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Cardano Facts
Creator:Charles Hoskinson
Development:IOHK, Cardano Foundation
based in:Switzerland (Foundation), Singapore (IOHK)
Best ADA Casino:Cloudbet Casino

After Bitcoin's breakthrough, many more cryptocurrencies have since entered the market. One of the more successful coins is ADA – operated and developed by Input Output Hong Kong – IOHK for short, which launched the Cardano platform.

As with most crypto coins, ADA relies on blockchain technology. The quantity and diversity of casinos supporting Cardano (ADA) is growing and experts see even more growth potential in the coin's acceptance, especially thanks to its high security standards.

Through the decentralization of the ADA coin and its specialised application platform, Cardano succeeds in eliminating some of the known disadvantages of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and further optimizes the concept of blockchain for ADA. It is not for nothing that Cardano is commonly referred to as "the Ethereum killer". The coin was initially limited to a maximum of 45 million, but it may be possible for ADA to generate additional coins if there is a corresponding market demand which justifies the expansion.

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The Cardano ADA Coin

Although ADA is still less well-known than its "role model" and predecessor Ethereum, it is now traded on more and more crypto exchanges. Some of the most established are:

  • binance-logo
  • coinbase-logo
  • Exodus Logo

arrowFact: It was only after Cardano ADA Coin was introduced on Coinbase that its price experienced a sharp rise. The US-based trading platform announced in March 2021 that it would list Cardano on Coinbase Pro in the future. Its value immediately jumped.

The Best Cardano Casinos 2024

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At the time of review, Cardano – a third-generation blockchain project – is not yet widespread, at least not in crypto casinos. When we wrote this article, only a few casinos are currently offering the possibility for deposits and withdrawals with the ADA currency. Some tests also show that Stake also accepts Cardano but only in limited Asian countries.

What is Cardano anyway?

Cardano Ada CoinCardano is a blockchain platform that specializes in the execution of smart contracts. The crypto coin belonging to the company is called ADA.

The developers of the coin have high aspirations for their project. They aim to offer an alternative to fiat currencies like dollars or Euro: a scalable means of transferring value among governments as among private individuals and corporations. Cardano clearly differentiates between blockchain development and the provision of its own ADA coin. Both areas are offered independently of each other by the company which backs them.

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson – source:

Blockchain apps of all kinds can be executed smoothly and securely via the platform. This is not limited to smart contracts, also includes the so-called DApps. ADA can be purchased on common blockchain or crypto wallets. Companies like Binance also offer the possibility of trading. The still quite low price of ADA is ideal for beginners getting started in cryptocurrency trading.

Behind Cardano and the ADA coin is Charles Hoskinson, who is one of the co-founders of Ethereum. ADA is a tribute to Ada Lovelace, a mathematician from the 19th century. The individual steps of the cryptocurrency's product roadmap are dedicated to writers and philosophers.

Fact: Cardano has been around since 2015, but its official launch took place much later, at the end of the second quarter of 2017. At that time, there was one of the biggest crypto bull runs, from which Cardano benefited significantly. Within a few weeks, the ADA Coin was able to establish itself as one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies.

Cardano, the Ethereum killer?

The first Cardano smart contracts are expected to be available as early as May 2021. According to founder Charles Hoskinson, this offers a true Ethereum de-fi platform alternative. The developer is evidently taking advantage of experience gained as ETH co-founder. No one knows ETH's weaknesses better than Hoskinson.

Cardano vs Ethereum

With the Cardano blockchain as well as the ADA token, optimized features and functions lacking in Ethereum are now poised to be established on the market. The token's success to date confirms that the developer seems to be doing things right so far.

In the meantime, ADA is on the fast track. Within a short time, Charles Hoskinson succeeded in making the coin "presentable" and managed to convince Coinbase and Bloomberg in the coin's potential. Both have implemented the ADA token in their "trader tools", the former in its Pro edition.

