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Trustly Facts
Company:Trustly Group
Founded in:2008
Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
CEO:Johan Tjärnberg
Founders:Joel Jakobsson, Lukas Gratte, and Carl Wilson
Available in:Countries around the world
Accepted currencies:EUR, PLN, SEK, DKA and more
Contact:[email protected] 
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While most online casino players likely have their personal preference when it comes to payment methods - usually opting for those they're already using for other types of transactions - we also realize that choice is sometime a matter of habit more than anything.

And at the end of the day, it would be a shame to be wed to any one particular banking method, without at least considering the alternatives.

So while, Trustly may not turn out to be the right payment option for you, since you're here, we'll assume you're at least interested in exploring its benefits.

As such, we have put together this comprehensive Trustly review, to understand what type of platform it is, how it works, and the possible advantages it may offer you as a player. Of course, the ultimate decision is up to you. But from what you'll read, we're guessing you might end up wanting to give it a try.

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Trustly Pros and Cons

  • Easy, instant transactions
  • Works with multiple currencies
  • Widely available at online casinos
  • Highly secure - with a two-factor authentication process
  • No fees
  • Not all banks work with Trustly
  • Less available outside of Europe, or at least with non-European currencies

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A Bit of Trustly Background

Trustly worldSince history is important, let's begin with a little bit of background. Trustly AB was founded in 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden by three partners - Joel Jakobsson, Lukas Gratte, and Carl Wilson.

In 2019, it merged with Silicon Valley's PayWithMyBank with the goal of making "Open Banking Payments compelling for both merchants and online shoppers around the world." Its investors are Nordic Capital and Blackrock, both serious players in the private equity and asset management spaces respectively.

Calling itself a digital account-to-account platform, it allows consumers to shop and pay direct from their online bank account, without registration, a physical card, or downloading an additional app. For further convenience, no bank account or routing number needs to be typed in to complete a transaction. All that's required is the online banking ID and password that you already have. So basically, all that you are doing is making a bank transfer online.

idea iconTo date, Trustly has more than 500 employees across 10 offices in North America, Europe, Australia, and Latin America - and services many businesses and customers the world over using its multiple products for quick, easy, and safe transactions.

According to its website, it is connected to 6,300 banks and 8,100 merchant, reaching 525 million consumers! And although it was once only available to European customers, more recently it has been steadily extending its geographical service reach as well, though not all currencies are yet inherently supported.

The online gambling dimension

While Trustly works in all sorts of ecommerce spaces - trusted by industry-leading companies in varying industries like PayPal, Dell Technologies, GoFundMe, and Shopify -  it has a deep dedication to the iGaming industry in particular, with a tailored experience that suits the way business is done at online casinos. That's why it is found at many of the best online casinos around, and why so many players prefer it as a payment method. But let's further explain.


What Is Open Banking?

To understand the appeal of Trustly, it is essential to understand what open banking is. Because although it's a term tossed around a fair bit these days, especially in the fintech world, as jargon goes, it's fair to assume that not everyone is familiar with the concept.

Basically, open banking is a secure way for individuals to make payments and share requisite financial information direct from their bank account to the merchant. There are many benefits to this, but the main one, on the buyer's end, is the simplicity. Instead of searching for your credit card and filling in a bunch of fields, you just need your bank ID and password, which you already have and likely remember offhand, to connect between your bank account and a merchant's app or website. This is not only quicker, but eliminates human error possible in filling in multiple fields.

secure iconWhile connecting your bank account to a merchant may sound scary, it is actually far safer in many ways than other payment methods, as there are exceptional levels of security in place, including a two-factor authentication process that is required for each and every payment.

And in addition to being simpler, it is also faster than many other payment methods, thanks to the inherent data sharing involved (again, don't worry your privacy is protected). Plus, it can be cheaper, as open banking significantly reduces processing costs that are traditionally passed on to the consumer.


Trustly Solutions for the iGaming Industry

So now back to the iGaming purposes specifically. Like we said, Trustly is very much attuned to online casino needs. In fact, it has what it calls four different solutions for the online gambling industry. Or maybe they could better be called areas of expertise, or advantages. In any event they are:

Instant deposits

With real-time payments direct from your bank account, you don't need any sort of separate registration or an app in the middle. That speeds things up considerably, so you're able to instantly get in on the game. Just enter the amount you want to deposit, your online bank credentials, and the funds will instantly appear in your casino account.

