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Enhanced RTP Slots Facts
Developer:Pragmatic Play
Specifics:Exclusive slots series at Stake Casino based on popular Pragmatic Play games, but with a higher RTP
Number of Slots:10
Slots with Megaways Mechanic:3
RTP:98% - 98.02%
Betting Limits:0.20$ - 1,000$ (w/o bonus buy)
Released:Gradually, starting October 2022
Best Enhanced RTP Slot:Gates of Heaven
Play Now:Go to Stake Casino

In terms of industry players in the online casino sector, Pragmatic Play has really managed to carve out a name for itself in the past few years as a leading software provider. In particular, Pragmatic Play has become famous for its high volatility slots that became massively popular in the casino streaming scene.

The roller coaster rides along with the potential of incredible payouts made these games not only fun to play but also fun to watch. And banking on these slots' popularity, Pragmatic Play, in cooperation with Stake Casino, released the Enhanced RTP slots series in Fall 2022.

So what are these Enhanced RTP slots?

We bet your ears pricked up at least a little bit when you heard that. Ours certainly did. And that's because we know that the better the RTP, the better your chances of winning. So we'll give it to you straight up.

These games are based on Pragmatic Play's most popular high roller slots like the Dog House Megaways and Gates of Heaven, and all of these slots have their RTP increased to 98%. Which of course is very high. Bet sizes in Enhanced RTP slots all have a bet range from $0.20 to $1,000 a spin to give players both freedom and control in their game play.

For the moment, Enhanced RTP slots are only available exclusively at Stake Casino. So if you want to give these gems a spin for yourself, you can head over right away.

Or if you want our expert analysis on what this really means and how these games actually pay out, we'll be breaking it all down for you. We also have a list of all the Enhanced RTP slots currently available with a summary of the gameplay so you know what you can count on.


Play Enhanced RTP Slots at Stake

  • Higher RTP than most slots
  • Max bet at $1,000
  • Based on Pragmatic Play's best slots keeping the same features
  • Variety of themes and mechanics to choose from
  • Megaways available
  • Only available at Stake Casino
  • Limited to slots

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List of all Enhanced RTP Slots at Stake Casino

Pragmatic Play has only created Enhanced RTP versions of certain games. They tend to be the most popular high volatility slots from the provider. Players who are even just vaguely familiar with Pragmatic Play slots will easily spot the resemblance in these games' names. At the time of writing, the complete list of Enhanced RTP slots at Stake Casino consists of ten titles, which are in no particular order:

  1. Gates of Heaven
  2. The Dog Mansion Megaways
  3. Madame Mystique Megaways
  4. Sugar Twist
  5. Jewel Bonanza
  6. Slushie Party
  7. Wild West Bounty
  8. Lucky Phoenix Megaways
  9. Sweet Fiesta
  10. Bison Spirit

Gates of Heaven

Gates Of Heaven Logo SmallGates of Olympus was a majestic hit and the Enhanced RTP version of this slot is Gates of Heaven. The old man at the gates looks a bit different but the original symbols are basically the same. And all the features in Gates of Olympus like multipliers, free spins and tumble win are there as well to give you a most excellent game play.

Gates of Heaven Info

The Dog Mansion Megaways

Dog Mansion Megaways Logo SmallThe doggies made it big and upgraded their pad from a house to a mansion. But other than a bit more swag in their outfits and a higher RTP, little about the game from the beloved Dog House Megaways has changed. You're still looking at 17,649 ways to win, spiked with jokers, wild cards and free spins.

The Dog Mansion Info

Madame Mystique Megaways

Madame Mystique Megaways Logo SmallYour fortune is a lot more predictable with the Enhanced RTP Madame Mystique Megaways. Essentially, this is Madame Destiny Megaways now with a higher 98.01% RTP. The slot has the same 200,704 ways to win with expanding reels, free spins and wilds, and it's played out in the mysterious night forest from the original game.

Madame Mystique Info

Sugar Twist

Sugar Twist Logo SmallBright, bold and energetic, Sugar Twist finds its origin in the incredible Sugar Rush slot. Other than an improved RTP going up from 96.5% to 98%, there's also been a couple of visual changes. The gummy bears have been swapped out for Swedish fish, and the scatter is the Sugar Twist logo. But otherwise this is the same bouncy and bubbly game that everyone loves, now with better payout rates.

