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Mega Ball Facts

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Min. Bet:$0.10
Max. Bet:$100
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Mega Ball is the ultimate lottery styled live game. This is another colourful game from Evolution Gaming without any complicated rules and that anyone can just go in and start playing. Because did you have to learn any rules or strategies to play 649? No. And just like that, you can join in the live dealer action with Mega Ball. Slot players, bingo fans, and just about anyone else looking to take it easy and have a good time chatting with other people will love this game.

Combining lottery with bingo along with chirpy hosts, Mega Ball makes for a riveting live game show. It's set in a bright and beautiful studio with a custom designed machine that houses the numbered balls, just like in the lottery draws you see on TV. But unlike 649, where your chances of winning are one in a million, you're much more likely to walk away with a prize here. That's because Mega Ball is a bit more like bingo than the lottery.

Although you probably won't turn into a millionaire with Mega Ball, the game does come with big multipliers going up to 100x that could give you a handsome profit. Potentially, you could win up to 1,000,000x your bet size!

Learn more about how to play Mega Ball and the payouts on this page, as well as the best sites for Canadians to play this game!

Key Facts:

  • Fast-paced live lottery game
  • Live chat feature
  • Multi-player game
  • Streamed from Evolution Gaming's studios
  • Available for free play in 3D demo mode
  • In standard or HD video
  • Mobile ready

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How to Play Mega Ball

Mega Ball MischtrommelIt's incredibly easy to play Mega Ball. The main idea behind the game is that 20 numbered balls will be drawn. If you get enough matching numbers on your Mega Ball card to form a line, you win. There's a multiplier added at the end to top up your prize.

There are no real rules to learn, but in case you're wondering how it all works, we've put it down for you step by step so you can get started quickly and feel right at home.

  1. Before the game starts, you need to buy Mega Ball cards. Each card has 24 numbers, arranged in 5 rows and 5 columns. You can buy multiple cards in each game.
  2. Each card costs between $0.10 and $100. This is basically your bet size. Unlike the lottery where the prize is fixed, Mega Ball payouts are proportionate to your bet size. That means the higher value the value of your card, the bigger your win will be.
  3. The drawing machine will draw out 20 of the 51 numbered balls. If a ball matches a number on your card or cards, the corresponding number on your card will be automatically marked.
  4. You win if you complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line on your card.
  5. Once the last of the 20 balls is drawn, the bonus round will start. The Multiplier doors will open up, revealing a spinning reel that will land on a multiplier. Then another ball - the so called Mega Ball – will be drawn. If the ball's number is on any of your lines, then your win gets topped up by that multiplier.
  6. Sometimes a second Mega Ball may be drawn. If it matches with a number on your lines, you'll get the multiplier. If both Mega Balls match, then you get the joy of having double multipliers!


Can I play Mega Ball for Free?

Yes and no. You can play Mega Ball for free in what Evolution Gaming calls First Person games. These are hyper realistic 3D renditions of the game, with the game using a RNG (random number generator) instead of the drawing machine you see in the Mega Ball live game. You won't get the lovely show host, but it's still a multiplayer game.

This is a great way to get to get a feel for the game before joining in on the actual excitement. Once you're ready, just hit the Go Live button and you'll join a live Mega Ball game for real!

info iconIn general, live dealer games, including live game shows like Mega Ball are only available for real money play.

What are the Payouts in Mega Ball?

Although Mega Ball looks very much like a lottery game, its payouts are proportionate to your bet size, or how much money you put down per card. In this way, it's closer to a slot. That means the prize isn't a fixed dollar amount, but rather a multiple of your bet size. The payout itself will depend on how many lines you get on the card. We've listed the payouts for you below. These payouts do not include Mega Ball Multipliers.

Number of lines Payout before Multipliers
1 1x
2 4x
3 50x
4 250x
5 1,000x
6+ 10,000x

The lines are calculated per card. So for example, you will need 4 lines on 1 card to get the 250x payout. If you have 2 cards that have 2 lines each, then you would get the 4x payout twice.

Then there are the Mega Ball multipliers, two of them if you are lucky. The multipliers go from 5x and go up to 100x. That means the maximum payout goes up to 1,000,000x. Yes, 1 million times!

arrow_icon-64x64.pngAlthough you can have a 1,000,000x payout, the maximum payout is capped at $500,000 per card.


What are the Bet Sizes in Mega Ball?

tickets-64x64.pngEach ticket in Mega Ball costs between $0.10 and $100. This is basically your bet size. You can buy up to 200 tickets in one game, but do note that you have to choose the same bet size for all the tickets.

Mega BallThe exact bet sizes available are:

  • $0.10
  • $0.50
  • $1
  • $2
  • $5
  • $25
  • $100

Tips for Playing Mega Ball

It's so easy to play Mega Ball that there aren't any special tips or strategies for the game. Except this, which is mostly relevant for high rollers:

important iconSince the maximum payout is capped at $500,000 per card, if you have a $100 card with 6 lines and the maximum multiplier of 100, you will "only" get $500k and not $1 million. If you're hoping for 4 lines with "just" a 20x multiplier, that's a 5,000x payout. If you have a $100 card, you've already reached the maximum of $500,000.

What this means is that buying the highest value card may not get you the best bang for your buck. Especially when luck strikes. Instead, we would buy several lower value cards.

Is Mega Ball a Lottery Game?

Mega BallIf you're wondering if Mega Ball is related to the Power Ball or Mega Millions lottery, the answer is no. Evolution Gaming has taken inspiration from these games and combined it with some bingo and keno to make a simple, and very fast paced live lottery game of its own.

The payouts are more modest, but on the bright side of things there's a game starting literally all the time and your chances of winning are much higher. You can join a game 24/7 and play as many games as you like consecutively. There's absolutely no waiting involved, and certainly not for days like 649!

Then there's the live chat feature in Mega Ball. You can talk with other players while the balls are being drawn and share the excitement, which you don't get with the regular lottery. The casinos listed on this page are popular among Canadians if you want to chat with fellow Canucks.

The Expert Conclusion on Mega Ball

thumb up iconMega Ball is really the simplest casino game out there. If you can play the lottery, you can play Mega Ball. Buy some tickets, starting at 10 cents each and see if you win. The difference though is you don't need to wait for the draw as there are games you can join at any time of the day and you can chat with other players. Plus, there are some generous multipliers too.

This is a game that's great for beginners as well as pros who just want to kick back. If you're still sitting on the fence, Evolution Gaming has made it even easier for you because you can now play Mega Ball as a 3D RNG game for free in demo mode too. Make sure you take a look!

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