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Karan Aujla Profile
Full name:Jaskaran Singh Aujla
Nickname:Geetan Di Machine
Avatar:Karan Aujla
Origin:Punjab, India
Place of residence:Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Date of birth:January 18, 1997
Followers:6,800,00 (Instagram)
1,970,000 (YouTube)
1,200,000 (Facebook)
36,100 (Twitter/X)
14,000 (Kick)
Favourite casino:Stake Casino
Characteristics:Rebellious, outspoken, confident, driven, and a tad mysterious.
Net worth:Multi-millionaire with guesses ranging from $5M to $49M.

For anyone familiar with Stake casino, beyond being arguably the best crypto casino around, it is also the one with the most star power.

That is, the brand has carefully cultivated its image, and works steadfastly to form partnerships with top talent either in the form of Stake ambassadors or casino streamers.

Lately, it seems like Stake has systematically been looking to build its following in India - or at least its diaspora community - with a couple of heavyweights officially joining up including the cricket legend Ravi Shastri, the rap star Raftaar, and now almost more impressively, Karan Aujla, who is a mega star in the Punjabi music industry.

Actually, Karan has been a Stake ambassador since 2022. So, he's even a trend-setter in that realm! But before we delve into that, let's take a look at this Indo-Canadian hit maker and all 'round musical superstar, both before and throughout his online gambling journey.

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A Bit of Background on Karan Aujla

Karan Aujla was born Jaskaran Singh Aujla on January 18, 1997, in the Ghurala village in Punjab, India. He is also known as Geetan Di Machine, and is a Jatt, belonging to a Punjabi Sikh family.

CanadaHaving tragically lost both of his parents at the age of nine, he was raised by his uncle and sisters. In high school, he received Canadian permanent residency, relocating to complete his studies in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Professionally, he has been active since 2014. He actually started out while still in India as a songwriter providing the lyrics for Jassi Gill's song Range, which became popular. Once he moved to Canada his first release was called Cell Phone, which got very little traction. After that he moved on to working with Elly Mangat and Deep Jandu, and writing lyrics for multiple artists on the Punjabi music scene.

Like many of today's top talents, his breakthrough came courtesy of YouTube, when his song Don't Worry received over 100 million views, and landed him for the first time on the UK Asian music chart.

From there his star has continued to rise on a seemingly unstoppable trajectory of success. A true multi-talent singer, songwriter, and rapper, his many hits have broken barriers, including his debut album Bacthafucup, which reached number 20 on the Billboard Canadian albums charts, as well as high placing on the New Zealand albums charts demonstrating his international appeal. Quite a feat for a Punjabi music performer.

Later, in September 2021, with a world ranking of 38, Karan became India's Biggest Digital Artist on Spotify following the success of his BTFU album.

His nickname Geetan Di Machine in Punjabi roughly translates to Machine of Songs or Song Machine. It refers to his steady stream of music releases and prolific output of hit songs, as much as his steadfast dedication and work ethic that have fuelled his success.

How Much Experience Does Karan Aujla Have as a Streamer?

Born of a generation who found their musical success through YouTube, Karan Aujla has long been active on social media, creating plenty of content.

Karan Aujla and StakeAs a streamer, or for our purposes more specifically a casino streamer, this is something we're only aware of his doing since he made his official announcement that he's become a Stake.com ambassador on his Instagram account on September 22, 2022. Though it's possible he was playing, if not streaming, before.

While he definitely streams some casino gambling from his Kick account, he's also a sports betting aficionado apparently, as he promotes Stake sports quite often as well - including on his various social media channels as well as the Stake website.

He was not, by the way, as far as we know active as a Twitch streamer before this; so this is a relatively new dimension he's added to his many talents.

Which Online Casino Does the Streamer Karan Aujla Gamble at?

Karan Geetan Di Machine of course streams at Stake. What other online casino could it possibly be?

Not because there aren't a bevy of awesome operators out there. But realistically, Stake has cornered the streamer market. And since it keeps bringing in more new names from the world of sports and entertainment, we're guessing it's in a mutually worthwhile way.