Sugar Twist Info

Jewel Bonanza

Jewel Bonanza Logo SmallGems Bonanza becomes Jewel Bonanza. Again, it will be very familiar although the higher value symbols are now exotic gold jewellery instead of precious stones. It's the same 8×8 grid with exciting spin features built into its tumble win mechanic. The tumble win features in the base game have worked out really well for many players, and it's topped off with the Gold Fever bonus for the extra lucky.

Jewel Bonanza Info

Slushie Party

Slushie Party Logo SmallFruit Party gets bumped up into Slushie Party as an Enhanced RTP slot. Thematically, things are pretty much the same, although three different coloured slushies are swapped in for the lower value symbols. The strawberry, orange, apple and rape remain in their high value positions. Mechanics are the same 7×7 grid with the multipliers that the slot is famous for.

Slushie Party Info

Wild West Bounty

Wild West Bounty Logo SmallWith an RTP increase from 96.51% to 98.02%, Wild West Gold gets transformed into Wild West Bounty. Like with other Enhanced RTP slots, everything in the game play like the wilds with multipliers and the rounds of free spins will feel very familiar. The only noticeable change is that the characters look a bit more rugged and handsome, with a different hairdo for the ladies.

Wild West Bounty Info

Lucky Phoenix Megaways

Lucky Phoenix Megaways Logo SmallMaybe a tad harder to guess is Lucky Phoenix Megaways. This is actually the Enhanced RTP take on 5 Lions Megaways. It's the same 6 reel grid that's packed in with 200,704 ways to win, along with crazy multiplier and free spin bonus rounds. In terms of looks, the phoenix now replaces the lion to become the auspicious Wild Symbol, but otherwise you have everything you love about 5 Lions Megaways now at 98% RTP instead of 96.5%.

Lucky Phoenix Info

Sweet Fiesta

Sweet Fiesta Logo SmallSweet Bonanza has been one of the most popular Pragmatic Play slots and now it's available in a 98% RTP form as Sweet Fiesta. Visually, it's very similar to Sweet Bonanza although the multiplier symbol is now the Donkey Pinanta. And in case you're wondering, yes, the horse does come from the Hot Fiesta slot, but the game play here is all Sweet Bonanza.

Sweet Fiesta Info

Bison Spirit

Bison Spirit Logo SmallBuffalo King was a real hit for Pragmatic Play, and now the slot is available with a 98% RTP in the form of Bison Spirit. The golden buffalo gets swapped out for a blue bison, but other than that the symbols are basically the same, and you still have the 4096 ways to win over the 6 reels.

Bison Spirit Info

What does Enhanced RTP mean?

If you're wondering what Enhanced RTP actually means, you're not alone. As critical gambling minds will immediately ask, what does this all translate into in terms of payout? The basics to this question is that we know that the RTP to these slots have all been increased to 98%, making them better. But to really get a clear view of what this means, we need a good understanding of RTP.

RTP stands for "Return to Player". This is a theoretical, statistical rate based over the long term, for say hundreds of thousands of spins in a slot game. The higher the percentage, the more the player wins in the long run. The emphasis here is in the long run, and you can think of it as a culminated pool. In terms of each individual spin, the probability remains the same and this is how casino games are truly random and truly fair.

rich iconWhat this concretely means is that Enhanced RTP slots are better for regular gamblers because they don't have to see each game as a singular event, but rather as a series of many bets over a longer time frame. So even though you'll see some streamers saying they see the Enhanced RTP kicking in, it's not really true because it's really about how long term wins add up as a whole.

Since most of these slots already have RTPs above the 95% mark, the rate is already decent and the difference isn't going to be night and day by going up to 98%.

Enhanced RTP Slots and Their Templates

You might have noticed from the game descriptions that Enhanced RTP slots aren't exactly promising novelty. That's correct. Rather the idea here is really about admitting that some slots just work and all that's needed is an improved payout. And this is exactly what is happening with the Enhanced RTP slots.

Pragmatic Play has taken their most popular high volatility slots and used them as a template. These slots' visual theme and special features are replicated, and then the RTP is increased to 98% and betting range is set to a minimum of $0.20 and a maximum of $1,000, not including bonus buy options.

gates-of-heaven-vs-gates-of-olympus©stake.com & Pragmatic Play | Gates of Heaven on the left and Gates of Olympus on the right.MoreLess

Below we've listed which Pragmatic Play slots were used as templates for which Enhanced RTP slot.

