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Dash Facts
Company: Dash Core Group, Inc.
Founded in:2014
Headquarters:Scottsdale, AZ, US
CEO: Patrick Quinn
Available in:Over 100 countries
E-Mail:[email protected]
Best Dash Casino:Cloudbet Casino

Dash is a cryptocurrency that was born in 2014 out of a fork from Litecoin, which in itself was a fork from Bitcoin. Originally calling itself Xcoin, and then DarkCoin, the cryptocurrency eventually settled on Dash in 2015. Beyond the obvious reference to speed, which is one of its stand out features, the name is an acronym for "Digital Cash".

Since Dash has its roots in Litecoin and Bitcoin, it shares many similarities with these coins but also has differences to distinguish itself as a separate cryptocurrency.

Evan Duffield, the founder to Dash, has a clear aim: the goal of Dash is not to re-invent the wheel, but rather to improve on previous coins to make cryptocurrency more widely accessible and to eventually become the coin of choice for everyday purchases.

With lower fees and faster transaction times, Dash is gaining traction in the market. Although still not as common as BTC and ETH, more and more online casinos are accepting Dash as a payment method. This Dash guide will go into some of the details.

Play with Dash at Cloudbet


idea iconOn the Dash.org website, there is a list of businesses that accept Dash. Featured prominently on that list is the crypto casino, Cloudbet. This cryptocurrency clearly understands the needs for online gambling.


Best Dash Casinos 2024

Dash is growing steadily in popularity, so while the current list of Dash casinos may not be very long, there are certainly enough good casinos that take Dash as a payment method. And with market trends, we think that more crypto gambling sites will be adding Dash to their banking in the near future.

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What is Dash coin?

dash coinAs a fork off from a fork of Bitcoin, the structural design of Dash shares many similarities with BTC. To begin with, it runs on a Proof of Work concept, which means that you can buy Dash as well as mine it.

Mining on the other hand is known to be an energy guzzler. To reduce energy consumption, Dash has implemented what is called the X11 hashing algorithm, which is a proprietary algorithm specifically designed for the purpose.

Other Dash features include Instantsend, which allows for significantly faster transaction times because users can proceed with a Dash transaction before transactions are confirmed on the blockchain. Additionally, there is enhanced privacy with Privatesend, which lets users perform transactions that cannot be traced back to their identity.

The Dash Wallet app

Another distinguishing feature with Dash is that it has it's own wallet app. With a vision to become a payment method for everyday use, Dash has a mobile app that allows you to make payments easily in daily life, down to something as basic as buying a coffee. The Dash app is free and can be found on the App store and Google play.


You have the option to buy Dash coins through the app rather than through a crypto exchange. The Dash app works with two independent service providers, Liquid and Uphold, so that users can buy Dash tokens directly from the app. Liquid and Uphold have also supported the Moonpay gateway at many crypto casinos, allowing players to buy crypto directly from the site. Essentially, from a consumer perspective, Dash functions like a mobile wallet.

How to set up Dash wallet

  1. Download and install the Dash app. It's available for iOS and Android. Several different Dash web wallets are available for desktop use - go to Dash.org to see the full list.
  2. Register with your email or phone number. Some make it even quicker with the option to sign up through your Google or Facebook account.
  3. Choose your password and PIN.
  4. Set up phrase words for further security.

app storeLike with most banking apps, you will have to enter your PIN every time you open the Dash app. Quick transactions can be performed by entering the phrase words. If you want to use Dash at a crypto casino, use the app to scan the QR code displayed by the casino. We go into the details next.

Using Dash at a Crypto Casino

  • Choose a crypto casino that banks with Dash. Sign up.
  • When logged in, go to the casino's cashier and choose Deposit
  • Select Dash as your payment method
  • A QR code will appear. Scan it with your Dash wallet app
  • Enter how much you would like to deposit
  • Confirm the transaction

Signing up for a crypto casino account takes only a couple of minutes and is always free. Most sites have the cashier menu located in the top menu, and when you select Deposit, all the payment methods that the casino accepts will typically appear as a drop down menu. Some sites will have you enter the deposit amount before you see the QR code, others will ask you to enter it through your Dash wallet app.

walletIf you prefer to use the web wallet and not to use your phone app to scan the QR code, there will be a Dash address generated below the QR code that you can just copy and paste into your wallet.

Dash Casino Security

Dash itself is a perfectly secure cryptocurrency. Security concerns should mostly be focused on the casino you choose to gamble at. When it comes to choosing a casino, look for its gambling license as well as see what responsible gambling tools it has in place. For example, affiliation with Gamcare, an independent organization in the UK providing support for problem gambling, is always a good sign. It means that you're looking at a responsible casino operator.

info iconMany crypto casinos are no limit casinos, or at least very close. With the thrill of things, it's good to have the tools for you to set your own limits so you don't go over your planned budget. Usually you can set deposit limits and loss limits.

