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WestCol Facts
Streamer name:WestCOL
Real name: Luis Villa
Avatar:westcol kick avatar
Origin:Medellin, Colombia
Place of residence:Medellin, Colombia
Date of birth:December 23, 2002
Follower:1,400,000 (Twitch)
476,500 (Twitter)
520,000 (YouTube)
296,979 (Kick.com)
1,700,000 (Instagram)
114,000 (TikTok)
291,000 (Facebook)
Favorite casino:Stake Casino
Characteristics:Fun, friendly, charming, but a bit sexist
Net worth:~ $3 million (USD)

WestCOL, whose real name is Luis Villa, was born on December 23, 2002 in Medellín, Colombia.

Active in the world of online streaming since his early adolescence, he has in recent years picked up a tremendous audience beyond his home country, becoming essentially a superstar throughout the Latin American scene.

But even with all his success, he has chosen to stay put in his hometown remaining loyal to his local roots. And while Luis isn't shy to flash his newly acquired wealth, he has maintained a down to earth vibe that resonates well with viewers.

Just keep in mind, as he streams in Spanish, you'll need to at least be familiar with the language in order to appreciate his 'Just Chatting' sessions in particular. Though in our opinion, if you're looking for casino streams, you can still get something out of the entertainment factor, even without fully understanding what's being said.

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A Bit of Background on the Man Born Luis Villa

WestCOL, born Luis Villa, you might say, is a casino streamer with heart and soul. And, to be honest, quite a bit of dedication.

While not an instant hit, he did lay the groundwork for his success early, beginning in 2015 when he was just 13 years old, with a social media presence that included streaming popular games related to the genre, most notably Minecraft and Call of Duty. There he enjoyed more age-appropriate entertainment himself, while honing his streaming skills.

westcol-fans©instagram.com/westcol | Despite his undeniable success, Luis remains very accessible to fans, in chats as well as his not infrequent in-person meetups.MoreLess

This escapism and dedication to the medium can perhaps be explained by his background, which apparently was one of hard knocks, growing up in what could best be described as a rough neighborhood.

Fortunately for him, he has managed to climb his way out of poverty, morphing into a very successful streamer over the years. He has active social media accounts across pretty much all of the online platforms. And much of his content focuses on fans, and the kinds of things they like, including plenty of chit chat, trash talk, and a certain degree of humour. Oh, and of course, the beautiful people (mostly women) he likes to surround himself with, doesn't hurt.

arrowBut while he may make his art look easy, don't be fooled. He puts in a whole lot of effort and time into creating his persona, attracting and maintaining a following - to enhance his position as what is now a bonified social media influencer.

Many of his streams, as an example, generally go 2 to 4 hours per session in front of the camera, with some of his streams running up to 48 hours straight. The response to this content is worth it though, with the highlight so far being a super long stream in October 2022, which, according to his own testament, earned him more than 30,000 US dollars in a single day .

stake casino logoThis, of course, was even before the Colombian's latest endeavour, and the one we're most interested in. And that, needless to say, is his casino streams made popular following the partnership he formed with Stake casino in the summer of 2023. Since then, not only has the content of his broadcasts changed significantly, he is now increasingly live on Kick.com instead of Twitch, after the aforementioned platform implemented its restrictions surrounding gambling - which caused many of its best slots streamers to make the leap too.

And while he's fun to watch broadcasting slots, his style is rather unique in that gambling for the most part isn't necessarily his main focus. Or maybe you could say, he conveys the medium in his own special way, "using" beautiful women to gain attention and click through rates, and surfing other websites that undeniably particularly appeal to heterosexual males, even during Stake casino streams. Lingerie anyone?

questionWhat is in a name? How did Luis Villa become WestCOL? The truth is we don't really know. This moniker could be short for West Colombia, which would make sense based on his locale and would be a more literal interpretation. Or it may refer to the top peak of a popular Himalayan climbing trail, which would be a more aspirational spin.

How Much Experience Does WestCOL Have as a Streamer?

Considering that Luis Villa is only in his early 20s, he is actually considered to be very experienced, although not necessarily in the realm of ​​Stake streaming - which he only switched to in the summer of 2023.