How to use ADA at online casinos

Generally speaking, this is how playing at ADA Casinos works:

  1. Create customer account at the casino
  2. Log in, open cashier, select ADA as payment method
  3. One-time QR code / Cardano Wallet address is generated
  4. Open crypto wallet
  5. Log in, scan the QR code or enter the address manually
  6. Select the amount and confirm payment

Cardano Casino Deposits

If you want to deposit with Cardano in an online casino, you need a crypto wallet.
From there, you can transfer ADA.

5 SekundenThe deposit should be completed within a few minutes for most crypto wallets and the funds credited to the account of the selected Cardano casino. The fact that the transaction does not always work directly in real time has to do with the calculations of the digital coins.

customer support iconIn the unlikely event that the booking is not completed after an hour, we suggest that you contact customer service, which can assist in tracking your transaction, although this is rarely necessary.

Providers like display the account balance in the selected cryptocurrency – in this case, ADA. It is possible to conduct transactions in different coins, and the balance will reflect the coin you deposited in, whether it be Cardano, BTC, ETH or other tokens.

Some games can be played in ADA directly. For others, the casino converts the balance to a fiat currency. Placing bets in dollars may be easier, making your bankroll and the size of the bet easier to track and grasp.

Buy ADA: How does it work?

ADA is available on most crypto exchanges. Our experts recommend the following providers:

  • Coinbase
  • Exodus
  • Binance

Once your customer account is set up, real money payments can be made and exchanged for ADA. The purchase takes only a few minutes. Another option is offered by crypto brokers, though this method is recommended only for more experienced blockchain users and buyers. If you just want to buy ADA credits for the casino, the exchanges listed above offer a simple solution that can be executed immediately once you have signed up.


Advantages & Disadvantages of ADA in Online Casinos

Generally, Cardano can be described as a secure blockchain currency or digital coin. A major advantage is that the co-founder of Ethereum is responsible for the development and accordingly brings a high level of expertise. During implementation of the Cardano platform, particular attention is paid to better energy efficiency.

The creation of the ADA token is based on the latest scientific findings. Already at the end of 2017, the developer offered lofty promises, which, however, have yet to be implemented. It is advantageous for casino players that depositing and withdrawing with Cardano ADA work just as easily and securely as with more established coins.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Science-based coin development
  • More energy-efficient blockchain
  • Fast, easy transactions
  • Winning payouts within hours
  • Low transaction fee
  • Independent of physical money
  • Almost unlimited deposits and withdrawals possible

What are the disadvantages of Cardano casinos?

So far, the number of casinos that accept ADA Coins is minimal., one of the first crypto casinos and pioneer in terms of token diversity, is among the first to allow play with Cardano. Many providers are still holding back in wait-and-see mode, but this could change quickly as the coin becomes more widely known.

The fact that so many companies in the industry are exercising restraint has to do with development of the market, still in its early days. Cardano is still in its infancy and some of the promises made by the Ethereum co-founder must first be fully realized. Should that turn out to be the case, ADA, already in the top 15 of coin rankings, could become more relevant to the gambling industry as well and give ETH a proverbial run for its money.

Key disadvantages:

  • Only a few ADA casinos available at this time
  • Development phase not yet completed
  • Unpredictable development of the market and value

important iconTip: It is recommended to hold Cardano (ADA) and other cryptocurrencies in a "cold wallet" – a hard drive or USB stick. Hot wallets, such as the above-mentioned exchanges, still harbor a security risk, albeit a small one. But remember to take good care of your physical storage!

