Bison Spirit Slot Review 2024

christianChristian Webber
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Bison Spirit Facts

$500 BonusPlay at Stake
Min. Bet:$0.40
Max. Bet:$1,000
Max. Win:30,7888X your bet
Free Spins: 
Bonus Buy: 
Free Play:  

One of the most unique innovations to hit the online gambling market is undoubtedly the Pragmatic Play enhanced RTP series available exclusively at Stake.

Building on the astronomical popularity of the Buffalo King slots, Bison Spirit offers much of the same adventurous fun on the familiar wilderness frontier, as well as a few new twists.

The main differences this time are that the glaring blue bison is now the star of the show as the highest paying symbol instead of the fiery red buffalo, the max payout is updated to 30,7888X your bet, and the theoretical payback is a whopping 98% RTP.

Other than that, the great graphics remain the same, with the same prairie animals and gorgeous backdrop. Plus, you've got loads of wild symbols, plenty of multipliers, a huge number of free spins, and the option for a bonus buy all built in. This adds up to a slots machine we're always excited to explore and share in this review.

Game highlights:

  • 4,096 ways to win
  • Up to 100 free spins with each bonus round
  • Free spins bonus buy option
  • Random multipliers
  • Top prize of up to 30,788X your bet
  • 98% payout rate
  • High volatility
  • Available exclusively at Stake casino*

earth-globe-64x64.pngInteresting note: Both Bison Spirit and its inspiration the original Buffalo King game take place on the same prairie landscape. However, the latter version of bison fame is actually technically more correct, as the buffalo is native to Africa, while bison are the species found roaming the North American plains.


Play Bison Spirit at Stake

* Stake has increasingly tightened its IP accessibility. That means you may require a VPN service to access Bison Spirit and other enhanced RTP games. If you see 'Not available in your region' over the game thumbnail or when you click to play, then turn on a VPN to any country not mentioned as restricted in the Stake Terms of Service, eg. Cyprus or Romania. From our experience, it should work. ➜ More info

spin-arrowWant to give the game a spin? Skip the instructions and try Bison Spirit in demo mode! Otherwise continue reading our review.

Enhanced RTP Bison Spirit Basics and Rules

Putting aside the "enhanced RTP" part in the slot's name, Bison Spirit plays pretty much any online slot machine. That is, you set a wager, spin the reels, and the machine either pays out or you lose.

Within that, there are the specific details per the exact machine and user interface. First off, you need to set your bet value by clicking on either the plus or minus signs on either side of the spin button. The lowest bet you can make is $0.40 per round, while the highest bet is $1,000 per spin.

star iconTip: You can also click the 'Bet Max' button there to get straight to $1,000 rather than toggling your way up.

This betting range makes it a bit different from most of the other enhanced RTP slots, which have a $0.20 min bet. So you may want to try something like The Dog Mansion Megaways, Gates of Heaven, or Jewel Bonanza if you want a cheaper entry to the enhanced RTP genre.

Now that you've set your bet, it's time to spin the reels by clicking on the circular arrow button. And the rest is a matter of fate - or more accurately, the game's random number generator.

Symbols will fall into place across the 6 reels and 4 rows, with combos of 3, 4, 5, and 6 of a kind paying out according to the game's paytable.

There is no cluster feature here as you will find in many other Pragmatic Play slots. Nor is there a Megaways mechanism at play. There are, however, 4,096 ways to win built in, with payouts awarded for combinations of matching symbols from left to right. Plus, there are wild symbols available to help complete them.


All wins for a round are paid out to your casino balance, and you can then proceed to spin again with the same bet, or change your wager as you see fit. If you want, you can also opt for the auto play function, which lets you spin from 10 rounds up to 1,000 times in a row for the same bet amount, without having to do a thing in between.

In addition, there are some special features wrapped in, including the free spins bonus round, with loads of multipliers, and the amazing winning potential of up to 30,7888X your bet. And of course, there's that 98% RTP, which makes your odds all the better.

Play Bison Spirit Slots for Free

As an exclusive slot machine, the one and only place that you can play Bison Spirit for real money bets is at Stake casino.

free iconBut if you're still deciding if it's a match for you in terms of your slots playing tastes, then we'll just point out that you can also access the game from the Stake casino website for free by selecting 'Fun Play' mode. This is undoubtedly a great way to explore the various functions and find out what the profit potential is like.