But having gotten started at a young age, and active on Twitch since 2017 (before making the switch to Kick) he certainly has had the time to hone his skills, in gaming as much as delivery, which he has learned to use to his advantages whether it's GTA or crypto games he's playing.

stake-originals©stake.com | The Crypto Games at Stake Casino aka Stake Originals.MoreLess

Through trial and error, and long-term dedication to the art, he clearly knows exactly how to sell himself in front of the camera and win over audiences. In fact, so much so that his passion for communicating with fans is what takes centre stage, while playing itself almost takes a back seat.

Which Online Casino Does the Streamer WestCOL Gamble at?

At the end of July 2023, Luis Villa discovered Stake. Or since he was already so popular, perhaps it was the reverse, with Stake finding him.

In any event, his first live stream from Stake was publicised through his Kick.com channel. And henceforth, a partnership was born.

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  • Founded in: 2017
  • Online since: 2017
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  • Software:
    • Pragmatic Play
    • Nolimit City
    • PlayNGo
    • NetEnt
    • Gameart
    • Evolution Gaming
    • Red Tiger
    • Thunderkick
    • Push Gaming
    • Quickspin
    • Playson
    • Elk Studios
    • Playtech
    • Hacksaw Gaming
    • Booming Games
    • iSoftBet
    • Relax Gaming
    • Wazdan
    • blueprint Gaming
    • BigTimeGaming
    • Gamomat
    • Massive Studios

It can be assumed that the crypto casino and the Colombian have some sort of deal between them - with each party benefitting from this collaboration, as these things tend to work. But how much he's being paid, or what type of special bonus deals he gets in return is not necessarily all that relevant. For those who enjoy casino streaming, it is undoubtedly a major coup to get a top Spanish speaking streamer to provide such entertainment, giving Kick and Stake casino more widespread appeal.

What Are WestCOL's Favourite Casino Games?

Like most online gamblers, Luis Villa clearly has an affinity for the video slot machines with their bright colours and bonus features. But not just any old machines; rather most of the Stake or Megaways Slots he plays during his sessions will be quite familiar to the majority of his viewers, as they are usually the mega hits most popular with players.

That being said, pinpointing a true favourite is not that easy, as browsing even the 'Slots & Casino' section of his Kick account shows Stake streams casually mixed with other content. Hence, it requires some serious curating, and devoted watching of WestCOL browsing sites that show things like sexy bunny costumes or even kissing women to figure out in between his exact focus on the Stake slots portfolio.

But from what we've seen, in general, WestCOL prefers to play these slots:

SlotProviderMin. / Max. BetMax. WinRTP
Wanted Dead or a WildHacksaw Gaming$0.20 / $1,50012,500x96.38%
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Sweet Bonanza Pragmatic Play$0.20 / $1,25021,100x96.6%
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Gates of Olympus Pragmatic Play$0.20 / $1,2505,000x96.50%
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The Dog House Pragmatic Play$0.20 / $1,0006,750x96.51%
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Fruit Party Pragmatic Play$0.20 / $1,0005,000x96.47%
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As for other game formats like live Lightning Roulette or provably fair crypto games, they feature far less in his regular repertoire - which is fair enough as a focus on bonus slots is certainly not atypical in the online streaming world.

westcol-streaming-stake©kick.com/westcol | Villa now regularly features sessions of his streaming at Stake casino. Though fun to watch, his wagers are still rather moderate when you compare him to other streamers, which can make him seem more relatable to us regular gamblers.MoreLess

When and Where Does WestCOL Stream?

Westcol Kick Categories

©kick.com/westcol | Just Chatting, Special Events and Slots & Casino are the categories that Luis currently serves up on Kick.com.

WestCOL's platform of choice for casino streaming is of course Kick.com. Like the best in the business, he made this move after Twitch significantly limited casino streaming options. Nowadays, he is active on the Kick platform for his fans' viewing pleasure several times a week, broadcasting sessions that generally last several hours per go.

If you want to know in advance what's in store, or even plan your day around his next stream, you can only do so, however, based on your best guesstimate. That is because, as opposed to Twitch, Kick doesn't yet offer a schedule feature for you to follow. However, with a bit of following it's quite clear that he generally plays during midday hours, Colombian time (which is 5 to 7 hours or so back for most European fans).

thumb up iconOf course, if you miss a live stream, you can certainly catch up by watching his videos, or get a synopsis of highlights through his clips.

Luis Villa on Social Media

As a gamer and content creator, WestCOL was already very familiar with the popular social media platforms from a young age. His debut took place on YouTube in 2015, and just two years later he created his account on Twitch and started streaming from there. Since then he has grown into a massive brand with several million followers and fans.

