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stakeOne of the main questions players have when reviewing a new online casino has to do with the cashout process. They inevitably want to know things like what are the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits, how long cashing out will it take, and are there any associated fees.

But in terms of ease, they're also often interested in the account verification process, or what you will sometimes see referred to by its more technical name, the know your customer (KYC) process. And many players, even though this KYC process is standard fare - and part of what helps build a casino's good reputation as part of its licensing obligations - still hope to have their cake and eat it too. That is, find a reputable online casino that either doesn't require account verification or is lax in enforcing it.

This review, as such covers all that you might want to know about

  • the account verification process,
  • why it's in place,
  • what's required of you,
  • how this info is used, and
  • if it can be avoided - or maybe even, why you might appreciate it.

And, since so many of our readers ask, in spite of all that, where to find no KYC casinos and the best no verification casinos out there we'll give you our recommendations for those as well.

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This post covers:


Casinos Where Account Verification Isn't Required

Before we get into the ins and outs of the matter, we understand that some are keen to simply identify potential no KYC casinos, and register already. As such, this list is a great place to start, with operators that either don't request account verification, or don't necessarily request it despite the official policy.

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NO KYC Casinos vs. KYC Gambling Sites - infographic


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What Is a No KYC Casino?

A no KYC casino, simply put, is a casino that does not require account verification in order to process a withdrawal. This would mean, in order to play at the casino you would simply sign up and create an account, with minimal personal information required.

True you'd have to provide banking details, like credit card information to deposit and then cashout. But for a crypto casino, it could potentially be even less, as you could simply work with a crypto wallet address and/or QR code for the highest level of anonymity, which is what some players want.

stake-wallet-usdcCryptocurrencies allow for secure transactions. (Screenshot taken from Stake Casino.)MoreLess

Why Do I Need to Verify My Casino Account?

Let's be clear, despite our desire to provide as little personal information as possible (and we get you on that front) account verification procedures are not in place to make your life difficult. Nor are they being used to spy on your finances or gain insight into your ID. Rather they are in place to verify your identity - that is, to ensure that you are who you say you are and you live in the place where you claim to live - as part of the casino's licensing requirements.

checked iconWhy you ask? Well mostly in support of money laundering laws (or what you'll often see referred to as AML) and to prevent fraud. KYC requirements also help protect minors, and ensure that only adults of a legal gambling age are playing at the casino.

It also, helps protect your identity with your personal data in the system, and keep you and your money safer. And for those with a problem gambling, this information can be used to check against other accounts, and see if a self-exclusion or similar tool has been activated, and prevent the individual from setting up a duplicate account and potentially being exposed to more harm.

betandplay-verificationVerification at Betandplay: You can upload your documents through your casino account.MoreLess

bankBy the way, you may have noticed that it's not just online casino's that ask for account verification these days. For legal reasons, and to protect your funds, banks will require you verify your identity before enabling online activities, as will reputable currency exchanges you may be using. That's because financial institutions and services are legally required to establish customers' identity as well as any potential identity risk factors.

How Do I Begin the KYC Process?

The casino account verification process, or what's often called the KYC process in the casino's Terms & Conditions, is generally going to be the same wherever you play.

Some casinos will prompt you to already begin upon signup, like Platincasino, which does so even before you make a first deposit. But this is far rarer. Most, instead, will prompt you when you go to make your first withdrawal. That being said, our casino review team has found that it's better to be proactive about the matter and do it before. That is, don't wait to be asked, rather begin as soon as you decide that this is a place you'll be playing at with real money.

Usually you can find a section in your casino account that is dedicated to this process, with step by step instructions of what you will need to do. If not, or you can't be bothered to search, you can easily ask a support agent who will help guide you.

hotbet-account-verificationYou can start the verification process right through your account as seen here at Hot.BetMoreLess

What Do I Need to Provide for Online Casino Account Verification?

The purpose of this process is mainly to verify your identity. As such, the requirements are going to be the same pretty much wherever you play.

Specifically, you will need documents to show that you are who you say you are and live where you say you live. These will generally include:


  • One official photo document proving your identity - For example, a valid passport, national ID card, or driver's license.
  • Utility bills for the past 3 months, showing your address - Such as a water bill or electricity bill.
  • Banks statements or part of your credit card in order to verify you possess this payment method.
  • And sometimes, there are now casinos that request a selfie with you holding the aforementioned official picture document, to prove your ownership.

This may sound stringent, but like we said, that's because this process isn't being done to simply check off a requirement. Legally operating online casinos increasingly take it very seriously to maintain their licensing as well as adhere to local regulations in the various countries in which they operate.

How do I submit my KYC documents?

To submit your KYC documents, you can either upload file images directly through the casino website's interface. Or in most cases, a special email address is provided, to which you can send your documents, if that' the mode of communication that you prefer.

What's next?

Once you've submitted your KYC "paperwork" the casino's internal team will review what you've sent.

interface iconThe review team will be looking to match the details that you provided upon registration with what is shown in the documents that you sent. Most specifically they will be checking your full name, date of birth, and address. So when you register at a casino, make sure to use the correct particulars to ensure that these fields match.