There are some minor differences in Bison Spirit free play mode, like a lower max stake amount and no bonus buy option. But other than that, it's exactly the same, giving you an excellent sense of what this online crypto slot machine is all about.

Buffalo KingAt Stake, you can also play Buffalo King for free, so you could open up two browser tabs side by side and do a comparison yourself if you want to go beyond what we've written here in this Bison Spirit review.

Or, if you want to get started right now, we've embedded Bison Spirit free play mode right into this article, as you can see below. From there you can then easily move on to real money gambling by clicking the green button below that, which will bring you directly to the world's number one crypto casino, Stake.

Bison Spirit Demo Mode

bison-spirit-slot-enhanced-rtp By pressing on "Play", I understand that I will be shown content from Pragmatic Play. You can find more information in our website's Privacy Policy as well as that of Pragmatic Play. Pragmatic Play

Play at Stake Casino

Bison Spirit and Buffalo King Comparison

Since Bison Spirit is deliberately based on the Buffalo King slot, it's worth doing a comparison between the two. Especially since Buffalo King is already so popular and well-loved, that you might be wondering why make the switch?

From our perspective, the answer to that is you don't actually need to switch. Rather it's always fun to try new slots and change things up between different games - especially Pragmatic Play slots which are always great! There's certainly room for both.

Anyhow, let's make a side-by-side comparison. True, we've already covered the differences and similarities in bits and pieces above in this review, but we'll consolidate now to help you out.

buffalo-king-vs-bison-spiritThe most obvious differences are visual, like the colors of the buffalo and the bison as well as the design of the card symbols.MoreLess

The main difference of course is in the name of each game, and its respective starring character. While many of us use the words buffalo and bison interchangeably, it turns out - and we admit our review team just learned this too - that these are actually two very similar looking, but different species. In the respective games, the difference is made most notable by the color. In Bison Spirit the top paying symbol is a glaring blue animal, while in Buffalo King the beast is a fiery red.

Other than that, the paying symbols are all the same, with the exact same animals, but subtle graphical updates to the 9 through Ace symbols, which now have a less animated, and more rugged appearance.

Another difference is the prize potential, which in Bison Spirit is 30,788X your bet, while in Buffalo King it's 93,750X. Both win amounts are astronomical and compare favourably to almost any slot on the market.

The ways to win however remain the same across both of these slots with 4,096 ways to win in each of these games.

buffalo-king-bison-spirit-differences-comparisonDifferences are also in the prize potential and in the prize drops from the Drops & Wins tournaments.MoreLess

While on the odds side of things, Bison Spirit has an extremely high 98% RTP, up from 96.06% in the original Buffalo Kings game.

Buffalo King participates in Pragmatic Play Drops & Wins tournaments and prize drops with the potential for additional big cash prizes with your spins. Bison Spirit does not.

Other than that, both have the same betting range of $0.40 up to $1,000 a round. And both have the same awesome bonus round and bonus buy option. Plus, the same soundtrack and backdrop to continue that exciting frontier feel.

Bison Spirit Video Slots Paytable

Every online slot machine has a paytable associated with it - being the symbols that can form winning combinations, and how many are required for each level of prize. The following Bison Spirit paytable, illustrates how many times your bet you can win with each spin.

Minimum profitMaximum profit
bison spirit bison X2X7.5
Bison Spirit Eagle SymbolX1.5X6.25
Bison Spirit Wild Cat SymbolX1.5X6.25
Bison Spirit Wolf SymbolX1X5
Bison Spirit Moose SymbolX1X5
Bison Spirit Ace SymbolX0.5X3
Bison Spirit King SymbolX0.5X3
Bison Spirit Queen SymbolX0.25X2.5
Bison Spirit Jack SymbolX0.25X2.5
bison spirit 10 X0.25X2
bison spirit 9 X0.25X2

If you prefer to see the payout rate for each symbol in actual dollar and cents values, you can also have a look at the Bison Spirit paytable embedded within the game. This is accessed by clicking the little 'i' circle in the bottom left corner of the game screen.

info iconNote: The benefit of this route is that you will see exact amounts you can win per combination, based on the bet you are about to place. Toggle your bet amount up or down, and this paytable embedded within the game will adjust in kind.

As you can see, whichever way you're viewing the paytable, it is the spirit of this game, the bison itself, which is the highest paying symbol here. After that comes the eagle, wild cat, wolf, and moose in that order, followed by playing card symbols of Ace through 9.

