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xQc Profile
Streamer name:xQc
Real name: Félix Lengyel
Avatar:xQc Twitch Avatar
Year of Birth: 1995
Followers:10,800,000 (Twitch)
1,300,000 (Twitter)
2,080,000 (YouTube)
442,000 (Instagram)
411,600 (TikTok)
267,500 (Discord)
Favourite Casino: Stake
Claim to fame: Successful eSports player, former pro OverWatch gamer, says he plays and wins every game, enjoys equal success as a casino streamer
Character traits: Controversial and often abrasive style, but highly humorous and engaging
Biggest Win: 1,000,000 USD
Biggest Multiplier:unknown
Net Worth:approx. 25,000,000 USD

If you follow the eSports scene, then this guy probably needs no introduction. Felix Lengyel, born on November 12, 1995, more commonly known by his nicknames xQc or xQcOW, started his career as a professional gamer in 2016.

He is best known for playing OverWatch, the popular team-based shooter game. But he actually began it all with League of Legends, and later turned his talents to the video game series Grand Theft Auto and other eSports.

It was only much later, after he gained significant acclaim for his video gaming streams and controversial style did he turn his attention to casino gambling.

However, since essentially leaving professional gaming behind around 2019, he has increasingly streamed a wider variety of activities. These days this includes a strong focus on his gambling sessions at Stake casino, which appear on his streaming channel alongside other content, which still includes eSports and shooter games.

All and all, he is a massively popular figure on Twitch, having gathered over 10 million followers to date. And he has plenty of followers on other social media platforms too.

But for our purposes we'd say, the prominence of Stake in his streams is a massive victory for this legendary crypto casino, as xQc is virtually unmatched in his reach. Now let's get to know him a bit more.

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General Information about Felix Lengyel, aka xQc or xQcOW

Félix Lengyel is not only a successful Twitch casino streamer, but also had a long career as an OverWatch professional before he got into gambling. For those of you who are not familiar with it, OverWatch is a dynamic and rather grizzly shooter game played in 6v6 battles, with team-based features and lots of action.

xQc Overwatch

Playing OverWatch, the multiplayer first-person shooter game is what originally propelled xQc to fame.

In those days, xQc was actually known as xQcOW. xQc being the x from the last letter of his first name, plus Qc, which is the abbreviation of Quebec, the Canadian province where he is from. The OW part was for OverWatch, hence xQcOW.

From 2016 through 2019, when he dominated the format, he was xQcOW. But since he officially dropped the game he has subsequently dropped the OW suffix. So if you were wondering or confused, XQc and xQcOW are the same person, just one with and one without the OverWatch bit.

Fans who have followed the Canadian's career have enjoyed quite a journey as he's evolved over the years. Some of his other notable stints have included playing the character "Jean Paul" on the Grand Theft Auto Role Play server Nopixel 3.0 where he was actually given a long virtual prison sentence for infractions and eventually banned.

While big controversy has followed him, including repeated homophobic sentiments, in spite of it all – or maybe because of it, he has continually grown in popularity and been able to reinvent himself more than once. Some had even called him a failure before he steadily rose to the status of "King of Twitch" again with his evolving focuses and 10 million plus subscriber base.

smiley iconLike we said, he has now made gambling a bigger part of his focus and it has proven lucrative. And he's always doing it in "style". For example, fun fact: Félix made his biggest win, a whopping $1 million, while he was in the bathroom!

If Félix brings one thing with him, it is without a doubt his humour. This enables him to further expand his fan base despite the justified criticism his negative attitude and trash talk have generated. Also, there's no denying he has unrivalled gaming skill. And this too will always attract, as apparently no matter what he says, so long as he's allowed to play.

xQc Gaming Awards - Nominations and Wins

Even if Félix Lengyel no longer plays OverWatch professionally today, he has managed to be nominated for various awards over the years. But despite his huge fan base, and wide recognition as one of the best around, xQc received his only award to date in 2017, when he won the OverWatch World Cup.

xqc-overwatch-worldcup©youtube.com/c/playOverWatch | Winning the world championship was certainly one of xQc's greatest achievements.MoreLess

After that, he enjoyed multiple nominations including Streamer of the Year in 2018, and then again in 2020 and 2022. In addition, the professional gamer attracted attention at the 2020 and 2021 Canadian Gamer Awards, but didn't manage to secure the title of Best Streamer there either. Interestingly, Lengyel was even on the jury's radar for best GTA roleplaying gamer. Yet as diverse and popular as he is, most of the big titles still allude him. So goes to show that popularity, and even superior skill, don't always get certain kinds of recognition.

