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Paulinho o Loko Profile
Streamer name:PaulinhoLOKObr
Real name: Aliffe Henrique de Carvalho
Avatar:Adin Ross Avatar
Country:Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Year of Birth: December 21, 2001
Followers:2,300,000 (Twitch)
36,500 (
185,000 (Twitter)
4,780,000 (YouTube)
4,600,000 (Instagram)
Specialties:GTA RP Esports athlete, down to earth, fun loving guy
Favourite Casino: Stake Casino
Net worth: $2.7 million USD

There are plenty of cool streamers on the internet, and one that has come onto our radar recently is PaulinhoLOKObr. You may not have heard, but he is an absolute sensation in Brazil at just 21 years old. And we're here to tell you all about him.

One of the most popular streamers in Brazil, PaulinhoLOKObr is best known for his GTA play. He's been playing since he was 16 and was quickly recognized as one of the top players in the game.

He worked independently for a few years to explore his own path, and in 2022 he joined Fluxo, a first class esports organization in Brazil that has beat an unbeatable roster of talents in competitive CS:GO. In addition to GTA, Paulinho o Loko is out there to have a good time and has made prank videos, and now has online gambling part of his regular gaming repertoire.

Being all about gambling at Casino.Guide, we will be talking more about Paulinho's exploits in the casino scene. He's joined the all star line up at Stake Casino and it's an exciting place to be. Needless to say, we will also go into his bio and other details so our readers get a full understanding of why they should add him to their watch list.

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Who is PaulinhoLOKObr?


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Let's begin with the basics. Who is PaulihnoLOKObr? But before we get into that, we'll break down his streamer name for our readers who don't speak Portuguese. The alias can actually be broken down into Paulinho o Loko, which can be translated as Paulinho or Crazy. And obviously the Br stands for Brazil. With that info, it's easy to remember the name. And with that now out of the way, let's dive deeper into PaulinhoLOKObr's bio.

Paulinho o Loko's real name is Aliffe Henrique de Carvalho. He was born in Machado in the northeast of Brazil on December 21, 2001. As a child he was a little bit overweight, and while he got along with other kids in school, he quickly found his place in the world of gamers. And his passion in none other than Grand Theft Auto. At the tender age of 13, he discovered a way to break through 200 levels in GTA in just a few minutes and started making money on the internet.

This eventually developed into a niche in GTA RP, and Paulinho began streaming when he was 16 out of his bedroom. His talent was quickly recognized and he was recruited into the Fluxo esports team in Brazil in 2022. Between GTA and his prank videos, he quickly gained a huge following in Brazil. Building on his popularity, Paulinho o Loko has a line of merch on Lolja, featuring t-shirts, sweatshirts and the likes.

Paulinho has decided to keep most of his private life undercover for now.

PaulinhoLOKObr Casino Streams - When and Where

paulinho stake

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So PaulinhoLOKObr casino streams are exclusively on Anyway, he has been streaming at Kick regularly and has made Stake Casino his site of choice since Spring 2023. And at least for now, Kick is the only platform where you can find his casino streams, since Twitch seems to have banned all online casino content.

There's no schedule on Kick unlike on Twitch, but Paulinho is on pretty regularly. And normally around 8:30pm Brazilian time. That's pretty convenient, and you can check out clips or videos of the stream on Kick in case you miss it.

While Paulinho o Loko clearly loves to gamble, he doesn't talk about this much on social media. And although he's very active on Kick and you'll find both his casino and GTA play here, he maintains his GTA streams on Twitch as well and his 2.3 million followers there are happy.

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  • Bonus: $500
  • Rating: Excellent
  • Founded in: 2017
  • Online since: 2017
  • Licence:
    • Curacao Gaming
  • Software:
    • Pragmatic Play
    • Nolimit City
    • PlayNGo
    • NetEnt
    • Gameart
    • Evolution Gaming
    • Red Tiger
    • Thunderkick
    • Push Gaming
    • Quickspin
    • Playson
    • Elk Studios
    • Playtech
    • Hacksaw Gaming
    • Booming Games
    • iSoftBet
    • Relax Gaming
    • Wazdan
    • blueprint Gaming
    • BigTimeGaming
    • Gamomat
    • Massive Studios

PaulinhoLokobr Top Games

Obviously we will focus on PaulinhoLokobr's best online casino games, even though he's famous for his Grand Theft Auto skills. After all, we are Casino.Guide and not GTA guide. So without further ado, here are Paulinho's top casino games:

PaulinhoLokobr often likes to check in for a strategy game of live blackjack going head to head against the dealer. But that just seems to be a warm up, because the Brazilian streamer also seems to have a taste for slots.

High volatility slots seem to really suit his GTA sharp shooter style, and he is often found spinning reels like The Dog House and Dork Unit which are not only colorfully animated like the streamer himself, but also promise big rewards when all fall into their rightful place. He's also been really rocking at Stake Originals crypto arcade games that have much higher bet limits and really innovate game mechanics.


Does Paulinho o Loko have a Gambling Strategy?

Clearly he's a very strategic as an elite player in Grand Theft Auto, but over at the casino realm, we don't really see any obvious strategy from Paulinho o Loko, other than very level headed budget planning. When playing slots, his bets are very modest for a high profile streamer, which suggests he spreads his budget out with luck based games.

arrowWhen he plays a more strategy focused game like Blackjack, you'll see a wider range in bet sizes. This can range from 250 Reals (roughly $50 USD) but can shoot up to a massive 8,000 Reals ($1,600 USD) when he's feeling confident that he's going in for a win. And luckily, his gut instincts have proven to be true most of the time.