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Since we're Stake fans, mind you, we're happy to see him there. It is definitely one of the more exciting casinos with the crypto gambling opportunities and original games it offers. So beyond the financial or fame-related incentives of sponsored partnerships, it simply makes sense to see top names there.

What Are Karan Aujla's Favourite Online Casino Games?

If you watch Karan's streaming sessions, you can see that like most gamers, he tends to flip around a bit. That is, he doesn't stick to any one thing. So for example, you might catch him playing live roulette or plinko, though he does seem to have a special affinity for the former. And even during gambling streams, he can't seem to stay away from his true passion; so don't be surprised if you see him performing some music with friends in between.

However, keep in mind, he hasn't done many casino broadcasts yet, so the verdict's still out on whether or not he's secretly a slots man.

Also, his gambling as we've mentioned, extends to sports betting as well - including the Indian Premier League and F1 racing in particular from what we've seen.

stake-casino-aujla-challengeAs an official brand ambassador, Karan sometimes lends his name to plug Stake promotions.MoreLess

When and Where Does Karan Aujla Stream?

Nabbing a celebrity streamer is one thing, but getting them to dedicate hours a day like some of the pros along the lines of Adin Ross or Trainwreckstv who are all about this niche art, just isn't going to happen.

Kick LogoInstead, like Drake, a rapper of Aujla's status is going to be doing spots here and there, i.e. more intermittently. Once in a while you'll see him actually featured on Stake. Or if you follow his Kick.com channel, you can occasionally catch him live there. In addition, there are even Instagram reels that can give you a glimpse of his live betting, or YouTube clips if you want to play catch up.

Karan Aujla on Social Media

Over the years, Karan Aujla has attained true influencer status through his excellent beats. But like any celeb in the digital age, he further cultivates his star power through a strong social media presence, reaching huge numbers of fans through his multiple channels.

idea iconTip: If the content on his many social media accounts isn't enough for you, you can also visit his personal website at https://www.karanaujlamusic.com for even more!

  1. karanaujla on Instagram
  2. Karan Aujla on YouTube
  3. Karan Aujla on Facebook
  4. Karan Aujla @GeetanDiMachine on X (aka Twitter)
  5. Aujla on Kick
  6. Karan Aujla on Spotify

karanaujla on Instagram

Karan Aujla's Instagram posts tend to fall into a couple of categories, mainly promotion of his music, plus personal lifestyle.

On Insta, he often teases upcoming tracks, shares snippets of music videos, and announces releases. He also posts photos from his personal life, including travel destinations and behind-the-scenes glimpses of his work.

He's also used the platform to speak out about the safety of Punjabi musicians, after revealing that his house had been shot at. And of course, increasingly lately he's been using his Insta account to promote Stake to his 6.8 million followers, often while wearing Stake swag like hoodies, slick jackets, and even some eye-popping bling.

aujla-stake-necklaceKaran recently posted about Stake sports betting, while himself sporting some serious Stake bling!MoreLess

Karan Aujla on YouTube

Considering YouTube has been such a driving force in his career, it's surprising he "only" has 1.97 million subscribers there. Not that that's anything to scoff at. But it doesn't quite reflect his massive success on the platform where he's had seven songs reach the YouTube Global music chart. And a place where his video for Winning Speech alone reached 2,737,379 views when we last checked (and that was a mere two weeks after its release!).

karan-aujla-youtube-channelKaran Aujla's YouTube channel is all about his music. It's the place to go to listen to his latest hits and get a taste of his live performances.MoreLess

As for content, in addition to official music videos, you'll also find his channel populated with snippets of live performances, or special appearances at events like the Juno Awards.

He sometimes also curates playlists of his own music, like the Making Memories Official Playlist you can listen to there.

Karan Aujla on Facebook

On Facebook, this Punjabi music star treats his 1.2 million followers to music clips and bits, plus some lifestyle content giving us a glimpse into his overall style, at work and at play.

For our purposes, however, what's most interesting is that this is another channel that he uses to actively promote Stake gambling. There's a clip of him playing live roulette, another of his making a big bet on Indian cricket, and another watching the India vs. Pakistan game.

karan-aujla-stake-stream-on-facebookThe Indian rap sensation unabashedly shared his live roulette gambling stream with his followers on his Facebook page.MoreLess

Karan Aujla @GeetanDiMachine on X (aka Twitter)

On his official Twitter account for fans, Aujla actually refers to himself by his nickname, Geetan Di Machine. For some reason he only has 36.1K followers there, which likely says more about where he's investing his time and efforts, and where his fans are, than a measurement of his success or appeal.