Felix's Favourite Games at Stake Casino

But maybe these days he is a little less interested in those types of eSports awards anyhow, since more and more he is dedicating his streams to casino gaming. And since May 2022, he has been playing at one of our favourite crypto casinos out there, Stake, focussing on the multifaceted nature of its offering.

However, while his game selection is relatively diverse, the Canadian shows a strong preference for the bonus slot machines from well-known manufacturers, including Pragmatic Play, as well as Stake original crypto games like Plinko.

To give you an idea and some inspiration, here are a few examples of the games he has been known to play:

  • Plinko Logo
  • Starlight Princess Logo
    Starlight Princess
  • The Wild Class Logo
    The Wild Class

As you would likely imagine, his gambling here is done at far higher stakes than the norm. This is a guy who loves to drive attention and thrills after all. What is particularly striking in watching him, is how often Félix invests the equivalent of several hundred dollars per round.

The betting conditions, however, are likely to have been agreed upon individually with the management of Stake, as xQc fans who drop by the casino may find that the max limits they can bet are often well below those shown in his live streams. And if you were wondering which crypto he is using, he is known to generally prefer Bitcoin (ie. BTC) for funding his Stake account.

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  • Bonus: $500
  • Rating: Excellent
  • Founded in: 2017
  • Online since: 2017
  • Licence:
    • Curacao Gaming
  • Software:
    • Pragmatic Play
    • Nolimit City
    • PlayNGo
    • NetEnt
    • Gameart
    • Evolution Gaming
    • Red Tiger
    • Thunderkick
    • Push Gaming
    • Quickspin
    • Playson
    • Elk Studios
    • Playtech
    • Hacksaw Gaming
    • Booming Games
    • iSoftBet
    • Relax Gaming
    • Wazdan
    • blueprint Gaming
    • BigTimeGaming
    • Gamomat
    • Massive Studios

When and Where Does xQc Stream?

While xQc clips can be found on all of the major social media platforms, his best and most importantly live streaming sessions obviously can be found on Twitch.

As for how often he's at it, if you have 10.8 million followers on Twitch like Felix Lengyel has, you obviously have to offer them a steady stream of entertainment. As such, despite his fun loving persona, the Canadian gamer is very dedicated to his craft and invests a serious amount of his time to his streaming pursuit. Because it is a job really, and he is smart enough to understand the dynamics of these things.

live streamingThat means he goes live almost every day, with a diverse lineup of entertainment including presenting his fans with exciting Stake game options as well as his skills in GTA and other eSports.

And these are no ordinary sessions either. Another thing xQc is known for is his incredible stamina, often appearing live in front of the camera for at least six to seven hours at a time, though he often goes more than ten hours straight too when he is really on a roll. This means his Twitch schedule can work equally well for fans who want to tune in to catch him live from pretty much anywhere in the world.

xqc-twitch-schedule©twitch.tv/xqc | If you look at an example of when xQc streams on Twitch by glancing at his schedule, you can see that he is almost always online.MoreLess

How Much Experience Does xQc Have with Casino Streaming?

blackjack-cardsIn the past, xQc has been involved in gambling alongside his passion for shooter games and eSports. You can see under the section on Twitch he has dedicated as "Blackjack". That being said, while he has been steadily gaining more experience in the casino domain and attracting interested audience members accordingly, he is still not a pure casino streamer, as he still has a super strong fan base interested in his other pursuits.

And while in the past he gained experience casino streaming for other operators, these days he is a dedicated Stake fan. That means you can catch him putting in his full efforts to make the biggest profit possible, with all his foul mouthed commentary alongside. A true attention seeker who is apparently never embarrassed, he has even been seen playing and winning big while sitting on the toilet.

info iconNote: Although it does not require a lot of expertise to casino stream, very few players know how to capture attention on the level that xQc does. That's in part because very few competitors can boast the experience he has, having honed his entertainment skills as a full-time streamer for many years.

Average Streamer Wagers - And How His Differ

One of the big appeals of watching a casino streamer is their bankroll. Or perhaps more accurately, how much they are willing to bet. This can be even more interesting when it's a famous streamer who clearly has a deal in place to fund some serious high rolling action not available to the rest of us.