Enhanced RTP SlotOriginal Game
Gates of Heaven
Gates of Olympus
Sugar Twist
Sugar Rush
Slushie Party
Fruit Party
The Dog Mansion Megaways
The Dog House Megaways
Sweet Fiesta
Sweet Bonanza / Hot Fiesta
Jewel Bonanza
Gems Bonanza
Madame Mystique Megaways
Madame Destiny Megaways
Wild West Bounty
Wild West Gold
Lucky Phoenix Megaways
5 Lions Megaways
Bison Spirit
Buffalo King

Vienne Garcia'Because of their max bet these games work well for the crowd at Stake Casino, which is famous for attracting gamblers who like to bet big with near no limit gambling. It also means that wins in the millions are very possible with these slots.' Vienne Garcia – Author at Casino.guide

Do Enhanced RTP Slots all have the same RTP?

Enhanced RTP slots are said to all have a 98% RTP. If you look closely however, there are a couple of games that go just a smidge higher, namely Madame Mystique Megaways that hits 98.01% and Wild West Bounty at 98.02%. This difference is pretty negligible in practice though considering that RTPs are statistics based on long term game play over hundreds of thousands of spins.

Stake Enhanced RTP FAQ

  1. What are Stake Enhanced RTP games?
  2. Where can I play Enhanced RTP slots?
  3. Where can I find Enhanced RTP slots at Stake Casino?
  4. What advantage do Enhanced RTP slots have?
  5. Can I play Enhanced RTP slots for free?

1.) What are Stake Enhanced RTP games?

Stake Enhanced RTP games are new versions of popular slots from Pragmatic Play. Slots are have their RTP increased to 98% and are given minor visual updates, but otherwise retain very much the same look and feel as well as game play. For now, there are ten such games, and they are some of the developer's most well-known titles such as The Dog House Megaways, which gets transformed into The Dog Mansion Megaways, and Sweet Bonanza, which turns into Sweet Fiesta.

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2.) Where can I play Enhanced RTP slots?

Enhanced RTP Slots is a collaboration between Stake Casino and Pragmatic Play. These are Stake exclusive games that you won't find at any other online casino.

Stake is a crypto casino. If you don't have any crypto there is the option to buy cryptocurrency directly on their site with a credit card or other payment method such as Apple Pay.

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3.) Where can I find Enhanced RTP slots at Stake Casino?

Once you're at the Stake site, make sure you are in the Casino section – you have the option to choose between Casino and Sport in the top left corner of the screen. Just underneath, in the menu on the left side, you'll see the Games menu where Enhanced RTP is listed, along with other options such as Stake Originals, Slots, Live Casino and so on. If you don't see the listing, press on the Menu icon, which looks like three lines in the top left corner.

On mobile, the menu is at the bottom of the screen. Choose Casino, then Browse, and then the Games menu will show.

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4.) What advantage do Enhanced RTP slots have?

The main advantage to Enhanced RTP slots is that they have a higher RTP at 98%. Depending on the game, this can be around 1.5% higher than the original. Over the long run, this difference pays out, even though each spin remains random.

Additionally, Enhanced RTP games at Stake Casino have max bet capped at $1,000, which is higher than the original slots can be played at most casinos. The max bet is a clear benefit for high rollers.

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5.) Can I play Enhanced RTP slots for free?

Yes, you canplay Enhanced RTP slots for free at Stake. Once you've found the slot of your choice at Stake, you can opt for "Fun Play". This is the demo mode of the Enhanced RTP game, which means there's no real money to be won.

Alternatively, our Enhanced RTP game reviews provide a demo game that you can also play for free.

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Our Verdict on Enhanced RTP Slots

thumb up iconWhat if your favourite slots paid out better? This is exactly what Enhanced RTP slots are about. Pragmatic Play has taken their most popular high roller titles, many of which are known for their high volatility, and bumped up their RTP to 98%. This improvement will give regular gamblers an edge with their winnings over time. And other than some small visual changes and a new but not unrelated title, the game play remains the same. You don't have to give up on what you love about the original slots.

Enhanced RTP slots are a simple but ingenious idea. Fans of Pragmatic Play slots should add these games to their playlist as there are definitely advantages in the long run.

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