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David Dobrik Profile
Streamer name:David Dobrik
Real name: Dávid Julián Dobrík
Avatar:David Dobrik avatar
Year of Birth: July 23, 1996 - Košice, Slovakia
Followers:14,000 (Kick)
840,474 (Twitch)
5,000,000 (Twitter)
17,900,000 (YouTube)
11,200,000 (Instagram)
Favourite Casino: Stake
Biggest Win: unknown
Biggest Multiplier:unknown

David Dobrik has got to be one of the hottest internet personalities. He is the man behind the Vlog squad and has proven to be a natural at keeping everyone rolling with videos and podcasts featuring numerous pranks and his cheeky charm.

This has gained him millions of followers on Youtube and Tiktok who simply can't get enough of his incredibleness. And as casino experts, we're super happy to report that David Dobrik now does casino streams, bringing his talent for entertainment to the world of online gambling.

That's exactly why our team has put this special on David Dobrik together, so everyone can get a feel for this amazing American streamer with a peek at what's in stores when you check in to some of his live action online.

For the benefit of our readers who might want to know more about David Dobrik as a person, we also have the background check for you right here.

David Dobrik's road to success began in 2015 on Vine, if anyone still remembers that platform. He then quickly branched out to Youtube, leading the Vlog Squad, a group of like-minded friends including the likes of Liza Koshy, Jason Nash and Gabbie Hanna who enjoy doing the weirdest things in front of the camera for all the world to see.

By 2019, his Youtube Channel was the fifth most viewed. There's definitely been many controversies along the way, which we will talk about, but regardless, Dobrik is definitely a creator who knows how to make content loved by tens of millions.

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Who is David Dobrik?

But let's start with some of the basics. Who, what and where is David Dobrik?

David Dobrik, or more precisely Dávid Julián Dobrík, was born in Košice, Slovakia in 1996, and moved to Illinois when he was just six years old. After graduating from high school where he played tennis competitively and was already making videos for the Vine video sharing platform, he took the big leap and moved to Los Angeles to follow his dreams.

This was around 2014, and in Los Angeles he quickly became a hit and then added his own Youtube Channel. He then also became known as the leader of the Vlog Squad, which consisted of other members such as Jason Nash, Corinna Kopf, Zane Hijazi, Heath Hussar, Josh Peck and Liza Koshy. David was technically an illegal immigrant in the US but since he arrived as a child, he was protected under DACA. In 2021, Dobrik received his green card, allowing him to travel outside of the US.

trophy iconDavid Dobrik's super high jet fuel energy videos are loaded with pranks, jokes and interviews with celebs both on the internet and otherwise, and developed a serious following early on. By 2018, his Youtube channel had over 10 million subscribers and won a Diamond Play Button. In 2019, Variety Magazine named him on their Power of Young Hollywood list. Many more awards followed, acknowledging Dobrik's incredible ability to both entertain and be his authentic self.

His success as a vlogger and a streamer are really first class, and his Youtube channel had over 2.4 billion views and 19 million subscribers in 2019, making David Dobrik the fifth most viewed creator on Youtube that year.

David Dobrik pizza

©daviddobrik – instagram

Other than videos and streams, Dobrik has expanded into other ventures, including launching the Dispo app in 2019 and the Doughbrik Pizza restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood with fellow Vlog Squad member Ilya Fedorovich in 2022.

David took some time off from Youtube to focus on the dough in the oven, but has since come back to provide his superb online content with streaming.

When and Where to watch David Dobrik's streams?

Kick LogoOf course we all know that many vloggers have moved onto streaming, where fans can get a much more direct experience interacting with both their favourite content creator and other audience members at the same time. And if you want to catch David Dobrik live online, then right now Kick is the place to find David Dobrik streams.

Yes, we repeat, it's best to watch David Dobrik streams on the Kick platform. Traditionally, Twitch was the place to be, and David had also opened a Twitch channel after a surprise appearance in a Call of Duty stream on Parasite's channel in August 2020 and giving out $1,000 cash prizes to viewers.

Corinna Kopf Twitch Avatar

However, in May 2023, David moved over to Kick, following Vlog Squad member, long time friend, and Only Fans model Corrina Kopf, who has also migrated from Twitch to Kick.

David Dobrik Kick streams features lots of casino and slots play. One of the reasons for the platform change has been that Twitch has been accused for unreasonable bans and lots of online gambling restrictions that take out the fun out of things. Then there is the fact that Kick is co-founded by Trainswrecktv, and is all about being transparent and fair in both the Terms of Service and in revenue model, and many top streamers like Adin Ross have moved over.