So even though we know Paulinho o Loko has a deal with Stake Casino, we think from his relatively conservative bet sizes, he's probably gambling with real money. No one knows the details of the deal for sure though.


Aliffe de Carvalho on Social Media

Aliffe de Carvalho, aka Paulinho o Loko, has a really active social media presence. That's part of being an influencer after all. His following in raw numbers may not be overly exceptional at first glance, but when you consider that he caters to Brazilian and Portuguese speaking audiences only, then it's pretty clear that he is huge. Here are the best places to catch the casino streamer.

  1. PaulinhoLOKObr on Twitch
  2. PaulinhoLOKObr on Kick
  3. Paulinho o Loko on Youtube
  4. Paulinho o Loko on Instagram
  5. Paulinho o Loko on Twitter
  6. Paulinho o Loko on TikTok

1.) PaulinhoLOKObr on Twitch

PaulinhoLOKObr has been on Twitch since 2020 and has a pretty impressive 2.3 million followers over here. And Twitch remains one of his most active platforms where he does his GTA streams. Although he hasn't been posting a regular schedule too far ahead of time, he usually streams on Twitch 3 days a week. Each stream typically has around 800k to 900k views.


2.) PaulinhoLOKObr on Kick

If you are looking for PaulinhoLOKObr's casino streams, you have to go to Kick. This is the only platform where you'll see them for now. Within roughly 3 months of joining the platform, he's already drawn a 36,500 strong following. On average, his streams call in roughly 12,000 viewers, placing him squarely in the top 10 streamers on Kick.


3.) Paulinho o Loko on Youtube

Since Aliffe joined Youtube in 2017, he has gathered over 4.84 million subscribers on his Paulinho o Loko channel. He's super active here and has two sub channels, Modder and Modder clips, which have 2.04 million and 1.14 million subscribers respectively. Most of the Paulinho's content here are highlights from his Grand Theft Auto streams. He's posting a new video almost every other day, with each typically garnering over 1.7 million views. Clearly he has a strong and very satisfied fan base.


4.) Paulinho o Loko on Instagram

Over on Insta, the Brazilian streamer goes by Paulinhooloko. This is where he posts pics from his private life. His 4.6 million followers get regular peeks into Aliffe's life off screen.

Other than a pic of Paulinho o Loko with his girlfriend Beatriz Lopes in the pool, and a photo of his mother Paula Plinia on Mother's Day, there's a lot of hanging out with friends, sporting weird haircut dares, playing football, and having a bottle of bubbly in a bubble bath.


5.) Paulinho o Loko on Twitter

twitter iconJust like with Instagram, you get to see more of Paulinho o Loko's private life on Twitter. There are tweets on his fitness journey, pics and videos with his buddies, and of course the latest updates on his gaming. Since joining Twitter in 2021 - or at least on this official account, Paulinho has gathered a 189.4k followers.

6.) Paulinho o Loko on TikTok

TikTok LogoAs for TikTok, the Paulinholokooficial channel has 3.8 million followers and growing. What can you expect here? A really nice mix of what Paulinho o Loko is about. And that means short videos of his GTA gaming, his friends and his girlfriend, his workouts to get in shape, football, life by the beach in Rio, and of course just fooling around in general. And Aliffe de Carvalho's wholesome fun is immensely popular, with more than 42.1 million likes on TikTok.

Aliffe de Carvalho - Personal Life

For now, Aliffe de Carvalho has kept his private life relatively separate from his Paulinho o Loko internet life, though he's been letting his fans know more about important people to him. He's gone public with his girlfriend Beatriz Lopes, whom he's been with since 2021. And once in a blue moon, we've also seen pics of his parents on Insta. From his chubby kid origins, he is now working on getting into shape. Beyond this, there aren't a lot more details, but from all the content that he posts and streams, Paulinho o Loko seems to be a genuine nice guy who doesn't need to humiliate anyone to entertain.

How rich is Paulinho o Loko?

If you're wondering how much one of the most popular streamers in Brazil is worth, then our educated guess puts Paulinho o Loko net worth at roughly $2.7 million USD.

coins iconIt goes without saying that Aliffe de Carvahlo has several streams of revenue. First of all, he's a pro esports player signed onto the Fluxo team. That's big business. Then there is his following on Youtube, which is huge. Each of his videos easily clock in well over 1 million views. Youtube typically pays between $2,000 and $15,000 per video with views of that scale, with the price dependent on factors such as niche, location and video length.

Considering Paulinho o Loko has more than 650 videos on Youtube at the moment, you can see how that starts to add up. Then there is his even bigger following on Twitch. Add to all that Paulinho o Loko's growing fan base on Kick which boasts an even better revenue model for content creators, and of course his partnership with Stake. And don't forget he has a line of merchandise for the cherry on top.

paulinho-lolja© - Merch products, like hoodies and t-shirts, on LoljaMoreLess

The Long and Short on PaulinhoLOKObr

There's a reason why Brazilians loves Paulinho o Loko, or Aliffe de Carvalho as he's known in real life. He's proven himself to be an excellent esports athlete since he was 16, all while being a wholesome fun loving guy.

heart iconHis immense following on Youtube, Twitch, Instagram and TikTok just show how much people find him both charming and relatable at the same time. More recently, PaulinhoLOKObr has taken his GTA sharp shooting skills into the world of online gambling at Stake Casino, and has started casino streams over at Kick.

Paulinho o Loko is still his same easy, relatable and authentic self here, and playing blackjack, slots and crypto games with relatively modest bet sizes until he goes in for a kill. We over at Casino.Guide sure are grateful to have come across this streaming sensation straight out of Rio!

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