Differences between ADA and other crypto-coins

Cardano, or the ADA Coin, can be ranked among the leading cryptocurrencies. Thanks to smart contracts and the technology behind it, many experts even consider it to be one of the best cryptocurrencies on the market.

crypto currencies

Cardano is a token significantly younger than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Thus, its founders, including CEO Charles Hoskinson, have been able to benefit from the lessons learned from predecessor coins. Cardano was launched as a third-generation coin, in which previous deficiencies were ironed out from the start. In addition, investors benefit from the following differences:

  • More secure through proof-of-stake consensus algorithm
  • Better scalability
  • ADA benefits from many years of ETH experience
  • Lower network fees

Interesting detail about the company structure:

people-64x64.pngBehind Ethereum is a community of diverse developers who compete with each other in the background and where ultimately no clear hierarchies prevail. The situation is different with Cardano. Here, a coherent team works hand in hand and sticks together every step of the way. Both the distribution of tasks and the salaries of the employees are clearly defined.

What are reputable ADA casinos?

mga logoWhether deposits are made with real money, ADA, or other alternative coins, security should always come first. Therefore, one should look for a gambling license. For example, Curacao Gaming or the Malta Gaming Authority are the most established and trusted online casino licence issuing authorities.

Cardano Casino Banking Limits

Usually, as with all cryptocurrencies, only a minimum amount is specified for ADA. This can be seen in the example of, where there is 15 ADA minimum for deposits, which is less than $30 CAD in August 2021. There is on the other hand no upper limit. Meanwhile, withdrawals start at 30 ADA, and just like with deposits, there is no upper limit to payouts.

It's obvious why high rollers are increasingly moving over to crypto casinos.

Can Cardano be used to play all casino games?

When a casino accepts Cardano, then all its games will be open to players. Casinos like Bitcasino or Fairspin convert Cardano credits into other currencies in advance to ensure the best possible availability of the portfolio. You never have to sacrifice your favourite game.

Casino Game Categories that are ADA compatible:

  • slotmachine icon
  • jackpot icon
    Jackpot Slots
  • baccarat icon
  • live-dealer
    Live Games

Tips & Tricks for paying and playing with ADA

Currently, there are few choices for players when it comes to Cardano casinos. Nevertheless, there are a few things that can be considered when buying tokens, which will make a difference in the end – especially from a financial perspective.

First of all, take the time to compare different crypto-wallets. This can result in significant savings as wallets charge a mining fee with transactions. Items to check include:

  • Limits and fees with the wallet provider
  • Inform yourself in detail about purchase options
  • Set your own limits for deposits
  • Watch out for special ADA promotions

performance iconCurrently, the Cardano purchase is particularly worthwhile, as the rate per coin is cheaper than Ethereum, Litecoin or Bitcoin. While it is not possible to predict the future, history shows that should there be an increase, those who bought early will profit the most. Whether ADA is then used in a casino or elsewhere, of course, is a decision left up to the individual.

Cardano Alternatives

As the ADA Coin is not widely accepted for online gambling, it makes sense to consider the alternatives. After all, there are now significantly more tokens than just Bitcoin being accepted by crypto casinos – and by far more providers than just Other options in crypto gambling include:

  • Bitcoin
  • bitcoin-cash-logo
  • Ethereum Logo
  • Litecoin Logo
  • Ripple Logo
  • Tether-logo
  • Tron Network Logo
  • neo-logo

Different casinos will accept different coins. Our expert crypto casino reviews are helpful here, as they specifically address aspects other than the payment methods – from bonus promotions, game selection, security precautions and the reliability of the customer service.

Cardano Casino FAQ

  1. What are the fees for an ADA payment at the casino?
  2. Is there a Cardano bonus in the casino?
  3. Is ADA accepted everywhere?
  4. How secure are Cardano deposits?
  5. Who invented Cardano?
  6. Is Cardano the same as Ethereum?

Players tend to be more familiar with other cryptocurrencies than with Cardano ADA. All the more reason to address some of the more important questions concerning this crypto. As always, we have the answers, presented in a straightforward manner helpful for your decision-making.

1.) What are the fees for an ADA payment at the casino?

