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m0e_tv Profile
Streamer name:m0e_tv
Real name: Mohammad Assad
Avatar:m0e_tv Kick Avatar
Residence:California, US
Place of Birth:US
Birthday: 7 September 1986
Followers:902,000 (Twitch)
6,400 (Kick.com)
4,780,000 (YouTube)
223,500 (Twitter)
10,500 (Instagram)
2,400 (TikTok)
Favourite Casino: Stake Casino
Specialties: retired CS:GO athlete; rage streams, crypto and real estate investor
Net worth:$5 million USD

A highly accomplished CS:GO athlete, those who have long been in the gaming and streaming scene will most likely know m0e_tv. Otherwise known as Mohamad Assad in real life, m0e tv is a Palestinian American gamer who has been streaming his Counter Strike sessions since 2012, back when Twitch wasn't even called Twitch yet.

Over the years, he's gathered a massive following, with more than 900,000 subs on Twitch alone. An elite athlete, Moe not only has exceptional fighting skills, but is also known for his rage. His streams are loaded with more cussing than the beeping can keep up with.

Today, mOe tv is a retired e-sport athlete, a coach, a proud father and husband, crypto and real estate investment buff and also a casino streamer. He brings his signature energetic humor over to the realm of crypto gambling, and he has been gathering fans in this space too.

And as your professional casino news team, we at Casino.Guide will give you more than just the low down on Moe Assad's bio. We also have all the details on Moe's casino exploits for you. From where he plays to the game he plays, it's all here.

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Who is m0e tv?

The basic details are always good to know, so let's start with m0e_tv aka Moe Assad's bio.

m0e_tv's son on Instagram

©instagram.com/m0e_tv | mOe_tv is a proud dad.

The story begins on 7th September 1986, when Mohamad Assad was born in the US to a Palestinian family. He began playing Counter Strike all the way back in 2002 and started playing in tournaments in 2004. And it turns out that he's pretty good at it, and became recognised as a professional CS:GO player in 2005. In 2012, he started streaming his gaming sessions through a video broadcasting company called justin.tv, which later became known as Twitch.

In 2016, m0E was recruited into Echo Fox as one of the key athletes in their roster. In April the same year, he moved into the manager position at Echo Fox. In 2018, he became a coach at the Old Guys Club, developing the next generation of talent.

Other than CS:GO, mOeTV also been exploring many fields, including CS:GO skins trading, crypto mining, house flipping, and even owns a company called PureTrak, which specialises in manufacturing gaming gear.

In between all of this, Mohamad has married the love of his life, Dalia, and the happy couple have two children together. Moe is often showing off his happy family on his Instagram. Over the years, he's pulled back a bit from full time gaming and streaming to focus on what really matters – his family.

Other than that, Moe Assad has a brother called Lieth, who's also a big CS:GO streamer. For being a casino streamer he is a little bit to young. They have a sister, but little is known about her.

m0e Streams - General Info

Kick LogoIf you want to watch Moe's streams that are famously loaded with outbursts of his bearish rage while shooting his way through different games and speculating on when BTC is going to break, it's not too difficult. You can find Moe Assad live on both Twitch and Kick, the two most popular streaming platforms. Does m0e stream different content between the two platforms? Well, sort of.

While he streams practically daily on both, Moe feels way more active on Twitch. Part of this has to do with the fact that he's been on Twitch since literally forever, so there are lots more clips and videos. After all, mOe tv has been on before Twitch was even called Twitch. And Kick was only launched in 2023.

But then there is also the fact that Twitch can be a bit uppity sometimes. In fact, m0e has been banned from Twitch before, back in 2018 for a homophobic slur. The platform has also not been particularly friendly towards online gambling and crypto casinos, which is a key reason why many streamers have moved over to Kick. Which is to say that even though m0eTV maintains an active presence on Twitch, you might have better luck over at Kick if you are specifically looking for his casino streams.

Video: m0e Chicken Coop Rage

Moe is famous for his angry verbal outbursts. This one garnered a lot of attention. There is even a Chicken F*** Coop Remix on Soundcloud.

m0e_tv Gambling Streams

m0e-tv kick categories

©https://kick.com/m0e_tv | Moe's stremaing categories on Kick.