Usually this review process will take 24-48 hours, though sometimes it can take longer. If any information is missing, or further documentation is for whatever required, the casino will be in touch to let you know. Otherwise, you will receive notification that the process is complete, at which point you can proceed to withdraw as you please.

While this is a one-time process, if you start banking erratically, or spending what the casino sees as excessively, they may get in touch with you to provide further documentation, or simply to check in that you're gambling with what you can afford.

The Pros and Cons of Account Verification

As we mentioned, overall, these procedures are in place to protect you. As such, the pros far outweigh the cons.

That being said, to spell it out, we'd say that the pros and cons of casino account verification are:

  • It deters fraud
  • It prevents money laundering
  • It ensures compliance with local and international laws
  • It improves transaction monitoring
  • It averts underage gambling
  • It helps with safer gambling
  • It better safeguards your data, and at the end of the day, keeps your identity and cash more secure
  • You will have to find the requisite documents and scan them
  • You will have to share some personal data with the casino

That being said, these cons are not really cons in that first of all, it does not take long to find these common documents. And uploading them should take no more than a minute or two. In addition, while it can at first seem off-putting to share personal documents, reputable online casinos (and the only ones we recommend here at Casino.Guide) have very strict security measures in place to ensure that the documents themselves and the data contained within them are safely stored, and not shared with any third-party, rather only used for KYC purposes.

Where Can I Play Without Verifying My Casino Account?

The reality is, there are very few legal online casinos that do not at least officially require account verification. That is, you will probably always find the need for KYC listed in a legal operator's T&C. However, not all apply it equally. Some overlook it for smaller withdrawal sums. And others pretty much entirely. Or, only randomly seem to ask.

In general, we would say from our experience, that crypto casinos tend to be more lenient on the KYC front.

For example, BC Game, which is a crypto casino that we love, is not only lenient on geo-restriction matters, it is to an extent a no KYC casino. For example, to meet AML requirements, rather than requiring identity verification, BC.Game simply requires that you wager all deposits 1X before requesting a withdrawal. Similarly, rather than demanding KYC documents, in its Terms of Service it simply states that it "reserves the right, at any time, to ask for any KYC documentation it deems necessary to determine the identity and location of a User." See the subtle difference?


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Another operator that tops many best no verification casinos lists is a place called BetFury. Also a crypto casino, like at BC.Game, its Terms of Service states that it reserves the right to request KYC information if required at some point, but it does not state this as a prerequisite. Hence, you can definitely withdraw from this casino without account verification.

At Cloudbet as well, there is not necessarily account verification required for withdrawing crypto. That is, at least, it is possible to withdraw without verification, though again, and we're starting to feel like a broken record here, the casino reserves the right to ask.


We've even heard of players withdrawing from Stake casino without verifying their account. But usually, if a casino does for whatever reason overlook this requirement, it is going to be for smaller amounts. And like the other operators we mentioned here, while it may work, it's possible you'll be asked for it at some point. So be prepared.

trustlyA few online casinos we've seen are now using what is called the Pay N Play system developed by Trustly. It essentially allows you to skip even the registration process, and automatically sends all requisite signup info that you're usually asked for direct to the casino without further involvement. With its related innovative technology, using the BankID login feature, players using this system can enjoy instant deposits AND withdrawals that are fully KYC compliant, without the paperwork!

To be on the safe side, while crypto currencies are generally going to be your best bet for avoiding the need to provide extensive ID documentation, we'd say, even if you're playing at a no KYC casino, or one that is known to be lax on the matter, always double check. That is, try to process a smaller withdrawal early on, to make sure that this works. And in the future, once you've seen that it does, unless you're so lucky as to hit a massive windfall, stick to the under $2,000 or so withdrawal range we'd say (as above that it's unlikely the process can be avoided). But again, this is not a definitive number, so make sure to do your own due diligence to see what works.

Account Verification and the VPN Question

On a similar topic, there's also of course the pink elephant in the room, and that is what to do about account verification when you're playing from a restricted territory with a VPN.

important iconThis unfortunately is beyond the advice we can give, but you can use your imagination as to how to get around that, keeping in mind that when you sign up, wherever you actually live and wherever you're placing your IP, the question could come up. So try to think of a solution in advance.

The Expert Conclusion on the Best No Verification Casinos

Overall, we can definitely understand the benefits of casinos where you don't have to verify your account. Nobody likes filling in forms or uploading documents. First of all, because even if it's just a matter of minutes to complete, it's still time. And second, because we all prefer to keep our personal information to ourselves.

That being said, an absolute guaranteed no verification casino is almost impossible to find. And even if there are some online casinos - more likely crypto casinos as we've established - that do not necessarily request ID confirmation of any kind, we've found deep in the T&Cs, that any legally operating casino reserves the right to do so.

So while you may get around finishing this process for a short time, or even the long haul, just know even the best no KYC casinos could request such a thing. But since we've established the many good reasons why, and the safe and respectful way in which they use this info, our opinion is, no problem. It's just part and parcel of good gambling practices really. And like we said, something that we've come to appreciate rather than dread for the benefits it affords.

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