Where to buy Dash coin

When it comes to crypto gambling, it's always a good idea to make sure you have some coins in your wallet before you need them. You can easily buy Dash tokens at crypto exchanges, which display the most up to date prices for Dash and other cryptocurrencies.

As already mentioned, what's unique about Dash is that there is a Dash wallet through which you can buy Dash coins directly. Some casinos, such as Fairspin also have a third party gateway like Moonpay and Localbitcoins.com through which you can buy crypto.

Dash Casinos Pros and Cons

  1. What advantages are there to gambling with Dash?
  2. What disadvantages are there to gambling with Dash?

What advantages are there to gambling with Dash?

miningYou will enjoy all the benefits of crypto gambling with Dash. Cryptocurrencies are especially prized by gamblers for their banking speed and high limits compared to traditional payment methods. Dash in particular, is known for exceptionally fast transaction speed and low fees. It is also a cryptocurrency that can be mined, meaning that if you have the resources, you can earn Dash by mining.

Pros to Dash coin:

  • 1 second transaction speed
  • Low network fees
  • Very energy efficient
  • Widely available
  • Supported by all crypto wallets
  • Direct payments possible
  • Mobile wallet for daily use
  • No deposit or withdrawal limits

What disadvantages are there to gambling with Dash?

When it comes to Dash disadvantages, you're looking at some of the typical issues with cryptocurrencies in general, and that is price volatility. The crypto market can go through big up and downs very quickly, so you have to be careful when you buy and sell. From an investment perspective, while Dash certainly has the potential to rise in value, experts in the crypto asset space are not expecting a dramatic explosion in value for smaller altcoins as with Bitcoin a few years ago.

casino iconAs for Dash gambling specifically, the main drawback is that not all casinos accept the coin for now. Compared to Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum, there are relatively few sites to choose from.

In short, keep these things in mind with Dash:

  • Not many casinos accept Dash
  • As an investment, it is unlikely to soar dramatically

What's unique about Dash coin

With so many altcoins out there, and being a fork from Litecoin and BTC, what makes Dash unique is that it is designed for speed and energy efficiency to lead to lower network transaction costs. This is part of the developers' vision to make Dash a viable cryptocurrency for smaller transactions in daily use.

Technically, Dash has these distinct specificities:

  • X11 hashing algorithm to reduce energy costs
  • Masternode servers to complete transfers before confirmations
  • Masternode servers allow non-traceable transactions for anonymity
heart iconTransparency is part of the Dash ethic. The website openly lists its entire development team, along with CEO Patrick Quinn, CFO Glenn Austin and CTO Samuel Westrich.

Dash - Pay with no limits

Crypto gambling is popular for so-called no limit gambling, which is good for high rollers. However, for those on a more limited budget, crypto gambling often has a drawback in that the minimum deposit can be a bit high because it needs to cover the costs of the network transaction fees.

thumb up iconThese problems are much less of a problem with Dash because it was designed for small transactions in mind. Of course, when it comes to the max limit, the sky is the limit. That means even when you score a massive jackpot win, you are not restricted to the usual withdrawal limits from traditional payment methods. Dash is a really budget flexible coin in this way.

fairspin-logoTo give you an idea of how close to limitless gambling with Dash is take a look at Fairspin Casino where min deposit with Dash is just 2 cents. Cloudbet has a minimum of 0.0001 DASH for both deposits and withdrawals, while Fortunejack Casino has no limits at all.

Are there any game restrictions?

If the casino accepts Dash, you can use the coin for everything you see on the site. There are no restrictions. Some of the casino games you can play with Dash include:

fruit-slotsSlots and jackpotsbonus icon  Bonus buy slotslive-dealer icon  Live casino games
roulette icon  Rouletteblack-jack icon  Blackjackblackjack-cards  Card games

If the site has sportsbetting options like Cloudbet or 22Bet, you can also use Dash to place your bet.

arrowMost crypto casinos have an added feature that displays your bet size and balance in USD, Euros or another fiat currency of your choice. This way, you don't have to do the math with the exchange prices all the time. It's also useful if you have multiple cryptocurrencies in your account that all have different exchange rates.