Instant Withdrawals

As Trustly itself is responsible for the full payment chain, withdrawals are quick and simple. That means a faster cash out experience - with funds sent direct to your bank account - in a timely manner; i.e. something players definitely appreciate.

The Trustly Pay N Play® System

Truly revolutionary, the Pay N Play system essentially combines the registration process with the initial deposit steps. Not all casinos have it yet, but according to Wikipedia 150 brands do offer it, and many forward-thinking operators are adapting it, knowing how players appreciate how they can quickly create a new account and start depositing, without the usual steps in between.

In the Pay N Play Pure model, for example, all that's required is making a deposit with Trustly to begin playing, since the bank already has all your requisite information. No casino account registration required. And if you leave the casino's website and come back, you'll just need to verify your identity with your online bank, so the operator knows you're back and can automatically give you access to your casino funds. Same goes for withdrawals, which incredibly require nothing more of you either.

No KYC Functionality

If you're looking for a no KYC casino, then Trustly's for you. While some operators may still require traditional registration if they're using the Pay N Play Hybrid model (as opposed to the Pure model we highlighted above), there are many more casinos that eliminate the tedious paperwork of account verification, through that very direct connection to your online bank account. With access to that data, the casino is covered in terms of regulatory obligations, and you're able to cash out without manually completing the verification process, for a true win-win experience we'd say.

How Does Trustly Work from Your Perspective?

Sounds good so far, right? We can't help but agree. But how does Trustly actually work you might be wondering. So basically, it works like this:

Step 1: First of all, you will obviously need to find an online casino that accepts Trustly as a payment method. Considering its popularity, however, that shouldn't be too hard. And you can also turn to our recommended Trustly casinos list above for some help, as any one of them is going to be a good choice.

Step 2: Once you have created an account* at the casino, open the casino wallet / cashier, and select Trustly from the payment method options listed there.

Step 3: You will then need to choose your bank from a list, at which point you'll be redirected to the Trustly website where you'll need to sign into your online bank account with your existing credentials (i.e. the ones you always use for accessing your online bank account).

Step 4: To keep things extra safe, you'll then simply need to confirm this transaction with your preferred authentication mode. Then, once you've done that, the money goes straight into your casino account, so you're ready to play.

* Like we mentioned above, thanks to the proprietary Pay N Play system, some casinos may even let you skip the account creation part of the process.

info iconNote: In case you were wondering, while we just outlined the deposit steps, the Trustly withdrawal steps are essentially exactly the same, just with the money moving out of your casino account into your bank account, rather than the reverse.

How Long Does the Trustly Payment Process Take?

One of the main principles behind Trustly's existence is speed. So it is safe to say, that quick and seamless banking is in the platform's interest.

racingIn absolute terms, for deposits into the casino, you should be seeing the funds in pretty much real time. That is, within a few seconds of completing the transaction.

Withdrawals are also potentially equally quick. However, don't forget you're dealing with your bank account here, and that means internal bank processes could slow things down a bit. Like think what happens when you get a wire, it can take a day or two for the bank to clear. But overall, we've found the process to be fast, and certainly reliable.

Why Choose Trustly Over Other Payment Methods?

While we don't want to show partiality to any payment method in particular, there is no denying that the Trustly system is great, with all the right elements in place to make it a winner in our books.

First of all, it happens to partner strongly with online casinos, rather than shying away from the association, which makes it all the better, by nature. Just look at the Trustly website yourself and you'll see that it has a full section dedicated to attracting iGaming operators. As such, you know that you won't have to jump through any hoops when using Trustly for casino banking. It's all super straight forward and direct, which makes for a distinct casino banking advantage.

Beyond the iGaming expertise, Trustly as a whole is loved by clients around the world for how fast and easy it is to make transactions using it. As opposed to say a credit card - in which you'd have to type in your name, credit card number, expiration date, CVV code, etc. - with Trustly you have to type in almost no details, and certainly none that you wouldn't have already memorized, as all that's required are linking up to your bank account with your existing username and password.

arrowAnd unlike the various e-wallet services out there, you don't need to register a special account to use Trustly either. Again, transactions using it are seamless through your existing online bank credentials.

While "sharing" your credentials can seem sketchy, we'd agree, it's not what you think. The folks at Trustly aren't hackers looking to steal your login details. And they're not storing this info either. In fact, each and every transaction needs two-factor authentication to complete, making Trustly intrinsically secure. Also, the fact that you're not providing any more personal information beyond logging in, for many people, is extremely appealing.