Starlight Princess LogoBy that we mean, while casual players have clear max limits at Stake, Félix Lengyel doesn't seem to have the standard limitations. For example, he can regularly be seen betting as much as $750 per spin on slots like Pragmatic Play's Starlight Princess, which doesn't usually allow for bets over $100. And he is regularly placing similarly high roller bets on plenty of other games too.

He also maintains a seriously high casino balance, with his user account showing around $200,000 on any given day – we took May 18, 2022 as an illustration. All of this points to some form of sponsorship deal or partnership with Stake. But should that be true – which it likely is, it certainly doesn't detract from how fun and thrilling he is to watch.

One of the Most Watched Streamers in the World Now at Stake

The fact that xQc moved to Stake streaming is no small matter. As one of the biggest social media stars these days, with close to 11 million followers on Twitch alone and probably more by the time you're reading this, having an exclusive casino streaming deal with him is a major coup for Stake.

xqc-twitch-account©twitch.tv/xqc | Over ten million followers and tens of thousands of viewers tune in for each live stream. An almost incomparable feat.MoreLess

Just as a comparison, someone like Adin Ross who is considered a huge name in casino streaming has only half the followers as xQc. So while Félix is still primarily known for his OverWatch days, he has actually been successful in transitioning to other gaming formats and pretty much maintains his status as "Twitch King", giving Stake casino fantastic reach to new audiences and locations across the globe and introducing the number one crypto casino to a whole new fan base too.

info iconIn fact, by the end of May 2022, he was already boasting that his fans had spent $119 million through his Stake promo code, which alone shows how much his partnership is worth.

Felix Lengyel on Social Media

Félix has become something of a social media expert, having captivated millions of people since he began his career back in 2016. But while Twitch has been a second home for gamers and their fans for a long time, xQc also regularly publishes humorous content on other channels that actually has nothing to do with gambling or gaming. The following are the main platforms where you can find him, and a short summary of what you will find him doing on each.

  1. xQc on Twitch
  2. xQcOW on YouTube
  3. xQc on Twitter
  4. xqcow1 on Instagram
  5. xqcdaily on TikTok

1.) xQc on Twitch

"The Juicer", as Félix sometimes calls himself, uses this self-awarded title to express his claim that he always wins. His live streams show that he is actually often successful, especially when it comes to skills such as playing video games. In the casino, it is mostly luck that counts, so no matter how skilled he is, there is little he can do to control that. And he has even been known to lose huge sums (like a rumoured $2M!!) at a time. So we definitely wouldn't agree that he's always winning in that sense of the word.

But regardless of what he is doing, he is wildly popular. These days, many people consider Adin Ross to be the streamer topping the most successful Twitch players list. But in reality, with "only" 6 million subscribers, he doesn't even come close to the reach of xQc.

xqc-twitch-categories©twitch.tv/xqc | The range of content xQc streams is very diverse. In fact, hardly any other casino streamer is so broad in his appeal, though to our delight, his focus on the slots category has been growing in recent years.MoreLess

But beyond his massive popularity and rather colourful commentary, what is striking about Félix Lengyel is what he deals with in his streams. Sometimes he plays slots at Stake casino, sometimes he chats, and sometimes he plays Among Us, Counter Strike, Bloons TD, or Subway Surfer, apparently motivated based on his mood. In other words, he is far more versatile than most streamers in the Twitch space.

And while he is known to have a particular affinity for the crypto slots, apparently Félix also has quite a passion for blackjack too. In other words, if you enjoy diversity, and a mix of compelling content, this is one of the best guys to watch, period. His live streams are always entertaining (just mind the cursing), and you may even enjoy catching other game formats live, though you can always just tune into the casino streams if you prefer.

xQcOW Becomes xQc on Twitch

Although we already mentioned this above, this is a really important thing to note and a very common question, so we will address it again here. For a long time, Félix Lengyel was known as xQcOW on Twitch using his handle which originally made him popular playing his beloved OverWatch game.

xQc Twitch background


After leaving the OverWatch League, he has since dropped the OV part from his name and is now known only by the shortened initials xQc. So while his original Twitch channel name was xQcOW, you will now find him streaming there under the name he now officially goes by, xQc.