As for when David Dobrik streams, there isn't a schedule posted on Kick yet, since it's all fairly new. So far, Dobrik's Kick streams are around 2 to 3 hours long and have been from the Bahamas, so we don't know what it will normally look like when he's back home in the States.

Which casinos does David Dobrik play at?

In his casino streams, David Dobrik plays at Stake Casino, just like many other top streamers. No surprise here. With Stake being a leading crypto casino with no limit gambling, Dobrik and others who enjoy going all out can play according to their own mood and style. No one knows what kind of a deal Stake struck with Dobrik, but for sure it won't be too shabby.

casino iconOf course, David Dobrik has always loved playing at casinos and there are more than several videos of him and his friends having a blast in Las Vegas with epic wins and losses. And you'll find that the energy is just as amazing, whether he's playing in Vegas or online.

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David Dobrik's casino games

So David Dobrik loves playing roulette in Vegas. Needless to say, you'll also find him playing roulette online as well, and David has certainly been checking out live dealer roulette games at Stake, such as Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming.

plinko stakeHe also switches over to live Blackjack for some more strategic play, while checking in for slots like Pragmatic Play's Sweet Bonanza, as well as Plinko, the crypto arcade game.

Obviously he plays other games too, but what is clear is that he seems to like to rotate between these different games to stay fresh and nimble throughout.  And since David Dobrik has been streaming with others from the Vlog Squad like Corinna Kopf, Jason Nash on Kick, you'll find them putting their heads together for a roller coaster ride.

Lightning Roulette




Gates of Olympus




Crazy Time


Sweet Bonanza




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What's up with David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad controversies?

As with many internet celebrities and pranksters, David Dobrik has his own share of controversies. There's been a couple of sexual harassment and rape allegations against former Vlog Squad member Dominykas Zeglaitis, aka Durte Dom. With Dom being a childhood friend, David Dobrik was initially somewhat slow to cut things off with Dom, but after issuing apologies and realizing the depth of the problem, Dom is no longer part of the squad.

There's also been the accident with Jeff Wittek. In June 2020, Wittek was badly injured while filming a stunt with Dobrik who was operator an excavator with Wittek swinging from an attached rope. Then in 2021, BigNik said in some revealing interviews that he felt he was always the brunt of the joke and felt bullied in the squad.

So with all this, David Dobrik and the Vlog Squad have been relatively quiet for a little bit. Being extreme, entertaining and fast can sometimes lead to things getting out of control, but it seems David and the squad seem to now understand their responsibilities and are returning to the action with their live streams.


How rich is David Dobrik?

rich-people-64x64.pngDavid Dobrik has a net worth of $25 million in 2023. We guess we can all agree that's pretty damn rich. You sort of have to be when you are handing out cash to strangers on the streets, Teslas to your friends, as well as having a massive mansion in Hollywood.

It's estimated that Dobrik makes roughly $10 million a year, with the money coming in from his Youtube videos, brand deals, merch sales, and more recently with pizza. Being as entrepreneurially minded as he is, David Dobrik has also been involved in other business ventures over the years, such as the Dispo app and David's Perfume.

David Dobrik Relationships

Even though relationships technically belong to David Dobrik's private life, we know many people want to know about this celebrity's status. And being an internet personality, David has always been very open about his relationships. We all know David Dobrik was with Liza Koshy between 2015 and 2018, when the couple announced their breakup in a video that nearly broke the internet with more than 21 million views.

Since then, David has gotten married and divorced with Lorraine Nash in 2019. Vlog Squad followers will know that Lorraine is actually Jason Nash's mother, and the marriage was another one of David's crazy pranks for everyone to have a really good laugh.

Since then, there's been some flirty moments between David Dobrik and Natalie Mariduena, aka Natalie Noel, his assistant turned president of David Dobrik LLC, who also happens to be a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. And of course David Dobrik and the super hot Corinna Kopf are very close friends, but Corinna announced in 2022 that she's dating Sammy Wilk.

All this to say that the puppy eyed David Dobrik is single for now.

David Dobrik on Social Media

  1. David Dobrik on Kick
  2. David Dobrik on Twitch
  3. DavidDobrik on Youtube
  4. DavidDobrik on Tiktok
  5. DavidDobrik on Twitter
  6. David Dobrik on Instagram
  7. DavidDobrik on Snapchat
  8. David Dobrik on Facebook

Being an internet personality means social media is a must. David Dobrik had after all started with video sharing on Vine way back before becoming known as a top Youtuber. And today, you can find his presence on these channels.

1.) David Dobrik on Kick

In terms of streaming, David Dobrik announced he'd be moving over from Twitch to Kick in May 2023. Not even a week after the announcement, he's already amassed over 14,000 followers and the number is ticking up all the time. He's only really streamed here on two days so far, with each stream lasting around 2 to 3 hours with plenty of cash giveaways every 30 minutes. Most of his videos here are in the hundreds of views, which by Dobrik's standards isn't super high. But given that he just started on Kick, which is a pretty new platform, we're confident that this is just the beginning.