Tips and Tricks for gambling with Dash

With close to no limits on both the min and max ends, Dash can be a very good choice for crypto gambling. If you want to get into gambling with Dash, we have these tips for you:

  • Buy Dash ahead of time at a crypto exchange.
  • Track the price of Dash to buy when price is low.
  • Claim the casino welcome bonus with Dash when available

Although casinos do let you buy Dash and other coins with Moonpay directly from their site, if you want to gamble in crypto in the long term, it's always best to buy ahead of time elsewhere so you can get in when the price is right.

Vienne Garcia"While not many gambling sites accept Dash for now, we do think it will become more popular. That's because the speed and low transaction fees make Dash a much more efficient and accessible coin, helping save money in the long term." Vienne Garcia - Online Casino Expert

Dash coin alternatives

The fact remains that at this very moment, not many crypto casinos accept Dash. And even though this coin has many advantages, it might not be the best coin to hold if you want to have access to a multitude of casinos at this very moment. If this applies to you, then consider these alternatives, which are widely accepted in the online casino landscape.

  • bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash Logo
  • Ethereum Logo
  • Litecoin Logo
  • EOS-logo
  • Cardano Logo
  • Ripple Logo
  • Tron Network Logo
  • dogecoin logo
  • Solana Coin

Bitcoin and Ethereum are the most well-known, but the prices can be high. If you're watching your budget, then Litecoin is a good entry coin. The others like Tron and Ripple are popular but not as nearly widely accepted.

Dash Casinos FAQ

  1. Is there a Dash coin casino bonus?
  2. Is Dash mining worth it?
  3. Can I pay with Dash at any crypto casino?
  4. What is the Dash price?
  5. Is gambling with Dash coin safe?

1.) Is there a Dash coin casino bonus?

Yes, you can get a casino bonus when using Dash. Most crypto bonuses will be listed in BTC, that is Bitcoin, but will typically work for other cryptocurrencies as well, Dash included. The exact bonus will vary with each casino. For example, at Fairspin, it is a welcome package covering your first 4 deposits. Meanwhile, Cloudbet has a 100% bonus up to 5 Dash. If you are a high roller, do note that if you are using Bitcoin at Cloudbet, then it's up to 5 BTC, which is significantly more than 5 Dash.

cloudbet-dashWelcome bonus up to 5 Dash at CloudbetMoreLess

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2.) Is Dash mining worth it?

Being an altcoin that is a fork of a fork off Bitcoin, Dash is a minable cryptocurrency. This is an alternative to buying the coin at crypto exchanges.

coin miningMining cryptocurrency requires that you always have a mining software running, and while the software is free, the electricity to run the computer is not. It can also take a long time before you mine enough to earn a coin. Those who mine crypto for a living typically own server farms, which consume a lot of electricity. For the average user, buying Dash is the easier way.

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3.) Can I pay with Dash at any crypto casino?

It's important to remember that crypto casinos only work with a select number of cryptocurrencies, usually just with the most popular coins. At the moment, only a few casinos accept Dash, and we've listed them on this page.

These are all reputable crypto casinos that have been player tested, and they are fine and trustworthy places to play. As cryptocurrencies are becoming more mainstream, and because Dash is designed to suit budgets both big and small, it is very likely that more casinos will be adding Dash to their payments list in the future. So stay tuned.

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4.) What is the Dash price?

You can find the most up to date price for Dash at Coinmarketcap.com or Coinbase. Both will list the price as well as other info like market cap, trading volume and the supply in circulation.

trendYou can also see the Dash price directly from your crypto wallet such as Coinbase and Binance before you buy. Actually all transparent wallets and payment gateways like Moonpay should list the exchange price before you complete the transaction.

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5.) Is gambling with Dash coin safe?

Gambling with Dash is safe as far as online gambling is safe. That means there are no concerns as long as you choose a reputable and trusted casino operator. Look for a gambling license, responsible gambling tools, and read reviews. The casinos we've listed here have been carefully vetted and are safe gambling sites for Dash and other cryptocurrencies.

shieldThere is an extra security action you can take to ensure safety. Whenever possible, activate 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA will further secure your assets because they generate an extra time-limited one-time password that's typically sent to your phone. This means hackers cannot get into your account even if they have stolen your regular password. Many crypto wallets offer this feature, as do crypto casinos.

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The Expert Conclusion on Dash

At the moment, there aren't many casinos that accept the Dash coin. But our experts agree that this coin has a lot of potential for crypto gambling and there are many reasons why we think there will be more crypto casinos adding Dash to their payment list in the future.

The altcoin boasts low network fees, fast transaction times, and it's energy efficient too. While it may not be the first choice if you're looking for a quick return on investment, Dash has everything it takes to become a convenient payment method in everyday life, including its very own mobile wallet app. The Dash price is also relatively cheap, making it a great cryptocurrency to get into now.

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