The eagle eyed among our readers might notice that m0e doesn't always label his streams with the Slots and Casino Games label, even though the content is there. And although Kick doesn't have a Schedule posting, you'll find that m0e is on almost every day.

He's a real regular and lives up to his own self description of "Best part time streamer on the planet". He's usually on in the evenings West Coast time. Most of his casino streams last for around 1 to 2 hours, which is clearly shorter than his Counter Strike sessions that can go on for 4 to 6 hours.

With this shorter time frame, it might be more difficult to catch m0eTV in live gambling action, but the good news is that videos of the streams are posted, and there's even a special Moe Slots channel on Youtube.

mOe tv favourite Casinos

Anyone who has followed Mohamad Moe Assad for any amount of time probably already knows that the guy is big on crypto. With streams titled will Bitcoin Pumping and btc to break 40, it's kind of clear m0e is both emotionally and financially invested in that space big time.

So it should come as no surprise that when it comes to gambling, he also has a definite preference for crypto casinos. We've seen him play at several different sites, including Roobet, BC.Game and Stake Casino. And yes, it's known that he drops bonus codes for these sites as well.

eCOGRAGLIiTech LabsMalta Gaming AuthoritySSL Secured
stake-logo96% Excellent$500visit StakeRead Review
BCGame-Logo94% OutstandingVirtually unlimitedvisit BC.Game CasinoRead Review
roobetcasino-logo-cryptos-only93% Outstanding$80 in free spinsvisit RoobetRead Review

m0e tv Top Games

m0e's best known as an esport athlete, with a particular reputation for CS:GO and has also played other games like Call of Duty, Valorant and Among Us. But what about his casino games?

Long story short, Mohamad Assad likes to gamble on slots. And not surprisingly, he spends a considerable amount of time on high volatility slots that can be really rewarding if the lucky stars are in your favour.

Gates of OlympusThere are a lot of Pragmatic Play games, like Big Bass Bonanza and Gates of Olympus, along with Hacksaw Gaming favorites like Dork Unit. He's picked up some sizeable wins on these games, like a max win of over $32,000 on a modest $20 bet while on Gates of Olympus.

What's nice is that mOe tv has uploaded highlights from his slots play onto his Youtube channel as shorts, so you can access the real action any time.

And while reels are definitely the highlight when it comes to Moe's casino games, he can also be found taking on live games like Plinko and a classic game of live Blackjack. Completely different vibe and energy, and that little variety helps him to stay on top of his game.

GameProviderMin./ Max. betMax winRTP
Play for free
Big Bass BonanzaPragmatic Play0.10$ / 1,000$2.100x96.71%
Gates of OlympusPragmatic Play0.20$ / 1,250$5.000x96.50%
Dork UnitHacksaw Gaming0,10$ / 1,500$10.000x96,28%
PlinkoDifferent ProvidersNo Min. * / $200,000,000555x - 3,843.3x97% - 99%
BlackjackDifferent ProvidersDifferent table limitsdepends on the tableover 97%

*Due to the different cryptocurrencies, the min bet at Stake Casino can theoretically even be less than 1 cent per round.

Mohamad Assad on Social Media

Like other first class gamers, Mohamad Assad can be found all over social media, usually by the name of m0e_tv. He targets each platform so that it's not the same content recycled everywhere. It seems that Moe understands that audiences are looking for something a little different from each platform and thoughtfully curates his content for this.

  1. m0E_tv on Twitch
  2. m0e_tv on Kick
  3. m0ETV on Youtube
  4. m0E on Twitter
  5. m0e_tv on Instagram
  6. m0e_ttv TikTok

m0E_tv on Twitch

moe_tv streaming slots on twitch

©https://www.twitch.tv/m0e_tv | Even though casinos and gambling streams are banned, m0e_tv still finds a way to stream slots on twitch.

m0e has been streaming since back when Twitch was known as justin.tv back in 2012. That means he's built some serious history here and this remains m0e's key platform.