David Dobrik kick


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2.) David Dobrik on Twitch

twitch logoDavid Dobrik first began streaming on Twitch in August 2020. His very first appearance was playing Call of Duty: Warzone on Parasite's channel, giving out cash prizes to viewers every time he won. The next day he opened up his own channel. Word got out on the street very quickly and he had 47,000 viewers as he stumbled through Warzone towards a miraculous victory.

Although he's officially migrated over to Kick, there are still 841k followers on David Dobrik's Twitch channel.

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3.) DavidDobrik on Youtube

Needless to say, Youtube is David Dobrik's home since 2014. This is where things really got big for him after all, and in addition to the famous 4:20 vlogs that he started out with, David still posts many recordings of his streams and other video content here on a regular basis.

He has a massive 17.9 million subscribers here on his main channel. He also has a second channel called David Dobrik Too, which has 8.22 million subscribers. This channel is dedicated to videos with him and his chosen family, like Liza, Zane, Heath, Toddy and so on. Then he has a third Youtube channel called Views, which David Dobrik runs with Jason Nash. This channel is dedicated to the View video podcasts, where they're just chatting about the most random topics like bad college hookups. Views has 1.64 million subscribers.



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4.) DavidDobrik on Tiktok

David Dobrik tiktok


Of course David Dobrik is on TikTok. He's got 26.3 million followers here and 1.3 billion likes here no less. That's even more than his Youtube following.

The TikTok format means that the videos he shares here are shorter than what you see on Youtube, and you'll find lots of great clips of surprise giveaways, including the famed Tesla giveaway, to weight loss and body transformations, Marvel comic specials, and just fun loving good times with friends and family.

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5.) DavidDobrik on Twitter

David Dobrik twitter


So David is on Twitter, but he's not very active here. He's been on Twitter since 2011 but has only 223 tweets. The last tweet David Dobrik made was in 2021.

We do sort of get it though since David is mostly a video guy, and all the video sharing platforms allow followers and subscribers to stay up to date with notifications. So we can definitely understand why David might want to spend his time focusing on what he really loves instead of tweeting. Nonetheless, DavidDobrik has 5 million followers on Twitter.

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6.) David Dobrik on Instagram

David Dobrik has two Instagram accounts. The main one is DavidDobrik with 11.2 million followers, and you'll see tons of pics and reels with him, his friends and pets, hanging out, playing pickle ball, going to Coachella, giving out Teslas and so on.

He's not nearly as active here as on Youtube, but does post every 2 weeks or so. Then there is davidsdisposable Instagram with 2.3 million followers. This exclusively features photos of David and his friends with a disposable camera look and aesthetic, and the party feel is right on the money.

David Dobrik insta


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7.) DavidDobrik on Snapchat

Although Snapchat isn't as big as it used to be, David Dobrik is still on Snapchat and posts regularly here. Snap is also said to be attracting more content creators to the platform through paid deals for exclusive content, so maybe it also makes sense to see David maintaining such an active presence here.

And in terms of what you can expect from DavidDobrik's Snap account, many are short clips of life at home with friends, to birthday parties, to other random things Dobrik and his crew are up to. Very chilled and nice. David Dobrik has 7.3 million followers here who get frequent quick peeks into his life.

David Dobrik snapchat

©youtube.com/@DavidDobrik – Snapchat info on youtube

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8.) David Dobrik on Facebook

facebook logoDavid Dobrik has a decent following on Facebook too, with 1.7 million following and 780k likes. You'll see videos and reels, all featuring the good stuff you might expect from one of the internet's top content creators. Corinna Kopf, driving by the newly opened Doughbrik's pizza restaurant, puppies, and some blind blowing stunts can be found on David Dobrik's Facebook page.

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The Long and Short on David Dobrik

David Dobrik is without a doubt one of the biggest content creators. He certainly knows how to entertain in the video format, ranging from pranks, having a go at the tables in Vegas, to just puppy eyed silliness. As the leader of the Vlog Squad, he's one of the most influential internet personalities out there right now. David and his boy next door charm is certainly part of this success, but behind it has been a lot of hard work and discipline to consistently deliver and to engage with the audience.

heart iconIn all of this rush, David is always generous with friends, fans and strangers with cash and car giveaways. In the last couple of years, he's added live streams to his menu. This is a great addition since viewers can interact with each other as well as with Dobrik live. And better yet for us at Casino.Guide, we love that these are David Dobrik casino streams that you can tune into, with plenty of live cash drops in true Dobrik style.

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