As he further distances himself from his prior handle, it is possible that he will ask other platforms to make the change official for him there too. But for now, just know, that xQcOW and xQc are one and the same, just appearing differently when highlighting different pursuits.

2.) xQcOW on YouTube

Twitch is far from the only social media platform where Felix regularly struts his stuff. He is also very popular on YouTube where he regularly shares great moments from his video game or gambling play. And often to huge fanfare, with views easily reaching the hundreds of thousands range for a single clip. His main YouTube channel with 2.07 million subscribers is under his xQcOW tag. But note, he also has further content available for your viewing pleasure under xQc Reacts, xQc Gaming, and xQc Clips.

xqc-youtube-videos-1©youtube.com/c/xQcOW | xQc is still called xQcOW on his main YouTube channel where each of his videos are viewed hundreds of thousands, if not millions of times each.MoreLess

As for what you'll find on his xQcOW YouTube channel, it really depends. Sometimes Félix reacts to politics and the media in videos that often feature a fair share of ranting, and sometimes he provides his subscribers with funny TikTok videos that he didn't shoot himself. Overall, as a whole, his YouTube channel is humorous to mischievous in nature, covering just about all of his known interests including his passion for slot machines and shooter games.

Just remember, this guy isn't for the faint of heart. While he is undeniably entertaining, his abrasive style isn't going to be for everyone. But nor is streaming. And since he's so popular, we're guessing his personal style and those who like things like shooting games have a strong overlap.

3.) xQc on Twitter

Félix also tweets under the name @xQC on Twitter, where he has over 1.3 million fans. Here, unlike Twitch or YouTube, his content has very little to do with his Stake gambling. Rather it focuses much more on his video game pursuits. In his description it actually says "Player of Games - Streamer for @Luminosity", which by the way, is a fraternity Lengyel joined some time ago and continues to stream eSports events with.

xQc on Twitter with his mum

©twitter.com/xQc | xQc reveals relatively more private information on Twitter including family photos, snippets of his social life, and personal thoughts.

Since joining Twitter in October 2016, he has issued countless tweets. In general, he is reasonably active on Twitter, though not every day. So while you may see a couple of consecutive days with Tweets, there can sometimes be a two-week gap before he posts again. As in his other social media accounts, he often rants a bit here too, made apparent in the aggressive language he uses and his tendency to type in ALL CAPS.

The benefit of this format is that Twitter is a place where he occasionally reveals a bit more of his personal side. This includes short anecdotes, detailed descriptions of things that pissed him off on any given day, or on a happier note, pics of him with his mom or brother, or simply travel updates.

You can also find photos of xQc and his once roommate, now on again off again girlfriend Sam (better known as adeptthebest) here. While they rarely comment on their relationship status on Twitter, adeptthebest also happens to be a streamer and social media star too, which means they can sometimes be seen streaming together for great two-for-one value.

©youtube.com/c/adeptthebest | Sometimes xQc and adeptthebest are in front of the camera together. Here they can be seen at Twitch Rivals in 2021.

4.) xqcow1 on Instagram

Although xQc is often referred to as a social media star, his Instagram channel, which is important for influencers, only seems to be of limited interest to him. Since he set up his account, he has only posted 62 times with pics that show him either enjoying his private life, including shots with his dog and cat for the animal lovers out there, or at work, which is mostly eSports gaming, plus a smattering of Twitch party shots.

xqc-instagram©instagram.com/xqcow1 | While his Instagram account is rarely updated, and there's little showing of his Stake gambling, these pics can be fun to browse, to get a glimpse of his life.MoreLess

Despite the fact that he has over 442,000 Insta followers, he not only rarely posts, but he seems to have forgotten to update his link to Twitch, which he still has there under his old handle as www.twitch.tv/xqcow.

5.) xqcdaily on TikTok

Last, but not least, xQc has a presence on TikTok too. And here he goes with a slight variation on his traditional username, this time being xqcdaily. The name is self-explanatory really, referencing the fact that he presents his over 409,000 followers with a dose of himself everyday. The short videos deal with similar topics to his live streams like online gaming as well as commentary on court hearings or footage of himself annoying restaurant owners in what many consider funny videos.

xqc-tiktok©tiktok.com/@xqcdaily | xQc is very active on TikTok. However, he has not managed to attract as many followers here as on other platforms, with his short clips rarely getting more than 100K clicks.MoreLess

Although the number of followers he has here is lower than on Twitch and YouTube, and his overall views per video are significantly lower here too, the TikTok videos posted online by Félix Lengyel still go viral by most people's measures, registering a total of 25.6 million likes and counting.

