Best Crypto Games - What, Where and How to Play?

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With cryptocurrencies becoming more popular, crypto casinos have emerged and new casino games have been developed that let you play directly with Bitcoin, Ethereum and the hottest currencies of the day. What’s most interesting about this is that we’re starting to see a whole different take on what casino games can be with these new developments.

Arcade GamesThey are much closer to computer or arcade games than slots, card games, or even the game shows at live casinos.

These games are characterized by their ease of play and simplicity. They also give players much more control. Some of them are multi-player games where you will see other players placing their bets live and can chat with each other with a live chat function.

It’s refreshing and a really exciting arena and we’ll be talking more about these crypto games on this page.

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Vienne Garcia“If you don’t have any crypto to your name, don’t worry because many of these casinos are starting to also accept fiat currencies. In plain English, that means they also take traditional currencies like the Canadian dollar, the US dollar, Euros and whatnot. So keep reading!” Vienne Garcia – Author and Casino Expert

Once upon a time not very long ago, these games used to be called Bitcoin games, mainly because Bitcoin was the best known crypto around. But as the scene develops and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Litecoin become mainstream, they are now more correctly referred to as crypto games. They’re also sometimes called mini games.

What’s Different About Crypto Games?

Crypto games are very different from existing casino games. In general, they sport a cleaner, more modern and digital aesthetic that reflects their roots in the technological blockchain scene.

The games themselves seem to come from a different philosophy: anything where there is a right or wrong outcome can become a bet where players can win real money. This means there are no complicated rules. The developers have unleashed their creativity and what you will see is a superb collection of mini arcade games. And it’s really easy to get on board.


Crypto games tend to be fast paced and give players a lot of control over settings. Many of them have rounds that happen independent of the player. As the rounds are live and fast, it literally pays to pay attention. An eagle eye will definitely help!

There is often a social element as well, where players play the same round together but not against each other. Some crypto casinos have a live chat function where you can chat with other players. The vibe is truly social in a way that most traditional online casinos have yet to achieve.

What are the most popular crypto games?

Alright, so you get the point that crypto games are different from casino games. But what exactly do we mean? Below are some of the most popular crypto games at crypto casinos to give you a more concrete idea of what we’re talking about. You can check out the links to their detailed game reviews to learn more.

  1. Mines
  2. Crash
  3. Plinko
  4. Dice
  5. Crypto Roulette
  6. HiLo


If you’ve ever played Minesweeper, you’ll pick this one up right away. If you haven’t, we promise you it’s even easier than the original to get on board.

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Watch a line go soaring up and make sure you exit before it crashes to rake in your riches – kind of like how you need to be to make money with cryptocurrencies!

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A marble falls down a pin maze, and you try to guess which of the coloured boxes it might land in.

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A couple of dice are rolled, and you have to guess whether it will be above or below a certain value. This is the basis of many classic table games, now available in digital form.

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Crypto Roulette

If you ever found regular roulette too complicated and daunting, give this a try and you’ll see why roulette is so popular. Crypto casinos have also added their own flourishes to the game so you will find different versions available.

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Again, a simple, digital take on a classic. Guess whether the next card will be higher or lower than the card displayed. Couldn’t be any easier.

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Top Crypto Games in Pictures

stake-casino-dice-crypto-game-autobetDice, a Crypto Game with Autobet FunctionMoreLess

mines-stake-krypto-gameMines at Stake CasinoMoreLess

crash-stakecasinoCrash - Another Stake OriginalMoreLess

play-plinko-stakePlinko Crypto GameMoreLess

crypto-roulette-stakePic shows Crypto Roulette at Stake CasinoMoreLess

hilo-gamdomThe Crypto Game HiLo at Gamdom CasinoMoreLess

SatoshiDiceFun Fact: Crypto games have actually been around for a while. SatoshiDice was released in 2012, named after the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakomoto.

It was a simple game of dice, but instead of winning money, you would win Bitcoins instead. Back then, no one really paid attention to the game. Obviously, many of us are kicking ourselves now!

Are crypto games legit?

Hell yeah. It doesn’t get any more legit than crypto games. Other than the gameplay, what’s different about crypto games is that they are written on the blockchain. The technology behind it is called Provably Fair. Players are given a seed, aka a hash, which they can use to verify that a specific round was indeed random.

plinko-fair-stakeAnd anyone who has any inkling about casino games will know that randomness means fairness. Don’t worry if you’re not a blockchain pioneer and not up to scratch with the tech stuff – you can take the seed to a third party verifier to check the result.

Compared to traditional online casino games where you had to completely rely on a designated third party, such as an auditing body or RNG certificate, crypto games are certainly more transparent and accountable to players.

Can you play crypto games with fiat?

Yes, you can play crypto games with fiat currencies such as the Canadian or US dollar. You don’t have to use Bitcoin to play.

info iconHowever, since crypto games are only available at crypto casinos, it really depends on which casino you are at. Most crypto casinos only accept cryptocurrencies, although many will also offer the option for you to buy through them. Some of these casinos have also begun to implement fiat currencies as a payment method.

The Expert Conclusion on Crypto Games

If you’re looking for something different to play, crypto games should definitely be on your radar. The aesthetics and game play are refreshing, and there is often a social dimension through the live chat with other players.

The games are simple and quick, which keeps players highly engaged. Essentially, these are just simple games with the potential to win real money.

You can usually play free crypto games in demo mode at casinos like Stake, although you will typically have to sign up for an account first. Check it out for yourself to find out just what is on the new frontier of online gambling!

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