buy things with as opposed to Bitcoin, which has few avenues for spending.

thumb up iconSo if the rare casino that accepts this digital coin appeals to you, then we say go for it! USDC gambling is in a way less of a risk than with other crypto coins, since its value won’t fluctuate as you play – which we see as having pretty strong appeal. But really, that is up to you.

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