In November 2023, he had more than 900k followers on Twitch, with streams usually getting between 20k to 50k views. When you compare this with other streamers, it's way above Xposed and Casinodaddy, who each have around 540k and 200k followers respectively.

m0e tv is actually much closer to Roshtein, who has a 1.1 million follower count.

m0e_tv on Kick

Practically every casino streamer has joined Kick, and m0e is no exception. While he joined Kick in Spring 2023, he has only started to be more active here as of Fall of the same year. View counts are correspondingly no where close to what he gets on Twitch for now, and for now sit mostly in the two digit range. Still, he's managed to quietly gather more than 6,400 fans here.

m0e-tv-kick-page©https://kick.com/m0e_tv | Moe is pretty active on Kick and supports Stake Casino on his page.MoreLess

m0ETV on Youtube

On Youtube since 2014, Moe Assad has 551k subscribers on YT. He has been using this platform extensively so his fans can get a feel of his games at any time. There are over 1.3k videos here and many of them are focused on CS:GO and other esports, including loads of videos here with him and other streamers like Trainwrecks_Tv.

moE is also pretty passionate about crypto and investing, so he's also uploaded some videos on these topics here. And of course, since the central topic of concern for our readers is gambling, we'll just let you know that m0e has an entire channel dedicated to slots with 21.7k subscribers if you look under his Channels tab.

m0e_tv-youtube©https://www.youtube.com/c/m0ETV MoreLess

m0E on Twitter

m0e_tv Twitter account

©https://twitter.com/m0E_tv | One of Moe's Twitter accounts.

Whether it's called Twitter or X, the fact is most influencers and celebrities tweet to keep in touch with their fans. Same goes for Mohamad Assad who's been on Twitter since 2013. Content wise, m0e's tweets cover both his professional gaming life as well as proudly sharing his family moments with his 223.5k followers. Pics of his wife and kids are just as numerous as tweets about CS:GO.

Relatively recently in March 2023, he added another Twitter account, @M0erealestate, which is 100% focused on his real estate investments, mostly in the California area.

m0e_tv on Instagram

Moe's 10.5k followers on Instagram largely get pics from the streamer's Counter Strike adventures. Of course he also posts Reels of snippets from his gaming streams as well. But on top of all the shooting and fragging, there's also a really healthy dose of family pics as well. Such as m0e's 2 year old son fully geared up for CS:GO. Mohamad Assad is a proud family man.

m0e-tv-instagram©https://www.instagram.com/m0e_tv | On Instagram you can see Moe's private side.MoreLess

m0e_ttv TikTok

First things first, Moe's handle on TikTok is m0e_ttv. Note the _ttv part. Seems like someone else jumped in and parked Moe Assad's normal handle. Anyway, compared to his other social media platforms, m0e's follower count on TikTok is relatively low at around 2,400. He's not nearly as active here as on other places though. His Tiktoks are all about his gaming, in case you were wondering.

m0ettv-tiktok©https://www.tiktok.com/@m0e_ttv | On TikTok Moe posts a lot of gaming content.MoreLess

mOe tv Net Worth

There is no definitive answer when it comes to Moe Assad's net worth, but estimates put it between $1 to $5 million. We would put it on the high end of the estimate but the actual number is potentially much higher. That's because other than his CS:GO career and streaming revenues, m0e has always been into the investment and gambling area.

He was one of the first to see the potential in skins trading, and is also into cryptocurrency mining. On top of that, he's also got some real estate investments and flipped some houses in Fresno, California. Which means he's definitely more than comfortably well off.

The Long and Short on Mohammad Moe Assad

Best known for his rage in CS:GO gaming, Mohammad Moe Assad is much more than a gamer. He's really into investments been into skins trading, crypto mining and real estate. In this mix, there's also some good old fashioned gambling at crypto casinos. This is no surprise since Moe Assad has had a Moe Slots channel on Youtube since 2017.

In terms of casino streaming, m0e is definitely doing it. It may not be obvious at first though, because he often does with CS:GO mixed into the stream. He doesn't seem to have an exclusive deal for now, and has been playing at different crypto casinos like BC.Game but we have noticed that he is a Stake Casino affiliate from his Kick page. If there are any updates to the Moe Assad's casino situation, you can be sure that we at Casino.Guide will be among the first to let you know.

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