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ClassyBeef Profile
Streamer Name:ClassyBeef
Real Name:Espen, Joe, Nando, Biggo, Jonte, Georgi, Rune & Lamar
Avatar:ClassyBeef streamer avatar
Country: Malta
Year of Birth: Unknown
Favourite Casino:
Specialities:Beef Battles
Biggest Win:1,476,600.00 € in Chaos Crew
Biggest Multiplier: 7,383x in Chaos Crew

ClassyBeef is the name of a team of nine casino streamers: Joe, Espen, Nando, Jonte, Bigg0, Georgi, Lamar and Rune. They stream out of Malta where many online casinos are headquartered. Having only got onto Twitch in the beginning of 2019, you could say these guys are relatively new to the scene.

However, in a bit under 3 years, Classy Beef has streamed well 13,500 hours with 18.5 million views. Their aspiration and efforts have paid off and they're now one of the top streamers on the platform.

Slots are Classy Beef's specialty, with bet size usually set between 50 and 500 Euros. Although not the highest amount in the casino streaming community, the bet size is big enough for Classy Beef to haul in some beefy wins. The gang often battles it out with each other in the so called Beef Battles to add to the blast. Being a team, ClassyBeef manages to be super active with their streams and chats, often with extra info on new casino promotions that the audience can check out.


ClassyBeef Games

Doghouse slotVideo slots tend to be Classy Beef's specialty. High variance slots like Dog House and MoneyTrain are always popular with streamers since the ups and downs are thrilling to watch while bringing in some solid wins. Fruit Party is also a hit with its multipliers galore, and there has also been some insane hits on 300 Shields.

Occasionally, ClassyBeef can also be found taking on the hot croupiers in a game of live roulette, but slots still tend to be their main game of choice.

ClassyBeef Streams: When and Where

ClassyBeef's main hangout is obviously Twitch. Having grown from a team of 5 to 7 and then to 8 casino streamers recently, the Beef's schedule is one of the most active and consistent that you can find. They stream everyday of the week, starting in the late mornings at 10am and going well until 2am. Malta time of course. For Canadian audiences, the time difference isn't a big deal. Thanks to the long hours the team puts in, you can easily catch ClassyBeef during the day, or late at night when the guys just start their streaming. There are definitely enough streaming hours to choose from.

If it still somehow doesn't work out with your schedule, there are plenty of ClassyBeef videos on Youtube as well. They also have their own website,, where there is a forum and a Merch store among other things.

ClassyBeef Casinos

Coming from Malta, where many European online casinos are based, it should come as no surprise that ClassyBeef plays at lots of casinos. These guys know what they are doing and are always on top of the latest offers from gaming sites. Sometimes they also partner up with casinos looking for additional exposure.

Some of the better casinos Classy Beef plays at include Stake Casino, PartyCasino, Wildz and Lucky Days. If you want to play at some ClassyBeef's regular haunts, then these are the ones with strong reputation among players and would be the casinos we would recommend.

partycasino-start-bonus-1024x286At Party Casino new players can claim a bonus up to C$500 and 20 Free SpinsMoreLess

Classy Beef Highlights: Beef Battles & Challenges

One of the most popular programmes on the ClassyBeef Twitch are the Beef Battles. This is when the guys try to outdo each other in a slot.  It's a one on one contest, with another person from the ClassyBeef team as the referee. Usually they choose games where you can buy free spins and then the winner is the one who wins the most money from the spins.

Their more regular challenges can also include the likes of biggest win, or who hits a bonus game first.

ClassyBeef Streaming Team

ClassyBeef started with just Joe and Espen in the beginning, but they quickly started growing. The team has included Kevin in the past, followed by Nando and Marko. Just in October 2020, Classy Beef grew from 4 to 5 streamers, with Jonte and Lamar filling the opening left by Marko. Recently in November 2020 two additional streamers – Bigg0 and Georgi – joined the Classy Beef crew. Now the team has eight casino streamers in total.


ClassyBeef on Social Media

If you want to be a popular streamer, then a presence on social media is simply part of the package nowadays. You'll find ClassyBeef active on Youtube, Instagram and Twitter in addition to Twitch. They are however pretty quiet on their private lives and prefer to keep that separate from their professional streamer lives.

ClassyBeef on Twitch

Twitch is where all the streaming action happens, and here ClassyBeef has more than 200,000 followers. The number has been growing quickly as viewers are loving their long and regular slot streams that are always action packed.

classybeef-twitch-fruit-partyFruit Party is a popular game on ClassyBeef TwitchMoreLess

ClassyBeef on Youtube

As with any successful streamer, ClassyBeef also posts recordings of their live streams on Youtube. If you're curious, some of the videos here include behind the scenes clips. You'll find playlists for Beef Battles, as well as for Raffles and Competitions. The Classy Beef channel now has over 24,000 subscribers.

ClassyBeef on Youtube

ClassyBeef on Instagram

Treating their casino streaming as a profession, the men behind ClassyBeef are pretty good at keeping their private lives off social media. Occasionally you might see the guys having a beer but it doesn't usually get more private than that. Their Instagram account has around 72,000 followers and consists of mostly behind-the-scene shots and gambling related content.

ClassyBeef on Instagram

Classy Beef on Twitter

Twitter is still a relatively new and small platform for ClassyBeef with around 5,300 followers. The CB twitter has been largely managed by Kevin, one of the first streamers on the Classy Beef team who has since moved behind the camera.

classybeef-on-twitter-1© | The ClassyBeef Twitter account.MoreLess

ClassyBeef - Professional Casino Streamers

ClassyBeef streamer avatarWhile their very first stream in 2019 only drew in a paltry 11 live viewers, Joe and Espen did not let that discourage them and were soon joined by more talented streamers. These men had a vision and they kept working on it.

The fact that they're in Malta, where many online casinos are located, doesn't hurt since they are perfectly tuned in to the latest developments in the industry. Today, Classy Beef is one of the top slot streamers and are making a living with their passion for the game.

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