A true influencer, with a knack for delivering the type of entertainment value his followers seek, he is well on his way to conquering TikTok too. That is if he wants to, we think.

Why Did He Move from Texas and Where Is He Now?

We've already discussed that xQc changed his handle from xQcOW when he dropped his professional status of OverWatch gaming. But he has made even bigger moves in his life on the physical end as well.

That is, while born in Canada, he later resided in Texas for quite some time. But in May 2022, he made it clear that he was on the move. And not quite voluntarily. Rather he was a victim of massive doxing. That is, having his personal information published on the internet with threatening intent.

xQc Swatting

Swatting is a big problem for many streamers whose location is known. Viewers call the authorities and report an alleged emergency. The police or special task forces then move in, and viewers can watch it directly in the stream.

In the latest incident, strangers managed to get personal data and information from the prominent social media star, related in particular to his whereabouts, which they publicly disseminated. And since he has a huge net worth (details coming in a bit), it's pretty clear why xQc no longer felt safe.

According to him, special forces had to be deployed several times prior to his move to protect him from his stalkers as well. Apparently he was even burgled. Hence, from what has been reported he has since left Texas for Canada, though one can never be entirely sure where exactly he is and for how long. Though frankly since this is the internet world, for our purposes it doesn't quite matter.

xQc's Estimated Net Worth

Although it may seem fun, Félix actually works really hard. And it has paid off in spades! Attracting up to 75,000 live viewers per session and having well over 12 million followers across the various social media platforms, he has an audience size even network television might envy.

xQc McLaren Twitter

©twitter.com/xQc | Compared to other casino streamers, xQc doesn't flash his wealth in any big way. However, there are one or two photos on Twitter like this one with his rather pricey McLaren 720s.

This popularity is not just flattering for his ego, it also adds up to a whole lot of income. While we can't say exactly how much, estimates have it that he is earning somewhere around $225,000 a month on Twitch alone, which works out to about $2.7 million a year. Of course, Twitch isn't his only source of income, with revenue also generated from YouTube and other channels, plus sponsorship deals.

All and all, the common guesstimate is that Félix is ​​now worth around $25 million. And even if it's not the accurate number, it is well in the millions, and even potentially more. This explains how he can afford to deposit several hundred thousand dollars at Stake, and as occasional pictures show, live a rather fine lifestyle.

What Does xQc Earn at Stake?

The reality is, Félix Lengyel already earned a fortune as an OverWatch professional player. What he earns at Stake is anyone's guess, as the details of these deals are never shared.

moneyOne can only assume that the contract offers advantages to both sides. Félix, for his part, is ​​now familiarizing his huge audience with Stake and helping the crypto casino expand its popularity beyond Europe to Canada and the US. Stake, on the other hand, is likely compensating him in some way - at minimum with very favourable terms if not cash - as it takes some serious swaying to have a celebrity like him leave their previous offers behind and stream exclusively for any given operator.

What Controversies Surround the Successful Twitch Streamer?

Lengyel is a rather colourful character, to say the least. So it is unsurprising that there has been a fair amount of controversy surrounding him. He has been suspended from Twitch on multiple occasions, for unsavory comments he has made.

In addition, while OverWatch and its community are what made him famous, he actually had a falling out with them that led to his leaving his pro gaming career there behind.

Although he insulted his fans, his level of skill is so good, however, that he seems to be able to get away with saying just about anything and not losing his audience share. There have also been multiple allegations that Félix is ​​homophobic and racist on top of all his general trash talk. And while he has been reprimanded, again, it does not seem to have impacted his income, or career as a whole, in any real way.


And that in a nutshell is Félix Lengyel, aka xQc or xQcOW. If you were wondering who he is, you now know more than you may have ever thought possible.

casino streamerBasically, he is one of the most successful eSports streamers ever, currently gaining great passion for online casino gambling and increasingly sharing his pursuits there - particularly from Stake.

Although no stranger to controversy, and rather rough and rude remarks, he is an exceptionally skilled player, whichever game format he employs. Plus, he has incredible stamina to stream for long sessions with high energy and engagement.

So while he may not appeal to every person, he does hit the right tone for many millions. To see if he suits your style, you can simply tune in and see.

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