To help you out, we've summarised his various social media accounts, and the highlights each has to offer.

  1. WestCOL on Kick.com
  2. WestCOL Twitch Account
  3. WestCOL on YouTube
  4. WestCOL on X
  5. WestCOL on Instagram
  6. Westcol on TikTok

WestCOL on Kick.com

Although his Kick account is his most recent, having signed up around July 20, 2023 when he first went live there - for us, as a casino portal, it is by far the most relevant.

In fact, if you were going to follow WestCOL in just one place, from our perspective, this would be it. Here you can watch his online gambling pursuits for several hours at a time, laced with his personal style that includes some would argue somewhat sexist endeavours like scouring the internet for sexy, lingerie clad women, completely unrelated to his play.

westcol-kick©kick.com/westcol | With his unique look of a baby face plus neck tattoos, plus undeniable financial success and fame, Luis doesn't seem to be lacking for attractive women to surround himself with during his Kick streams, or on other platforms which all include plenty of pretty girls.MoreLess

And while his Kick profile hasn't been around for all that long, it's clear that it has some serious appeal, growing to almost 300,000 followers in a mere four months (and likely more by the time you are reading). This certainly validates his own claim to be one of the most successful and popular streamers in Colombia for sure.

spanish flagJust keep in mind, he is a Spanish speaker. And that means his casino streams are almost entirely in Spanish, with only a tiny bit of English thrown in. This of course is great news for the Latin American market in particular, which thirsts for a slots streaming star.

As for the exact content, these Kick streams are undeniably entertaining, especially for those who enjoy the extreme onscreen flirtations (and small acts of intimacy) with his numerous "girlfriends". They are also, by the way, a great way to get in touch direct with Luis, as he is responsive during the live chat.

Shenanigans aside, when he Stake streams games, overall Luis is relatively focused. But for the hardcore gambling fans out there, the pure casino streaming time can still be described as quite short, as he keeps switching to other topics throughout.

WestCOL Twitch Account

Westcol Twitch Header

©twitch.tv/westcol | While Villa no longer hosts daily streams on Twitch, and has long stretches of inactivity with nothing posted in his schedule onsite, he does still have a presence on the platform, which can be worth visiting for some fun content he's done in the past.

Back in 2017, long before Kick.com came onto the market, Luis Villa started streaming live on Twitch. Already then, the Colombian-born content creator seemed to strike a chord with many viewers, and over the years has increased his follower base there to over 1.4 million.

While he isn't casino streaming on Twitch due to the site's ban, if you like his other antics this can be a good place to catch him too. Accompanying the action in mostly Spanish commentary - sometimes with some English thrown in - WestCOL's Twitch account mind you, does not seem to be active these days. Though it could be fun to browse through old videos of some of his Stream Fighters stints or 'Just Chatting' sessions.

His 'About Me' section here, by the way, is quite telling, stating, and we translate: "I am a millionaire boy who lives in Medellin but was also born in Medellin." Nice little summary we'd say.

WestCOL on YouTube

Luis Villa's YouTube channel is not about Stake streams either. Rather he uses this space mainly to share his private life with his community of 521,000 subscribers demonstrating his clear love of life, and introducing his latest girlfriends to fans.

Having started his social media influencer journey on this platform as a content creator at the age of 13 way back in 2015, he continues to make good use of his time there, delivering the type of content his followers crave.

westcol-oldest-youtube-videos©youtube.com/@WestCOL242 | Luis' oldest YouTube videos date back to 2015. So if you want to get a glimpse of a social media star on the rise, note that they're still online.MoreLess

He also uses YouTube as both a money maker and bragging machine, going so far as to reveal the big dollar amounts that he earns in a standard day. While obviously it's impossible for us sitting in front of our own screens to have figured that out on our own, the peeks into his lavish living that he offers certainly make what he states believable.

WestCOL on X

Luis Villa has been active on the platform formerly known as Twitter since February 2015 - and has since generated almost 14,000 posts sent out to 476.5K followers.

Reiterating a theme, there too he provides his content primarily in Spanish, with rare dashes of English thrown in. Again, predominantly appealing to his large LATAM fan base.