Winning combinations are for 3 of a kind up to 6 of a kind, connected, from left to right. In total there are 4,096 ways to win, which is through a complicated but highly rewarding setup across the 6 reels, with results automatically calculated and paid out by the machine.

And the top prize is an incredible 30,7888X your wager; which if you do the math, is well into the millions, and potentially even higher than the most coveted progressive jackpots games.

Bison Spirit Bonus Rounds and Special Features

Like pretty much all Pragmatic Play slots, Bison Spirit has a number of features to enhance the entertainment value, as much as the winning possibilities. Most notably the 98% return to player, 4,096 ways to win, and massive top prize potential.Although these features are nothing entirely unique, they're certainly still quite rewarding and great to have on top of the game's other special attributes.

As for their particulars, the bonus features here are:

  1. Wild symbols
  2. Free spins bonus round
  3. Wild symbols with multipliers
  4. Bonus buy option

Wild symbols

The first feature is fairly common in online slots, and that is the super-powered wild symbol. It has the ability to fill in for any other symbol to form a winning combination.

bison spirit wildThe only limitation is that the wild symbol cannot replace the scatter symbol, also called the bonus symbol in this game. And it can only appear on reels 2 through 6, leaving out reel number 1.

To make things extra easy, this symbol features a mountainous peak with the word 'WILD' in bold print across it, so there's no missing its appearance on the reels.

Free spins bonus round

bison spirit bonusTo unleash the bonus round here, you will need to land at least 3 scatter symbols - the golden bison with the word 'BONUS' splayed across it.

The number of free spins you get depends on how many scatter symbols triggered the round.

  • 3 scatter symbols give you 8 free spins
  • 4 scatter symbols equal 15 free spins
  • 5 scatter symbols mean 25 free spins
  • And 6 scatter symbols award 100 free spins

In addition, the bonus round can be retriggered by hitting just 2 scatter symbols during free spin play, making extending the fun and winnings even easier. When that happens, the free spins are granted at the same rate as above, with the addition of 5 free spins if it was 2 scatter symbols that extended the round.

Wild symbols with multipliers

Within the free spins bonus round, the wild symbols take on an even bigger role. Now, in addition to completing winning combinations, they also come with random multipliers of 2X, 3X, or 5X your win.

And you can have more than one wild multiplier in a winning combo for an exponential, extra-large payout.

Bonus buy option

While cash wins for combos are anyone's goal in a video slots game, when there's a bonus round at play, that takes the cake. So you can either wait for luck to unfold with 3+ scatter symbols naturally landing on the reels. Or, for a fee of 75X your current bet, you can gain instant access to the bonus round.


If you go the bonus buy route, it's not necessarily the top level you'll be getting. Rather once purchased, the triggering spin will give you 3 to 6 scatter symbols randomly and you'll commence from there. But since it's relatively easy to retrigger the bonus round once you're in, this entrance ticket could well be enough to get what you're after.

Play Bison Spirit on Mobile

For those who prefer playing mobile slots from their phone rather than sitting in front of their laptop or PC, then we'll just point out that Bison Spirit is entirely mobile compatible.

mobile devices iconIn fact, all of Stake casino itself - as a browser-based casino - is 100% mobile. This means instead of downloading the casino, or a casino app, you simply play from the Stake casino website which works perfectly well in all browsers, on all operating systems, across all devices. No UI issues, no glitches. Just the same great games, shrunken down to size, looking good, and operating great from any device.

And since mobile slots are so popular with most of us spending so much time on our phones, super accessible online gambling is always great news.

Bison Spirit FAQs

Overall, the only difference between enhanced RTP games like Bison Spirit and other slots - whether from Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil, NetEnt, or wherever - is the fact that they offer a higher return to players. That is, there is truly no learning curve involved.

However, each online slot today is created with a slightly different twist. So it's worth digging in a bit deeper, with these answers to some frequently asked player questions, about this game in particular.

  1. What currencies can I use to gamble on Bison Spirit slots?
  2. What other games are recommended for those who like Bison Spirit?
  3. Is Bison Spirit a Megaways game?
  4. Where is Bison Spirit available for real money play?
  5. Is there a Bison Spirit strategy to help me win?

1.) What currencies can I use to gamble on Bison Spirit slots?