And, we'll just point this out since readers often ask, Trustly is 100% mobile optimised as well. This means you can comfortably make your transactions from your phone too, adding to its overall appeal as a user-friendly payment method.


Trustly Awards

As such an awesome payment provider, it only begs the question: has the world stood up and noticed? Or put more succinctly, what awards has Trustly won?

So while we're going to just qualify and say that we are only impressed by awards to a degree - as a lot of factors go into the winner picking process - we will give Trustly credit where credit is due, and share that Trustly has indeed won numerous awards.

license iconThese include the 2022 FinTech of the Year for Retail Payments award, given out by the readers of FinTech Spotlight, and both the Payment Innovation of the Year as well as the Payment Solution of the Year honours at the 2022 SBC Awards.

And in our space of online gambling specifically, which perhaps is most impressive, Trustly has been awarded the Payment Solution of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards in London, multiple times, most recently being in 2023.

Trustly Tips & Tricks

In terms of optimization, in our payment method reviews, we always include a section on tips and tricks for getting the most out of your choice. For Trustly, however, we would have to say that this isn't really relevant, as the whole service is geared towards online gambling banking, and as such, inherently super easy to use.

bank-64x64.pngBut since you're reading this article for tips and tricks as well, we'll just point out that even if Trustly doesn't work with your local currency, that might not be an issue. The only "issue" is whether or not Trustly works with your bank. Your best bet, if you want to try and don't already know, is to select the Trustly deposit route, and when you get to that point of the process (which is about five seconds in), see if your bank is on the list.

Other than that, the only tip really is to make sure that the casino you join accepts Trustly, so you can use this convenient payment method for banking. And again, if you need help with that, we refer you to our Best Trustly Casinos list above for all the top options to-date.

Can I Get a Casino Bonus When I Use Trustly?

Since Trustly has a very strong relationship with online casinos, it should come as no surprise that as far as we've seen, Trustly is always accepted for claiming the welcome bonus, as well as other follow up promos. This is as opposed to some payment providers like NETELLER, which sometimes when used for a deposit at specific casinos, are ineligible for a particular bonus.

That being said, just because we haven't seen it, and highly doubt that Trustly would be excluded from a bonus offer, we always recommend checking the terms and conditions for every bonus, just to be on the safe side.

As for a Trustly bonus specifically, we haven't seen such a thing. But it's truthfully been years since we found a special bonus for using a certain payment method, at any of the online casinos that we have reviewed.

netbet-welcomebonusYou can claim the Netbet Bonus when you use Trustly for a depositMoreLess

How Secure Is the Trustly Service?

On the security front, Trustly has numerous external validations for maintaining compliance and give customers peace of mind that their data is being protected - going well above many other payment methods out there. These include a TÜV Saarland certificate (both for Approved Data Protection standards and as an Approved Payment System), an SSL/TLS A Rating, a 780 Bitsight score (the financial industry's average being 720), ISO 27001-compliant data centers, GDPR-compliant retention periods for transaction data, and more.

shieldIt has also got the strongest anti-malware, encryption, and firewall technologies in place for attack monitoring and prevention, of course. And as we mentioned, Trustly uses highly secure two-factor authentication for each transaction.

Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, Trustly is a fully licensed payment institution authorized and supervised by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. In addition, it has a European PSP (Payment Services Provider) license in accordance with what is called the Payment Services Directive (PSD, 2007/64/EC).

In other words, Trustly is as safe, secure, and frankly trustworthy (as the name would imply), as payment methods come.

Trustly Fees

coins iconAnother big advantage of Trustly that we didn't mention above, is that you should not incur any fees when using it for deposits and withdrawals alike. Instead, like credit card companies do, Trustly charges the merchant a fee rather than the consumer. If  your bank charges for making a bank transfer, however, it is possible that you will incur such a fee for Trustly transactions as well. But this is something you need to check with your individual bank, as it has nothing to do with the casino.

The Expert Roundup on Trustly Casinos

heart iconOverall, we have to say that we really love Trustly as a payment option. This is for general ecommerce, and of course, for online casino gambling as well.

It is, after all, perfectly designed for iGaming purposes, seamlessly works with casino cashiers, and in some cases, at certain operators using the increasingly popular Pay N Play Pure model, lets you skip the KYC processes, and even registration itself.

Beyond being extremely convenient, it is also super secure, across every parameter of the transaction.

This all and all makes it one of our preferred payment methods for online casino banking, by far. And one we've increasingly been using whenever it's available.

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