As for what you'll find in his X account, WestCOL focuses a fair bit on announcements about planned live streams. But he also publishes plenty of pictures and musings that give fans a deeper insight into the Colombian's private life.

westcol-twitter-account©twitter.com/WestCOL_ | WestCOL uses X, or what is still remembered as Twitter, very actively, giving some great glimpses into his private life.MoreLess

For example, Luis revealed through his Twitter channel, that he apparently bought his first new house in 2023. And there he is equally proud of his newly arrived 2023 Camaro, one of five vehicles that, according to his tweet, are in his garage. In other words, he doesn't make any secrets about his wealth or acquisitions, feeling perfectly comfortable sharing word of his financial success here.

He doesn't just love gaming and fast cars mind you. He also seems to have a penchant for partying, made clear by the photos he publishes on Twitter every now and then, alongside his friends, with whom he goes clubbing. And of course there are plenty of closeups embracing gorgeous girls, as well as him with his equally heavily tattooed friends.

But it's not creating envy that he's after in our opinion. Rather, he seems to be having a good time. And his sweet smile is ever infectious, which certainly curbs the jealousy thing.

WestCOL on Instagram

The Insta channel of this Colombian content creator and streamer definitely offers a clear collection of posts to build his image in kind. Mostly it's a dude slash bro type of vibe, with shots of his friends, cars, parties, and football meetups thrown in.

The interesting thing here, however, is that while WestCOL has 1.7 million followers on Instagram, to-date he only has 36 Insta posts - though each of those is liked many thousands of times. Which goes to say, that the fan love for him is strong.

westcol-instagram-feed©instagram.com/westcol | It looks like a lot of fun to be young Luis based on his Instagram feed, which is all about the casino streamer enjoying life.MoreLess

Also, we'll just point out, on the casino side of things, while he doesn't have any Stake stream shots up here yet, he does include a link to his Kick.com account (and only that account) from his Instagram profile.

Despite seeming to share his personal life across the various platforms, however, it is abundantly clear that beyond a general lens into his social circles, Villa doesn't really give that much up about his personal life on any account. That means, unlike other social media stars, we don't really know that much about the deeper persona, including basics about his family life.

Westcol on TikTok

For those keeping track, WestCOL has been active on TikTok since February 2015. Here, too, gaming sessions at the slots are clearly pushed into the background, with lifestyle and video games being the primary content. And some colourful commentary, plus homages to his love of soccer, good food, and his girlfriend(s) who are more often than not showing plenty of cleavage.

In addition, Luis regularly publishes interesting insights into his career on his TikTok channel where, overall, he has 114.2K followers and 1.3M likes (and growing). This makes him a rather popular TikToker by any measure, and definitely making TikTok one of his strongest accounts in his home country, while securing his place as one of the most influential streamers period. This kind of popularity, by the way, puts him on a level with the greats like XQC and Adin Ross, if you're keeping count and comparing, although he is less prominent in North America and Europe than in the LATAM space.

westcol-tiktok-feed©tiktok.com/@twitchwestcol | The twitchwestcol TikTok account is one of a few carrying his moniker, and probably the most interesting one to follow.MoreLess

Also keep in mind, if you are doing a WestCOL TikTok Google search yourself, you will get multiple results. The account we're talking about here, Westcol__official, is what seems to be the most legit. Though from his Twitch account he links to the TikTok page westcol, which seems to have been deactivated. And from his Kick account he links to the TikTok page twitchwestcol with 445,000 followers, making it all the more confusing. Since it doesn't cost anything to follow him, the most we can say, is maybe your best bet is to subscribe to them all.

Does Luis Use Any Special Betting Strategies?

If you're a dedicated WestCOL follower, it's clear to note that he's now concentrating more and more on his Stake streams. But as far as we can tell, no strategies can be identified in his play. Or at least none that he's felt the need to share, which makes sense as he's a slots player, and slots, as we all know, are a matter of luck, with gut instincts probably being the only real influence at work.

And if he is employing any slots strategy per se, it would be the only one we generally give as casino pros. That being, keep to a budget. Or in Villa's case, keeping his betting range fairly modest, even as a slots streamer of immense fame. In fact, he sometimes bets as little as a few pennies per spin on games like Hand of Anubis slots - which is peanuts for a player of his calibre!

Tether LogoAs for which currency he uses, which is of interest to many of our readers, we've noted that the gamer seems to prefer playing with USDT (i.e. Tether) during his Stake casino streams.

Is WestCOL a Dedicated Casino Streamer?

