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Dice Facts

$500 BonusPlay at Stake
Min. Bet:$0.01
Max. Bet:$200,000
Max. Win:$1,000,000
RTP:96% - 99%
Free Spins: 
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Dice is one of the first crypto games and is hugely popular at Bitcoin casinos. As the name suggests, you're looking at a dice game; however, you won't see any dice here. The interface is rather minimal and it isn't so intuitive. It's not clear that you are playing a dice game at all. No worries though, because we will talk about how to play Dice on this page. Once you get the basics, you will see why so many players have grown to love this simple game. Seasoned gamblers may notice quickly that this is really just like a super simplified version of Sic Bo or Craps.

One of the reasons why Dice has become so popular at crypto casinos is its massive payout possibilities. It's possible to walk away with a cool million in winnings when playing the Dice game, although this depends on which casino you are playing at. As with many crypto games, the software provider gives the casino the flexibility to set the game's parameters – including bet size and payout – as they see fit.

It is therefore important to choose your casino carefully when you play the Dice game. For example, at Roobet the game has a RTP of around 96%, while Stake has its RTP up to 99% at the time of review. Of course, as with the practice at crypto casinos, these RTPs are live stats and will change as more players play the game, but it is still something worth bearing in mind.

info iconAlthough Dice is known as a crypto game, many crypto casinos do give you the option to play the game with traditional currencies such as the US or Canadian dollar.

Play Dice at these Crypto Casinos

eCOGRAGLIiTech LabsMalta Gaming AuthoritySSL Secured
stake-logo96% Excellent$500visit StakeRead Review
roobetcasino-logo-cryptos-only93% Outstanding$80 in free spinsvisit RoobetRead Review

Spribe, a young developer specialising in crypto arcade games, has released a version of Dice that is available at more casinos.

eCOGRAGLIiTech LabsMalta Gaming AuthoritySSL Secured
cloudbet-cryptos-only95% Excellent5 BTC / $1,000 + 200 Free Spinsvisit Cloudbet CasinoRead Review
fairspin-casino-logo95% Excellentup to $450 000+ 140 Free Spinsvisit FairspinRead Review
bitcasino-logo-cryptos-only95% ExcellentLoyalty Clubvisit Bitcasino.ioRead Review
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How to Play Dice

When you open the Dice game, you'll see some betting options. Start with your bet size per toss. Depending on the cryptocurrency casino you are playing at, this can be as little as $0.01 and can go all the way up to $200,000. Typically, casinos such as Roobet have set the max bet at $20. That's a good thing – even for high rollers. Dice can be pretty fast paced and you don't want to burn through your bankroll too quickly!


As you set your bet, you can see the maximum payout possible. You can then decide whether the throw will end up being higher or lower than the specified number. The maximum the throw can be is 98. The multiplier will also vary accordingly.

smiley iconIn Auto mode, you can adjust settings such as how much you want to increase or decrease your bet size on a win or on a loss. This allows more advanced players to implement betting strategies.

Play Dice for Free - Where can I play the demo?

free iconIf you are wondering if there is a Dice free game to try out first, then the answer is yes. Crypto casinos such as Roobet and Stake have a Dice Demo you can play, although you will have to register for an account first. It only takes a few seconds and doesn't cost a cent before you can give the game a try for yourself.

And we highly recommend trying the demo game before playing for real money. Because the interface in Dice is so different, it is worth exploring the different settings possible. It's simple enough once you try it a few times for yourself, and then you can switch over to real money betting once you feel comfortable. As mentioned, Dice started out as a Bitcoin game, but you can use a range of other cryptocurrencies – and at crypto casinos that accept fiat, then also currencies such as the CAD, USD and Euro.

dice-roobet-spielenAt Roobet you can try the game for free before betting with real money.MoreLess

Dice game features

The beauty to the Dice crypto game is all in its straightforward game play. You won't find the crazy bonus features that you see in slots. Here are the main features to the Dice game:

  1. Auto Mode
  2. Adjusting the Dice total
  3. Provably Fair technology

1.) Auto Mode

The Dice Auto mode gives you a lot of control over how you want to play the game. This includes:

  • Bet Amount
  • Number of Bets
  • On Win - increase or decrease
  • On Loss - increase or decrease
  • Stop on Profit
  • Stop on Loss

arrowThese parameters let you implement any betting strategy you might have, such as the Martingale or Reverse Martingale where you increase or decrease your bet size with a loss or win.

2.) Adjusting the Dice total

diceAs mentioned, you have to guess whether the Dice will roll over to add up to more or less than certain numbers. You can adjust these numbers. The Dice can roll 2x and this will give you a Win Chance of 98%. You can turn the dial down with the Win Chance decreasing, and see the Multiplier, ie. payout, increase accordingly. That's because the probability of getting 98 is very low; numbers in the middle have a higher probability and therefore a lower payout.

3.) Provably Fair technology

As with top crypto games on blockchain, Dice is what is known as a Provably Fair game. Provably Fair games let you check for yourself if a specific round to the game was really random or not. You get a seed or a hash that you can use to verify on the result on the blockchain.

roobet-fair-diceAn example of the information you get to check Provably Fair games at Roobet Casino.MoreLess

Dice - Crypto Game FAQ

  1. What are the best strategies for playing Dice?
  2. Does the Dice crypto game require a download?
  3. Should I play in the Dice auto mode?
  4. Can I play Dice on mobile?
  5. Is Dice a good game for beginners?

1.) What are the best strategies for playing Dice?

You'll find lively discussions on how to best play Dice on forums like Bitcointalk.org. Some players always go with the Auto mode and implement a betting strategy along the lines of Martingale with each win. Others rave about the 98% win chance. The latter strategy aims for relatively modest but more likely wins. However, in the end this is a game of chance and as a truly random game, it is all about luck.

stop signWhatever strategy you use, it's worth using the Stop on Profit or Stop on Loss function if you are on auto mode. Knowing when to stop gives you the best chance of walking out with a profit.

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2.) Does the Dice crypto game require a download?

No. Dice is a game available at online casinos that are browser based. This means you don't have to download any software to play it, and there is no Dice app to download for mobile play.

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3.) Should I play in the Dice auto mode?

We recommend that players start with the manual mode when playing Dice. This will give you more control as you learn the ins and outs of the game. Once you are comfortable, you can switch to Auto mode.

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4.) Can I play Dice on mobile?

html5 iconOf course. Being a crypto game, you can be sure that Dice is on the forefront of technology. That means it's HTML5 and available at casinos that require zero download. The mobile Dice game will play straight out of your device's web browser once you're logged into the casino.

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5.) Is Dice a good game for beginners?

Yes. Dice is a very simple game and it is suitable for casual players who want to try something new. The game's design will feel very different from the usual video slots, but once you start you'll see how easy it is to play Dice.

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The Experts' Conclusion on the Dice Game

Dice has a rather minimalist aesthetic. You won't even see any dice. The game simply takes the concept of the most basic game - that is guessing whether the throw of the dice will be more or less than a certain number - and players just have to make a simple bet. It may take a few minutes to get used to it, but after a few short tries, playing at a pro level is well within reach.

luck-64x64.pngWe advise players to play the Dice game for free in demo mode for a couple of rounds to figure things out before making real money bets. When luck is on your side, solid wins can be had in this unassuming little arcade game.

Play Dice at Stake

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