While not updated particularly frequently, he has used the X platform to share his successes, promote his music (of course), communicate occasional inspirational thoughts, and reveal the requisite high living bits of any self-respecting rap star.

karan-aujla-billboard-charts-twitterKaran was proud to share his historic accomplishment of reaching the highest Billboard Canada charting of a Punjabi album on Twitter.MoreLess

He also, by the way, keeps a private Twitter account, locked to all except the select few, which can be found under the name x.com/KaranAujjla.

Aujla on Kick

Karan Aujla is far more active on platforms like Instagram and YouTube than the Kick.com gaming and livestreaming platform.

While he has over 14K followers there, he does not have a whole lot of content. He does have the occasional broadcast, including a more recent Just Chatting session. Plus, there are a number of clips which have some gambling bits wrapped in. And there's a clear Stake promo associated with his account, including his personal promo code AUJLA for use at the casino.

karan-aujla-streaming-on-kickHere you can see Aujla in a highly stylish Just Chatting stream he posted on Kick.MoreLess

Karan Aujla on Spotify

Of course, as a music man, Karan also has a Spotify page where he's a Verified Artist. With 11,350,883 monthly listeners, it's clear what a major success he is on the Punjabi music scene.

Just scrolling through his popular releases, you can get a taste of his style, as much as his incredible status - with well over 100 million listens for a number of his top songs.


Does Karan Aujla Use Any Special Betting Strategies?

As much as Aujla doesn't shy away from his association with Stake casino and sports betting, he hasn't yet done enough actual online gambling for us to understand his style or strategies.

cricketIn sports, he clearly supports the Indian cricket team. And realistically, he has the bankroll to bet bigger than most of us. But when it comes to the intricacies of games like online roulette, for example, we're still waiting for more streams to spot any patterns or tactics we can learn from.

Scandals and Controversies

Like most rappers - including Drake and Raftaar who also partner with Stake - Aujla is no stranger to scandal. In fact, he's been involved in a number of controversies throughout his career.

For example, some of his lyrics have been criticized for being misogynistic or glorifying violence and gun culture - a common criticism lobbed at some Punjabi music artists.

He was also fined for five traffic violations when he visited Chandigarh, India in November 2019.

In a more serious incident, Aujla spoke out about his house being shot at, highlighting the safety risks faced by some Punjabi musicians in the industry.

Sidhu Moose Wala

Moose Wala, (c) Wikipedia/Shekha Gill

Most notable, however, is probably his rivalry with the late Punjabi singer Sidhu Moose Wala. In the highly publicized feud within the Punjabi music industry, both artists released diss tracks targeting each other, in addition to derogatory comments that escalated the tensions.

However after Sidhu Moose Wala's passing, Karan Aujla did express some regret over the back-and-forth in an interview, and even paid tribute to him through his song Maa, released in 2021.

Karan Aujla Estimated Net Worth

For obvious reasons, Karan Aujla doesn't go around publicizing precise details of his net worth. He's rich, that's for sure. But in trying to decipher the exact dollar and cents amount, the guesstimates thrown around are vast.

One recent source has it at roughly $43 million to $49 million [1], while another source [2] figures around $18 to $25 million, and another [3] a "mere" $5 million. See what we mean? Big differences, but still, plenty rich!

Much of his revenue is generated through YouTube views. Then of course there are live performances, product sponsorships, and even his clothing brand - Hukam Clothing - which he launched in November 2021.

Karan Aujla's Private Life

Karan Aujla tends to keep his private life relatively guarded compared to his public persona.

One thing that fans may find particularly surprising, is that while in his clips he does have the de rigour beautiful babes, he is actually a very traditional guy. He dated the same woman, Palak, for many years - becoming engaged in 2019, and ultimately marrying her in 2023.

He's also, you might say, fairly sentimental, having tattooed the images of his deceased mother and father on his right arm, as well as his mother's name on his chest.


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