RTP (Return to Player) in Casinos

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Great games and big bonuses are certainly attractive. But let's be honest, when we visit an online casino, what we really want to do is win. And cold hard Canadian cash at that.

RTP - Short Facts
RTPReturn To Player
Also known as:The house edge
DefinitionPercentage of wagers each game returns to its players
How to calculate the RTP?Total sum returned to players divided by the amount of money bet by players
wildz casino logo Wildz has a guaranteed minimum 92% RTP overall! → visit Wildz

The question of all questions then, is which casinos pay the best odds, and on which games? This, of course, is a somewhat complicated quandary as there are so many online casinos out there, each with its own huge repertoire of games, many of which repeat across many casinos. As such calculating return to player (RTP), as a single deciding factor for choosing a casino is not as clear cut as it may seem.

Plus, there is needless to say, a matter of personal taste, and other priorities you'll have in ultimately joining any given online casino, which should also be considered in making your choice.

But what this article does is help point you in the right direction, giving you a more complete understanding of online casino odds and their payout rates so you can make an educated choice when you select the online casinos at which you would like to play.

Note: All of the information here is based on our own testing, as well as public information provided by the online casinos and their game developers. This makes it an excellent and accurate tool for helping you understand and evaluate the weight you'd like to place on RTP.

Our Top Picks for Casinos in Terms of Payout Percentages

The following list of recommended casinos shows our favourite, Canadian-friendly online casinos in terms of payout percentages.

Of course, the decision is up to you. And in our opinion, a good first impression goes a long way. So if you see something you like, from our list, we say go with your gut (and eyes). Because whichever of these top online casinos you choose, you know you're in good hands. In addition to well above average odds, they are all safe, secure, and completely legit, with excellent games and great welcome bonuses to match.

eCOGRAGLIiTech LabsMalta Gaming AuthoritySSL Secured
888casino-logo888 Casino Review$200
  • Gibraltar
  • MGA Malta
  • Schleswig-Holstein
92%Recommendedvisit 888 Casino
wildz-casino-logo-1Wildz Review$1,000+ 200 Free Spins
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90%Recommendedvisit Wildz
leo-vegas-logo-1LeoVegas Review$1,000+ 200 Free Spins
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  • UK Gambling Commission
  • Schleswig-Holstein
90%Recommendedvisit LeoVegas
mrgreen-logoMr Green Review$1,200+ 200 Free Spins
  • MGA Malta
90%Recommendedvisit Mr Green
williamhill-logoWilliam Hill Review$300
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  • UK Gambling Commission
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90%Recommendedvisit William Hill
betway-logoBetway Review$1,000
  • MGA Malta
89%Passablevisit Betway

What Is the Payout Rate Anyhow?

idea iconThe return to player, or payout rate, is the percentage of wagers each game returns to its players. It is calculated by dividing the total amount of money returned to players by the amount of money bet by players on that particular game, over the course of a certain timeframe (usually one month), or over a certain number of rounds (such as one million).

Also known as the house edge, the RTP for online casino games is actually set by the casino game programmers, and not by the individual casino itself, to payout a certain percentage through complicated random number generators and algorithms. That is why for the most part if you see the RTP of a game like Mega Moolah, for example, at different online casinos, the odds will always be the same.

Different Odds for Different Game Types

That being said there could be small differences between the RTP on any given slots game between online casinos, as some casinos might choose to allow for different wagering amounts or features, which affect the ultimate RTP.

Microgaming Mega MoolahThis is why, the same game at an online casino can also sometimes show an RTP range. If you take our Mega Moolah jackpot game example above, the RTP is different during regular play and for jackpot wagers. And jackpot games, since they have such huge prizes actually tend to have a lower RTP built in, which makes sense when you consider the prizes at hand.

In the same vein, games like blackjack have what are considered better odds than say slots. This difference can be interpreted in two different ways. It is true that you have better chances of landing a win at the online blackjack table than you do at an online slots machine. On the other hand, the amount you can win at a time tends to be much higher in online slots.

So the difference, to a degree, has a lot to do with how much you want to wager and how much you want to win. And of course your game preference, because the difference in odds isn't really enough to switch your tastes entirely.

wildz-casino-logoAs a practical example, Wildz Casino has a guaranteed minimum 92% RTP overall. Its video slots range from around 95% to 97% while its table games can reach an RTP of as high as 99%.

To a large degree, one might say the return to player is a good indicator of a casino's seriousness. If a casino offers games with a high RTP consistently, it shows that the casino understands the need to give players decent odds of winning in order to maintain its customer base.

By the way, if you wonder how a casino can survive if it claims to have a 95% payout rate, think about the amount of money a mega online casino like Mr Green turns over in a year. Say it took in $100 million in the past year (which really isn't an unreasonable sum for such a business). Even if it paid out $95 million of that, it still makes a tidy profit of $5 million.

That's certainly a sum any one of us at Casino.Guide would be happy with, and more than enough to run a profitable business. And if you're still thinking that's not enough profit, don't worry, there are games with a lower RTP to make the casino business profitable while keeping you in the winning range.

Does a 97% RTP Mean I Win 97% of the Time?

info iconIt is important to keep in mind, that RTP is a long-term calculation particularly in terms of online slots. So for example, if a game has a stated RTP of 97%, that does not mean that you will win 97 out of 100 rounds. Rather it means that the game will payout 97% of the time over the long-haul. But a 97% return rate does give you better odds than one with a 95% RTP.

How We Tested the Payout Ratios - And How You Can Test Them Too!