Crypto casinos do not normally charge fees for deposits and withdrawals, but cryptocurrencies have network transaction fees. These fees will depend on your chosen crypto wallet, which is why it's worth comparing options such as Binance, Exodus and Coinbase in detail.

smiley iconAs explained, ADA generally has much lower fees than many other digital assets. This alone is an aspect that speaks in favor of choosing this still comparatively unknown token for gaming.

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2.) Is there a Cardano bonus in the casino?

Unfortunately, the ADA Coin is currently accepted by only a few casinos. recently started accepting Cardano and launched a special bonus promotion to mark the token's debut. Players who chose to deposit with ADA were able to secure 25 Coins as a starting bonus. One drawback though: the campaign was short-lived. However, it is quite possible that other casinos will offer similar promotions for the debut of a new coin in the portfolio.

Fairspin Casino LogoFairspin, which accepts ADA, even has an unlimited bonus for new customers. When more crypto casinos accept Cardano, we will likely see more associated promotions and bonuses for the coin.

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3.) Is ADA accepted everywhere?

As noted, Cardano ADA Coin is not widespread so far – at least not in the gaming industry. However, with Fairspin and, there are at least two attractive and reputable crypto casinos that accept payment with Cardano. Probably more casino sites will soon follow.

currency-exchangeThe small selection of online casinos with ADA does not apply to crypto wallets or exchanges. All exchanges list ADA and accordingly offer their customers the opportunity to "stock up" on the Cardano blockchain coin. This may be particularly worthwhile at the moment, as the price is relatively low. Although volatile growth similar to that of Bitcoin cannot be anticipated, the ADA may be expected to gain in value in the future as it becomes more broadly accepted.

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4.) How secure are Cardano deposits?

2 Faktor AuthentifizierungIn terms of security, there is little difference between ADA transactions and payments with other digital currencies. Wherever possible, players should opt for platforms with 2-factor authorisation (2FA), which further secures the payment.

The QR code generated by the provider for the booking is just as uniquely individual as the alternative wallet address. Both are valid only once and are renewed with every transaction, so that third-party access can be almost completely ruled out. The crediting itself should also be completed within minutes – for deposits as well as for cashout.

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5.) Who invented Cardano?

Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson


The man behind Cardano and the ADA coin is its co-founder, is American mathematician Charles Hoskinson, born on November 5, 1987. He was also one of the co-founders of Ethereum. The idea for the development of ADA came from Ethereum colleague Jeremy Wood. The latter approached Hoskinson at the time, and thus the joint idea of launching the Input Output Hong Kong project, or IOHK for short, was born. To this day, Cardano is backed by a huge team of scientists and engineers who oversee both the blockchain and the ADA token.

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6.) Is Cardano the same as Ethereum?

Cardano vs EthereumThe smart contracts platform of the Cardano blockchain is promising right now. But even though both cryptocurrencies use smart contracts, Ethereum and ADA are not the same. On the one hand, the new blockchain is based on a different security concept; on the other hand, it is designed to eliminate the previous shortcomings of the ETH Coin.

The founders of the ADA token aim to make their Haskell programming suitable for applications in the organizational and financial sectors. Hoskinson and his team are therefore by no means only interested in the gaming sector. All in all, the new generation of the coin is expected to offer many advantages over what is expected with ETH in its 2.0 version.

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The Expert Conclusion on Cardano Casinos

Currently, Cardano seems to be on the fast track in the crypto world. The more well-known Ethereum is facing fierce competition. However, whether it will be able to establish itself in the long-term like ETH, Bitcoin or Litecoin cannot be said with certainty at this time.

In the field of online gambling, ADA is not prominent yet, although that could change quickly. The more interesting and adventurous crypto casinos like Fairspin and are the few that accept the coin today. Our experts anticipate that, given the rapid growth of the crypto market in general, fast acceptance of Cardano can be expected in the gaming industry.

thumb up iconMany features of the platform, including especially the profitability and energy efficiency of the Cardano Blockchain, point to a solid future. It doesn't hurt to start looking into ADA and be early in to acquire some coins via well-known platforms.

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