Since Luis Villa was already a major Colombian superstar before moving to Stake streaming, it's fair to question his dedication.

And as far as our expert opinion goes, we'd say yes, he's pretty all in. After all, he knows the potential for making money when he sees it. And a partnership with Stake is extremely coveted in the online streaming world. So we doubt he'd want to blow that.

Still as we mentioned, he rarely focuses on only one thing at a time, which is something many of his viewers appreciate. However, hardcore casino fans may covet a bit more emphasis on the gambling rather than everything else. But overall, with an increasing number of casino streams, we're seeing a decent level of dedication.

Scandals and Controversies

Westcol Twitter

©twitter.com/WestCOL_ | The topic of homophobia seems to have accompanied Luis for a long time, as can be seen in this post and others.

If there is one thing that casino streamers, at least the younger ones, seem to have in common beyond their love of crypto gambling, is a panache for scandals and controversy.

So it comes as no surprise that there is such surrounding WestCOL as well, with the most notable controversies playing into many people's perception painting him as a homophobe.

He has at times been a bit too unfiltered in his speech, making comments that have offended the LGBTQ community and allies, leading to tension with them.

This impression was amplified by what was known as the Pixel War on Reddit with the German streamer Papaplatte, and WestCOL's disruption in completing the "Socialist Fraternal Kiss" image of two men kissing following the fall of the Berlin wall.

Papaplatte used Villa's ensuing "tantrum" as an opportunity to further provoke him, which escalated into Luis making even more hateful comments on the subject of homosexuality. Among other things, he said he would shoot gay people 17 times to make 17 holes because he didn't want to see gay things. As a result of such statements, he then faced further headwind and continued to make further similar statements.

While we don't know of any punishment received - and since WestCOL promotes a fairly sexist vibe - we're not sure it has harmed him in any way, and even sadly, may enhance his appeal to a certain audience segment.

WestCOL Estimated Net Worth

With all that fame, the real question you may have is: how does that all translate into cash? Or more succinctly, just how much money has WestCOL made?

Well, Luis Villa is one of Colombia's most successful streamers. And he has publicly stated that he's easily made over $30,000 in just a single stream, and has held or still holds the record for most viewers on a single stream. Whatever the case, it's clear that despite his hard-knocks upbringing, WestCOL no longer has to worry about money.

According to estimates, his assets likely amount to over 3.3 million US dollars. And while he never gives an exact number himself, Luis as mentioned above clearly brags that he is a millionaire. That being said, it is noticeable that the Colombian doesn't flash his wealth as much as many of his competitors on the scene. This is a compliment really, and a testament to his character, in that despite his young age and considerable social media success, he seems relatively down-to-earth. Perhaps yet another big part of his appeal.

westcol-cars©instagram.com/westcol | While not overly flashy compared to other top social media celebs, WestCOL's car collection, which he loves to show off, is undeniably impressive.MoreLess

Luis Villa Private Life

Since we all love a bit of gossip, it's fair to want a bigger window into WestCOL's private life. However, as mentioned above, beyond sharing details of his rough beginnings in a difficult neighbor and the accompanying poverty, not much is known about basics like his siblings and the likes.

Even about his relationship status we know little, despite his living in the public eye since adolescence. For example, while the Colombian did in the past make it clear that he was in a relationship with the Instagrammer (and politician's daughter) Aida Victoria Merlano, it is difficult to say whether or not he is currently in a relationship. That's because he and his potential new girlfriend Maria Isabel Villa - also an influencer - deny it. However, they often appear very familiar in streams, with some smooching action mixed in.

westcol-maria-isabel-villa-kissing©instagram.com/mariaissabeloficial | With posts like this, it's hard to believe that Luis and Maria Isabel Villa aren't a couple.MoreLess

Bottom Line: Is WestCOL Worth Watching?

Now that we've covered pretty much everything there is to know about WestCOL as a streamer, influencer, and individual, it's up to you really if he's worth watching.

If you live in Central America, South America, or even Spain, we'd say he's a good bet simply because he's one of the few solid casino streamers doing their thing in Spanish. But to give him credit, it's not only language that should be the determining factor, wherever you are. WestCOL clearly has talent and a knack for keeping his audiences entertained, across platforms and formats. As such, he's certainly worth a glimpse to see if his style is a good match, and as far as we're concerned, we'll leave it up to you to take it from there.

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