Online casinos that are licensed and regulated need to provide RTP information about its games to players.

eCOGRA SiegelIn fact, the UK Gaming Commission, which many consider the most stringent around, clearly stipulates that its licensed casinos must not only list the RTP for each game, but the RTP needs to be verified, certified, and regularly tested by recognised external bodies like eCOGRA in order for the casino to receive and maintain its online casino license.

To this end, a reputable online casino will always make the RTP of each online game it offers easily accessible. You can usually find it listed in the game's information section, under its paytable, so look for it there. For example, all games at Mr Green list their RTP in the bottom right corner of the paytable.

book-of-ra-paytableBook of Ra slot from the developer Novomatic have a listed RTP of 95.1%. Above, you can see the available payouts according to winning symbols and combinations.MoreLess

Some online casinos also have a dedicated page on their website listing the RTP of every single game, which can be interesting if you're simply looking to find the games with the highest RTP, or to get an at-a-glance glimpse of the casino's full RTP picture.

Slots with the Highest RTP

If you are absolutely in search of the online slot machines with the highest RTP, we recommend checking out these online slots at these top online casinos. As you can see games from Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming dominate the list. Which makes sense, since they're pretty much the giants in the online casino game developer world.

Best odds at slot games

Payout Ratio
BloodsuckersNetEnt EntertainmentMr. Green
Kings of ChicagoNetEnt EntertainmentMr. Green
Devils DelightNetEnt EntertainmentMr. Green
A Night OutPlaytech William Hill
BreakawayMicrogamingMr. Green

Payout Ratios to Expect on Different Game Types

As mentioned above, each type of casino game has its own set of odds. And within each genre, there can be differences between versions - like European and American roulette. So what are the general payouts you should expect?

Payout percentages for online slots

slotmachine iconLet's start with the really good news. The RTP for online slots is actually significantly higher than the slots RTP in land-based casinos, where the slot machine return rate is often set as low as 70% and usually no higher than 90%, with a few coming in at the 92% RTP range. In an online casino, such low return rates are practically unheard of.

In fact, when it comes to the online domain, slots that pay back under 95% are actually considered as low returns. Many newer online slot machines have RTPs above 96% and can even reach up to 98% like in the Blood Suckers game from NetEnt and even 99% in the odd case like Mega Joker, which is also from NetEnt.

mega-joker-leovegas-canada-1024x551NetEnt's popular slot Mega Joker has a RTP of 99% and can be played at LeoVegas CasinoMoreLess

Payout percentages for online roulette

There is no single answer as to the RTP for online roulette. That is because there are dozens upon dozens of versions of online roulette available.

roulette iconFor example, in American Roulette, the house edge is 5.26%. Or flipped around, that means a 94.74% RTP. In European Roulette, the odds are even better, with just a 2.7% house edge, which means a 97.3% RTP.

Payout percentages for online blackjack

blackjack-cardsAgain, the payout percentages for online blackjack depend on which version of online blackjack you are playing. But in general, it is safe to say that the RTP of this card game is particularly high. So if good odds are your thing, blackjack may be the right game choice for you.

Theoretically, for example, blackjack has a potential 99.54% RTP. The catch, however, is that blackjack is a skill based game, so the odds are somewhat affected by your level of skill. That being said, even if you're not yet particularly adept at the game, the RTP of online blackjack is rarely below 95%.

CasinoRTPVisit Casino
1William Hill96-98%William Hill
2Mr Green93.2-99% Mr. Green
3Netbet93-98.3% NetBet
4888Casino96.81 average 888Casino
5Betway93-94% Betway

Payout percentages for live casino games

There are many different types of live casino games on the market. That is different game types from different software providers, so there is no one answer to the RTP live casino games pay.

In general, however, it is safe to say that live casino games pay out a fairly high RTP. The highest of which are for the Playtech games Unlimited Blackjack at 99.54% and Quantum Blackjack at 99.47%, followed by Infinite Blackjack from Evolution Gaming at 99.51%. This of course mirrors what we said about online blackjack being the game format with the highest RTP.

BlackJack Games at NetBet casino

The image above shows a few versions of BlackJack games at NetBet Casino.

Payout percentages for other online casino games

If RTP is something that drives your casino game choice, you may be interested to know that some of the less popular online games actually have some of the better odds.

deuces wild logoClassic Baccarat from RealTime Gaming, for example, has a 98.94% RTP. And some video poker machines are known to give ridiculously high odds of up to 99.96%. There's even a game called Deuces Wild which offers a 100.76% RTP, which seems like an error, but we assure you it's not, rather a matter of extreme luck in lining up the perfect paytable.

Is RTP Really That Important?

After reading through this article, you may still be wondering, is RTP really that important? Or perhaps more accurately, should RTP really be a factor in choosing my games?

Vienne Garcia"Well, yes and no. If you really love a game and get a lot of joy out of it, then RTP may be a marginal factor in making your decision. Also, just because online blackjack has a higher RTP, it isn't going to turn you from a slots lover into a blackjack player. There is, in other words, a lot of room for personal preference. As there should be." Vienne Garcia – Author and Casino Expert

That being said, with all things being equal and you are comparing one slot machine to another, RTP can be the deciding factor. After all, why not play a game that gives you better odds at winning?

So while the choice is ultimately up to you, we recommend checking the RTP of each casino game before you get started. It gives you a good sense of the odds you're up against, and helps you set your expectations right.

Plus, seeing that the casino displays the RTP gives you an additional sense of security, as this is the type of information a reputable online casino divulges from the get-go, as part of its player commitment.

A commitment to players is definitely one of the key deciding factors in the casinos we recommend, and something we highly advise you to consider when you choose where to play.

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