Bison Spirit can be played with whatever currencies are currently accepted at Stake casino, as it can only be played on their site.

Luckily for us, this is one of the most flexible operators in terms of currency options, giving you the ability to bank and bet in some 20 different digital currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tether, as well as some more obscure cryptos like Polygon MATIC, Sandbox, Shiba Inu, and Uniswap.

In addition, there are traditional fiat options like Canadian dollars, Euros, Japanese yen, and more recently added to the casino cashier as our pro team noticed, Peruvian sol and Chilean peso.

For when you're actually betting and playing with cryptocurrency, you can shift the view so that your chosen fiat currency is displayed. So for example, you might fund your Stake account with BTC, and then choose to display your balance and bets in CAD to keep better track of the value.

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2.) What other games are recommended for those who like Bison Spirit?

Since their release by Pragmatic Play, the team at Casino.Guide has been systematically working its way through reviewing all of the enhanced RTP games. For more details, we welcome you to read each of these complete game reviews, all of which cover the ins and outs of how to play, what bonus features to expect, and what sets each title apart from its original slots inspiration.

That being said, if you're looking for the absolute highest RTP as your guiding light, then that's going to be Wild West Bounty, which has a 98.02% return to player.

If theme is your deciding factor, then that's really more a matter of individual taste, though we know that Sweet Fiesta, Gates of Heaven, and The Dog Mansion Megaways are proving particularly popular. This is based on the numbers we've seen at Stake - which you too can see for yourself by opening up the 'Enhanced RTP' tab, and looking beneath each thumbnail to see how many people are playing at any given time.

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3.) Is Bison Spirit a Megaways game?

Bison Spirit has many ways to win built in; however, it is not a Megaways game. Those types of games are labelled as such, featuring the very specific Megaways mechanism, with its own unique interface and expanding and contracting symbols.

That being said, Bison Spirit has an equally impressive number of ways to win with the potential for up to 4,096 possible paths to a payday.

And, we'll add, with such a high max profit potential of 30,788X your bet, it also rivals any progressive jackpot slots on the market, allowing for the possibility of a multi-million dollars win, should you be so lucky.

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4.) Where is Bison Spirit available for real money play?

In case you're just skimming the headlines, we'll point out again that Bison Spirit can only be found at Stake crypto casino. Its inspiration Buffalo King however, can be found at many other leading online casinos that carry Pragmatic Play slots.

But Bison Spirit, along with the whole enhanced RTP slots line, was developed by Pragmatic Play exclusively for Stake players. Whether or not other operators will eventually get their hands on these games is anyone's guess. But for now, Stake is the only place you'll find Bison Spirit and the other titles in this awesome slots series.

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5.) Is there a Bison Spirit strategy to help me win?

As an online slot machine, Bison Spirit results are governed entirely by luck. And that luck in itself is governed by a random number generator (a.k.a. an RNG).

What this means is that there is ultimately no strategy you can use to increase your odds of winning when playing Bison Spirit slots.

The only thing you can do is play mindfully, making bets based on your budget and available bankroll to help extend play, since the long-game is where you'll feel the enhanced part of the RTP. And of course, to assess your goals after a big win to ensure you walk away with the prize cash.

If you have the money and the appetite for risk, you may also choose the bonus buy option, where the potential for big prize money increases with free spins and all of those multipliers. But ultimately, there is no guarantee there either. The main tactic is really to play mindfully.

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Our Expert Opinion on Bison Spirit Slots

As a whole, Bison Spirit is a fun and engaging online slot machine, taking place against the backdrop of a prairie frontier, with graphics and a soundtrack in tune with the ambience it's looking to create.

We certainly like the theme, which has been extended from the original Pragmatic Play Buffalo King game, and proven popular amongst players.

thumb up iconOverall, it's a fairly simply machine, with not too many features - certainly none we haven't seen before. The bonus round is very good, with the potential for up to 100 free spins in a row, lots of multipliers, and an easy re-trigger.

There's also the option to buy right into that bonus round, which we always like to see. And in this case, while not cheap at 75X your current bet, it's less than we've seen in many other games.

Plus, of course there's the enhanced RTP, now coming in at 98%, which gives you a nice boost towards the payout rate.

These factors combined make it a very good pick for those who enjoy quality slots, with a compelling theme, excellent mechanics, engaging features, and the potential for some very big cash wins.

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